• polisavvy says:

        You guys are hysterical this morning. Laughed out loud and couldn’t help myself. Keep up the good work — both of you!

  1. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    I heard a rumor Roger Hines was not going to run for State School Superintendent after all…does anyone know if that is true?

    • Jeff says:

      I heard the same rumor on FB, from a single source. ZERO confirmation.

      Kathy Cox as the GOP nominee works for me though, but I’m actively working with the Kira Willis campaign.

      • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

        I haven’t confirmed it either, but the source I got it from is pretty reliable and connected…and I believe were supporting Hines….but I am looking for an actual Hines announcement.

  2. KempforAg says:

    He will probably do it once he gets around to submitting all the required documents to the DOJ.

  3. ZazaPachulia says:

    Thank goodness Otis is in the race…

    Now I have a good place for my anti-Ox / Handel / Deal / Johnson protest vote in the Republican primary (assuming Austin tacks to the political winds and drops down to the LG race).

    It really sickens me that I’m going to have to choose Barnes or some libertarian at the ballot box in November…

    • macho says:

      He better not, or the announcement will probably read, “Bull Moose nominee John Oxendine looks forward to taking Mark Taylor on in the General Election.”

  4. Icarus says:

    Keown makes bid for Congress official, qualifying at the Capitol

    State Representative is the leading fundraiser and best positioned
    to defeat Sanford Bishop

    (Atlanta)—Today leading Republican Congressional candidate State Rep. Mike Keown qualified to seek the Republican nomination to take on Democrat Sanford Bishop in November.

    “We’ve been running hard since August of last year,” Keown said. “We are building momentum across the whole district from the Macon suburbs over to Columbus down to Valdosta and throughout Southwest Georgia.”

    Keown has already released fundraising totals showing his campaign to have dramatically outpaced any challenger campaign in Georgia with $246,000 raised, 90% of which has been raised in the district. The campaign also has more than 3,000 signs across the district.

    “This campaign is not about me,” Keown continued. “It’s about the future of our nation. Whoever wins in November will help steer the course for the future. The voters will have a stark choice between a conservative, tax cutting Republican that wants new private job creation in Southwest Georgia or an incumbent who votes for Obama’s Healthcare plan, for a national energy tax that will hurt farmers and businesses and with his very first vote each session gives Nancy Pelosi the Speaker’s gavel.”

    The Republican primary election will be held July 20, and the general election will occur on Nov. 2.

    “With the session wrapping up in two days, we will be able to focus all our efforts on winning the Primary in July and then on to victory in November,” Keown said.

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