Jeff May announces bid for PSC

State Rep. Jeff May (R-Monroe) will be entering the July 20th primary for PSC District 2:

“I am running to be a proactive voice for more abundant and affordable energy and modernized delivery” said May. “I am passionate about bringing innovative ideas and conservative solutions to public utility issues.”

In the Georgia House, May has served as Chair of the Energy Subcommittee of the Energy, Utilities, and Telecommunications Committee that deals with natural gas issues, and he specifically commented on that in announcing his bid.

“With the recent decision by the federal government to open some Atlantic waters to natural gas exploration, we are finally seeing the door open for potential exploration of natural gas reserves off the Georgia coast,” said May. “I will be a persistent and consistent voice pushing the federal government to allow Georgia THE maximum opportunity to make use of our home-grown energy resources to reduce cost and reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern energy sources.”
“I can think of no elective office that has more of an impact on people’s hard-earned dollars on a daily basis than the PSC. As your next Public Service Commissioner, I will draw on my experience on the House Energy, Utilities, and Telecommunications Committee to keep our rates affordable, ensure our energy infrastructure is among the best in the country, expand nuclear power, and fight against the carbon tax being pushed in Washington. This hidden tax could cost Georgia families some $3,000 a year in higher utility bills, goods and services without having any clear impact on climate change.”

State Sen. John Douglas (R-Social Circle) announced for PSC earlier this week.


  1. Walton County Boy says:

    Jeff May will be a far superior PSC member to Douglas. Actually has legislative background, well networked and a pleasant personality. A bunch of empty Senate endorsements means very little.

    The PSC race will be tight.

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