Ray McBerry Calls Presser, Responds To Those Who Have Made Him The “Target Of Lies And Personal Attacks”

I’ll just post his press release and let the commenters provide the commentary. You can read it yourself here.

Ray McBerry Responds to Personal Attacks and Answers Question about his Continued Candidacy

I have recently become the target of lies and personal attacks during my campaign for governor and have even been asked by one of my opponents to withdraw from the race. These circumstances have required me to give grave consideration to these matters.

The story of those making the allegations has changed at least four times; and even the reporter pushing this story has acknowledged in a voicemail to me that those telling it have also changed their story to him in the last week. The allegations are false and even the few shreds of truth that have been allowed to remain are countenanced in a false light by an admixture of half-truths.

These lies and false allegations were initiated by the stepfather of a young lady from church whose mother has previously thanked me on more than one occasion for counseling her daughter.The lies and half-truths in this story are too many to list. The mother began by not informing me from the outset of the seriousness of the emotional and behavioural problems of her daughter before I counseled her, an important piece of information that would have been helpful to have had BEFORE agreeing to speak with her daughter to try to find out why she was having problems at home and at school. I counseled her to respect and obey her mother and stepfather’s rules, even when she told me that they ordered her to stop dating a boy at her school solely because he was of another race. It was not until after several statements from the young lady led me to ask some pointed questions about the stepfather that I was accused of any impropriety. I asked the questions in a sincere attempt to ascertain whether the threshold of doubt existed to report my concerns to the authorities. The young lady, who turned seventeen years old during the time of this controversy, told me things about the stepfather that seemed questionable; and she said that there was no one else, besides myself, in whom she felt that she could confide at the time. As soon as I began asking questions related to the things that the young lady had said about the stepfather, he immediately began to accuse me of impropriety. I had absolutely no improper relationship nor sex with the young lady. This is a total recent fabrication, even from the story which this family told to the media just a week ago. The only thing of which I am guilty is that I was a good person who was naive and trusting of a family that I should have had no reason to be otherwise.

These lies and allegations were brought before both a magistrate judge and the state professional standards commission about eight years ago. After hearing all of the evidence presented by my accusers, the judge ruled that there was not even evidence to bring charges against me on the least possible charge of “contributing to the delinquency of a minor,” let alone more serious ones, and dismissed the case for lack of any evidence of wrongdoing. At the same time, the stepfather attempted to have the state professional standards commission revoke my teaching certificate, even though the young lady had never even been a student at the school where I taught on the other side of the county; and, after a year and a half of investigating these false allegations, the commission, too, arrived at the same conclusion as the court and refused to revoke my certificate, choosing, rather to suspend it for one week in the middle of the summer when school was out citing as its reason for doing so that “the educator did not follow generally recognized professional standards” because I counseled the young lady about the stepfather without the mother present each time. I still hold a valid teaching certificate in Georgia today which I may renew at any time of my choosing.

Again, I state unequivocably that I was cleared of these ridiculous allegations against me nearly eight years ago by a court of law in this state because, in the words of the judge, there was no evidence presented that I broke a single law. Years now, after the statute of limitations has run out so that there is no way that my accusers’ accusations can come under the scrutiny of perjury… and now that I stand a great likelihood of being one of the two candidates in the runoff after our Republican primary, this family has decided that there is a “new” version of their story to be told. Having been cleared of these allegations by a court of law, I will NOT allow others to slander and libel my good name and act as though they know better than the courts, including my political opponents and members of the media.

In the governor’s race, I have been declared the winner of each of the debates in Athens, Tifton, Warner Robins, and, most recently, LaGrange in which I received more votes in the straw poll of nearly 300 voters than all of my Republican challengers combined. These were not GOP campaign staffers but real, live Georgia voters from the general public. Some in the media with a liberal bias, as well as the moderates within the Republican Party are terrified at the success that my Campaign has achieved in this race. These personal attacks and character assassination are the same kind of “last resort” strategy that is always employed against successful conservatives in the hopes of silencing the message.

As for my lone opponent who has said that if I do not withdraw from the race, she will no longer attend any debates or forums that I attend… I can only say that I completely understand why Karen Handel would say that. If I were Karen, I would not wish to debate Ray McBerry either… but not for the reasons that she has implied… but, rather, because she loses so badly each time that we debate. She simply cannot keep up with myself or any of the other candidates in this race and has been looking for an excuse to exempt herself from debating me for some time. As she read the words prepared for her by someone else Saturday in Dunwoody, she was visibly shaken and trembled at the podium. She betrayed her own conscience in reading that statement, just two days after laughing and joking with me in LaGrange and playing with my son with his Hotwheels car. Karen has demonstrated that when important issues arise, she can only follow the orders given to her by handlers behind the scenes. That is NOT the kind of leadership that is needed from Georgia’s next governor. We already have that kind.

But… after taking all of these things into careful consideration, along with what is best for my family and for Georgia, I have asked you here today to announce that not only will I be remaining in this race… but that our Campaign has renewed its vigor.

On Friday, we experienced the largest number of new volunteers joining our Campaign through our website at GeorgiaFirst.org that we have ever had in a single day; and today our number of volunteers on the ground approaches 2300 across the state, with more joining every day… a larger campaign organisation than every one of my challengers in this race combined.

Furthermore, at least three individuals to be named later will be facing court proceedings for libel after the November election for things which have been stated either in print or online. We have secured their words in writing, with their names attached; and it is a foregone conclusion to demonstrate their libel. All that remains to be seen is the amount of the award unless the parties involved acquiesce immediately to the exact instructions which are given by my attorney. I will be aggressively prosecuting anyone who continues this libel, or reprints that of others, whether they be blogger, media, or political opponent.

This sort of personal attack simply reveals the fear and desperation that my political enemies have because of the growing success of my Campaign… which is exactly why we will continue to press the battle to our political opponents and why I will continue my stand as the strongest constitutional conservative in this race.


A complete copy of this press release will be available this afternoon at GeorgiaFirst.org. Thank you for coming today.

May God save the sovereign state of Georgia.


  1. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    People like McBerry and Ox are what make reading Peach Pundit so enjoyable. Who wants to read the umpteenth post touting how capable Her Majesty Karen Handel (Deputy Chief of Staff) is when I can read an amusing post about McBerry 🙂

  2. Mozart says:

    Did anyone present a copy of his handwritten letter to him and ask him if what he wrote was a “lie?”

