RE: Ray McBerry and the Young Female Republican

Are we sure about this? Given all the public statements out there by the former 16 year old, maybe McBerry just has a crush on the young Republican.

Are we sure it is a threat and not just some form of demented love letter from the edge?

Seriously — McBerry is a bigger joke than the McDLT.

Good for Karen Handel for not wanting to stay on stage with him. We’ve called Vernon Jones Snuggles. I guess we’re going with another bear theme for McBerry.

Heck, why can’t we have entertaining clowns on stage instead?


  1. Lady Thinker says:

    Not that we care, but do we know where he came from and do they have a cult of older men hanging out with teens?

  2. polisavvy says:

    His guy is not right. Sorry, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the word “heretofore” used in the email. Heretofore? Really? How often do any of you (unless your are attorneys) use “heretofore?”

    • Doug Grammer says:

      Heretofore, I haven’t used the word heretofore, but I will use it from hereonin.

      • polisavvy says:

        Hysterically funny, Doug. It is fairly common with legal jargon. I certainly don’t use it in my every day life. It’s almost laughable particularly since the word was totally unnecessary in the context of the sentence. I guess he’s trying to sound more knowledgeable than he actually is. Oops, sorry Ray, it didn’t work!!

  3. Jas says:

    How about “Mr. Hammerhead” after Mr. Garrison’s name on the South Park NAMBLA episode

    • polisavvy says:

      Well, it has been a pretty slow week. I guess this does provide some entertainment value, doesn’t it? It’s great seeing people so fired up over a person who has a cowboy’s chance in Hades of winning anything other than a straw poll.

      • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

        How dare you! He got two whole votes in a recent straw poll and momentum is on his side;)

        • BigEL2010 says:

          Obama better watch out. Big play Ray could be the nominee in 2012. Now excuse me while i brace myself while i fall laughing out of my chair.

        • polisavvy says:

          I’m sorry, NorthGeorgiaGirl. How could I forget about those two BIG votes? LOL!! I was told my someone who was there that he had about ten supporters there (including himself and a woman who was with him) but yet he only garnered two votes. By my calculation, he only got twenty percent of the votes from his supporters (I can just guess that he and the woman with him actually voted for him). Does that mean that the others have figured out that he’s not what’s best for Georgia?

          • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

            It was probably some conspiracy by the organizers to throw out the other 8 votes…everyone is against him! It’s all of those neo-cons who are enemies of liberty.

            • polisavvy says:

              You are probably right about the big conspiracy theory; however, it is kind of funny he couldn’t get all ten votes, isn’t it? I promise you that I won’t ever forget to mention ALL his votes again. Thanks for setting me straight! LOL!! 😉

              • debbie0040 says:

                Maybe he is staying in a race he has to know can not win to recruit new members for LOS.

  4. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    It’s kind of lame, but he could be referred to as McBEARy…or Fozzy McBeary…

    • polisavvy says:

      I vote for this one; however your other suggestion was pretty funny. As a matter of fact, all the name suggestions have been pretty funny and clever. But, seriously, how sad is it that we are all even engaging in this in the first place? This guy is actually running for Governor and I’d have a difficult time even considering him for dog catcher (though that could be appropriate considering his love for puppies).

      • Ambernappe says:

        I agree that it is sad. Somehow, it reminds me of the bullying that has occurred to some high school students. Unfortunate that there is no way to unequivocally determine his guilt or innocence.

        • ByteMe says:

          Not legal guilt. Moral guilt is obvious from his handwritten letter. Guilty of being abysmally stupid is also pretty obvious to the casual observer.

  5. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    The sad thing is, he probably secretly enjoys the attention. After all, it’s probably more attention than he’s gotten his entire life.

    • polisavvy says:

      People like him who are so self-absorbed do like this attention. You know what would really rot his socks? For us to never mention him again and for Pundit not to give him the time of day. He’d be so attention starved at that point. Just remember that he is considering suing all of us who ever speak against him. I don’t know about you, but I am really scared — NOT!!

    • Provocateur says:

      That’s a pretty sick thought, NorthGaGirl. But, you’re likely right that he enjoys this attention as a sort of “Martyr Moment” in time.

