Scott v. Marshall. It’s on.

Just in from Politico:

Georgia state Rep. Austin Scott is planning to drop his campaign for governor and launch a challenge to Democratic Rep. Jim Marshall in the state’s 8th Congressional District, a Republican source told POLITICO.

Scott, who was first elected to the Georgia Legislature at 26 and has served there since 1997, has failed to gain traction in a gubernatorial primary that includes multiple statewide Republican officials, but he’s regarded as an up-and-comer in his party.

“He’s got a base in the district,” the Republican source said. “He brings to the table the financial resources to give Marshall a tough fight. And he’s hungry.”

Marshall won reelection against retired Gen. Rick Goddard by over 14 points in 2008, but his district broke for Sen. John McCain on the presidential level by a double-digit margin. Expect Scott’s announcement soon: Georgia’s filing deadline is Friday.


    • macho says:

      Why would you be disappointed? It’s one thing to be principled, it’s another to be a Kamikaze.

  1. Doug Deal says:

    I know the urge to scoop is a compelling one, I wish bloggers would allow people the decency to break their own news, when the time table is a reasonable one.

    Austin is a decent fellow, and if running for the 8th is what he chooses to do, then I am sure he has spent the last couple days informing his opponents in the primary so they can make decisions about staying in the race or not before Friday’s deadline.

    Plus, I would be greatly pleased if he instead announced for lt gov and shot the remainder of Politicos credibility out the window.

    • edmund says:

      “Plus, I would be greatly pleased if he instead announced for lt gov and shot the remainder of Politicos credibility out the window.”

      Instead, by choosing to run for the 8th, he’s shot the remainder of Peach Pundit’s credibility out the window. Or did that happen long ago?

      Could it be that Erick isn’t Georgia’s political king maker after all?

      • Game Fan says:

        Would you please lay off Erick? He’s got his own problems to deal with. Apparently he just had his DeLorean repossessed. The whole thing was caught on video.

    • Republican Lady says:

      Hardest thing for many people to do is keep a secret, especially if they feel someone else might break it first. I agree that Scott should have had that pleasure and not someone else.

    • Pete Randall says:

      I know the urge to scoop is a compelling one, I wish bloggers would allow people the decency to break their own news, when the time table is a reasonable one.

      There is no urge to scoop. Because I have no scoop. I’m posting the story from Politico. Yesterday I posted information about what I was hearing, but was clear that it was just talk. Again, no scoop, as Jim Galloway was talking about something similar the day before. Relax…you don’t want to have your panties in a perpetual twist like griftdrift, the all powerful blogger-journalist.

  2. ByteMe says:

    So if this turns out to be true, does it change PP’s love affair with Angela Hicks into a one-night stand?

  3. slyram says:

    Oh snap, what would happen if a seasoned African American candidate from says Macon jumped into the Democrat primary and won. Would Marshall pull a Charlie Crist? We should remember that large field of candidates for mayor in Macon who could wait forever for an opportunity to hit D.C. In think they welcome this news with their eyes on 2012. I went back into the archives on my blog and found my first or second blog post from August 2008–“GA Congressman Marshall skips Historic Obama Speech.” The post had the opening part of the old cowboy show “Branded” where dude is kicked out of the Army and the fort. Of course, he was falsely accused. Similarly, the GOP thinks Marshall’s “conservative Democrat” status is oxymoronic—he should have switched. National Democrats think he should have taken one for the team on healthcare reform or let him lose.

    I get an interesting election in my backyard. It’s Christmas in April.

    Practical Democrats will support Marshall to hold the House but the X factor will be Obama supporters who might be convinced that a Rubio-style young maverick is better for a healthy debate. In the Peach Pundit archives, we should find that post from John Edwards’ visit to Georgia when Marshall said something like “we could be looking at our next president.” Obama supporter…Hillary supporters…did you hear that. If Marshall had his way, McCain would be president because Edwards would have been hit with that baby mamma drama. Marshall eventually never endorsed McCain, Clinton, Edwards or Obama must his zillion TV ads could have helped the Dem ticket in GA and North Florida. To see Marshall and Obama together would have been cool. Forget about find the signature of Button Gwinnett; a picture of Marshall and Obama is even rarer.

    The one that got me was when the Obamas were catching heat for being Ivy Leagues and uppity. Marshall, who is smart as hell, never said a word. Marshall attended the same college, Princeton, as Michelle Obama. I mean no disrespect to the Blue Dog but sometimes you got to stand with the team. If Blue Dogs from Health Shuler to Sanford Bishop can make the national convention and catch heat, Marshall must also.

    • benevolus says:

      I imagine once they got Stupak, Marshall was free to vote however he wanted.

      And there’s a book called “Game Change” in which Edwards people say that the affair would have been outed if he got anywhere near getting the nom.

    • RuralDem says:


      Is there some personal issue you have with Marshall? Just curious.

      It seems like his lack of support for Obama has annoyed you to the point where that’s the main thing you hit him on in every post.

