Austin Scott…for Congress? Maybe.

Several sources this afternoon are suggesting that state Rep. Austin Scott (pictured) may soon switch his sights from the Governor’s Mansion to the U.S. House of Representatives. While not yet confirmed, I’m told that Scott this Friday may enter the 8th Congressional District race to unseat Jim Marshall.

This move, if proven true, would post the most serious challenge this election cycle for Marshall. Scott is well liked and respected across the southern part of the 8th CD and, combined with Marshall’s backpedaling from the policies of President Obama and refusal to pursue a repeal of ObamaCare, may be the GOPs best chance to retake this seat in Central Georgia.


  1. swgolde says:

    Lord would I hate it if he did that….or would I? Marshall hasn’t exactly been a real ally to the Dems. That being said, I’ve heard rumblings that he’s being courted in said direction, but I just don’t know yet…

    • RuralDem says:


      Marshall might not be a friend of the liberal wing of the party, but oh well, he’s in the mainstream for most Georgia Democrats.

      I understand those on the left might get frustrated with Marshall, and that’s fine, but that is NOT a liberal district.

  2. slyram says:

    This time last year, Dr. Scott came into the waiting room to tell my family that my mother’s knee surgery went well and I ask him if his son would consider running for congress. Okay, I am not the best son but what an opportunity that would be—here’s my view.

    President Obama is such a nice guy who is on some level flexible on policy and open to moving near the center if the arguments were presented logically on some issue. He spent his first few months in office looking for Republicans who would tell him the other side of issues but we know that people are waiting for 2012 and not eager to put feathers in the presidential cap. 2012 will be 2012 but in the meantime tell the sitting president what the heartland thinks. That’s what Newt and GOP did for Clinton and some good policies came from it.

    Without doubt, Scott’s voting record would be consistent with Kingston and Westmoreland but his legislative history indicates that the dialog with the White House would be similar to the deference given W. Bush by the Blue Dogs.

    With respectful appreciation, Rep. Marshall finds many of the liberal policies of the House Democrats questionable so his departure from congress to academia or the private sector could be welcomed by him—he would make a good under sec in the Pentagon or ambassador.

    The foundation for Scott being a conservative congressman that the Black community finds acceptable was put in place my conservative Marshall’s service—strange but true. The Right would be really resourceful in seeking a seat from a Democrat who wouldn’t want the national Democrats or White House’s help. This isn’t rocket science.

    • B Balz says:


      Maybe the caffeine has not kicked in — Are you saying that the Right would be resourceful by assisting Rep. Scott into the 8th?

      I did not think Rep. Marshall felt the need for speed last time I spoke with him.

    • AlanR says:

      Any other year I would agree, but not now, not with this administration. Obama is no Bill Clinton when it comes to compromise.

      Bottom line — conservatives do far less harm. A Pelosi dominated congress can undo ten years of conservatism in a few days. The Obama agenda, for example the health “reform” €€ once fully implemented will be impossible to reverse and a weight our economy will never be able to over come, and a guarantee of government interference in every aspect of our lives.

      Please pass the salt.

  3. RuralDem says:

    Scott is a great candidate. The GOP has a real talent in Austin Scott. He’s the one who could convince many of the remaining Conservative and Moderate Democrats to finally switch parties.

    • polisavvy says:

      2012 really? Marshall narrowly won in 2006 and rode Obama’s coattails in 2008. 2010 is a great year for Austin Scott to run, if he decides to do so.

      • Insider Mike says:

        “Marshall … rode Obama’s coattails in 2008”? Couldn’t be further from the truth. McCain won GA-8 by THIRTEEN POINTS in ’08. No coattails there.

        • polisavvy says:

          I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Of course, the first thing we should do is find out if he is even going to challenge Marshall, right?

        • polisavvy says:

          As an aside, I forgot to apologize to you for saying the whole “coattail” thing. Being a resident of the 8th, I should have remembered how well McCain did. Once again, my apologies.

  4. View from Brookhaven says:

    I really, really like Austin and I really, really, really want him to dispose of Cagle…

    …but I have a disdain for Marshall that stems from an encounter at a PTA meeting in the 90s (Yes, I can hold a grudge), so I’d be ok with that too.

  5. Pine Knot says:

    He doesn’t have much of a chance against Cagle. I would support him and donate money to him against Marshall. It would be a great move.

  6. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    I love it….

    Every 2 years for te past 8 years, there’s “THE” candidate who’s going to bring down Marshall.

    Forget about Collins….Whatever happened to that “General” a couple of years ago who was going to bring down Marshall?

  7. The candidate shuffle seems to be in high gear….

    No offense to Mr. Scott, but it really grates me to see people bounce around from race to race. The polling numbers and the lack of $$$ should have been a strong indicator that his chances of success in the gubernatorial race wasn’t going to happen.

    There are capable people who are campaigning hard and building coalitions that are just as talented. Perhaps they are not seasoned, but are honest and seeking office for the right reasons.

    For me, he’s going to have to sell this to 20 counties who weren’t biting on his bid for governor. But hey, this is America (for a little while longer) he can do what he wants. I’ll support anyone other than the incumbent in November.

