Chambliss and Perdue: Real Men of Political GENIUS!

On March 15, Saxby Chambliss and Sonny Perdue hosted a fund-raiser at the Georgian Club for Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s Republican U.S. Senate campaign.

Heckeva job, boys! Your hard work has really paid off!

Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist has decided he will run as an independent in the race to fill the Florida U.S. Senate seat, Crist allies tell Fox News. The official announcement is scheduled for Thursday at 5pm ET in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Cha-ching! You guys are the wind beneath every Democrat’s wings!


    • kim000 says:

      Well…its hard to see how Rubio now wins that race. Its easier to see how Crist or Meek wins.

      Crist by pulling moderate Republicans, true independents, and moderate Democrats. And Meek by holding the Democratic base (being that there are more registered Dems in FL than Republicans) and pulling some true independents, and some moderate Dems.

      Meanwhile, Rubio is left only with the tea-party wing of the Republican party; and that’s just not enough in a Florida general election. Rubio is going to have to expand his appeal beyond the tea-party crowd. He’s going to have to appeal to the center to pull some of those moderate and independent voters from Mr. Centrist (i.e., Crist).

      But, yet, if Rubio is successful at moving in on Crist voters, Rubio and Crist then split a segment of the same voters amongst themselves where neither Crist nor Rubio wins enough of the moderate Republican vote that each needs in order to win. Hence, Meek wins by mere inches.

      Whoever wins, it will be a close 3-way race. But with Crist as an option for more moderate Republican voters, it has become a much tougher job for Rubio.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          I don’t follow FL politics closely but I think Gov. Crist saw that he would not win the GOP nomination. He looked like he intended to run as GOP, and now he’s not. He will keep some of his base, but by moving to the middle he takes more from the Dems than he probably keeps from the GOP. Does anyone think that he won’t lose (some) GOP support now that he’s not going to run as GOP? What most races in November are about is the independents and who gets them.

          Just by running as an independent, that does not mean Gov. Crist automatically gets the independent’s votes. Personally, I’d like to see Saxby and Sonny do a fund raiser for Rubio. It would help their street cred.

  1. Pine Knot says:

    I’ve thought all along that Johnny, Saxby, and Sonny aren’t very conservative. Semi related, didn’t Boyd echo some people’s concerns, that Karen, is the Gov’s hand picked successor?

  2. macho says:

    The big problem is Florida doesn’t have runoffs. So under the old scenario: Rubio wallops Crist in the Primary and then probably wins in the General election. Under the new scenario: Crist pulls enough votes from Rubio to allow the Democrat to win with less than 50% of the votes.

    So Crist, and all the money he raised in Georiga, might throw that seat into Obama’s hands; allowing for more Federal control of our day-to-day lives. Hello end of American dominance of financial markets, through increased regulation and hello skyrocketing electric bills, through Cap and Trade.

    • kim000 says:

      “….allowing more Federal control of our day-to-day lives”.

      By that, you mean preventing the government from stopping U.S. citizens because something about them just seems as if they are or should be “illegal”. Oh, wait, I forgot….its now “conservative” to be for something like that.

      • c_murrayiii says:

        Haha, yeah cause the border patrol doesn’t have checkpoints right now in Arizona and other southern states where they pull every car over and send the ones with white or black people whizzing by while they question the Hispanic-driven cars…oh wait, the FEDERAL government does do that. So all these people whining about the Arizona law should be whining about the policies the FEDERAL government already uses and has used for years. And you are wrong on another point kim, the Arizona law specifies law enforcement has to have a legit reason to investigate an individual, i.e. speeding, before they can ask for the “papers” or as I like to call it a driver’s license. If the driver then fails to present a driver’s license, they will ask for a green card or some other proof of legal residence. I know, its so racist to ask for ID. SO every time I get pulled over by a cop, they are really asking for my ID cause they hate white men.

        • benevolus says:

          I’m white and I’ve been stopped at one of those checkpoints, so your premise is incorrect.

          • c_murrayiii says:

            Oh, you’ve been stopped once, ok, well I was stopped too, but they didn’t even ask for ID, they just looked in the car and waved me on. I lived in Arizona for nearly two years and for a 6 month period I went through the check point once a week. So my premise is based on fact, and about 24 weeks of data.

            • benevolus says:

              It’s just a ridiculous premise. If you don’t already see the difference between checking motorists drivers licenses and the potential of randomly searching pedestrians, I probably can’t explain it. And even if the Border Patrol is doing a little racial profiling doesn’t make it right to expand it further.
              If I were to go to Arizona and walk to the pool or just walk the dog, and I don’t have my ID, I could get arrested? I know, the cops wouldn’t even ask me. But why not? They should.

  3. John Konop says:

    Rubio does not support the AZ. immigration bill, will this make his Tea Party supporters mad? BTW I do think he does bring up legitimate issues with the bill. But I am not sure the Tea Party crowd will agree and it could hurt the turn out. And this could help Crist and the Dem in a three way race.

    From Rubio:

    …..“States certainly have the right to enact policies to protect their citizens, but Arizona’s policy shows the difficulty and limitations of states trying to act piecemeal to solve what is a serious federal problem. From what I have read in news reports, I do have concerns about this legislation. While I don’t believe Arizona’s policy was based on anything other than trying to get a handle on our broken borders, I think aspects of the law, especially that dealing with ‘reasonable suspicion,’ are going to put our law enforcement officers in an incredibly difficult position. It could also unreasonably single out people who are here legally, including many American citizens. Throughout American history and throughout this administration we have seen that when government is given an inch it takes a mile.

