A Republican who starts out his campaign showing he just doesn’t get it

Delvis Dutton (pictured) announced this week he will qualify on April 26 as a candidate in the Republican primary for State House District 166, to succeed state Rep. Terry Barnard (Facebook), who recently announced his retirement after 16 years in that seat. Dutton (website | Facebook) seems like a pretty good dude but it didn’t take very long for one to wonder if he is looking to serve the public or for the public to serve him. It’s a disease that infects portions of both parties, but for today let’s just focus on the party that actually tries to preserve freedom. And one need look no further than Dutton’s announcement that he is getting into the House District 166 race, found below the fold.

Delvis Dutton to run for State House of Representatives

Delvis Dutton announced today that he will qualify on Monday, April 26, as a candidate in the Republican primary for State House District 166, to succeed Rep. Terry Barnard, who recently announced his retirement.

“I would like to thank Rep. Barnard for his commitment to serving the people of this district for the last 16 years. Terry is a true public servant in every way and has served southeast Georgia very well throughout his political career. The people of this district will forever be grateful for his service,” said Delvis Dutton.

Being willing to serve comes naturally for Delvis. The Dutton family has a long history of public service in Tattnall County. The Duttons have served the citizens of Tattnall County for more than 50 years including Delvis’ grandfather Mandell Dutton, who served as Chairman of the Tattnall County Commission. “I feel that public service is a calling and I hope to carry on the Dutton tradition by serving the people of southeast Georgia in an honorable and ethical manner as their state representative in Atlanta,” said Delvis.

Delvis is a Christian, a family man, an avid outdoorsman and small businessman who understands the values that the citizens of House District 166 hold. He is a true conservative who will stand strong to protect our 2nd Amendment rights, support policies that strengthen our family values, support small businesses, promote southeast Georgia to help protect and create jobs, promote our agriculture industry and protect farmers, explore ways to encourage more alternative fuels, help strengthen our education system and protect our water resources.

Delvis William Dutton is a resident of Glennville. He owns and operates General Pump & Well, a successful water well drilling and service company that he started at the age of 22. He also farms the land that has been in his family for seven generations, where he works on research and development for his alternative fuels project, Serendipity Energy. Prior to starting his business, Delvis was employed by United Parcel Service for over seven years. He is a graduate of Pinewood Christian Academy and attended Georgia Southern University. Delvis is married to the former Danielle Harrell, a public school teacher from Reidsville, and together they have two children. Delvis, Danielle and their family attend Trinity Baptist Church in Nevils.

Emphasis mine. Dutton is a huge proponent of “alternative fuels,” especially so since he works on R&D for alternative fuels. Thus, Dutton has made it approximately .48 nanoseconds into his campaign before showing his first glimpse of being a self-serving legislator, if elected.

This is the same kind of self-serving attitude we find from Johnny Isakson in the U.S. Senate who continues to shill for realtors…since he is the only realtor in that body and state Rep. Tommy Smith of the 168th who continues to push for blueberry farmers in Atlanta…as a blueberry farmer himself. And, who can forget businessman Brett Harrell, Republican candidate for House District 106 (Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook), who just crows and crows about his swanky “business meetings.”

This goes beyond the weak “ethics reform” that made its way through the General Assembly this year. It signals the work is far from complete in reminding our legislators their primary purpose if elected is to serve the people’s interests and protect freedom, not to push their own side business or career fields.


  1. Bucky Plyler says:

    Tough words Petie. I always like riding behind those cars that use converted vegetable or peanut oil from restaurants. It smells just like a BBQ chicken pit.

    • fishtail says:

      Chip Pearson has set a wonderful example for Delvis. Chip has spawned a new term…”lobbyist-legislator”…may the GA GOP rest in peace come November.

  2. Mayonnaise says:

    Right. The blueberry politician should work on alternative fuels legislation and the the alternative fuels politician should work on the blueberry legislation. Realtors should work on tort reform and lawyers should work on housing development. Elected physicians should work on building codes and elected engineers should work on healthcare. (sarcasm)

    Maybe Nathan Deal can advise him on how to make this work.

    • Henry Waxman says:

      To extend your point, I think it is important to keep in mind that people often pursue careers in fields they feel passionately about, and as a legislator, you are going to legislate in the areas that you feel are important (i.e., are passionate about). Unless we want a full-time legislature that prohibits all outside sources of income or a legislature made up entirely of people who are independently wealthy, there is no way to fully segregate legislators’ business expertise from their legislative pursuits.

      At the end of the day, it is up to the voters to decide where the line is; I just hope we don’t choose to exclude too many policy experts from the process by demanding overly restrictive segregation.