  3. Mayonnaise says:

    Karen picked a fight with the candidate getting 1% of the vote. Great move! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. macho says:

    It was a hard read, but I didn’t see him address why he supplied the girl a special cell phone.

    • macho says:

      Never mind, he addressed it. Boy he likes to write long letters. This is what got him in trouble in the first place, with his, “There are some people who have accused me of being a perv, but I’m not letter.”

    • ByteMe says:

      He missed the part where the girl — now older — claims the relationship was sexual while she was still a student. It’s all the step-dad’s fault, huh? Only a little bad judgment, huh? I thought we were hoping for a governor with good judgment!

  5. I Am Jacks Post says:

    ” . . . and now that I stand a great likelihood of being one of the two candidates in the runoff after our Republican primary . . . ”


    • Mozart says:

      I think he thinks our world is the “anti-matter” part of the world where negative is really positive.

  6. I Am Jacks Post says:

    “I have asked you here today to announce that not only will I be remaining in this race… but that our Campaign has renewed its vigor.”

    Oh great, now you made it angry.

  7. Mayonnaise says:

    The issue here is that McBerry isn’t going away and that Handel has made a huge blunder. The other candidates will go on with their campaigns and she’ll be running around talking about why McBerry is a bad person. Problem is that she should be running against Johnson, Deal, and Ox. Dumb, dumb, dumb move by Handel’s folks.

    • benevolus says:

      She wants the campaign to be about ethics anyway, so she can take advantage of this with a minimal amount of skill.

      • Mozart says:

        Trouble is, what McBerry appears to have done is “immoral.” There is a key difference.

  8. bgsmallz says:

    Wouldn’t these ‘lies’ be grounds for a textbook defamation of character lawsuit? The statute of limitations hasn’t run on those since …last week…right?

    I don’t understand it at all….oh wait…is truth always a defense to defamation?…ohhh….riiiiiiiight.

    Here is the best part…

    McBerry on Handel…”As she read the words prepared for her by someone else Saturday in Dunwoody, she was visibly shaken and trembled at the podium.”

    Ray Ray should buy Karen a special cell phone so that he can console and counsel her during this time…or is the cell phone treatment only for 16 year olds?

  9. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    Notice how he doesn’t address the part of the letter about using the puppy to get her to come and talk to him. I guess the enticement by cute furry animal was at the request of the church too? He admits he wrote the letter…

    I think his 5 supporters are never going to believe that he showed at the least poor judgment, if not outright criminal (and creepy) behavior. I hope none of them continue to try to talk me in to voting for him. I got the creeps back in 2006 without knowing all of this stuff.

    • Margarita says:

      Ray has well over 2,000 supporters – more than all the other candidates combined – and that number continues to grow every day. Four new District Coordinators signed up already in the last week.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Living in a fantasy world because Ray is posting at what 2%? Propaganda on your part.

        • Margarita says:

          He came in at 57% of the vote by 300 participants at the LaGrange Patriots meeting on April 29th.

          • polisavvy says:

            Straw polls can be manipulated. Remember that. They represent the voters there, not the remaining voters in the State.

            • apacheangel says:

              Ah, so when Ox, Deal or Handel win a GOP straw poll, it’s the voice of the people, but when Ray McBerry wins a Patriots straw poll, it’s manipulation. GOT IT! I’m so glad you have enlightened us, so now when we go to Patriot, 912, and TEA Party meetings and see the overwhelming support for McBerry (when he’s NOT EVEN THERE) we can be assured it is just manipulation. I am so glad we have you, polisavvy, to enlighten us.

              • polisavvy says:

                I am trying to think of something clever to say to you; however, nothing comes to mind other than “you are pathetically misinformed.” You do need enlightening. I am not the only person on here who can enlighten you to the fact that straw polls CAN be manipulated and that straw polls represent ONLY the votes of the ones attending and not the VOTES of all Georgia voters. A recent straw poll in Rockdale County was bought and sold to the “highest bidder” and was substantiated by an elected officer of the Rockdale County GOP. It is what it is and it was what it was. Rather or not you chose to believe this is of absolutely no concern of mine whatsoever. Take it or leave it. But, do yourself a favor and actually read all the posts, not just the ones that you think you can actually win in a debate. If that response from you is the best you can bring, then good luck with that.

                Now that my candidate has moved to the 8th Congressional race, I no longer have a dog in this fight; however, as a voter of Georgia, I do have concerns about the ethics, morality, and/or credibility of several of the candidates. My big question for you is if the things said about McBerry are true, do you think that everyone in this State should just turn a deaf ear to it? If your answer is “yes” then perhaps you have had one glass of Kool-Aid too many. Think about it. There is a reason that this person has had over 650 posts about him in the last week. He’s NOT a threat to the election, he’s the court jester candidate — a real joker. He’ll probably get around 2-3% of the votes — not enough to be anything more than he was in 2006 — a blip on the radar. I repeat, HE IS NOT A THREAT!

  10. Georgia Judge says:

    Who on earth would advise Handel to step in it like this??? This self made box will be hard to get out of……

    This is quickly becoming a Deal/Johnson race to be in runoff with OX.

    • polisavvy says:

      I kind of have to agree with you on this one, Georgia Judge. It’s like she has slightly painted herself into a corner. With the campaigns in full swing, all candidates should want to be at all events. The primary is in about two months and three weeks. All appearances become valuable, in my opinion.

      • B Balz says:

        Assuming, of course, that voters actually pull the lever in sync with these ‘inside baseball’ prognostications.

        “Austin Scott for Congress” changed the calculus for the gubernatorial race, we ought to have a thread about that.

        • Icarus says:

          I wrote one during the “Draft Austin for LG” week, but decided it sounded too defensive. But for anyone that was questioning that it was an attempt by Erick, myself, or anyone else to clear the deck for Handel, they didn’t have an appreciation for Scott’s geographic base, nor their preference to have anyone from South of I-285 as Governor.

          Austin leaving the Governor’s race clearly helps Johnson more than any other candidate.

          I’ll post something on the “official” Governor’s race soon. I know my public needs a reason to tell me I’m writing everything as a tool of the Handels, when in fact, they should have realized by now that I’m just a tool.

          • SFrazier says:

            You are a LIAR….Johnson has no base in Middle Georgia and Middle South Georgia. Do not confuse us with Savannah that has its similarities to New Orleans. Outside of a few sell out freaks no one is in Johnson’s camp in Middle Georgia and Middle South Georgia.