  6. bartsimpsonisdaman says:

    Hey dudes… Ole Karen offended cuz McBerry likes em young. Ox likes the “mature” power wife swap, hmmmm wonder what Deal and Johnson think??? Wouldn’t surprise me if we hear bouts a candidate with some farm animals.

    Vote Barnes. Hey aint a pervert!b

    • polisavvy says:

      I have wondered the same thing. The only problem is that none of the candidates are really doing much to talk about right now. I think we should have a big discussion about the DOW falling and the causes for the fall. That’s just my opinion.

      • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

        With everything going to hell in a handbasket, McBerry is much more entertaining. Everything else is much too depressing.

        • polisavvy says:

          Depressing yes but a little counterproductive. I’d much rather us be discussing the pros and cons of all the candidates for all the offices. Plus, I think that we are all playing into McBerry’s hand by mentioning him. Can you imagine his ego now? I think there’s well over 600 posts about him on here already among the stories. It’s getting a bit old.

          • polisavvy says:

            As an aside, we should all be paying close attention to what is going on in Greece and with the DOW. Just my opinion, of course.

            • John Konop says:

              Poli savvy a very good article you should read.

              Decline in world markets prompts fears of Greek ‘contagion effect’

              … It is called a “contagion effect,” an economist’s metaphor for the rapid and hard-to-predict spread of financial crisis, driven by the fragility of investors’ perceptions. They are a function of vicious cycles in which confidence in a country’s ability to repay its debts falls, driving up the country’s borrowing rates and thus making it all the harder for the nation to handle its debts.

              It leaves countries like Spain, the largest and most economically significant country in the path of the storm–at the mercy of global investors operating under the twin pressures of fear and greed. And it even can be true for countries that have managed their government debt responsibly–Spain has less debt relative to the size of its economy than the United States or Britain–if investors’ views of their likely future deficits or ability to roll over debt shift. ..


              • John Konop says:


                I know this is off topic, but this is what happens when an economy grows on leverage verse production. American needs to produce more and import less.

              • polisavvy says:

                Thanks for the link, John. Very informative. I bookmarked it for my husband and son to read. If you come across anything else you think I’d be interested in reading, please pass it along. Of course, you know that you and I are going to get put in timeout because we are thread jacking! LOL!! 🙂

    • AubieTurtle says:

      Seem weird for you to complain about that. After all, you recently got suspended from a message board dedicated to skyscrapers because you just couldn’t stop making racist comments. At least McBerry is running for governor, which makes his actions relevant to politics.

  7. John Konop says:

    This is what The GOP needs to take a hard look at. We all know about the recent sex scandals in the party but when it crosses the line of abuse of power over someone younger, and the person in POWER can manipulate the situation it gets ugly! If a football town turns it back on a two time Super Bowl champion quarterback, many of you are very naïve and or insensitive the impact of this issue if the GOP keeps sitting on their hands!

    I had two off the record conversations with friends of mine in the GOP. Both are very active in the party. And neither one supports Karen. Both are working with her opponents, but both said to me they are in shock that the other candidates did not take her stance. And at this point they do not know if their candidate can even win a general unless they get aggressive on this issue. They think the only hope for the GOP is Karen because she was smart enough to say and do the right thing.

    WPXI……Channel 11 News reporter Julie Fine spoke with David Epstein, one of the writers of the article, who said he was surprised how much a football town like Pittsburgh had turned on the quarterback after he was accused of sexually assaulting a 20-year-old college student in Milledgeville, Ga., last month. Roethlisberger wasn’t charged in the case, but he’s been suspended for six games by the NFL for violating its personal conduct policy.

    The article is titled “The Hangover” and paints a picture of a man who acts entitled and treats others poorly.

    “Sometimes, I would call people, just leaving messages, and they would say to me he did this to my sister, to my cousin, to my friend. Sometimes, I was not even looking for stories,” Epstein said…….

    • polisavvy says:

      You are exactly correct that the GOP really needs to set back and look at what is going on here. If there is anything that they can do to correct something like this from happening in the future, then by all means they should do just that. Is there anything that we can do to bring it to their attention? If so, I’m game.