    • Velasco says:

      I don’t really understand this “no incumbent” thought process. Yes, I understand the concept – but if you look at the GOP gubernatorial primary for example – all but two people running are “incumbents” in the sense that they’re just attempting to switch jobs within government.

      Your only two non-career politician choices are Ray McBerry and Otis Putnam. Who the hell is Otis Putnam and I’m against my next governor using his power/new mansion to hook up with 17 year olds.

      My over arching thought is – what does the “no-incumbent” stance really get us? Its still all the same people regardless.

      • Maybe I should clarify…. Only the incumbents I don’t like har har.

        To me, and I could be wrong (most of time I probably am), it smacks of a bit of arrogance to hop out of a race and stir the pot in another, of which you’ve shown no interest. If we had a lack of candidates, like in ’06 with the AG race (the Party asked McGuire to change from SoS to AG), I can understand. But this seems to be bit of you’re all too stupid so let a seasoned state legislator jump at it.

        There aren’t really any incumbents I don’t like except the congressman (he’s a Dem.). I’ve represented well in the state house and senate.

        Don’t suppor McBerry, but unless that allegation is somehow substantiated, it ought not to be thrown. If it is fact and someone has the documented evidence, ante up. This board, which is valuable, has substiated some items on various people and perpetuated nasty viscous myths on others.

    • RuralDem says:


      None of this has to do with your previously outspoken support of DeLoach does it?

      I know you’ve mentioned it before, but a disclosure would have been nice.

    • B Balz says:

      I guess we will all know tomorrow at 9:30AM when Rep. Scott announces on the North stairs under the Golden Dome… Has

      Politico ever been wrong? Gosh, tell me ain’t so, Joe. Wrong earned media is almost as good as correct earned media….

  8. AlanR says:

    I understand how Scott running against Marshall helps the republican party, I’m just not sure its the right political move for Scott.

    Selfishly, I hope he runs, and I’ll join the rest in contributing. Every seat counts right now to change congress and stop the madness.

    • “””””””I understand how Scott running against Marshall helps the republican party,””””””

      I don’t. Actually think there are quite capable people, and nothing assures him a win. Angela Hicks and Ken DeLoach have sizable followings. He’s got a lot of work to do.

  9. B Balz says:

    As much as I defended Rep. Marshall against unfounded and simply wrong-minded attacks by several posters, I’d rather see Rep. Scott in Congress, if that is what he decides to do.

  10. Insider Mike says:

    He’ll have to start over from scratch in his fundraising. Can’t transfer money into a federal account.

    And Marshall has $850k on hand.

  11. ZazaPachulia says:

    This is a silly rumor.

    I’ve heard from Austin himself: he and his family are praying about which race to enter Gov. or Lt. Gov.

    The rumor that he may challenge Cagle is true. There also remains the possibility that he will stay in the gubernatorial race.

    AUSTIN IS NOT RUNNING FOR CONGRESS… He’s been extremely straightforward on that point. That doesn’t mean that he’s not being pressured to do so. That little meeting he had with party officials last week (Jim Galloway’s mountain out of a molehill) was about party folks trying to convince Austin to enter the race for Georgia’s 8th. They’ve been asking him to do it for over a year. Austin has no interest in challenging Jim Marshall.

    Save us all some tie and go ahead and close comments on this post. It’s a non-starter.

    My two cents: Austin needs to stay in the gubernatorial race and we need to support and vote for him

    • Icarus says:


      take a deep breath. We’ll get through this.

      But you may want to watch his farewell address to the house very closely this afternoon.

      Sometimes things do change, and change quickly. And sometimes, that’s what’s best.

  12. John Konop says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Bret Taylor the campaign manager for Austin Scott. A very bright guy who has a tremendous grasp of the issues, especially fiscally which speaks highly of Austin he has this type of talent helping him ie best and brightest.

    I also talked to Vivan Scott twice now and both times was very impressed with her grasp of issues and she also has very strong understanding on fiscal policy as well as education.

    In Washington we need the “A” team to face many tough issues today especially the fiscal mess. I will donate money to Austin even though he lives out of my district because we need serious smart leadership willing to shoot straight with American people. It seems like Austin is willing to take on the difficult issues and NOT play kick the problem down the road like many have on both sides!

    I suggest if you think we need strong leadership especially, in the fiscal area you help Austin, even if he is not in your district.

  13. B Balz says:

    Ray McBerry, I truly despise the fact that your lust, ignorance, and perversion of all that is good and right with both the Bible and our GOP, is now all over the news.

    A pox, a pox, I say!

    Your salacious actions are now making the GOP look absurd as media spins the nonsensical angle of why Mr. Ray Boyd, a man of principle is denied GOP ballot access while a misguided, lost soul is on the GOP ticket.

    I really hope that an Atlanta appearance is in the offing, as I will uncharacteristically heckle in a loud and obnoxious manner. This is a minor embarrassment to the many good, upstanding, GOP candidates who ‘walk the walk’.

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