  3. Game Fan says:

    Yeah, I agree completely. And not ready to judge this guy yet, but many are wary of the whole “T. Boone Pickens” scenario. Now here’s a guy (does his best John Madden) who’s running around Texas monopolizing water rights, mixing it up with the legislators and big business starting wind farms, ect… Oh yeah. T. Boone Pickens has a plan alright. Planning to fleece the taxpayer and line his own pocket, and “save the day” all at the same time.

  4. It sure has been a slow couple of weeks. We’ve had a few campaign press releases, a podcast announcement or two, a generic ethics post from Icarus to keep that pot stirred, and now this… a hit-job on some random State House candidate that no one’s ever heard of before. Because he has some kind of background in alternative fuels, and (gasp!) uses that in his announcement pitch.

    Oh well, I guess it IS interesting to watch Pete go after a white Republican for a change. But still, if you guys are this hard-up for content lately, where’s the Tebow draft thread?

    • Icarus says:

      And now we have the generic comment from Steve Perkins saying he only wants to read about the stuff we’re not writing about. My week is complete.

  5. Game Fan says:

    Wup whoa, hey. Looks like this guy is ahead of the game. He’s already purchased some carbon off-sets. Is that the same as a carbon credit, or is it the opposite? Cause I never took any accounting courses. But overall, I’d say this guy is geared for the future. Especially if we all get hornswaggled into this global carbon credits scam.

    “Our solutions also come by way of personal actions, behavioral and lifestyle changes, and, more recently, purchasing various carbon off-sets through Carbon Fund and Trees for the Future”.

  6. DMZDave says:

    I met this young man recently and I would have to suggest that he was probably trying to explain his biography and the unique experiences he brings to the table. I expect him to help educate his fellow House members about the problems small businessmen face and I expect him to advocate for alternative fuels in Georgia. I don’t expect him to do so in a self-serving manner, don’t expect him to seek personal tax breaks and don’t expect him to have inappropriate relationships with lobbyists. I take Pete’s point, and given the behavior of some of our legislators, it pays to be careful but I really believe his announcement was more naive than self-serving but then I’m in favor of more blueberry farmers too so what do I know?

    • ByteMe says:

      I guess it makes more sense to not have any real life experiences or ideas related to that real-life experience when you run for office…..

      • Mozart says:

        Pete does appear to have lots of experience in inserting his cranial cavity up into his anal cavity. What office do you think he would be qualified to run for, Byte?

  7. oompaloompa says:

    ok. For the record.

    1. http://www.innserendipity.com/inn/carbonsequest.html is NOT Delvis Dutton’s company. Please get your facts STRAIGHT before blasting them on Peach Pundit.

    2. Why don’t y’all email Delvis at [email protected] and get his OWN comment about what you are assuming to be fact, yet is not. You may be very, very surprised at the answers you get. Better yet, do a PODCAST with him. He’d love to talk to you.

    I have known Delvis for many, many years. He is a stand-up guy and a true conservative. Pete has taken shots at a candidate without any confirmation or true investigative journalism.

    C’mon guys. You can do better than this.

    And no, I do not work for his campaign.

  8. Mayonnaise says:

    Pete didn’t put the link to the false website. It was in one of the comments. And no, research is not required to comment on Peach Pundit. That would take all the fun out of it.

  9. Chris says:

    Don’t think that if I run for the legislature I won’t be a shrill for bloggers, unix sysadmins, landlords and people who hate the Gwinnett County Commission.

    A well rounded legislature is a plus. Too many lawyers and community activists here now.

  10. TheFacts says:

    Agreeing with Waxman on this… it’s great to have a political figure that actually knows and understands “possible” legislation that may come to the chamber. The voters decide where the line is drawn. Pete, for you to make assumptions this prematurely honestly shows a lack of wisdom. Especially for a candidate that hasn’t even made it through qualifying yet… Is it a personal attack or just a good ol’ fashioned jealousy.

    Oh… and Game… maybe you should take a note from Delvis and actually understand something before you start talking about it.

    • TheFacts says:

      As an amendment since I’ll be vacationing this weekend. If Petie or Game feel they need to comment… When did either of you do anything where actually you go out and make a difference… i.e., run for office, run a campaign, pick up a phone… anything other than criticizing folks on a pundit that actually go out there and work because they are not satisfied with the status quo.

      • Game Fan says:

        “As an amendment since I’ll be vacationing this weekend. If Petie or Game feel they need to comment… ”

        Actually, I think “addendum” would work better than “amendment”. Just my 2 cents.

