Budget Deal Reached; Pressure To End Session To Attend Peach Pundit Road Show Forced Deal

Aaron Sheinin was kind enough to tell us last night that the House and Senate have agreed to a budget.

House Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) said the budget conference committee had reached agreement after nearly a week of negotiations on the $17.8 billion state budget.

“We didn’t have substantial differences between the House and the Senate,” Ralston said. “That’s a produce of the economic climate we’re in.”

The budget contains little in the way of frills as the state in 2011 will spend $3 billion less than just three years ago.

Ralston had few details of the compromise late Wednesday and the agreement must still be approved by the full House and Senate on Thursday, the final day of the 40-day legislative session. But the spending plan, which takes effect July 1, passed overwhelmingly once already in both chambers — 120-52 in the House on April 14, and 49-2 in the Senate a week later.

Having a budget deal resolves the final major hurdle of the session.

Those were some nice quotes, but we all know the real reason to get this silly budget thing out of the way was so that lawmakers, lobbyists, media, and other interested hangers on can scoot on over to Max Lager’s anytime after 6:30pm to buy Icarus a beer.

So, you guys in the G.A. commence to votin’ so we can commence to drinkin, Mkay?


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