• Joshua Morris says:

        While you’re at it, show me where the word “Republican” is found on the front page of his website.

        • I Am Jacks Post says:

          You miss my point. No one needs to be reminded that Graves is a Republican. Everyone knows that. And everyone knows that in 2004–or round about–Hawkins was in a phone booth somewhere suiting up for his new team.

              • Joshua Morris says:

                You’re right–both ways. While I find no record of Graves giving anything to Republicans, you sock puppets throw out some accusations of old token donations made by a man who served as legislative spokesperson for the Georgia Dental Association, some of which you can’t back up.

                It’s just the same old cherrypicking exercise against a true principled fiscal conservative who doesn’t believe we should wait for a $1 billion state surplus or the year 2012 to cut taxes on businesses.

                • provisional says:

                  Have ANY respected conservative groups endorsed Hawkins over Graves in this race? Why do you think Conservative groups feel the need to play in a Republican primary? I think it is to ensure that we elect a real conservative GRAVES over (as in Redstate’s words) a “Mushy moderate” like Hawkins.

                  • Joshua Morris says:

                    I think it’s pretty clear that these conservative groups you’re so proud of don’t understand what a do-nothing bill they’re raving about. If endorsements based on empty catch phrases and campaign rhetoric is the depth of your campaign, good luck. A “jobs act” that creates no jobs and cuts no taxes now while bowing to a moderate governor’s views is not impressive. Maybe some of those groups should have actually read the bill (assuming they even understand the principles of supply side economics).

                    Further, Redstate doesn’t have one good reason to call Hawkins a moderate. Erick’s little rant against Hawkins posted yesterday is premised on false and misleading information.

                    You can drop all the names you like, but I’ll take you on any day regarding the principles surrounding this race. Endorsements won’t get you a solid, fiscally conservative congressman. Principles and experience will.

                    Lee Hawkins is the supply side fiscal conservative in this race.

                    • provisional says:

                      Freedom Works, Club For Growth, Atalanta Tea Party and Redstate are ALL wrong and Joshua Morris is right? ust because you keep saying it doesn’t make it so.
                      SO can you tell me ONE respected conservative group who has endorsed Hawkins over Graves for his so called “supply side fiscal conservatism”…

                    • ByteMe says:

                      Actually, if that is the group you have on one side and Joshua is on the other, as much as I mostly disagree with Joshua, I think he’s probably more correct than that group of ^$!*@& sniffers.

                    • Joshua Morris says:

                      prov, explain to me how writing a bill that waits for a $1 billion state surplus, an approval from the Obama administration, or the year 2012 to cut taxes on businesses is conservative supply side fiscal policy, and I’ll be impressed with those endorsements. I’m not impressed with bandwagon politics.

                      It’s all about principles, my friend.

                • Joshua,

                  I don’t have time to peruse all of Graves’ financial donation records, but I do know of this one given to Stephen Allison in 2008 as he was in the process of upending incumbent Democrat Charles Jenkins. Graves hosted a fundraised for Allison and was the first Republican to jump on board his campaign. I know because Allison is my brother-in-law and I was at the fundraiser Graves hosted for Allison.

                  Committee to Elect Tom Graves
                  P.O. Box 515
                  Fairmount, GA 30139

                  2008 $0.00 $1,000.00

                  • Joshua Morris says:

                    I appreciate your response, Buzz, and I’m glad that Rep. Allison got all the help he did. I remember him being introduced at the 9th District GOP convention that year and how the importance of that seat was stressed, since it was the only such seat held by a D in the whole district.

                    My only point is that the donation was made from Graves’ campaign account–not out of his own pocket. I believe there is a clear difference.

                    • steelfist says:

                      So Hawkins used his own money and made donations out of his pocket to Roy Barnes, Max Cleland and other Democrats. That is a clear difference between Lee Hawkins and Tom.

                    • Joshua Morris says:

                      I’m getting really tired of repeating myself. Hawkins gave thousands to conservative Republicans out of his own pocket, while Graves has given nothing that I can find. You continue to focus on a couple token donations made years ago as the legislative spokesperson of the GDA and ignore the rest of his record.

                      Even people on the Graves team are noticing the misleading and false attacks against Hawkins. Just keep shouting.

              • provisional says:

                Whether or not you like Tom’s bill, at least he fought for JOBS legislation. WHAT did Lee do?

