Looking For Something To Do Next Week? Attend A Qualifying Party!

I’ve been getting invitations via Facebook to attend Qualifying parties/rallies for a few candidates. Johnny Isakson will qualify on Monday from 11:00 AM – 12:45 PM, Eric Johnson will be at the Capitol from 1:45 – 2:45 PM on Monday, and Karen Handel will be there on Wednesday from 9:45 AM – 11:00 AM.

Feel free to post any other candidate qualifying events in the comments, and consider this a Friday afternoon Open Thread.


  1. HowardRoark says:

    Doug Grammer says if we don’t like the job our current elected officials are doing, we have to qualify ourselves. So I guess I’ll be there.

    • John Konop says:


      The upside if you qualify as a Republican, no matter what you do Doug Grammer will spin for you! In Doug’s world PARTY candidates first anyone else whatever!

    • Doug Grammer says:

      Or you can find someone else to back. I believe in the primary system and I don’t think incumbents should be given special treatment by the party.

      But if you decide to run, good luck to you!

        • Doug Grammer says:

          Only when he (or others) are being treated unfairly. There was another post in another thread tonight, where I said that the Deal campaign would have to speak for itself and then the voters would have to decide. The issue of if it was Deal’s Campaign or Deal’s personal money that paid for his lawyers is a fair question.

  2. I’m planning on qualifying at 10:30AM on Monday then attend Isakson’s rally at 11:00. I guess that’s not really an “event” for my part. If a couple of people want to come and wear some lapel stickers, it could become an event. 🙂

  3. Romegaguy says:

    Does anyone know when Brian Kemp qualifies for the job he has always wanted, Agriculture Commissioner?

  4. John Konop says:

    Is Austin running against Casey? I bet yes.

    Austin Scott pays a visit to GOP headquarters

    AJC-Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle’s re-election campaign put out the word this morning that the GOP incumbent and his wife Nita would slap down a qualifying check somewhere between 10 and 11 a.m. Monday in the state Capitol.

    It was a not-so-subtle signal to those who have lived off rumors that Cagle might surprise everyone and decline a second term.

    But a mere press release is unlikely to put a halt to state Rep. Austin Scott’s pondering over whether to drop out of the GOP race for governor – and into the primary against Cagle.

    The Tifton lawmaker just confirmed a morning meeting with state GOP chairman Sue Everhart and others at party headquarters. Asked the topic of conversation, Scott said, “Qualifying. And the timing of our qualifying.”


    • Jeff says:

      As I told him personally Sunday morning, I’m with him through the Primary whichever race he decides to get into.

      After July, all bets are off.

  5. John Konop says:

    Is Georgia next? I say yes!

    Ariz. governor signs immigration enforcement bill

    …The bill, sent to the Republican governor by the GOP-led Legislature, would make it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally. It would also require local police officers to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are illegal immigrants.

    The bill takes effect 90 days after the legislative session ends in the next several weeks….


      • DonnaC says:

        Wonder how long it will be before some immigration activists “pose” as illegals in order to prompt some poor cop into asking the dreaded question, “are you in the country legally?” Then the screaming and gnashing of teeth will begin.

        • Republican Lady says:

          And that action will be the basis for the Fourth Amendment challenge on say, day 90 1/2 or day 91, since the law takes effect 90 days after passage. Great minds think alike!

    • hannah says:

      Well, that’s one way to respond to a nation-wide falling crime rate. Make up new crimes!
      Don’t think that’s a critique of law enforcement personnel. The blame lies with citizens who can’t appreciate that “they also serve who only stand and wait” and deserve to be paid.
      Indeed, if we set up government to deal with things we don’t want to happen (raging fires, madmen on a rampage, unusual weather events, infestations, etc.), then removing our agents when they don’t is counter-productive.
      Dealing with disutilities isn’t nearly as attractive as the prospect of enhanced status. Still, it might be useful to inquire of our applicants for public office, if they are prepared to shovel whatever needs shoveling.
      Come to think of it, “grab a mop” is probably a better metaphor in this day and age since hardly anyone even knows what a shovel is for anymore.

      • Game Fan says:

        “Well, that’s one way to respond to a nation-wide falling crime rate. Make up new crimes!”

        So then, like me you’re against all this “revenue enhancement” legislation, especially with traffic infringements, yeah? Because who needs to go after law breakers and predators when the best source of income for the state is the guy on the road with a car. I mean, these here road blocks for example. Super speeder laws? Asset seizure? Click it or ticket? This is like taking candy from a baby.

