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The House gets started around 9am. Not sure about the Senate. This live-blog will be running all day. Please be patient as it may take a moment for someone to approve your comment.


    • Jeff says:

      Even libertarians believe in law and order. At least three commenters asked for the issue to be dropped, and you did not. So yeah, I stepped in to enforce the wishes of the community.

      You didn’t just piss me off – that I can handle. You pissed off the entire community, and you were essentially becoming a troll.

        • Icarus says:

          I’m going to be blunt.

          While Grift is not a Peach Pundit front page contributor, he is a known and respected member of the blogging community. To decide you’re going to put someone with his track record into timeout because he doesn’t agree with you and then label him a troll is both laughable and infuriating.

          I would suggest that if you want SWGAPolitics to be associated with Peach Pundit live blogs in the future, you would be well advised to consider who exactly you decide to determine is a troll before you decide to exert moderator powers.

          • Since I didn’t get around to reading these comments until just now, I figured I’d go ahead and comment. I just went back and read through the section of CIL where the situation occured. Though I’m a friend of Jeff’s, I’m trying to be as neutral as I can here.

            I don’t think the Sine Die live coverage being hosted on multiple political blogs is the place for Jeff and grift to bicker back and forth over what is journalism and what is not. They regularly battle that one out on the blogs already, and I don’t think the rest of us really want to get involved. It’s a sore point between the two of them that should be handled off the air / off the blogwaves. Lock ’em in a padded room with those sumo wrestler suits on… something. But I do think Jeff was right in stopping the conversation. Had grift not continued to try and drag it out, I doubt we’d be having this conversation.

            “griftdrift: So when the discussion gets hot, the powers that be clamp down. Got it.”

            The problem is, the discussion wasn’t getting hot. It was getting childish, off-topic and heading down the road of turning into a flame war. Now, if that’s what Peach Pundit would like to have on it’s front page, then yes, perhaps it shouldn’t share future coverage of these events with other blog sites. I for one hope that this type of coverage continues to happen and that we can all set aside our differences with each other. When it all comes down to it, we’re a bunch of grown ups and should be respectful to each other… not publicly arguing about each other’s journalistic integrity.

            • griftdrift says:

              The discussion was going on long before I got involved. It was only when someone starting questioning the person that had the keys to the ridiculous kingdom that suddenly it was off topic and disruptive. It’s all there for everyone to read. Make of it what you will.

      • griftdrift says:

        Uh yeah I did. I asked how I disrespected you (which I never did) and was immediately put in timeout. The issue I didn’t drop was you suddenly becoming power mad and determining at the drop of a hat what was relevant.

        • The issue I didn’t drop was you suddenly becoming power mad

          Jeff was made moderator of a forum and became both power-mad and annoying? That doesn’t make any sense at all!

          (the part about him being made moderator in the first place, that is…)

    • griftdrift says:

      And you need to look up the definition of a troll. Making two comments asking why something was being done does not make one a troll. Now, calling someone a troll when they aren’t? Some might say that’s disrespectful

  1. old political pro says:

    just came off the floor and thought i’d see what lunacy was on here tonight. good lord, the funny part is that you guys don’t realize how ridiculous you are.

  2. Harry says:

    Casey takes what is surely a popular idea – improved trauma centers – and rather than fund it out of normal appropriations, the thing becomes an avenue to lay a new $10 surcharge (tax) on auto tag renewals. It’s just one more gift to the hospital industry. Sure, it’s an amendment that has to be approved in November, but it’s a form of extortion laid on voters who as yet don’t understand how the system works and the screws keep getting tightened on them.

  3. Harry says:

    It’s obvious that the leadership in both the House and Senate allows the teachers union to call the shots on education policy in Georgia, specifically by killing off a modest effort to encourage merit pay. These politicians are all about staying on the good side of special interests. In November I’m voting to replace my GOP state representative. By 2012 or 2014 we could be in a position to elect a new breed of fiscally conservative Republicans.

        • benevolus says:

          Oh I see. “Union” in the same sense that, say, the Georgia Association of Realtors is a union. Or the Buckhead Business Association is a union. Or even the Chamber of Commerce for that matter I guess.

        • Harry says:

          If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck….

          PAGE has been adamant against educational reform in this state. They are fighting the expansion of vouchers and merit pay tooth and nail.

          • ByteMe says:

            And CoC is adamant against health care reform and financial reform. That makes it a union of businessmen, right?


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