      I mean come on. Plenty of elected Georgia Democrats supported Edwards. No one knew about the affair. I do not believe Marshall ever endorsed him.

      Marshall’s never campaigned for any other candidates that I know of. He runs for his office and keeps his nose out of other races. Plenty of candidates do that. It might span from his time in local politics.

      • benevolus says:

        No doubt they are very good schools, but apparently they do have a remedial course track for legacies and big donors.

        • Doug Deal says:

          I am sure he is absolutely brilliant, but I find it laughable that people who do challenge his intelligence take admission to harvard, Princeton or Yale as Gospel truth of divine intelligence.

          • Game Fan says:

            If “Dumbya” has ever said or done anything brilliant, frankly I’m not aware of it. And since I’m “fair and balanced” I intend to one day read ALL of Kitty Kelly’s biographies of these inbred shysters.

  4. SouthGAConservative says:

    This seems like a good move for Austin and is something he can spend a long career in, making the difference he wants to make. Though, it would’ve been interesting to see a LT Showdown…

  5. but what if he doesn’t want to be a Congressman. There shouldn’t be some power broker saying “you should run here.” If Austin wants to run for Governor, then great. I’d love to see some republican opposition in the Lt. Gov. Republican primary and in the US Senate race. I think primary opponents keep candidates focused.

    • Gary Cooper says:

      I agree with Martha, he should run for the office he truly wants to seek. I think he could have gotten his name out there in the Governor’s race here in the next couple of weeks. He probably couldn’t win it, but at least he could have made a difference once the debates start.

      • DriveByDawg says:

        Martha – this is what has me more upset than anything. I have told him that I support any decision he makes. But the so called “leadership” in the GOP, along with those self titled “power brokers,” has really irked me. 2008 is Exhibit A as to what happens when those folks tell the rest of us what is best and the chess game that has been going on the last 2 weeks proves that the Georgia R’s have not learned anything from 2006 or 2008.

        • polisavvy says:

          Austin Scott is not the type of person who succumbs to “power brokers” trying to put the squeeze on him. He’s his own man. Whatever his decision, you can best believe that it was just that — his decision.

            • polisavvy says:

              Good grief! To hear some of these people, they don’t think he can walk and chew gum at the same time. These are obviously people who do not know him very well. He’s a very bright young man.

    • Icarus says:

      If you know Austin, and I think you do, you know he’s not the kind of person who will be told by a power broker what to do. He’s received a lot of advice over the past few weeks, much of it unsolicited.

      He’s smart enough to listen and evaluate, tough enough to push back when needed, and wise enough to look to his family for what is right for him and for them.

      Whatever Austin’s announcement is, it will be his.

        • DriveByDawg says:

          I do know him and I didn’t mean to imply at all that the decision wasn’t ultimately his. Everything you both have said about him is right. And for the record I think he will be a great addition to the Georgia caucus in Washington and am writing him a check tomorrow morning.

          My issue is with all that unsolicited advice and the suggestions from some with agendas, and some without any specific agenda, that he shouldn’t run for Gov because he can’t win or can’t raise enough money. Shouldn’t run for LG because he “would be crushed,” would be funneling money from other supposedly more deserving candidates/races by forcing CC to actually have to work for his re-election, on and on and on. I guess we will know in November when we see who moves into West Paces and who presides over the Senate.

      • MightyPencil says:

        He was played like a fiddle. US Congress wasn’t right for him or his family two days ago. I’m disappointed. And yes, I know them well.

        • polisavvy says:

          I know them well, too. The man wasn’t “played like a fiddle.” I think that he will be great for Georgia.

        • ChiefofStaff65 says:

          Weird, Mighty, this is the first time I have ever seen you post on Austin Scott, with all the debate we have had on here.

          And yet, you know him well.

          • polisavvy says:

            I thought the same, Chief. He has people who “know him well” coming out of the woodwork now.

  6. slyram says:

    Rural Dem: Thanks for asking. I am a centrist who thinks the moderate or conservative element is valuable in Democrat caucus debates. In a twist, my concerns with Marshall and some Blue Dogs is that they don’t do more to admit the existence of moderates in the Dem party and that they don’t do more to promote, bottling and export of their brand of reasonable policymaking.

    Blue Dogs helped President Bush because part of their districts wanted that but President Obama isn’t afforded the same courtesy when he is trying to bridge the divide. I hope my community isn’t taken for granted by anyone who assumes that we also vote a certain way because we have no options.

    Rural Dem, you might be right because I worked once worked for a centrist Democrat who made the courageous yes vote on the Clinton budget while members from safer districts chilled. Marshall is an Army Ranger and naturally bold but again sometimes your team needs your unique brand of leadership. I met him at a townhall in Norman Park, Georgia, and he knows his stuff. There is no vendetta or animosity here. If any candidate or staffer called me from any side, I would talk their ears off about our state and nation

    You are right and I said that Marshall never endorsed any presidential candidate. During to roughest part of the campaign, my friends were saying boy Jim Marshall would be so helpful with rural voters.

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