                • McDawg81 says:

                  What prov said, I ditto! What are Lee’s accomplishments? Words, from ANY candidate – are cheap! What is Lee’s plan if elected? I know, he is now a supporter of Fair Tax when it is expedient. I don’t remember hearing of him on the road with Linder/Boortz/Cain fighting for this legislation. I don’t remember hearing that Lee lost his office due to battling with the Party establishment in ATL.

                • Joshua Morris says:

                  Correction: “…at least he *caved on* JOBS legislation.”

                  If fighting for something means giving in to the Governor’s moderate view to get a hollowed out bill passed and add a campaign cliche, it must not take much to impress you.

                  If you want to compare records, we can do that. Graves has spent 8 yrs under the Dome doing what? Becoming a One Bill Wonder in year 7 and stepping out as the Establishment candidate for this race? Senator Hawkins, in two terms, has held numerous leadership positions and worked on numerous pieces of legislation which dealt mostly with health care issues. He looks for free market solutions to health care concerns, such as in SB344–not making some lame attempt to convince people he’s helping them with hollow bills that actually do nothing for months or years. If the Governor won’t sign a good bill, Sen. Hawkins won’t pass a bad bill just to have a campaign catch phrase.

                  And McD, I’ve said before that I’m not more impressed with a candidate just because the stage he speaks from is in front of more people. Senator Hawkins has fought alongside folks right here in the 9th District for the Fair Tax movement. He’s meeting with the people he will represent, showing them that he’s genuinely interested in their ideas for how to achieve meaningful tax reform.

                  You can support a celebrity if you like. I’m sticking with the successful 30 yr. businessman and lifelong leader who understands this Nation’s healthcare challenges and knows how to fight for real solutions based on conservative principles.

              • provisional says:

                I am sorry you are tired. It must be tiring to constantly have to account for Lee’s liberal leanings. So what your saying is Lee compromised his “conservative” principles and gave money to Max Cleland, Roy Barnes, and other democrats, for a volunteer leadership position?
                And, it is ironic that you think Graves team members are thinking Tom is attacking Lee misleadingly, I have had many of my friends in Hall County come join the Graves teams as they are learning the TRUE facts about Hawkins. My favorite story is my friend whose kids go to school with Hawkins grandkids, once I showed her the e-mail solicitation where Hawkins USED his grandchildren misleadingly to ask for money, and attack the private church preschool where her kids go she took a yard sign and is telling all her friends. So just tell the Hawkins team to keep up the good work.

        • I Am Jacks Post says:


          While I want Hawkins to lose–and lose badly, at that–I concur that on most matters this site is decidedly one-sided.

          • Jim Bob says:

            Question for Jack and Josh,

            Do either of your candidates support Rep. Hatfield’s Candidate Citizenship bill?

            (Sorry to intrude in on the thread here)

        • Doug Deal says:

          This is one of the reasons PP has gone greatly down hill. It has become a forum for the few front page posters to push their agenda. And not just R over D, but R over R as well. I mostly agree with their agenda, but it makes for a boring site, and it is the reason I would not be found dead at that Redstate echo chamber.

        • I don’t have anything against Hawkins, I just don’t know him. I know Tom Graves and have seen his performance under fire. I don’t live in the 9th so probably nobody cares but I’m convinced Graves will fit right in with the conservatives in the House and work to get good stuff done in DC.

    • Jim Bob says:

      Here’s the real question. Regardless of who wins, the special election, will the loser(s) run again in the primary 30 days later???

  1. Jeremy Jones says:

    What will he (or any victorious candidate on the 11th) do about Reid or Pelosi?

    Another example of symbolism over substance.

    I hope the audio sync is a YouTube issue, if that is how it runs on the air, I would question the quality control of the campaign.

    As a resident of the 9th, I hope some candidates start talking about why they are the better candidate, without mentioning Pelosi, Reid, and/or Healthcare. Three things none of them can do a thing about should they win this special.

    Now, for the July election, sure, one can pledge to not vote for Pelosi for Speaker, but who cares, none of them will.

    That commercial does NOTHING to set the candidate apart from any other candidate in the race, except to show he has enough money for major media buys.

