Roadshow EXTRA: Drinking Made Easy!

It’s my pleasure to introduce a SPECIAL EDITION of the PeachPundit roadshow series – A night of comedy at Center Stage with comedian Zane Lamprey!

Zane is a buddy of mine who is the host of the hilarious series “Three Sheets” – originally on the MojoHD channel, and recently on FLN and The Travel Channel. He travels around the world ‘studying’ local drinking customs, beverages, and hangover cures. Now he’s embarked on a nationwide standup tour and is currently filming a companion series about drinking customs, beverages, and hangover cures right here in the the States. Even better – after his gig here in Atlanta, he’s hanging around and filming for the show. Who knows, perhaps he might even have a chance to work some pundit-related humor in his act….

You will not regret joining Clayton, Icarus, Tyler, Jason, and other PeachPundit celebrities for a raucous night of comedy and fun. And, as a special treat, PeachPundit readers will get their first round on us! But be warned, you’ll have to prove you’re a loyal reader with the correct answers to some PP trivia!

Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster for only $25. You can get more information about Zane from his website at

Episodes of Three Sheets can also be watched for free on But beware – they are addictive!


  1. Icarus says:

    This is something Clayton feels VERY STRONGLY about. I remind you that Clayton is also our publisher.

    We’ve yet to discuss among ourselves if this once again plays “Lucy and the Football” with the Macon road show that was “tentatively” scheduled for the following evening.

    I’m sure our good friends in Macon will understand.


    • Nathan says:

      Sounds like our friends in Macon should drive up and stay the night. I look forward to seeing the Peach Pundit folks there!

  2. gatormathis says:

    …..ya’ll gonna keep on and cause the boy to have one ah them Samauel L. Jackson/Pulp Fiction scripture quotin meltdowns……………..

    • gatormathis says:

      ….then again, as I look over at the “Recent Comments:”

      Recent Comments
      Handel Refuses Future Appearances With McBerry After Today; Deal Responds By Throwing Perdue Under CREW’s Bus (4)
      Ray McBerry Threatens Young (Female) Republicans (11)
      Baker To Spell Out Policy Initiative (2)
      Ray McBerry Calls Presser, Responds To Those Who Have Made Him The “Target Of Lies And Personal Attacks” (3)
      Mr. McBerry’s Sixteen Year Old (1)
      Mark all comments as read

      ….they all are about McBerry… publicity…..we’ll be lucky if none of the others don’t decide to grab themselves a young chick to boost themselves in name recognition……could be a strategy in reverse psychology ya know…..

        • gatormathis says:

          …yea, noticed there was actually one that didn’t have the dingle-berry connection after I posted…..said what the heck, let ole Thurbert have a lil heyday since King Roy is trying to crush him out anyway on his press release day, anyhow…….

          …..politics’ political disclaimer would just about have to be that it always contains controversy no matter race, gender, party affiliation, age, location, weather, creed, social status, and the list could go on and on and on……

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Even thought you say you don’t drink, are you going to go see Zane Lamprey?

      Also are you going to be very upset if for some unforeseen reason Putnam changes his mind like Scott did? I am still waiting foryour answers regarding the Walmart dumpster destruction of Scott yard signs.

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        Heck no I’m not going to see Zane Lamprey. He’s a foolish drunk.

        Putnam ain’t changing his mind. He’s paid the fee (with 60-percent of his annual salary) and he’s on the ballot. The “Former Scott Supporters for Putnam” PAC lives on. Of course, if hell freezes over and Otis actually wins the primary, I’ll have to do some soul searching. Bottom line: I will be voting in my party’s primary, but without Scott in the race, I am almost certain to vote against our primary’s winner in the general.

        There are a lot of us out there — not angry former Scott supporters per se, but there are a lot of folks who are downright embarrassed that we’re being asked to choose between The Ox, Handel, Johnson and Deal for governor. There are three, maybe four people running as Democrats who are better candidates than all four of the leading Republicans. The Donkeys have lined up the Dream Team on their side of the ticket and we’re left with a pupu platter of ethics problems, office jumpers and mediocrity. Scott was the one bright spot and now he’s off shaking hands in Macon.

  3. ZazaPachulia says:

    Well, Mr. Day, Erick’s blunder appears to be another case of that tricky old ‘Foot in Mouth’ disease that seems to keep our party disturbingly free of non-whites and young people (and a viable longterm political future).

  4. hewhoone says:

    Loved watching Zane back when he was on MOJO. Once the kids were in bed it was always fun to grab a cocktail and watch him get McKenna’d in some forsaken corner of the world. Plepleus!

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