Judges falling like dominoes; Bambi and Kiki now to blame

The Mountain Judicial Circuit is having some problems keeping a Chief Judge on the bench for more than a few months. Into the Tip Line comes word that Chief Judge James Cornwell (pictured), who assumed that position on January 15 following the resignation of Chief Judge Ernest H. “Bucky” Woods III under nebulous circumstances, announced his resignation April 16 amid an inquiry into improper relationships and unethical behavior. There is a bunch of good stuff listed in this story from The Northeast Georgian for which Cornwell was allegedly being investigated, but here’s the take-away information:

However, his involvement in a Dec. 27 incident at the Pink Pony strip club in Atlanta led to extra scrutiny about some of his previous behavior, according to those with knowledge of the inquiry. He took his underage son, Ely, a friend and the friend’s son to the Pink Pony that day. The friend, Jeff Whitlock, and Jeff Whitlock Jr., were arrested for disorderly conduct by DeKalb County police, and Cornwell and Ely left for home.

Those who answered the phone at the Pink Pony declined to comment about the incident, and attempts made by The Clayton Tribune to acquire surveillance video early this year were unsuccessful.

Remember, kids:

Bambi and Kiki + elected officials = NEVER a good outcome.


  1. polisavvy says:

    What was going through this guy’s mind? How can someone throw everything away over something stupid like this? I just don’t get it. I do have a question though, shouldn’t the Pink Pony be in a little bit of trouble too for admitting minors?

  2. Charles says:

    Have you heard about the Gwinnett County State Court judges’ latest shenanigans? It seems they’ve decided to forego the competitive bid process regarding their private probation contract and select a small firm which, arguably, isn’t qualified to handle a contract of Gwinnett’s size. Guess who owns this firm? Your favorite developer and mine, Mr. Wayne Mason. It gets even better. Several prominent criminal defense attorneys in Gwinnett County are minority owners in Mr. Mason’s company, Southeast Corrections. It seems that our elected State Court judges have decided it is in the best interest of justice and public safety to allow criminal defense attorneys to have control of the probation department! Here’s hoping that the Gwinnett County Commission will do the right thing and put a stop to this judicial folly.

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