      • B Balz says:


        And I get sausage making as a response. We are kidding ourselves if we think we can pull off a win as we divide ourselves.

        Infrequent, but consistent poster “bartsimpsonisdaman” has a message we will all rue soon enough.

        Get in front of this thing and stop calling it ‘business as usual’ or we will see a man named Roy living on Paces Ferry soon enough.

        • B Balz says:

          Mr. Grammer offered to investigate if the GA GOP can hold political candidates to a standard that is similar to REALTORS.

          I think that is both proactive and sensible.

        • Provocateur says:

          B Balz, “get out in front” is your response? So, if we all go out and yell and hollar and issue this statement and that statement, we make this a worldwide spectacle.

          And, there’s always the chance that he did nothing that he can be charged with.

          If you want the GAGOP to look “hard” at something, go suggest to your legislator that he/she look hard at this issue as well to see if they can change state laws. These state laws have been in place for years before the GOP took over this state in the governor’s mansion and the legislature.

          Now’s the time for calm, rational-minded people to be in charge of the party, and I think they are doing well NOT to say anything that could put the party in legal jeopardy.

          • B Balz says:

            Proactive, honest, and intelligent rational responses to important issues beats silence every time.

            I predict this matter won’t be sleeper and hoping so is like hoping the creek won’t rise over its’ banks instead of using flood mitigation measures. (Hydrology is on my mind.) Hell, it was on Boortz, hardly an arcane matter now.

            GA GOP has enough experienced thinkers, learned lawyers, and political pro’s to handle this matter upfront, instead of cowering behind an uncertain curtain hope that no L(l)ib -whatever, or Dem will make this an issue.

            The fact that you wrote your comments above surely provokes a response. The ‘ignore the issue” advice seems contrary to GOP interests. Do you represent a Dem or a L(l)ib – whatever? LOL, sort of.

            And thank you very much as I do plan on bringing this matter up to my new House rep. As well a repeal of the law that allows slander. Sen. Wiles, this law is has no benefit to the poor ol’ taxpaying voter.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      The commonality between McBerry and Roethlisberger is both did something very taboo, used their position to take advantage of a female. Both men live in the public eye and more is expected of them than regular people. Neither man was convicted in court, yet both of them admitted to questionable behavior, McBerry by writing the seven page letter that stands on its own merit, and Roethlisberger by admitting his behavior has since become an embarrassment to himself. McBerry lost his teaching position, Roethlisberger lost his salary for six games. Both, as the article says, ” a man (men in this case) who acts entitled and treats others poorly.” McBerry has not publically apologized, Roethlisgerger has, but both have been convicted in the media because society frowns on this type of unacceptable behavior. McBerry, learn from what you have done, move to another state, and behave so you can run for office anywhere but here.

    • Three Jack says:

      i’m surprised you didn’t say something like, ‘remember when i warned everybody that an nfl qb is going to be accused of rape…’.

      “i had two off the record conversations with friends of mine in the gop…” and now i’m going on the record behind their backs…”Both are working with her opponents…”knife in hand, prepare your backs….”They think the only hope for the GOP is Karen because she was smart enough to say and do the right thing.”

      really konop. staffers of opposition candidates went ‘off the record’ with you to admit their support of karen. do you even believe the bs you post?

      • seenbetrdayz says:

        i’m surprised you didn’t say something like, ‘remember when i warned everybody that an nfl qb is going to be accused of rape…’.

        + < 18

      • John Konop says:

        Three Jack,

        First I never said staffers, they were volunteers. Second, your attitude about rape demonstrates my point; many like you just do not get it. Finally you can believe what you want, but at the end it is what it is!

  8. debbie0040 says:

    There is a Thomas McBerry that is Assistant District Attorney in Henry County. I wonder if that is Ray’s dad or brother?

    • Jeff says:

      Thomas Raymond McBerry Sr is Thomas Raymond McBerry Jr’s father. Jr is the one we know as Ray Mcberry, I believe Senior goes by Thomas McBerry.