            This was all about Karen for you and Eric and it backfired big time. We will not vote for a former gay rights activist for Governor.


            • ByteMe says:

              Yeah, great move, calling a moderator of the site a liar. Very well thought out. Makes us all want to believe you have a clue what you’re talking about.

              • B Balz says:

                Whew, I thought he/she/it SFrazier was calling me a liar. Those are fightin’ words…

                • Republican Lady says:

                  In trying to follow the columns upward, it looks like he/she/it is calling Icarus a liar. Maybe a time out is deserved if one cannot post without name calling. But then, they are the Deal camp and Deal does get huffy and yells when he gets confronted with something he doesn’t want to discuss.

            • Icarus says:

              Aside from the fact that you still can’t spell Erick’s name, the fact that you disagree with my analysis doesn’t make me a liar, and that, again, most who read your comments are concerned for your mental health and hope you will resume your meds soon, let me ask you this question:

              If the plan was in fact about me and Erick getting Scott out of the race to benefit Handel, how exactly did it backfire?

              Logic fail.

              It was never about that. But I wouldn’t expect you to be able to follow along anyway.

              Now, about your tone. We’ve put people in time out before for calling folks liars. Especially when the definition of liar is “I don’t agree with you, therefore you lie”.

              I’m a moderator, so I can be a big boy here.

              But take that approach with a single other commenter, and you’re gone for good.

              Only warning you will get.

              • polisavvy says:

                Thank you, Icarus. SFrazier has gotten away with her posts for way too long. If she isn’t calling someone an idiot, then she calls then a liar. Glad you called her out. I certainly do appreciate it.

            • polisavvy says:

              Have you ever really read a post that Icarus wrote about Austin Scott? He certainly did not appear to me to be promoting a Karen Handel agenda. I think that perhaps you are mistaken with your calling Icarus a liar. Some things he may be, but I wouldn’t call him a liar. I had the opportunity to meet Icarus last Friday. He seems like a very fine man who is sincere. Just because he is not in the tank with your candidate, does not mean he is a liar.

        • polisavvy says:

          All I ever read on here was that Austin was polling so low, not being considered in the polls, etc. etc. I don’t really get your whole “changed the calculus” theory. Please explain so I understand what you’re talking about. Thanks, B Balz.

    • Doug Deal says:

      You guys live in some isolated bizarro world if you think this is a misstep by Karen.

      On the list of people least respected by normal people, way above used car salesmen, IRS agents, politicians and even peeping-Tom flashers are child molesters. The people of Georgia want our politicians to stand up to creeps like McBerry, but Deal lacks the groin hardware to take a stand. Likely because he is hip deep in his own excrement in regard to the sweetheart car inspection deal.

      The same could be said for Oxendine.

      Is the party one that is going to turn its back on predators like McBerry or are we going to embrace them like Deal and Johnson?

      • Mozart says:

        Keep on calling McBerry a “child molestor”, Doug, and you might get a lawsuit served to you.

        • AubieTurtle says:

          Who is going to sue him, McBerry? Now that she is an adult, his little female friend sounds like she would love a chance to testify in court under oath as to what McBerry did to her.

  11. Romegaguy says:

    I was unaware until recently that the 10th Amendment was about creepy old men touching 16 year old girls. Thanks Ray McBerry!

  12. John Konop says:

    This is similar to the Ben Rothenberger issue with the NFL. If the GOP does nothing than it appears they are condoning the behavior. It is obvious a line was crossed in this situation. And the standard for public office or a candidate should not be not be they were not convicted.

    If the GOP does nothing about this it will alienate the female vote and independents in the general election. That is why the NFL was rational and made it clear this type of behavior is unacceptable.

    Finally I challenge some of you to talk to your wife and or daughter about this issue and see if they have the same whatever attitude some of you do! I have never met Jeff Chapman but as father I am shocked about his attitude.

    • B Balz says:

      Been there, done that John. You are right as rain, “She that MUST be obeyed” is not amused with our GOP.

      Ms. Handel, regardless of how this bid for residence on Paces Ferry turns out for you, I thank you for making a statement about Mr. McBerry. Still won’t vote for you, but you did a good thing.

      I understand the GOP has rules, oaths, and procedures that are important and may have legal consequences, AND the GOP really ought to make a stand on this issue.

      Without it, episodes like last Friday’s Boortz show will come back to haunt us, courtesy of silent, yet carefully observing, unnamed Democratic nominee.

  13. Gary Cooper says:

    I am ok with Karen standing up and making her point clear. However, I don’t think she should continue with this mess she has put herself into. Why on earth is everyone giving McBerry and his following all this free press? Karen needs to refocus if she is going to get into the runoff now that Deal has started to make his McCain-like comeback. It is going to get interesting from here on out.

  14. B Balz says:

    Yeah it is.

    Although, the earned media is now so overwhelmingly negative that one must wonder if Mr. McBerry will stay firmly on the rails of the campaign.

  15. HowardRoark says:

    So let me get this straight…the candidate who’s been doing double back flips since last summer to get earned media picks a fight with a fellow candidate/attention queen in an attempt to gain more earned media for themselves, but in the process earns more media for the other guy?

    McBerry is like a stray. If you all will stop feeding it, it will go away. He freaking LOVES every one of these stories.

    Is it July yet?

      • HowardRoark says:

        Different situation. Ralph Reed started out with a big presence in his race and watched his standing erode with each story. This is the only way McBerry will get any attention. Everytime someone fires a shot at him, he gets to respond with “I’m the only constitutional conservative in the race!!!!” Without these, he’d still be saying it, but it would just be at Klan meetings and high school proms.

  16. John Konop says:

    FYI I got this e-mail today.

    Saturday, at the GA GOP 6th District debate, Karen announced that it would be the last event where she appears on the same stage as Ray McBerry. She called his participation in Republican events an embarrassment, and our candidates and party are better than this.

    Many of you have probably seen the stories concerning Ray McBerry. In summary, it is alleged that while a high school teacher and youth minister McBerry had an ‘affair’ with a tenth grade student. While he now denies wrongdoing, at the time a restraining order was taken out against him, he lost his position at the church, his teaching certificate, and subsequently divorced.

    You can read the story here.

    The campaign put out a statement Friday in response to the story, which you can see here.

