Democratic Party Of Georgia Issues Statement On GOP’s Refusal To Qualify Ray Boyd For Governor’s Race

The following guest editorial was sent to us by its author, Eric Gray, on behalf of the Democratic Party Of Georgia:

With Ray Boyd’s refusal to sign a loyalty oath for the Georgia Republican Party, Georgia has witnessed another one of the fundamental differences between our two political parties.

The Democratic Party of Georgia does not require our candidates to take an oath of party loyalty. Our focus has been on expanding diversity, allowing voices of debate from all viewpoints, and moving forward with a positive vision for the state.

Requiring an oath of loyalty to a political party is a top-down management style that wouldn’t work with our diverse caucus in Georgia. While we may sacrifice unanimity at times, we encourage original thought and bold ideas. Our strength is in individuality; not conformity.

The Georgia Republican Party feels differently. Their lawmakers are already more similar by race and gender, yet require a loyalty oath to strengthen this solidarity and enforce party discipline. Similar candidates are forced to become identical. The Republican State Senate Caucus, already void of a single African-American member, is evidence of this pressure to conform.

Dissenting voices such as Preston Smith and Mitch Seabaugh lose leadership positions. Dissenting candidates such as Ray Boyd lose ballot access.

Boyd’s candidacy has shone a light on our political system, and it has been found lacking. Blind loyalty to party discipline instead of thoughtful leadership is not the answer to our problems. Diverse viewpoints shouldn’t be shunned, and party discipline shouldn’t transcend smart policy.

Neither party is perfect. But until Georgia Republicans make an effort to include all of our citizens, we’ll still see less-than-ideal decisions from a lockstep GOP leadership.


    • Gerald says:

      Let me guess. If it wasn’t for affirmative action, you’d be a Democrat. Never mind that affirmative action was created by two Republican presidents, Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon. It was also Republicans who got the civil rights act passed. Of course, you “Reagan Republicans” were all Democrats back then. There were also -gasp!- a lot more black Republicans back then. Gee … I wonder why …

  1. polisavvy says:

    Well, I guess we should all feel shame and remorse — NOT! Why should the Republicans really care about this type of statement? I know that all our Democrat friends are going to start trying to justify this; but, really in the scheme of things it will not matter. They do things their way and Republicans do things another.

  2. I don’t remember the GADems feeling remorse when they refused to let Doug Stoner run for the state house against Randy Sauder in 2000 because the Dems knew Randy was going to switch parties at the end of the week. Stoner had the last laugh. Randy is long gone from office and Stoner is in the Senate.

  3. slyram says:

    They must be right because they didn’t make Rep. Marshall and many others go to the convention in Denver and folks can vote for or against whatever they want. So, the Democrat Party looks like America or Georgia with all the funky corners or a family tree with branches that some would want pruned but they are family just the same.

    Polisavvy said it correctly and the voters can select which style works for them.

  4. reaganrev4 says:

    To whoever wrote this crap,
    Race accusations go both ways my friend. The democratic party just does it in reverse. i.e Melvin Everson catches hell by black dems for being a black republican, listen to his labor commission stump speech, he’s brilliant. Black tea party members get called names for being black and not being liberal. This is just another example of lib’s pointing the finger instead of pulling back the thumb. And I also notice he chose to use the state senate as his example and not the state house because it satisfied his ignorant claim that the republican party has no diversity. If anything, black people are afraid to be republican and to come out and agree with conservatives because they will be ostracized by other African Americans. That is racism my friend…and the democrats are in fact the number one culprits of it. I don’t recall every saying any man of any race must be a republican because he is a white male for instance. Grow up Eric Gray

    • Gerald says:

      Republicans call every black person who distances himself from the black community “brilliant”, even when they turn out to be ethically challenged crackpots like Charles Barkley, Tiger Woods and Alan Keyes. Gee … wonder why that is?

  5. reaganrev4 says:

    “I am black and republican because I use all of my brain, not just part of it” – Melvin Everson’s labor commission stump speech. If you haven’t heard him speak, you should. He has my vote

    • AubieTurtle says:

      Remember the Reagan Democrats? I doubt they would have voted for the Gipper if he made statements like Everson’s. Attacking ideas is one thing, attacking people is something else… and attacking people who you’d like to attract some of them to your side of the ballot is something only a person with, well, half a brain would do.

  6. Doug Grammer says:

    Well, I said we don’t tell them how to run their primaries and they don’t tell us how to run ours, but it looks like I was wrong.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        Does this mean I should be commenting on how racist they are? I am surprised that Mr. Gray didn’t say that all of our candidates have to shop for suits at the same place. If Mr. Boyd were black then, they could start talking about race. His refusal to sign still wouldn’t have anything to do with the color of his skin.

