Ben Harbin is not alone

Courtesy of Pine Knot in the comments….

Chuck Sims has joined Ben Harbin in the Legislators with a DUI club

ATLANTA – A state lawmaker is apologizing after being stopped for DUI.

The incident happened Wednesday night.

“I was pulled over in my hotel parking lot and that’s all there was to it,” said State Representative Chuck Sims.

But that’s not quite all — according to his own admission, State Representative Chuck Sims, said he’d been drinking earlier in the evening with his meal.

“I had had some alcohol earlier in the day or earlier in the night,” said Sims.

Atlanta police officers pulled Sims over at the Baymont Inn at Piedmont and International.

He was cited with a DUI


  1. ByteMe says:

    “I had had some alcohol earlier in the day or earlier in the night,” said Sims.

    Drunks say the darnedest things….

  2. hannah says:

    Drinking to excess is a sign of weak self-control. They make good acolytes since they are usually amenable to doing what they’re told.

    • Mozart says:

      “Drinking to excess”. Sorry, but a legal limit of 0.08 doesn’t necessarily mean one has “drunk” to excess.

  3. truth says:

    Unfortunately for his constituents sake, hannah’s comments are right on target. While he is often the subject of ridicule at the capitol, he is just what the leaders love, putty in their hands and eager to please. Now, perhaps, I can better understand his meandering posts on a local blog at 1:30 in the morning that often make absolutely no sense.

  4. bartsimpsonisdaman says:

    Hey dudes, you publicans seem to have a problem keepin your pants on and sober. Dudes you got problems.

    Vote Barnes! Knows how to keep his pants on and pace his liquor.

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