    Inexplicably, Karen is the only candidate (thus far) who has raised the issue and called for his exclusion from future events. While he does have the ‘legal right’ to be on the ballot as a candidate, he does not have the legal right to be invited or appear at events. One only has to look back at the scandal involving Congressman Mark Foley to see how something like this will tarnish our party. But, more importantly, this is about doing what is right and, once again, Karen is standing alone by doing the right thing.

    To see Karen’s announcement in her closing statement from Saturday, click here.

    And the story here.

    Karen has attended more than a dozen debates and forums, and trust us, she welcomes the opportunity to appear in the future, provided that the stage and the platform is not shared with someone who has no business representing our party in any capacity, let alone as a candidate for Governor.

    Last week is a reminder for all of us about what real leadership, integrity and character is all about. We are clearly working for the best candidate and the best person to lead this state. Thanks again for all that you are doing to elect Karen as Georgia’s next Governor.

    • Mozart says:

      “provided that the stage and the platform is not shared with someone who has no business representing our party in any capacity, let alone as a candidate for Governor.”

      SO, I guess what she’s really saying here is that while McBerry is definitely bad news, all of her other opponents are A-OK? Deal? Ox? Johnson? I’m sure they appreciate Handel’s approval of them as candidates for Governor. 🙂

  17. I don’t understand Handel painting herself into a corner with the “refusal to debate McBerry” thing. Yeah, I get the comments on this thread about people wanting candidates to “stand up” to McBerry. However, I don’t get why “standing up” has to involve “abandoning the stage to him”.

    Ray’s not going anywhere. So by going with the boycott angle, Karen gets a couple days of earned media, but then she’s off the stage while the spotlight moves on without her. She’s a credible candidate, but she’s not in a dominant position where ongoing debates wouldn’t be credible without her.

    She could have gotten the exact same earned media (probably a lot more) by appearing at the next debate and calling Ray McBerry a creep to his face… saying that he’s a disgrace to the GOP and a walking exhibit for why the party could use a female leader to turn the page these days. The boycott thing seems like a weaker move, and she’s going to look weaker still if she has to backpedal due to her rivals staying in the debates and leaving her out to dry.

    • Doug Deal says:

      If Republicans would express their dissatification with debate organizers and their sponsors for enabling McBerry, there is little chance he will be invited to a major event again.

      Every debate, Handel will have the chance to send out a press release as to why she isn’t there. While the 7 dwarfs “debate” this creep, her empty chair gets to remind everyone that there is a reason she is not there, and the rationale will be mentioned in every debate she misses and it will likely be near the top of any news article.

      • Every debate, Handel will have the chance to send out a press release as to why she isn’t there.

        Heh… I have a background in third-party politics, so I know ALL ABOUT sitting on the sidelines and sending out press releases while a debate goes on. Psst… lean closer and I’ll whisper a secret: it’s much better to just be IN the debate.

        Once the initial flashpoint of the McBerry scandal passes, the media will want new stories to latch onto. With Handel sitting in second or third place in a very crowded field, she’ll get SOME mention in the news articles… but I suspect it would be much briefer and much closer to the bottom than you’re picturing.

        • Doug Deal says:

          Handel has about 20 times the support of a third party. Hint: The 1-3 % the Libertarians get in state races are mostly people disastisfied with either party not true support.

          If people want to put on events and invite this creep, I will hope that fellow Republicans will make it painful for those involved. Debates are usually sponsored by a big company (often times a newspaper) as well as a dozen small ones like audio suppliers and such. No one wants this creep around, he needs to stay home. For the good of the party, for the good fo the state, for the good of all the people who have been abused by adults as children.

          • John Konop says:


            … abused by adults as children…..

            I have friend who was a victim and anyone who has been a victim and or friend/family member will be very turned off by the do nothing crowd. Some of you cannot imagine collateral damage this situation has on the victim and family.

            • Mozart says:

              Are you saying Steve Perkins supports child molestors, Doug and/or John? Because that’s what you two spend your time accusing me of whenever I dare not “go along” with your sentiments.

            • Doug Deal says:

              John, I know at least 5 people who have been sexually abused by adults and all of them have lasting repercussions. One was a fellow student of mine in elementary school. Our Gym teacher abused him and other students for 20 years before he was finally caught.

              Luckily I was a confident and well adjusted kid who is not the type of person targeted by these sickos. The kid who was victimized had a neglectful home and that creep took advantage of it.

              Remorseless, he was sent to prison for the rest of his life.

          • ByteMe says:

            Based on the length of the above, it looks like it will depend on whether his answer is time-limited.

          • Republican Lady says:

            I saw the news conference at 6 pm. Several reporters asked him questions and he said the questions are answered on his website and refused to answer the reporters.

        • macho says:

          When you’re polling at the top of the heap, you’re already in the debate, whether you’re on stage or not. It’s not the same to compare it to a 3rd party candidate who is lucky to break 5%.

    • polisavvy says:

      I agree with her. I hope that her handlers did not suggest this move. While I agree with her (and feel the same as she does), I think she may have cut off her nose to spite her face. She needed to appear at all debates. I agree with you that calling him out at every opportunity would have been more effective. I can’t imagine how she will get out of this debacle, but I hope she can.

        • polisavvy says:

          Oh, my goodness. Since I was not there, I appreciate your link. I wonder if this was a well thought out political move/strategy. I remember a member of her team having a quote in the AJC on either Thursday or Friday of last week saying something similar. May not have been a good thing, in my opinion.

  18. Technocrat says:

    McBerry spend some money and trace the late post 70’s life at F. Douglas HS in Maryland. You might just find another Monica or some other juicey gossip you could sling back.
    Get down and dirty, what have you got to lose?

    • macho says:

      The thing is nobody had to go searching for the “gossip” on McBerry, he was just dumb enough to send out a letter addressing all of it.

    • AubieTurtle says:

      As someone on the AJC blog said, Karen is afraid of McBerry because she knows what he does to females who haven’t graduated high school. 😮

          • Lady Thinker says:

            Jim Bob,

            Republican Lady here under a new name.

            I have asked Karen this question several months ago and she looked me in the eye when she answered that question. Karen told me she does not know how that rumor got started but that she does have a diploma. Now if you have irrefutable information, put up the site or the link. If you can’t do that, then you are passing on a false rumor as truth and I think you are way too intelligent to do that.

            Here is a quote from Karen’s qualifying speech. See the link below the comments.

            “My path to this day was – well – let’s just say … it was a bit untraditional.

            I had to leave home at 17, finish high school on my own. I didn’t have someone to pay for college or even help with loans, so I went to work during the day and took college classes at night.