        All it said to me was that the Dem party is more concerned with pigmentation than policy. They offered no real vision or ideas, just a worn out race card.

        • Gerald says:


          And “former” segregationists like Phil Gramm, Trent Lott, Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, Pat Buchanan etc. JUST HAPPENED to make a beeline from the Democratic Party to the Republican one, and all the voters who opposed REAL desegregation and anti-discrimination measures followed them for no reason whatsoever, right?

          Just like those Tea Partiers who want to reduce government and cut spending … except when it comes to MediCare, Social Security, and defense, which takes up like 90% of the federal budget. They are people who have been raised on a generation of the Jesse Helms’ types who believe that 60% of federal spending is on inner city welfare and affirmative action programs.

          • rightofcenter says:

            Gee, Gerald, stereotype much?

            And, for the record, many “former” segregationists (which means 99% of the white population of the South) stayed in the Georgia Democratic Party until their deaths (and some are still there). But don’t let your fantasy version of reality interfere with actual history.

  7. benevolus says:

    Well at least they got rid of the Hawks. So now you must maintain your allegiance on your honor instead of by force.

    Oh wait, they still take away your committee seats and primo offices if you don’t behave.

    Meet the new boss…

  8. ByteMe says:

    Icarus, did Eric say why he thought sending it to the right-leaning PP was a good marketing idea? Seems like it would be better as an editorial for the print media in the bigger-city markets where independents might find the message more appealing.

    • ReaganRepublican says:

      Eric has admitted to voting for Democrats over conservatives recently. With lawyers, whatever they admit to you multiply by 20. It is very possible that Eric is trying to destroy us from the inside. Proof is his backing of RINO republicans lately.
      Of coarse he is smart enough to throw a real conservative endorsemant in every once in a while to throw us off. Conservatives be cool, we are on to him. More to follow.

      • ReaganRepublican says:

        A prominent Conservative writer recently sais this about Eric
        “More importantly, however, it should be recognized that Erickson does not stand alone. He is just one apparatchik of an entire generation of Republicans who have joined forces with the Democrats in a mass apostasy against the U.S. Constitution, and who have deemed themselves so worthy to rule, that they can dictate which terms of that document you and I must obey, and which they do not have to.

        If America is to be taken back by the People, it would be naive, very naive indeed, to believe, as many writers are attempting to insist, in the face of the Tea Party Movement, that trusting the Republican Party to restore the constitutional order is a good bet. Like Scott Brown, how many will ride the wave of popular discontent, and when in office merely hand power back over to that same Elite (which includes Senator John McCain), which put Obama into power in the first place? Such an Elite shows no sign of repentance, rather, they glory in the rape they have perpetrated, and contemplate further crimes of moral turpitude against Lady Liberty.”

        The evidence is mounting. Eric is a fraud sent by the Dems to destroy us. Nice try, not going to work.

        • Icarus says:

          Three things:

          1) There are two people being discussed here that you apparently missed. “Eric” is the communications director for the DPG. “Erick” is the editor of Peach Pundit and RedState.

          2) If this conservative thought leader is so prominent, why don’t you tell us his or her name? A lot of folks here consider Ray McBerry a prominent conservative writer. One person’s prominant writer is anothers complete toolbox.

          3) Don’t forget to take your meds today. You know what happens when you don’t. Or, we know at least.

          • ReaganRepublican says:

            Nice try Icarus, this guy is big time. Cannot disclose yet, but Eric is about to go down. This is red state Erick

            I would have responded earlier but I have been deep, deep, undercover investigating this very serious matter. I can’t imagine how betrayed you must feel. Truth be told though, you too are a suspect? Drop supporting the RINOS to proof your innocence.

            More to follow…

            • Mozart says:

              I wish you remained consistent in how you spelled “Erick” even when you are 9 words apart in a sentence to repeat it. For someone so “deeeeep” into undercover of a target, one would think you would have memorized by now how to spell his name consistently correct.

          • ReaganRepublican says:

            Everything will come together at a later time…soon. This is very watergate like; We ask ourselves, who really is Eric Ericson?
            “But just who is Erickson, and why does he have such animus against the Eligibility question?
            I decided to do some simple investigative reporting and found an amazing connection.

            It appears that Eric Erickson, the Editor-in-Chief of, is an attorney who once practiced law in the same federal district as the infamous Judge Clay D. Land, who sanctioned Attorney Orly Taitz for having the daring to plead the Eligibility question in the case of Captain Connie Rhodes’s deployment.

            Erickson himself admits that he was an attorney with Sell & Melton, L.L.P, of Macon, Georgia. His former law firm proudly displays an image of the William Augustus Bootle Building, which is the headquarters of the U.S. Middle District Court of Georgia, in which district Judge Clay D. Land presides. Erickson resides current in Macon, Georgia.