           /əˈdɛndəm/ Show Spelled[uh-den-duhm] Show IPA
        –noun,plural-da  /-də/ Show Spelled[-duh] Show IPA for 1, 2; -dums for 3.
        a thing to be added; an addition.

    • Pete Randall says:

      Is it a personal attack or just a good ol’ fashioned jealousy.

      Neither. It’s a note that he sure didn’t waste any time telling us he’ll shill for his own interests, if elected.

      • Bull****. It’s a note that he mentioned a “libral-pinko-commie!” environmental topic.

        If the guy worked for the Glock subsidiary in Smyrna, and said that he wanted to protect the 2nd Amendment, there would have been no post here.

  11. Mama Bear says:

    You guys have obviously not met Delvis.

    He is a breath of fresh air. I know him from his pump and well business. He treats every customer the same, black, white, hispanic, wealthy or poor. No one customer gets any preferential treatment over the other. I would expect Delvis to run his legislative work the same way.

    What he has tried to research with alternative energy has never had anything to do with personal gain, but rather as a source of clean energy to run farm equipment on his family’s small farm and with his rigs for well drilling. In fact, he has asked congressional legislators to look at his research, take it, hand it off to experts and turn it into something to help America become self sufficient and not have to rely on other countries for energy.

    I agree with what someone above said, talk to Delvis yourselves. Don’t rely on a campaign press release to have all the answers you are seeking.

    • AubieTurtle says:

      If you know him personally, let him know he should strike his educational information from his bio. Attended Georgia Southern could make anything from stopped one class short of graduating to took a single extension course. And his high school isn’t accrediated by SACS, something that even the Clayton County schools can claim (well, claim provisionally).

      I’m not trying to say he’s not smart or educated, just that what is in his bio does not really help him any and could potentionally harm his campaign. He should focus on his accomplishments.

  12. ZazaPachulia says:

    Breaking news folks:
    Peach Pundit is a blog. Blogs, by nature, are people’s hobbies. They are not legitimate journalistic sources — this includes Jim Galloway’s blog and all the other supposed ‘insider’ blogs run by journalists (or former journalists). The standards for blogs simply are not the same…

    On an unrelated note, Delvis has a really cool first name.
    And how about them Hawks? Up 2-0! I sure am glad Georgia ignores pro hoops. I got my lower level (row B!) tickets to game two on stubhub for about $60 below face value.

    • Pete Randall says:

      Don’t tell griftdrift that, ZazaPachulia. He might think you are lumping him into the same group as “bloggers,” when he truly views himself as a journalist!

  13. ZazaPachulia says:

    (Also, if you do go to a Hawks game and happen to wander within earshot of the 7-footer who shares my name, be sure to shout “Gamarjoba!’
    That means ‘Victory!’ in Black Sea Georgian — it’s a popular cheer in Tbilisi…)

  14. Icarus says:

    Got to go against Pete on this one.

    We have a citizen legislature. At least in theory.

    Part of that concept is that people from many different forms of occupations (you know, some trial lawyers, some corporate lawyers, and some prosecutors…)

    If we actually had meaningful ethics rules in place, it would be much more tolerable to see folks trying to help an industry in which they are familiar, while at the same time limiting their actual voting on matters where it would benefit them directly.

  15. redrock says:

    Wow – kicking around the little guy must feel good huh?

    If I’m ever dumb enough to run for office remind me to not send out my press releases to “Pete Randall”.

    In 20% fairness to Pete, those two lines look a little suspicious. I’d suggest checking with the man for clarification before making a hit on his character though. But then again that’s not PP style.

    Its shoot then aim – right?

  16. Mayonnaise says:

    I don’t what everyone is all shook-up about? With his resume and teddy-bear looks, ya just can’t help falling in love with Delvis.

    ………..Mayo has left the building.

  17. proudconservative says:

    Its ashame Delvis is getting attacked…I have known Delvis and his family for many years and Delvis is a man of character and will go and fight for all Georgians and be a man of integrity!

  18. libertyballs says:

    Ok, I read everyones comments, and somehow, even the small minority of you that are not George Soros plants, we miss the point.

    At the Washington DC level, the politicians can steal the most. A dollar sent to Washington DC does not turn into two, it turns into 30 cents.

    Delvis wants not want to go to Washington DC, but to the state capitol. He may be an idiot on the alternative fuels game, but he is probably less of a crook than the most honest Democrat ever found in politics, which may have been Jimmy Carter or Sam Nunn. Both real true idiots. We vote for the lesser of idiots, and Delvis deserves a look see.

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