            To be sure, this wasn’t the easiest way. Candidly, it was pretty hard. But you know what? I earned something important … a “REAL world” education”


            • Jim Bob says:


              She never says that she graduated High School “finish high school on my own” or College “took college classes at night”. If she got a GED, then she should say so. If she graduated College, then she should say so. BUT, she refuses to say so.

              She could possibly be an inspiration to others who didn’t graduate High School and ecourage them to get a GED. But again, she prefers to play politics with the issue.

              I do know that she got in touch with her high school in Maryland to make sure they did not disclose her records. Why????

              She didn’t finish high school, college, Sec. of State….all this says something about a person’s character.

              As for a comment you made earlier about I might be making these comments because she is a woman. Absolutely not. Uneducated is uneducated, regardless of sex.

              And as to my level of education, well……I’m not seeking to be Governor of the greatest state in the nation. At least not yet…….. 🙂

  19. Republican Lady says:

    McBerry comes across as a narcissist, thinking only of himself and trying to discredit the victim and her family. He himself said the statue of limitations has expired and now that they have expired, he is going to file lawsuits after November. If he truly felt he has been slandered and libeled by the family, why wait until the statue of limitations expire before filing the lawsuit? Because if he had filed earlier, he might have ended up in jail.

  20. Republican Lady says:


    An all-pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behaviour), need for admiration or adulation and lack of empathy, usually beginning by early adulthood and present in various contexts. Five (or more) of the following criteria must be met:
    • Feels grandiose and self-important (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents to the point of lying, demands to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
    • Is obsessed with fantasies of unlimited success, fame, fearsome power or omnipotence, unequalled brilliance (the cerebral narcissist), bodily beauty or sexual performance (the somatic narcissist), or ideal, everlasting, all-conquering love or passion
    • Firmly convinced that he or she is unique and, being special, can only be understood by, should only be treated by, or associate with, other special or unique, or high-status people (or institutions)
    • Requires excessive admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation – or, failing that, wishes to be feared and to be notorious (narcissistic supply)
    • Feels entitled. Expects unreasonable or special and favorable priority treatment. Demands automatic and full compliance with his or her expectations
    • Is “interpersonally exploitative”, i.e., uses others to achieve his or her own ends
    • Devoid of empathy. Is unable or unwilling to identify with or acknowledge the feelings and needs of others
    • Constantly envious of others or believes that they feel the same about him or her
    • Arrogant, haughty behaviours or attitudes coupled with rage when frustrated, contradicted, or confronted

    • Lawton Sack says:

      There is one here in Statesboro (Bulloch County) this Friday, May 7. There is a meet and greet from 5-7 and then a GOP Gubernatorial debate (free) at 7:00 p.m. Both events are at Statesboro High School.

  21. South Fulton Guy says:

    This is shameful no teacher can justify having an intimate relationship particularly a physical one with a student. As a teacher he was legally bound to report the alleged improprieties with her stepfather. Sadly this diatribe is all about him and his quest for Governor not the victim. Time to bail, but pride won’t let him.

  22. Republican Lady says:

    Does this sound like McBerry?


    Columbia Encyclopedia entry: narcissism

    Narcissismnärsĭs’ĭzəm, Freudian term, drawn from the Greek myth of Narcissus, indicating an exclusive self-absorption. In psychoanalysis, narcissism is considered a normal stage in the development of children. It is known as secondary narcissism when it occurs after puberty, and is said to indicate a libidinal energy directed exclusively toward oneself. A degree of narcissism is considered normal, where an individual has a healthy self-regard and realistic aspirations. The condition becomes pathological, and diagnosable as a personality disorder, when it significantly impairs social functioning. An individual with narcissistic personality disorder tends to harbor an exaggerated sense of his own self-importance and uniqueness. He is often excessively occupied with fantasies about his own attributes and potential for success, and usually depends upon others for reinforcement of his self-image. A narcissist tends to have difficulties maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships, stemming largely from a lack of empathy and a propensity for taking advantage of others in the interest of self-aggrandizement. It is often found in combination with antisocial personality disorder.

    The Columbia Encyclopedia. Copyright © 2001-09 Columbia University Press. All rights reserved.

      • Republican Lady says:

        Yes to some extent but none of the candidates have taken it to the level McBerry seems to be taking it.

    • Republican Lady says:

      McBerry shouldn’t have put himself in the limelight if he doesn’t like the heat.

  23. Mayonnaise says:

    Here’s the problem with Karen’s jumping of the shark. The case against McBerry resides on a blog in SW Georgia. Karen is acting like the evening news showed the FBI knocking down McBerry’s door and confiscating child porn. I’m not sticking up for McBerry but just pointing out why the case against him hasn’t fully resonated. Most people I talk to don’t know him or the allegations. I mean come on, Karen was over 15% in last couple of polls. She was creating distance between herself and Deal. Makes no sense that she would do this other than she’s running out of money and sees Johnson gaining momentum. Can’t wait until Friday and Saturday candidate forums. Karen will be playing the roll of Alan Keyes.

    • Jeff says:

      Actually, GALLOWAY was the one that Rachel admitted she had sex with McBerry to. GALLOWAY was the one that talked to the Judge in question, who told him that he had essentially told McBerry to “Leave the girl alone”.

      Yes, I was the lead on this story, and yes, I have the 7 page handwritten letter and the restraining order in question – but Galloway has also added details that only further hurt McBerry.

      In other words, the case does NOT just “reside on a blog in SW Georgia”.

      Though you may want to check out that blog – we break news decently regularly.

    • benevolus says:

      It’s possible, Mayo, that she actually believes in what she is doing.

      Statewide candidates have to view their actions through the prism of the election, but sometimes they need a good reason NOT to do what they believe rather than just try to believe in what they are doing.

      P.S.- I’m no Karen Handel fan, but I don’t like seeing that level of cynicism in your comment!

        • Provocateur says:

          If she continues to allege that because no other candidates act and say like she is acting and saying things that that must mean they “condone” Ray McBerry, then that will indicate she only believes that what she’s doing will help her own race politically.

          Frankly, it is exhausting to continue to see all the playing cards thrown out. I’m tired of the race cards from the black politicians. I’m tired of the anti-Hispanic cards being thrown out by the Hispanic politicians who are in favor of illegal immigration. I’m tired of the gender card being played by female candidates.