            It is not known if the clients of Sell & Melton are known political donors to the Democrat Party, but if any were, that might be a reason for Erickson’s animus.

            According to an anonymous source, The Post & Email has been informed that Judge Clay D. Land’s frequent drinking partner is none other than a local attorney who is notoriously opposed to the questioning of Obama’s eligibility, one who is affiliated with the Southern Poverty Law Center. It is not known who this individual is, but it seems that Eric Erickson shares the same prejudices as the personal friends and acquaintances of Judge Land.

            Perhaps that is the real reason he has banned the Eligibility Question over at He just cannot afford to lose an invite to any social gathering down in Macon, Georgia.

            Does that sound like a Republican to you? Certainly it is a far cry from the manliness exhibited by our Founding Fathers”

            Eric has us all believing a lie. Shame on him and his followers…

            • John Konop says:


              You are on a roll! Did you get the video yet of Erick drinking out of the same water fountain as a Democrat while in high school yet? When you get that on YOUTUBE it will be the end of anything associated with any shade of RED for Erick! 😉

              • SFrazier says:

                The only evidence needed is the jerk admitting to voting for Liberal Macon Democratic lawyer Jim Marshall. The case is closed, Erick is not a conservative and has no right to claim to be a voice for us. Rather ironic that he now works for CNN.

                • John Konop says:


                  I am with you all the way. Think about this, Reagan use to have drinks with Tip O’Neil when he was President. Now follow my logic, this guy ReaganRepublican, he is really a secrete double agent helping Erick Erickson, the “RR” name is a dead give away. If we do not stop Erick he will convert us all into “pinko commies”! How are we going to stop Erick and ReaganRepublican from taking over Georgia?

        • John Konop says:


          This is the real truth, but please do not tell anyone. I set up Erick, because I am the money behind filming the next Mission Impossible in Georgia. My people paid your people so we could find enough evidence against Erick so I could make money on the film. This is even more top secrete than your mission so please destroy the tape, remember it is just between us.

          I used special software, and you are the only one reading this message. WINK-WINK no one will ever figure this out! 🙂

      • ByteMe says:

        In your animosity toward Erick for being “not one of you”, you misread my post and responded with a non-sequitur. Good job!

  9. Mozart says:

    Brilliant move to give any credence to the DPG. Next I guess we’ll be seeing morning alerts from DailyKos.

  10. ricstewart says:

    Very strategic use of word “lockstep.” I remember there was some sort of focus group or study done by a media group that concluded that using the word “lockstep” evoked images of Nazi Germany. That’s why it’s thrown around by Rs and Ds so much.

    Yeah, I didn’t really have anything of substance to add to the discussion, but I thought was a somewhat interesting (read: useless waste of time) side-note.

  11. (clears throat)

    I believe it was the dems who put the draconian, very exclusive and onerous ballot access barrier rules in place that Mr. Boyd will now have to try to overcome just to be able to give the voters of Georgia the opportunity to even consider him for office.

    So much for Mr. Gray’s allowing voices of debate from all viewpoints, and moving forward with a positive vision for the state. and …original thought and bold ideas. Our strength is in individuality; not conformity.

    Boooo! Nice try D-Party of GA. You should have just stayed in the bleachers for this one…. Don’t make me bring out the DPG history book on you.

    • AubieTurtle says:

      Agreed. The GaGOP looked pretty dumb over this issue but by jumping in, the Dems have made it a us vs them situation. Now Republicans who were unhappy when they heard about the loyalty oath will circle the wagons and defend their party against the enemy Democrats.

      “Never interfere with your enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.”

  12. seekingtounderstand says:

    This statement by the democratic party made me think that Boyd is a plant by the dems to split off votes so they can win. Boyd pulls in those fed up with republican folks and gets 1/3 or at least enough to spoil the race.
    The scene at the Rep. Ga Headquarters was a planned event for media purposes. yes, Boyd is the spoiler.
    The dems have to do something and this is it.

  13. Their statement is hilarious… I cannot understand what problem one would have with pledging to loyalty to the Party. While it is vague and my seem a bit obscure, there are rules of the Party. This, I believe, is simply to thwart individuals to qualify out of expediency as opposed to the Party’s philosophy (which is spelled out in our platform). If an individual doesn’t share the belief system there is nothing that would prohibit an individual from seeking office under a Party banner that fits their philosophy, or as an independent.

  14. Is this the same Democrat Party that was so silent when Tom Murphy and Roy Barnes systematically drew almost every female Republican legislator out of her district during redistricting in 2001?

  15. Tireless says:

    LMAO. The democrat party that doesn’t have a single guiding principle other than getting elected admonishes the repub’s for having a backbone.

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