      And he is not just an ADA. He is the CHIEF ADA, and has been for quite a while.

        • Jeff says:

          Yes, I believe Thomas McBerry has worked in the local DA’s office for the majority of the past two decades, though I do not know exactly how long he has been there.

  9. Jim Bob says:

    It’s not that Handel doesn’t want to be on stage with McBerry so much as it is she knows she can’t hang with the others in a debate.

  10. Game Fan says:

    This is such a classic move by the status quo types. “Oh, I’m so holy and pure. I, I just won’t be seen on the same stage as that awful man. I just absolutely won’t I say. (say it like Scarlett O’Hara for added effect.)

  11. Mayonnaise says:

    Ray McDingleBerry
    Ray McTool
    Ray McScarry
    Ray McLearch
    Ray McHairy
    Ray McGlary
    Ray McCheese
    Ray McHappy
    Ray McBoner
    Ray McBaggy
    Ray McBarely Legal
    Ray McBarf
    Ray McBaby

    Okay, time for a diet coke.

  12. HowardWynand says:

    Karen is over-reaching on this because everyone knows that Nathan Deal is the best candidate versus Roy Barnes. Karen should get out of the race, she even does worse against Barnes than Ox — yikes! Nathan is the best bet if we want to keep the governorship Republican.

    • ricstewart says:

      I’m sorry, did I wake up in the wrong universe? Deal could never beat Roy Barnes once the Democratic Party shines more light on his baggage. We need a candidate without baggage, without ethics violations, and a TRUE conservative. Nathan Deal is not a conservative.

      • Carpet Capital says:

        I’m sorry, but what about Nathan Deal makes you think he’s not a conservative? Did liberals propose an end to birthright citizenship? Did liberals lead the fight against the health care bill? Does a liberal win 9 terms in one of the most conservative districts in the nation?

    • iamnotasocialist says:

      Nathan Deal is nearly as bad as McBerry. Okay, what McBerry “alledgedly” did is significantly worse, given, however Deal has serious ethics problems surrounding him. SERIOUS ones. Roy Barnes can outspend, outshine, and outethic Nathan Deal any day, and I say this not liking Roy Barnes a lick.

      As a Democrat, I pray that Nathan Deal will be y’all’s nominee. That’ll make our job a bunch easier.

  13. Lady Thinker says:

    Has anyone here gone to your county sheriff’s website to pull up all the sex offenders registered in your county? You would be suprised at the number. I have several living in my area.

    • gatormathis says:

      “Has anyone here gone to your county sheriff’s website to pull up all the sex offenders registered in your county? You would be suprised at the number. I have several living in my area.”

      Yep, this came up a few years back in a conversation with friends of mine. I had received links to sites that post this information over a period of time, The Ga Sex offender registry, one called watchdog or something, and even actually got one the other day that I can’t remember what it was called. There are several tracking sites operated by different groups.

      My sons were a lot younger, and one friend mentioned that she had heard about a site, how many people were on it, and couldn’t believe it was true. I said yea, they are there. I have looked at a few of them, and it’s surprising. One blipped out…..well what you doing looking at such stuff as that……..

      I simply said, I think it’s prudent to kinda know what these folks look like, it is a publicly acessed site, and if I come up on one of these folks in Walmart, grocery store, sidewalk or whatever, talking to my kids or someone else’s, then I would rather know it, and tell them they better ….”GITTTTT”…..this in a loud snapping tone as shooing a neighbor’s dog outa the yard……at which they kinda startled and jumped……lol……and I mentioned a favorite quote of mine….”In observation, chance favors the prepared mind…”…..

      …….funny, a week or so later when we were sitting around yapping again, they were comparing notes on who they had saw on the sites they had put in searches for and found, and comparing notes on who they thought some of the others were and where they had seen them…….

    • Provocateur says:

      Are any of them contributors to Karen Handel’s campaign? That would be a shocker, wouldn’t it?

  14. RealityChic says:

    Uh….strange post by Gatormathis.
    Well, looks like Eric Johnson has finally called for event organizers to exclude McBarelyLegal from events.