          If you are running for office, tell me what you intend to do for me as my representation, and tell me why you are qualified to get it accomplished. If all you do is play cards, then that demonstrates you have no substance of which to speak.

          • benevolus says:

            But you’re not tired of the sentencing disparities between races, or the pay inequalities for women, or the failure to prosecute employers of illegal immigrants? Only people complaining about those things?

            • Provocateur says:

              Benev, the last study I read some 5 years ago on the so-called “sentencing disparity between races” showed evidence that when the real facts are examined with respect to the crime (e.g., robbery), the severity of the crime (robbery + battery), criminal history of the accused (how many times in the past have they engaged in this crime or others), the “differences” are explained quite well.

              You never get the real truth printed in the media since they cannot cram-in the research into a 1000-words or less story. Also, all media tends to hate exposing the truth…since that would call into question their original reporting on their being a “disparity.”

              “Pay inequalities”, when the education and years of experience is thrown into the mix as relative variable is also explained away within statistical tolerances.

              As far as the illegal employer stuff, what…ever.

              Your claims of all these “problems” are identical, in nature, to the liberals claiming all the people who are supposedly “uninsured because they can’t afford it, so we have to change the system for everybody.” Lots of those people plain don’t wish to spend the money on insurance.

              • Provocateur says:

                Forgot my train of thought for a phone call. To finish my thoughts:

                Whether it’s the claims of the uninsured (i.e., play the evil insurance company card), or the gender cards, or the race cards, etc. etc., etc….when you look at the real statistics, there’s nothing to fix by a law.

                So, those people who play those cards are only playing for short-term attention purposes because they wear an empty suit otherwise. They cannot come-up with any original thought on their own.

                • benevolus says:

                  What it sounds like you are saying is that if it doesn’t concern Male White Anglo Saxon Protestants With Disposable Income (or however you identify yourself) you don’t want to hear about it.
                  Why is it so annoying to hear about other peoples problems? In what world does every politician only ever talk about what directly affects YOU? We can’t solve any problems with thinking like that. If it’s all that annoying to you, may I suggest that paying attention to politics is going to be a continually painful experience.

                  • ByteMe says:

                    Maybe he doesn’t think he’ll live long enough to be a minority in this country and need the protections that minorities are fighting for now…..

                  • Provocateur says:

                    Benev, I would have thought you would have been able to come up with at least one citable study to oppose my assertions. Instead, all you did was remove the cards you played from the table, shuffled the deck, and thought you could get away with dealing a new hand. All you got is suppositions with no substance.

                    • benevolus says:

                      Ahhh, all you have to do is Google “women’s pay inequality” or something similar and you’ll get 3 million selections to choose from. 98% of them will support the assertion and 2% will contest, but you will presumably treat them with equal weight. Meh.

    • Provocateur says:

      This may have been answered somewhere else, but the GOP is unable to legally break state law. Only if someone has been convicted of a crime of moral turpitude could the GOP find a way to disqualify him. Or, that his real residence is in another state.

  24. RealityChic says:

    The irony is…Ray McBerry will soon be “sitting in a Georgia jail, waiting for someone to bail him out”. It would be even more ironic if the feds put him there.

  25. Tireless says:

    Handel isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Are we certain she got a GED? She’s going to ban herself from all future debates if McNuts&Berry is present … that should work out her. LMAO.

    • Republican Lady says:

      Karen does not have a GED, she has a diploma. The GED rumor is just that a lie being passed around as truth.

      • Technocrat says:

        Is that like Obama’s birth certificate…………show us the permanent record from FDHS.

        Everyone can buy a fake but professional looking HS diploma from any school in US try here:

        I’m making up some MSc degrees in “Political Nuclear Voting” for all the candidates from Eastern Okefenokee State University [not to be confused with the real Technical College in Waycross].

        • Jim Bob says:

          Not trying to be like a birther here, but……..Handel is like Obama in the sense that she made sure the High School in Maryland would not divulge her records…..

          • Tireless says:

            Are you serious, she’s withholding her high school transcript? WTF? Has the campaign explained that decision?

          • Lady Thinker says:

            Jim Bob and Tireless,

            I don’t see either of you asking the other candidates to provide copies of their educational diplomas/degrees. Why not? Why are you demanding something from her that you refuse to demand from the men in this race? You aren’t questioning their educational qualifications. Is it because they are men? Why the discrimination? Do either of you have any education past high school or did either of you finish high school? Jealousy maybe?

  26. Doug Grammer says:

    Will I be sued if I say I believe in the primary system? That cream rises to the top and less desirable things sink to the bottom? We will know who our top two contenders are after July. During a race, handwritten letters will come out, along with other things. It’s part of the process. It’s not right for the GOP party to tell people who to vote for and who not to vote for. The candidates should be trying to sway voters to vote for them. I trust the voters to figure out who to vote for and who might sue them.

  27. YRU4IT says:

    We should put up billboards all over the state with his mug shot plastered everywhere. I know he has that League of the South organzation. Are there other members of his group who go around preying on little girls? There has to be more than 1 victim here, I have read that in several places. This insignificant sack of dog squeeze has no redeeming qualities.

    He’s a creep and he preys on trusting children. You can’t get much worse than that.

  28. debbie0040 says:

    Georgia FreedomWorks is having a Gubernatorial debate May 22nd and we invited Jim Galloway to moderate it…

    He needs to learn to use spell checker before sending a press release… Just how many words do you find that are spelled wrong?

    That press release is as creepy as he is….

  29. Margarita says:

    Icarus joked at the beginning of these comments about not reading Ray McBerry’s whole press release. I’m wondering if any of you actually took the time to read it through carefully. Did any of you click on the link Icarus provided and read the section following the press release where Ray gives point-by-point responses to the lies & half-truths being told against him? This is the problem – many of you are so eager for a juicy scandalous story that you are not taking the time to actually read the responses Ray had already provided and the actual case file. To any thinking person who is not seeking the sensational it has been clear from the outset that the facts have been twisted, taken out of context and even embellished upon to make Ray look like something he is not. To one degree or another, all of us have had people do that to us, so we know how possible it is. Please stop condemning a man who for something that the local judge didn’t even charge him with due to lack of evidence. Aren’t we all lovers of liberty on this site? What you all are doing is a gross affront to the liberty and justice we are all trying to restore to our nation. To condemn a man based on what you read on blogs, especially once the due process of law has already affirmed his innocence is a terrible injustice. Go back and read his responses and then if you still have questions, why don’t you direct them directly to him via his website rather than persisting in childish rumor and slander? http://www.georgiafirst.org

    • ByteMe says:

      To one degree or another, all of us have had people do that to us…

      You mean been a 16-year-old girl and had sex with a teacher many years older?