        • hannah says:

          People in a car are like gerbils in a cage–moving, but contained. No doubt it did not occur to the framers of the Constitution that individual mobility would be a prime target for restraint. Besides, it would not have been politic to call attention to the specific violation of human rights that slavery entailed.

    • Debra says:

      Watched the protest on the news last night. I was amazed that there were no adults at the protest only teenagers and children….LOL WONDER WHY?

  6. Progressive Dem says:

    Michael Steele: The gift that keeps on giving.

    “For the last 40-plus years we had a “Southern Strategy” that alienated many minority voters by focusing on the white male vote in the South. Well, guess what happened in 1992, folks, “Bubba” went back home to the Democratic Party and voted for Bill Clinton.” He added that, even today, blacks “really don’t have a reason” to vote for the GOP.

    • Game Fan says:

      This whole “Southern Strategy” is sorta insulting anyways. I mean it’s like some guys in some DC think tank sat around and chose some “Southerners” (like the Bushes and the Clintons) who, aside from the accent, are simply Ivy League elitists. Of course with “Dubya” there was plenty to appeal to the “David Duke” segment. (Katrina, capital punishment in TX, ect…) But in Texas, Bush is actually one of these “all hat no cattle” type of fellers. And despite the cowboy hat, rumor has it, he’s afraid of horses. 🙂

      • hannah says:

        The Southern Strategy was to appeal to traditional resentments and antagonisms and make promises that could not be achieved. It was the testing ground for “failure by design” which translated into longevity in office by politicians trading on the mantra of “try and try again.”
        On the other hand, Democrats’ pride in success makes them susceptible to being tricked into cleaning up Republicans’ messes. It was Bill Clinton who pushed through “welfare reform,” leaving women with two jobs and men sitting on their behinds. It was Bill Clinton who supervised the construction of Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, the proto-type for the mega bases (some as big as the island of Manhattan) built by contractors in Iraq.

  7. Pine Knot says:

    On Monday, April 26, at 4 p.m., Nathan Deal will officially qualify for the governor’s race at the state Capitol. Nathan will speak to supporters and the media on the second floor outside of Room 210.

        • ByteMe says:

          Re: every time he tried to explain his sweetheart deal, the meetings in Cagle’s office, and using his congressional chief of staff to do work for him to set up meetings, he blamed pretty much everyone else but himself for his mess.

    • Ambernappe says:

      Does his business receive $100.00 per auto (serviced) and all others doing the same service in the state receive $50.00 per auto? Clearly, a “Yes” or “No” response.

      If yes, WHY?

      Secondary question is why did Lt. Governor Cagle not respond to the subpoena regarding this situation ?????

      • Jim Bob says:

        Icarus & Ambernappe,

        Why don’t y’all show up on Monday and ask him? And then report back to us.

        • Pine Knot says:

          I agree. The best way to find out is asking him. I’m sure there will be a chance to ask some questions while he talks with the good people of Georgia.

      • KariDee says:

        The inspection station can charge what they like. If they provide a clean, nice place with ammenities for the people getting their car inspected there, then I guess if would be worth the $100 as apposed to the $50 at another crap hole. It is completely up to the individual who choses to take their car to be inpected there instead of at another place. It’s like this, if you stay at a hotel, you have a choice……….roach motel or a place a little better and more pricey.
        However, does it really matter if I explain this to you, because I’m sure you will put a Karen spin on it.

  8. Pine Knot says:

    Nathan Deal has polled as the best chance to beat Roy Barnes. In electing Deal as the nominee, we also send Oxendine off to the unemployment line. Which is, something we can all agree needs to be done.

    • Pine Knot says:

      Nathan Deal is the strongest Republican candidate against former Gov. Roy Barnes in a poll released a few weeks ago by Rasmussen Reports, which is tracking the governor’s race in Georgia.

      The poll shows Deal leading Democrat Barnes by a margin of 43 to 40 percent. Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine is tied with Barnes at 41 percent, while former Secretary of State Karen Handel gets 42 percent of the vote against Barnes 39 percent.
      The poll also shows former State Sen. Eric Johnson loses to Barnes by a margin of 40 to 38 percent.

      • Jeff says:

        I’m seriously going to LMAO when Baker, Porter, or Poythress becomes the Dem nominee and the GOP bet the bank on Barnes.