    • B Balz says:

      While I liked the ad (Never noticed the sync issues) I like Jeremy’s comments more. The actual voter, in 30 seconds, may not be as cerebral as Mr. Jones, so the efficacy of the spot is probably high.

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        In 30 seconds, he lets you know that he does not back the present leadership of the house; he doesn’t like the direction that they are going in; he doesn’t care for bailouts; and he thinks entitlements are too big; he’s concerned about jobs and the deficit; He does care for additional taxes or spending; he cares about kids; he’s running for congress as a Republican and the election is on May 11th.

        The non-obvious thing is that he tries to connect with voters. He does that by looking at the camera, showing him walking through a business, meeting with voters, and of course, the few seconds of footage of his family. I hate ads where the candidate never looks at the camera.

        My biggest problem with the ad is that he didn’t directly ask for a vote, but it could be argued he made enough of an appeal without directly asking for it.

        Jeremy, if you were managing the graves campaign, what would you have done differently in the same amount of time?

        • GOPGeorgia says:

          “He does care for additional taxes or spending”

          Sorry Rep. Graves. I left out the word “not.”

        • Jeremy Jones says:

          I cannot say what I would do if I managed the Graves campaign, because I do not know what Graves wants to do when elected.

          Had I the money to stay in the race and do a media buy, I would have talked about joining Bring Home The Politicians, allowing the military to secure our borders, and my desire for a 0% corporate tax rate. Three things that set me distinctly apart from all of the other candidates. Nothing he said is different than all of the other candidates.

          Of course, I did not have enough money to run the race, so what do I know?

          People clamor for change, but gravitate to the status quo. I have no doubt the masses will embrace this ad, and vote for him because of it. Just like I am sure all of the other candidates running ads will accomplish the same thing, since they will all say the same thing.

          Go to the Graves website. On the main page he lists the following:

          Fair Tax
          Pro Life
          Faith & Family

          In the ad he mentions which of those? Possibly it could be argued he talks about Faith if you want to twist the phrase “Conservative Values” to include faith. My point is, it is a cookie cutter Republican ad, not specific to Mr. Graves. So, of the six organizations he is most proud to be associated with, he mentions none of them in his first ad.

          Look, I like Graves, he is great guy. I am not endorsing anyone in the race, (like it would matter) but I am equal opportunity antagonist. It is things like this ad that got me to run in the first place. But again, I say, what do I know, I’m not in the race.

  2. Mayonnaise says:

    “The top gets a bailout” …. straight from the DNC class-warfare playbook. I like Graves but that portion of the ad is patronizing and a populist move. Using the image of wall street to invoke voter rage is no different than what Obama is doing today. Come on Tom, you’re better than that.

    • reaganrev4 says:

      Ya Mayo, is he suggesting we should spread the wealth around? A lot about him reminds me of Obama, other than him referring to himself in the 3rd person in his speeches. Like this “JOBS” bill. Since when can a legislature create jobs? If i own a business i am not going to hire people just so i can get a tax credit on them, I need people out there buying so I have to produce more of my good before I am going to increase hiring.

      • provisional says:

        Since when can a State Senator “vote” to establish the Fair Tax like Hawkins misleadingly claims he does? …but then again, he misleadingly uses he grandchildren in fundraising solicitation , so I guess he will say anything for political gain.

        • Jim Bob says:

          Not sure about your question, but at least Hawkins and Graves both support the Fair Tax.

          Does anyone know where the other candidates stand on this issue? I mean there are 5 other candidates besides these two….

          • provisional says:

            Yes, they both support it which is good. We need it. I don’t know about the other candidate, but my question stems from things I have received from the Hawkins campaign where they claim Lee is the only candidate in the race who has voted twice for the Fair Tax…a state senator can not vote to enact the Fair Tax, they can only vote in support of it….It is very misleadinging, but so is saying that your 2 year old grandchild’s private church preschool is full of violence and lacking resources.

          • Jeremy Jones says:

            Every GOP candidate in the GA9 race supports the FT. However, only one or two actually believe it can be accomplished. All of the others use to appeal to the masses that like it. For instance, ask where they stand on corporate tax rates. They all say the rates should be lowered. Why? If you want the FT, there will be no corporate tax. The fact they want to LOWER corporate taxes rather than eliminate them, tells me they do not either believe in the FT, or understand the FT. The issue has its detractors, which is fine, this thread is not about the FT. The point is, all of the candidates DO claim to support it, few actually do.