      It’s the stuff porn movies are made of, not something we all should have people do to us.

      • Margarita says:

        No – if you had read what I wrote, rather than skimmed it, you’d have understood I meant that we have all had someone twist facts, take them out of context, and embellish upon things to make us look bad — we’ve all had someone do this to us in one degree or another.

        • ByteMe says:

          Oh, the irony! I just did what you are complaining about.

          Oopsie! 😆

          Forget it, Margarita. Sell it to someone who believes in the occult. You’re wasting your time with most of us here. We all get that he had sex with her. We all get that he should have been prosecuted at the time instead of being free now to talk about his candidacy or whatever else he’s trying to sell the confused minds who believe in him.

          • polisavvy says:

            I agree wholeheartedly with you, Byte. He’s fortunate that he’s not in jail. I do question why the parents let this whole issue go and settle for him to have a restraining order. I personally don’t feel that my husband and I would have been so benevolent. Puppy or not!

        • Lady Thinker says:


          I did read what you wrote, now read what I wrote and answer me. That is how a debate works.

    • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

      I read all of it the other day, as well as the letter he wrote to the family.

      Mr. McBerry admits that he wrote that letter. In it, though he doesn’t admit to wrongdoing, he admits that he used a poster with puppies on it to try to get the girl to contact him after her parents told him to stay away from her. Do you think your favorite candidate shows good judgment in doing so?

      If you can read what he said on his website about writing the letter and then read the part of the letter about the puppies and not get the creeps, nothing anyone says will convince you that something about the man doesn’t add up. A mature adult who was completely innocent of any wrongdoing would not have tried to contact a girl that age after her parents said not to using puppies or any other means. Period.

    • Lady Thinker says:


      I read McBerry’s version of what happened, have you read the below links? The first link is the letter he admits to writing to Rachel’s family. What did he do that he writes a seven page letter asking for forgiveness? Why did he not want to tell Rachel at church that he was leaving and why did he say telling her at the church would make people think ill of her? Why did he use the excuse of his wife leaving and taking his son to reach out to Rachel as a “friend”? Why did he use the bribe of a puppy as a ruse to contact her? He refers to Rachel as a friend, I thought he said he was counseling her.Why does an adult find it necessary to meet a teenager alone on a road away from prying eyes? Why did he ask for her to call him from a pay phone? I await your answer.




      • B Balz says:

        New handle?

        You posted several times discussing the pathology of narcissistic behavior and recidivism in these types of situations. Now DD seems to have collected disturbing anecdotal and circumstantial evidence to corroborate.

        Sad, I would have changed my handle, too.

        The GOP in GA needs it’s top leader to make a statement about this matter.

        • Lady Thinker says:

          Computer problems so had to change several things, the main one being my posting name. On the “Handel Refuses” post, there is an event this Saturday in which the organizers gave a press release saying they will not be inviting McBerry. I won’t be able to go but I think this might be the start of a trend within the Party.

          • Romegaguy says:

            “the offer of the puppy was for the whole family” then why did he post a flyer to get her attention?

            Didnt Ray’s dad work for the DA and helped to get the charges dropped and the “sentence” reduced to just a one day suspension in the middle of the summer?

            Oh and what about the first 16 year old he married?

      • Margarita says:

        He has already clearly answered all your questions in his point-by-point responses on his website which he posted Monday afternoon.

        It seems many of you on this blog are so bent on wanting to have a juicy scandal to talk about that no matter what anyone says you’re goingto twist it into something it’s not.

        Ray was very close friends with the whole family. The offer of the puppy was made to the whole family as a way of expressing his desire for healing in the friendship with the whole family.

        All your other questions about the cell phone, etc. are clearly addressed by Ray in his responses. If you still have questions, please ask Ray himself via his website.

        I know Ray personally, and I can tell you he is a man of honor, integrity, honesty and kindness. He is not in the slightest bit creepy, and if I had a teenage daughter I would totally trust him around her. His 2000+ supporters across GA agree.

        Ray’s teaching license is still valid and renewable at any time, he has custody of his little son who is one of the sweetest, most well-adjusted kids I’ve ever met, and if I thought there were any reason to not trust Ray’s integrity I would not support him.

        Please come meet him in person at any of the upcoming events where he’ll be speaking, and please stop trying to see see and find scandal where there is none.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          I went to Ray’s website. I searched for on the page titled “Ray responds to personal attacks…” for the words “cell” and “phone” with no matches. I e-mailed one of his supporters asking if the handwritten letter is in Ray’s handwriting. If it’s not, let’s expose it. I haven’t received a reply yet. I’m willing to listen or read as to why he sent a phone. “Go to his website” isn’t enough of a good answer, if it’s not addressed there. Tell me where to look and I will do so.

          If you want to defend your candidate, you need better answers. I want to hear the truth, for that shall makes us all better voters.

          I’ve heard him speak many times in many places. I believe in following the constitution, but I just find it strange that he won’t pledge to the flag.

          • Margarita says:

            There are several pages – you have to click on “More” at the bottom of each page. His point-by-point responses follow the Press Release. That’s where you’ll find the cell phone question addressed. Thanks Doug for being willing to listen. I choose to refer people to Ray’s website because his answers should be read first. Also, I have to take care of other responsibilities in my day. The flag question is a whole other subject and a very good one – I’ll post a link about this when I get a chance. Thanks for asking.

            • Doug Grammer says:

              Ok found it. Thanks for telling me to look on the “more” button. According to Georgiafirst.org, the cell phone was given because, if she couldn’t talk to him, she might commit suicide. Plausible. Did the young lady get any psychological counseling? If she was considering suicide, she needed help from a trained professional. Ray said he made sure her mom acknowledged that she was aware of her condition. Rays own words were “I was not a professional counselor.” and “I was in way over my head before I realized the seriousness of her problems.”

              In my opinion, when he realized he was over his head and not prepared to deal with the situation, he shouldn’t have seen her again because it could make her problems worse and should have gone to family and children’s services if the daughter was threatening suicide and mom wasn’t doing enough about it.

              That’s all with the assumption that we believe Ray and not the young lady. http://swgapolitics.com/index/2010/04/14/ray-mcberrys-victim-speaks/

              I need a timeline to put this all in perspective. Was this before or after the judge told Ray to leave the girl alone?

