Bobby Baker Retiring; Preston Smith For AG

A Few Items For The End Of Qualifying Day One:

Bobby Baker, my favorite member of the PSC, has chosen not to run for re-election. No word as of yet on his future plans, but I’ll be very sorry to see him go. Meanwhile, GA Power should be holding a huge celebration sometime this week. You’ll get the bill for that, plus their customary advance profit, real soon.

Early speculation, and I emphasize speculation, is that Ralph Hudgens will take a look at Baker’s PSC slot.

Also, Preston Smith, the Republican Senator most likely to be voted off the island by his peers, has chosen to run for Attorney General. Early speculation is that he is not endorsed by Casey Cagle.

The fun shall resume tomorrow, and continue all the way thru noon on Friday.


  1. capitolaccess says:

    Bobby has been a good public servant, but this is an awful way to go out. To surprise the electorate, during the middle of qualifying week, with an announcement you’re not running for a statewide office, is about as selfish as it gets.

  2. BuckheadConservative says:

    Icarus, did you mean Ralph Hudgens as in the Senator from Athens running for Ins Commissioner? That would be a interesting move.

    • capitolaccess says:

      I’m hearing Hudgens is staying in the Insurance race. Apparently the state party is throwing out all kinds of names, hoping somebody will bite; the clock is ticking.

      • Jeff says:

        Hudgens qualified Insurance Commissioner race yesterday. Similarly, Tom Price qualified for re-election – NOT to challenge Isakson.

        • Nathan says:

          Candidates can withdraw from the race they qualified for before 12 noon on Friday without penalty. I would suppose that a candidate could do that and then qualify again for a different office.

  3. capitolaccess says:

    Apparently Joey Brush is looking at the race. With the surprise, late announcement by Bobby, Joey could be unopposed.

      • capitolaccess says:

        Yes, sorry, I was referring to the Primary. Somebody told me the Mayor of Macon has an intern who is running for the PSC as a Democrat.

  4. HowardRoark says:

    Open PSC seat? Brian Kemp just started an exploratory committee. I hear he keeps a minimum of 3 going at all times.

  5. Mozart says:

    Nice job, Bobby. Just like Angela before you. Don’t tell anyone else beforehand. Leave us vulnerable.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      I like Angela and Bobby. I think they did a good job for Georgia while serving. I do not like announcements the week before or the week of qualifying. That being said, they may not have came to that conclusion until then, but I think Angela knew before then.

  6. Georgia Judge says:

    I could see Mike Beatty taking a look at this race,or who I think would be a good candidate and could support is Rep.Jeff May.Will be interesting to see this play out.

    • AthensRepublican says:

      Jeff May has had a reputation as a Glenn Richardson pawn. Joey Brush I would also pass on. Tim Echols is a paid staffer for John Oxendine. The other guy is a Democrat. That leaves John Douglas?

  7. Annie Ethel says:

    What about Smith for AG? I was completely on board for Olens and not looking forward to a testy primary in that race. I’m hoping Smith runs for Lt Gov.

  8. macho says:

    Here is the list of interested candidates for the PSC:

    Rep. Jeff May
    Sen. Ralph Hudgens
    Sen. John Douglas
    Sen. Seth Harp
    Former. Sen Joey Brush
    Former Sen. and current Comm. Affairs Comm. Mike Beatty
    Tim Echols

  9. Steve Garveys Child says:

    It should be an absolute riot to see Preston Smith appear before his former colleagues to presnt the AG’s budget if he wins this race. I am sure his “buddies” will look very favorable on his request. I also bet that he will come up with some reason that the AG should not have to cut its budget like the other executive branch agencies.

    Plus, I cannot find a single case where he appeared as counsel in any appeal in the Georgia courts. I am sure some will ask him to detail just exactly how many cases he has tried to a jury. It is clear that he will only be an administrator and will not serve as Ga’s lawyer.

  10. Dave Bearse says:

    His record relative to the rest of the PSC was that he had become a RINO.

    Like Justice Stevens, Baker exemplifies how the GOP has changed. St. Ronnie would hardly know the party that worships him.

  11. Romegaguy says:

    Mr. Baker was the only friend of the consumers on the PSC. He will be missed by everyone except GA Power and Atlanta Gas

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