        Like Jeff Scott and others have said, the GOP no longer is worthy of that manion on West Paces Ferry NOR the majority in the Assembly.

      • Icarus says:

        Fine, idiot, let’s go ahead and have this out while I’m full of the Devil’s drink.

        Deal was within 2% of every major contender for Governor against Barnes, all within the margin of error.

        Barnes will have $3 Million (or much more) to spend on negative ads.

        If the election were held today, Ox, Deal, Handel, and almost Johnson and Scott are in a statistical tie.

        But, it’s not today. It will be after more than $3 Million of negative ads spent against our candidates.

        It will be after we all know deal isn’t sorry for saying he doesn’t like ghetto grandmothers.

        It will be after we all know he borrowed $250K from himself to improve his own cash flow.

        It will be long after we’ve heard multiple accounts about him sending his chief of staff to set a meeting with our Champion Of Ethics, Casey Cagle, to put the State Revenue Commissioner in his place and allow Deal to continue his state monopoly “arrangement” (please don’t call it a contract – much like Tim Bearden, this was merely a wink wink, nod nod kind of setup) to charge more than twice the normal rate for the other three inconvienient non-metro Atlanta salvage yards to inspect rolling deathtraps.

        Yep. I’d say Deal is even. Until this campaign actually starts.

        Deal. Done.

        • Jim Bob says:

          “Idiot”???? Really, Icarus?????

          Just because you don’t have the balls to ask the man face-to-face your questions (See my earlier question on this thread that you never answered), doesn’t mean you should be so demeaning to someone else who has a different view or like myself is trying to learn.

          As an “official contriutor” of PP, I would think you would not want this kind of “thing” going on, or at the very least you should lead by example.

          I’ll be the first to say that I have made incinuations as to someone’s political persuasions (liberal, moderate, conservative), but I have tried not to attack anyone personally.

          Sorry, for the preaching. I am done. You may go back to your bashing of Deal now.

          • Icarus says:

            It was 2:00am. Shouldn’t have called Pine Knot an idiot. He’s really just in the disingenuous/Teriq Aziz territiory for spouting propaganda with no regard to the actual truth of the situation.

            • Doug Grammer says:

              “with no regard to the actual truth of the situation.”

              He accurately quoted a poll. You are entitled to your opinion of what may happen in the future, but he was telling the truth. It may have been within the margin of error, but he’s not guilty of lying. He was quoting a poll that had results that you didn’t like.

        • Republican Lady says:

          Careful Icarus, you’ll have the Deal kool-aiders after you in their blind attempts to defend him! Reagan whatever, Fraser, Karidee, etc. You may be safe though because they seen to prefer to attack the female posters rather than the male posters for some reason.

        • Republican Lady says:

          Careful, you’ll have the Deal kool-aiders after you in their blind attempts to defend him! Reagan whatever, Fraser, Karidee, etc. You may be safe though because they prefer to attack the female posters rather than the male posters for some reason.

        • Pine Knot says:

          I think this kind of rhetoric is not called for and turns people off to the site. I can understand some random person that would come on here and post this kind of stuff, but a front page poster? I wasn’t spewing any lies in the post that set you off. Even when you sobered up, you say I have the same mindset of one of Saddam’s pal, “Tariq” Aziz. At least tommorow is Sunday. Georgians can’t drink on Sunday says the Govt. Lol.

      • hannah says:

        Polling is part of the political consultants’ package. The objective is to depress Democratic voters and keep them home, while Republican voters are energized to turn out. Voter suppression is not something to leave to election day.

        • Doug Grammer says:


          Are you the Joseph Goebbels of Georgia?

          “Tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth?”

          Keep talking about voter suppression. It’s sort of like whining before you lose. I guess you have seen the polls and expect to lose.

    • Capt. Jack Sparrow says:


      TO: Casey Cagle
      FROM: Chris Riley (from my government paid for account)
      RE: Nathan’s Qualifying

      As you might remember, we have a no-bid contract with the Secretary of State’s office to have our qualifying fees paid for from the state budget. It appears the Governor & House took it out of the budget. I need you to set up a meeting with Bart Graham & Brian Kemp so my qualifying fees can be paid for by the state.

      When the Senate version of the budget comes out, I expect it to be in there. As well as a nice per diem package for air travel. This is a big state and Nathan is a very important congressman used to being flown around at other people’s expense.