              • ByteMe says:

                Doug, you forgot to ask about the sex she said he had with her while she was 16 and — according to him — so fragile that she needed a cell phone to contact him. That mentioned anywhere?

        • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

          Unbelievable…you really believe that this offer of a puppy was to the whole family? If that is true, it would have been unnecessary to put it on a poster where only the girl would see it. He admitted it in his letter. I am beginning to believe he could commit a crime right in front of some of you people and you would blame a misunderstanding.

          He isn’t the only person that can save Georgia…time to move on to someone without baggage.

          • Margarita says:

            Ummmm…another instance of your not reading carefully. The letter states the puppy is a gift for the whole family & invites them all to consider it. This is a silly point you’re harping on.

            • polisavvy says:

              About as silly as Ray being a big straw poll winner and, therefore, a truly viable candidate.

            • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

              The letter may state that, but the initial act of putting a poster where only the girl would see it and trying to get her to contact him using puppies is something that obviously has either escaped your notice or is something you are trying really hard to make normal.

              If it was an offer to the whole family, it would have been made to the whole family via the parents or directly to the girl instead of through a poster near the church in a roundabout way. That is a classic act of enticement. Add it to the fact that he was told NOT TO CONTACT HER, and you have a big problem. If there was nothing at all going on, he was an idiot to continue to try to be a part of her life. The minute the parents said stay away, he should have just moved on LIKE AN ADULT and left the family alone.

              Seriously, if someone deliberately put a poster where your daughter would see to try to get her to contact him and didn’t go through you first, that wouldn’t bother you?

              This isn’t a silly point. It shows he has at the very least a lack of adult common sense, and at the most, stalker tendencies.

              I give up on all of you Ray McBerry supporters. I know I am not speaking Chinese, so it has become very clear that you must think the man is as moral as Jesus Christ himself and there is absolutely nothing that will convince you otherwise. Enjoy your life of delusion, it will all be over in July.

        • Lady Thinker says:


          He has NOT answered all the questions and you have not read the links I sent you. If you are not going to answer the questions I posed to you about the letter, then you are advoiding the issues, just like him. We answered your questions, now answer ours!




          • Doug Grammer says:

            Reading the handwritten letter, how many times were the words forgive, forgiveness, apology, apologize, and friendship used?

              • Doug Grammer says:

                I counted 9 in the first paragraph. I didn’t count the word “sorry”6,”friend” or “friends” 10, but got another 16 of the first group.

                By my count, that is 41 times in 7 pages he used the words: friend, friends, friendship, sorry, apology, aplogize, forgive, and forgivness. Does anyone see what he is trying to say here?

  30. debbie0040 says:

    I see . You mean kind like the way facts were twisted and taken of context and embellished with OJ?

    I have read the press release and found it ridiculous that Ray would actually expect people to believe him.

    If he is really innocent, then why doesn’t he just take a lie detector test to clear this whole matter up? Why wait until November to file a lawsuit if he really intends on filing one? Sue now.

  31. RealityChic says:

    I bet Ray goes back to selling puppies when he can’t find anyone willing to hire him!

  32. debbie0040 says:

    Hmm.. It gets more and more interesting. From FaceBook

    Amy Anderson I wonder if Ray would sue me if I reminded him that he dated a 16 year old student in 1993 when he was MY teacher……and then married her in 1998? Do you REMEMBER your first wife, Ray?

    • polisavvy says:

      Wow! I wonder what this means? That’s a fairly suggestive post, don’t you think?

      • Jeff says:

        Amy approached me nearly a month and a half ago, shortly after Rachel did. A friend and I dug into it at the time and were able to find who we thought Amy was talking about. Weeks later, around the time Rachel officially came forward, I received two more independent verifications of this name. Another friend helped me with other research, and I was able to get the marriage license.

        I know for a fact that Ray married the person Amy claims he married. I have the marriage and divorce records – they were married basically for a summer, getting married in May and divorced in Sept, with it being final in Oct. Ray married TR’s mother the following April. I am withholding wife #1’s identity publicly because I have been told she was absolutely devastated by Ray, and was later able to move past that and build a successful life for herself.

        I’ve contacted several people around the situation, and the testimony is split. Some say they were close friends while she was in school, others – including Amy – say they dated. (Those who say they were simply close friends are former administrators at the school, while Amy was a student.)

        I found the lady in question on Facebook, and I made contact with her to tell her what I was working on and to give her my contact information. She has yet to come to talk to me, and until she does or until someone else breaks her name, I will not reveal it.

          • B Balz says:

            It would be very interesting for you to accept the calling of public service. Only two things are for sure; one mustn’t care what others think of them, and one must have absolute conviction in their political beliefs.

            • ByteMe says:

              As you’ve seen from what I write out here, I have strong opinions loosely held, which makes me a better-than-average financial investor, but not a great candidate for public office at this time in this place.

              I also don’t have a thick enough skin.

              • B Balz says:

                The nature of public service requires an individual who is not deterred by the reality of brutal personal attacks. Unfortunately, that excludes a lot of intelligent folks with common sense from ever getting involved.

                The folks that are good at making a positive political difference, consistently over time, are amazing to me. And as well, have a healthy and high notion of self worth in their personality.

  33. debbie0040 says:

    If the former administrator had said anything other than friends, he would be asked why he did not act on his knowledge and notify the proper authorities…

    • Doug Deal says:

      I have heard additional details about what could be coming for him, and if so, he would be a fool to open himself up to discovery motions.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Do you think that is why he is threatening to sue anyone who basically talks negatively about him in November in the delusional hope he will become governor so he can have the perceived power of crushing his enemies?

        • Doug Deal says:

          Nope. I think he just like getting donations and there is a subset of our society that will give money to someone who says the xenophobic populist nonsense McBerry spouts. Threatening to sue just keeps the money tap open, since if he instead said “yeah, you got me, I did all those things.” his few but devout supporters would leave him.

          This way, he avoids having to admit to anything until the primary or even later, and the donations will continue to pour in.

          • Lady Thinker says:

            Geesh, the whole process involving him is still so sick. I commend you for trying to write out some resolutions. I will try to do the same.

            • John Konop says:

              I am no lawyer but this seems like an organized effort to silence people by a person with something to gain. Also it feels like blackmail to me. I wonder if this effort violates RICO law and or blackmail. Do we have any lawyers?

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