What’s Up With The Griffin Judicial Circuit?

Now the AJC is reporting that Superior Court Judge Paschal English, known to many as a contestant on the CBS show Survivor, has also submitted his resignation.

This comes after the equally unexpected resignation of Judge Johnny Caldwell earlier in the week.

While Governor Perdue has the option of leaving the positions open until the upcoming elections, Governors usually take the opportunities when available to appoint judges.

We’ll wait and see if details emerge why the judges in the Griffin circuit are suddenly voting themselves off the island.


  1. macho says:

    It’s not strange to resign, as many judges prefer the process of the Governor picking their successors versus the voters. What is strange is resigning so close to qualifying, so you’ve got some potential candidates very confused about whether there will be an incumbent on the ballot, etc… It’s much better to resign earlier, so the Governor can make his pick and the other potential candidates can get a lay of the land – like the SOS Kemp situation where the other candidates could decide whether to get-in or get-out well in advance of qualifying.

  2. slyram says:

    I will never forget when Judge English’s season on Survivor got down to him, Vecepia, Sean and two women. English was the leader of an alliance with the two women and basically said that he knew how to deal with Vecepia and Sean because he was use to handle people like them. At first glance, that statement seemed a little racial but he was right. As a southern lawyer from that region of our state, he knew a range of people and that is beneficial.

    The same can be said politically about Bill Clinton, Haley Barbour and Mike Huckabee. On the down side, statewide candidates from north Georgia make me pause because I wonder if their exposure to the Black community is limited. Of course, a few years in the legislature in Atlanta or the congress in D.C. might change that.

    Vecepia Towery, an African American woman, won Survivor that year and I feel a little wrong for supporting her a bit more than English, a Georgian.

  3. mitchmartin says:

    While I would normally advocate for letting the people decide, I have come to believe that judges are a different deal. Nobody knows anything about these judges when they run for an open seat. They either vote for who has the most yard signs out, or whose name sounds the most familiar. It would be interesting to see if all these judges that have been resigning lately under duress were appointments or open elections. At least the governor has a nominating commission that vets the applicants and gives him a short list of qualified people.

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