      It’s nice doing business with you!

      • Republican Lady says:

        Careful, the Deal kool-aiders will come after you and cry that you are being unfair to the grandfatherly man.

          • ricstewart says:

            Jim Bob, I really don’t think a Nathan Deal supporter (assuming you are one; forgive me if I’ve misinterpreted your posts) can criticize anyone else for not being conservative enough.
            I’m sick and tired of hearing Nathan Deal and his supporters masquerade as “conservatives.” Get off it.

            • Jim Bob says:


              One knows what happens when one assumes……

              The one thing I am not…..is a Karen Handel supporter (No disrespect, RL).

              Like most, I am trying to discern who the best conservative/candidate is to go up against the Dem.

              And Deal, like it or not, was consistently rated as one of the most conservative Members of Congress.

              As for Johnson, he supported raising taxes.

              Yea, I know people don’t like the Ox. But, I am still trying to figure him out.

              Austin Scott seems to be conservative.

              Either you are backing someone or you just don’t like Deal. Either way, don’t come at me unless you have some facts to back up your assertions. Because I don’t need/want rhetoric.

              Just like Joe Friday says “I just want to get the facts ma’am”……

              • ricstewart says:

                Just the facts:

                Nathan Deal voted for nearly $5 trillion in federal debt in less than ten years.
                He voted for the then-largest federal deficit in United States history.

                You dare to say THAT’s conservative?

                • Jim Bob says:

                  Prove it.

                  My own research shows that he voted against most appropriation bills during that time. Voted against the financial bailout….Saxby and Johnny didn’t.

                  I’m not taking a democrat’s word for it. Or were you just posting a qualyfing party for Dr. Beth Farokhi for the fun of it?

                  I admit that I am new to this, but I am not going to be pushed over by bully posters.

                  • ricstewart says:

                    He never voted against any one of George W. Bush’s budgets. I called his campaign HQ to confirm that months ago, just in case I was misinformed.
                    Go check how many times he voted to raise the debt ceiling while you’re doing your research.

                    Let’s also not forget that Mr. Deal voted for No Child Left Behind, the PATRIOT Act, and Medicare Part D.

                    Be careful when reading rankings of “most conservative/liberal members of Congess.” The criteria is often flawed. Jeff Flake and Ron Paul were ranked as the two most liberal Republicans by one study a year or so ago, if memory serves.

                    I’m not a Democrat, but I am supporting Dr. Farokhi. I’m an independent who leans conservative/libertarian on most issues. I vote GOP about 70% of the time and I just so happen to be supporting Republicans for governor, Congress, and a handful of other offices this year.

                  • Republican Lady says:

                    My hero Jim Bob!!!!

                    I am a relatively new poster, six months now, and there are several bashers on here who will dispute your right to post your beliefs if it is different from theirs.

                  • Republican Lady says:

                    I think my computer has my atmospheric headache, as sometimes it posts what I say and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes, it posts the same comment more than once.

                    There are several posters who will bash your right to express any opinion different from theirs. Thanks for sticking to your guns. I know you are secretly supporting Karen, your secret is safe with me! (:>

                  • Republican Lady says:

                    GOOD FOR YOU JIM BOB!

                    I think my computer has my atmospheric headache because sometimes it posts what I say and sometimes it doesn’t.

                    There are several posters who will bash your right to post your opinion if it is different from theirs.

                    Besides, I know you secretly support Karen, your secret is safe with me. (:>

                • Doug Grammer says:


                  President Obama has us more in debt than all of the other President’s combined in 15 months. Congressman Deal was in federal office for 17 years. Which ten years are you talking about?

                  Congressman Deal may not be perfect, but he is conservative, especially when compared to others.

                  • ricstewart says:

                    I completely understand that President Obama is spending at a higher rate than any other president combined, and I certainly don’t approve of him, his spending, or his administration. But I don’t know why you bring him up, because he I did not vote for Mr. Obama and he is not relevant to the topic at hand.

                    I’m talking about the eight years under the Bush administration. True, Bush didn’t spend at the rate Obama is, but his budget deficits were considerably larger than any other at the time they were passed. Moral relativism is not a valid argument, regardless of which political persuasion is pushing it.

                    Nathan Deal never voted against any of Bush’s deficits. Deal voted for a budget which, at the time, was the largest deficit in our nation’s history. That is NOT conservative. A REAL conservative would have voted against it. No one forced him to vote for nearly $5 trillion dollars in debt.

