Wood 1 Point Ahead Of Olens In Poll.

I meant to get the posted earlier but got busy doing other stuff. Since then the race has changed, but nevertheless, here is an Insider Advantage/Rosetta Stone poll on the Attorney General’s race.


A new InsiderAdvantage/RosettaStone poll conducted on 4/11/2010 of 410 likely Republican Primary voters shows Max Wood leading Sam Olens by a slight margin, however 58% of Republican Primary voters are undecided.

This poll was conducted prior to Sen. Preston Smith entering the race for Attorney General. Rosetta Stone Communications will be conducting another survey after candidate qualifying which will include all qualified candidates.

Republican Primary For Attorney General

Max Wood – 17%
Sam Olens – 16%
Other – 9%
Undecided – 58%


  1. ByteMe says:

    Headline wrong. With only 410 responses, this is a statistical dead heat for the real people but with “Undecided” winning without a runoff. Margin of error is bigger than the separation between the two live candidates.

    • HowardRoark says:

      Well, if Max were a Joel McElhannon client this comments section would be a chorus of his drones shouting “It’s OVER! Get out of the race, Sam! Unsurmoutable lead! Clear frontrunner!”

    • Mozart says:

      Is this the same Rosetta Stone who may be consulting on several races like Max Wood and others where their candidates are strangely in the lead in these polls?

      • oompaloompa says:

        Don’t cha think if Woods were paying Rosetta Stone they would have given him more than a 1 point lead?

        Um. No. I don’t think they are on the payroll. Check his disclosure.

      • ByteMe says:

        If you call being outpolled over 3-1 by Undecided as “in the lead”, well, then yeah, you can pretty much make up anything about anything.

        • Doug Deal says:

          Byte is right about the high undecided, but it is impressive that Wood has the “lead” considering the difference in finances. I forget the number, but Olens has at least 5 times as much money, bigger paid staff and the advantage of residing in ATL metro.

          I’ve only seen Olens on video, so I can’t comment, but Max is really impressive in person which helps when you have less money.

  2. FOXYGIRL says:

    Olens/ Wood – but now Preston Smith has entered the AG race — I thought they were going to draft him for Lt Governor?? I think he can knock Wood out – and run off w/Olens at primary
    Then Roger Hines drops out!! Please no Kathy Cox!! scary
    But it looks like someone has entered the race to unseat John Lewis!!- 5th District might be getting a change finally for the better – – hey 5th District residents – – look it up and see who it is and support him

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