    • gatormathis says:

      Not meant to be RC. Just backing up LT’s post, which, like mine, may be a little off subject, but revalent in today’s times and weirdness.

      I read a book years ago by John Douglas, the FBI guy who helped set up the “Profiling” system the FBI and others use today. It a simplistic study into the mindset of people who really are a danger to society. I reccomend it for especially for females, as well as males, not to frighten them, but to re enforce the adage, that you really need to constantly be aware of your surroundings. I think somewhere between 16 and graduation, I think teenagers need to read it, so they will not fall victims to such predators. It bugs me that people think like this, but articles are in the news everyday, and that weird behavior is increasing. Stories like those of the girl jogger in North Georgia about a year ago. Everyday, across the country, as a new story evolves of another innocent victim’s mishap at the hands of another, I just wish it could have been prevented.

      …..and respectful of the moderators, not to cause a threadjack, I’ll use a Forrest Gump quote, “…and that’s about all I got to say about that…”

      • polisavvy says:

        To be quite frank, gatormathis, I agree with you. Yes, call it thread jacking if you’d like; however, we all have to agree that what gator and LT have brought up are far more important than anything to do with Ray McBerry. I think the time has come to move on to more important matters/issues than this whole McBerry crap. The economy, the floods — anything is more important. We are just feeding his already inflated ego. I wish all of us would just move on and no longer give him or his supporters the time of day. Shower them with silence. Remember, silence is golden.

        Since so many of us think that things need to change with the Georgia GOP and the rules governing candidates, perhaps the time has come for us to contact our elected officials about correcting this. I plan to do just that.

          • polisavvy says:

            Well, can I assume that you and I make a total of two? Is it possible for us to get something rolling on this end with the Georgia GOP? I have never been an activist; however, I guess I’m not too old to start now, right?

            • B Balz says:

              Well, actually three activists.

              Mr. Grammer listened and offered to introduce the idea of a disclosure, similar to what the GA Real Estate Commission requires, a mandatory GOP nominee protocol.

              Mr. Toby Carr is my GOP rep, I hope is listening as well.

              • Doug Grammer says:

                Toby is the state party Executive Director and carries out the wishes of Sue. He works for everyone in the GOP all across Georgia.

                I have laundry list of things that might need changing, but that will require hours of sitting down with the rules committee (17 people). I’m not talking about 2 or 3 hours, I’m talking about 7 to 10 hours. Even then, our work will have to be approved by the state committee(about 180 people), which could take 2 minutes to 3 hours.

                What I am saying is change doesn’t come quickly or easily, so don’t take anything for granted.

  15. Janet Reno says:

    Gray McFairy and the Branch McBerryans
    Confederate Ray and the 16th Stone Mtn Christian All Girls Regiment
    Sway McBerry and Southern Gate Clan
    Ray McNuts&Berries and the Honey Nut Bunch
    The Lustrous Potentate and his side kick Apache Angel
    Ray “I aim to fill you with it..mmmm huh” McBerry
    Everybody in the 10th grade loves Raymond
    Irunhide – Raymond McBurr
    Mcberry’s Kennels – Bring your daughter in for a free puppy
    Ray “My lap will rise again” McBerry
    Ray McBerry Jr. – Founder of the Official “Facts of Life” Fan Club
    Confederate Captain R. McBerry and the “Sleeze of the South”
    Ray “Meet me after class” McBerry
    Ray “Saved by the Southern Belle” McBerry

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Stop it!!!!!!!!! My sides are sore and splitting from laughter and my eyes are tearing like crazy. Just when I think I can stop laughing, I start all over again. Hahahahahhahahhahahahahha.
      My favorite is Branch McBerryan.

  16. Janet Reno says:

    Recently posted on his Facebook page by a Branch McBerryan –

    “”””Just was speaking to some people at a local Waffle House, a teacher heard me say that he is for the teachers and asked me about him…MORE CARDS GIVEN !!!!

    gave her some to pass on to teacher friends….Yesssss!!! go teachers….McBerry is for YOU!!!!”””””

    You bet your britches McBerry is for teachers. He like to visit their classrooms often…..

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