    “I hope Congress and the Obama Administration will use the Arizona legislation not as an excuse to try and jam through amnesty legislation, but to finally act on border states’ requests for help with security and fix the things about our immigration system that can be fixed right now – securing the border, reforming the visa and entry process, and cracking down on employers who exploit illegal immigrants.” ….

    • macho says:

      I think Rubio brings up an interesting point. I have no problem with sending illegal aliens back home, even if you pull them over for a traffic ticket, but how do you “suspect” someone is illegal to ask for their papers.

      • Tireless says:

        I have faith in the LEO’s to use their heads to determine when probable cause exists. Cops don’t want to be slammed for profiling. For example, if they are investigating a collision and they find 15 hispanics hiding in the trunk…..check their credentials. If 30 hispanics are found walking in a straight line in the desert near the border at 2am….check their credentials.

  4. rightofcenter says:

    Crist isn’t running as a Democrat, boys and girls, but an independent. He has said he will caucus with the Republicans if he wins. Do I hope he wins? No. Do I think he will win? No. Do I think Kendrick Meek will win? No.

    To all of you who constantly whine that Saxby, Johnny, Sonny, et al are not conservative enough for you – shut up and run for their offices, then. The fact is that they are elected to represent the entire state, not just the Amen Chorus of right-wing radio. So there.

  5. mitchmartin says:

    I swear the understanding you guys have of politics is a mile wide and inch deep. Do none of you understand that was done to help our water negotiations? It would only take half a brain to make you guys dangerous.

  6. oompaloompa says:

    Somebody make a bud light Real Men of Genius for this one.

    Mr. Cross State Lines to Support Your Political Party……..

  7. saltycracker says:

    Can you lead a lame duck to water ?

    How much of Crist’s $7 mil pot will be sent back to “show me my money” Republican donors ? Surely he wouldn’t keep it…….
    The GOP is already rallying the troops, shooting down his PSC appointees and counting Demos going independent.

  8. saltycracker says:

    Rubio (U.S. Senate candidate) may be nervous on how AZ (state) is going to implement their “if the Feds won’t do something, we will” approach but he does see illegals as a clear threat.

    Rubio’s position on IMMIGRATION (from his site):
    “Legal immigration has been a great source of strength and prosperity for America, but I believe illegal immigration threatens the foundation of this system. If I had been in the Senate at the time, I would have opposed the McCain-Kennedy bill. I believe we must fix our immigration system by first securing the border, fixing the visa and entry process and opposing amnesty in any reform.”

  9. Three Jack says:

    did perdue and chambliss sign the (in)famous gop pledge of allegiance? if yes, what is the punishment for breaking it?

  10. eschristian says:

    Wow – Palin came down to Georgia & Conservatives worked hard so that Saxby could win the RUNOFF (because he could not get the job done on his own) & how does he repay us? By working hard to get a true RINO some $$$ Okay $axby – we DON’T forget – & to the GOP get a REAL candidate when $axby comes up for reelection or prepare for a HUGE LOSS!!!

    • TheSituation says:

      I could be wrong, but I think Saxby has publicly said he won’t run for a third term. I’ll look for a link if I have time this morning.

      • Tireless says:

        He’ll resign after he plays one round at every elite golf course in the country. A man has to have goals.

  11. Roy says:

    It’s obvious within the extreme right of the republican party there exist no room for middle ground, compromise, and fair debate.
    Funny thing; all the Rubio supporters who scream “socialism” at every breath need to read a book called “Stasi” about the GDR’s state security apparatus. Their attitude and actions towards Crist and his team who stay with him would fall under a mode of “disintegration” in the former GDR. i.e. “we’ll remember them, we’ll make sure they never work on another campaign again, take names”, etc…. From what I’ve read by the guys “bursting” at the seams in regards to Gov. Crist’s decision they would’ve made outstanding Chekist!

  12. Goldwater Conservative says:

    For one, it doesn’t really matter how one tries to justify Rubio losing…that is what you people want and it is pointless to list the hundreds of empirical findings that suggest Rubio will win because of the dynamics playing in that race.

    Of great importance is this: Ronald Reagan would not qualify as a republican in GA. Boyd is a man of genius…playing that party staffer and having her state that line verbatim in front of 4 network news casts. “Ronald Reagan would not qualify as a republican in georgia.”

    Who cares about what happens in FL (unless the sec of state arbitrarily decides to stop counting votes when his/her candidate has a lead)? You people are not focusing on the correct things. Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank and Barack Obama and Harry Reid are not why GA is failing as a state. Georgia is failing as a state because of the republican party here…not because of democrats elsewhere.

    Quit blaming others and accept responsibility. You people elected the GOP here in GA and look: Can you say that the condition in this state is better today than it was 8 years ago?

    I sit in anticipation of a resounding no.

  13. saltycracker says:

    P.S. all that trash talk about AZ’s illegal check – just heard from a good source that Obama folks are just worried that if he comes to AZ they are going to ask him for his birth certificate !

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