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      If you meant 8 years, then you understand my confusion on your comment of 10 years.

                      I’ve learned a long time ago that bills, especially budgets, contain both good things and bad things. For every individual bad thing that you can name that were in the budgets, I’m willing to bet that I could name 2 good things that came out of them.

                      As a concept, I’ll agree that I wish DC had a balanced budget, and that the defect were being paid down.

                      However, 1 vote out of 435 would not turn the tide. He could have voted “No” to every budget presented under Bush and been a voice to yell stop the spending. I am willing to bet he didn’t do so, because there were more good things than bad in those budgets and he had the chance to add amendments to keep things in check, make improvements, and still be a player when it came to other bills.

                      By your logic, well over 50% of the GOP members of congress were/are not conservative because they voted for the Bush budgets. Do you ever wonder what the Gore or Kerry budgets would look like?

                      NCLB passed 384-45, I looked up Medicare Part D and that was a much closer vote. Jim Marshall (GA-3) and David Scott (GA-13) switched their votes from nay to aye to help ensure passage. The Patriot Act of 2001 was voted in 357 to 66. The Patriot Act was reauthorized Feb 27, 2010 315-97…so much for all of the Dems complaining about how evil it is.

                  • ricstewart says:

                    I don’t know why you keep bringing up Democrats, since I’m not one and didn’t vote for Marshall, Kerry, Gore, or Johnson. As I said, moral relativism doesn’t work, no matter which way you spin it.
                    Trillions of dollars in debt don’t work, regardless of which way you spin it, either.

                    You’re right – according to the logic that voting for trillions of dollars in debt means you’re not conservative, over 50% of the GOP is NOT conservative.
                    Thus, they should be voted out. I would like to see all 15 members of Georgia’s congressional delegation voted out, both Rs and Ds.

                    Think about it: the difference between Jim Marshall and Nathan Deal – not that much. Both socially “conservative” (or what passes off as conservative) and fiscally irresponsible. Sure, they voted differently on the bailouts and other things, but by and large…

              • Pine Knot says:

                Great points. And to people who say Deal voted with the GOP establishment, what would the other people have done? The GOP establishment is much better than OBAMA. I forget how many times that people have said they missed Bush to me.

                • ricstewart says:

                  How about voting “NO”?
                  Nobody held Nathan Deal at gunpoint and forced him to vote for trillions of dollars in debt.

  9. Republican Lady says:

    Here are links to two of the newest safety products on the market for motorcycle riders, rear-view mirrors on helmets and airbag jackets and vests. I suppose these products could also be used for bicyclists and those riding horses. Well, the helmet might be a bit much for horse riders but the jacket or vest could be beneficial.




  10. John Konop says:

    Agree or not with Charlie Crist is not the issue. When the Party goes this far it becomes a cult not a party in my opinion!

    HB- The Florida Republican Party on Thursday invoked a “Party Loyalty Oath” forbidding its members from supporting Gov. Charlie Crist should he decide to run as an independent in the state’s Senate race.

    In a memo obtained by the Palm Beach Post, GOP General Counsel Jason Gonzalez, who used to be a top lawyer in Crist’s office, informed state party members that there would be severe consequences if they did not rescind all support from the Florida governor:

    The Republican Party of Florida requires members of all political party committees organized under the RPOF to abide by a Party Loyalty Oath.

    Any member who fails to formally revoke his or her public support and request the return of any contributions made to a candidate running against the candidate of the Republican Party would be in violation of the RPOF Rules and would be subject to removal from party office and membership on Republican executive committees.


  11. ricstewart says:

    Dr. Beth Farokhi, Democratic candidate for State Superintendent of Schools, is having her pre-qualifying party tomorrow night:

    You are invited to
    Manuel’s Tavern
    602 N Highland Avenue NE
    Atlanta, GA 30307
    Sunday, April 25th
    5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
    Dress is casual.

  12. Ali says:

    Ray McKinney will qualify early Monday morning for Georgia’s 12th Congressional District. He’s well-positioned as the front-runner with $124,000 in the bank. He’s been in the race for 2 weeks and created excitement amongst a majority of the county chairs, Ray’s old base from Effingham to Toombs county, and leaders like Col. Wayne Mosley, M.D. who has endorsed Ray’s candidacy.


    You’ll hear a lot more from GA-12 this time go ’round.

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