            • Jim Bob says:


              With all do respect, I share this quote with you…”The Country is full of good coaches. What it takes to win is a bunch of interested players.” – Don Coryell

              And players want the ball. Each of the 7 men running for the 9th stepped out on the field.

              It’s easy to preach from the cheap seats….

              And this goes for everyone who post on PP ccmplaining about this or the other.

              • Jeremy Jones says:

                Jim Bob,
                I did step out on the field. However, I was not properly equipped. I had been running in the 9th for over a year and decided to run for GA Senate 53 instead, for many reasons, including the lack of funds.

                So while yes, I am no longer on playing field, I am far from the cheap seats. For GA09, I am simply on the sidelines.

            • reaganrev4 says:

              Perhaps you meant to comment somewhere else on the page, or even and entirely different, old thread because your post came right below mine and patty mayonnaise’s and not a single thing you said referred to mine, patty’s or the topic of the entire thread. It in fact even mentioned things we went back and forth on from a thread from DAYS ago! Your pathetic! And to answer your dumb question, there are things called resolutions. They are voted on by the legislature and they urge the U.S. House and federal government to do things that need to be done. And also the first step Georgia should take should be to implement the FT in Georgia! Practice what you preach, you know, that sort of thing. In which case it would be the jobs of our state legislature to propose and vote on such a bill or resolution. Quit the political pandering about a quote about someone’s grandchildren, we have all been dragged through the ringer by the punch drinkers about it…Graves the narcissist wont talk about anything but himself and his meaningless endoresements from who else, the editor-in-chief of this website…hmm something smells. He must be saying those things to lose, not to get votes right?

              • reaganrev4 says:

                and by “we” im assuming that every else that periodically looks at PP agrees with me about the grandchildren business

                    • reaganrev4 says:

                      You, Sir, are an embarrassment… and staffer? No, just another guy who feels like Tom Graves is so slick I need a shower after hearing him speak. Tom Graves would be the status quo, another slick, egomaniac, narcissist who cannot carry on a conversation unless “Tom Graves” can be the topic

              • GOPGeorgia says:


                It’s bad when I say you are being mean. You can make your point without name calling. A little name calling that is accurate might be OK, but over half your post was an attack. Say what you like as far as I’m concerned. I’m not a moderator. I’m just saying that if you stuck to facts and less opinion (and name calling), other people might respect what you have to say a bit more.

                  • GOPGeorgia says:


                    You have implied that you are big on doing what is right as opposed to just following the rules. Have you ever received an e-mail from someone, forwarded it on to someone else so they could post it here and, then watch everyone pile on that person while you have blocked them from posting? Did you watch the get called multiple names and had many of unflattering things said about them, knowing that it would not have happened if not for your actions? Did you ever think to call and discuss whomever you may have had a problem with their e-mail to you? Did you clarify for the readers that it was sent to you and that you forwarded it on? Even if you had legitimate reasons for you to block that person for a while, do you think that’s the best time to start a conversation about them knowing that they can’t chime in and defend themselves? For someone who talks about ethics….do you really think that would be fair and right?

                    • Icarus says:


                      I received an unsolicited message from you via facebook, with a heading that said “here’s how you file” The text was then a completed ethics complaint form.

                      I forwarded the message to John Konop, because he needed to know if in fact an ethics complaint had been filed against him. I’ll remind our readers that he has all documentation showing he has not committed an ethics violation, and your facts were wrong.

                      You then sent a message when John posted the complaint on Peach Pundit, with the first paragraph as follows:


                      “The title of the e-mail I sent to Charlie said “here’s how to file.” I wanted to see if it would make it’s way to you and it did. For someone who complains about other candidates and their loans, your ducks are not in a row.”

                      So, you clearly wanted it to make it to Konop. Only when the commenters let you know that filing an ethics complaint because you were losing a Peach Pundit argument was the move of a first class douche did you start whining that I somehow had done something wrong by alerting one of our readers that he may have had an ethics complaint filed against him by said douche.

                      You’re not a victim Doug. Get over yourself and quit embarrassing the 9th District.

                    • GOPGeorgia says:

                      So you think you actions were ethical.
                      I disagree, but I recognize that as opinion. I wonder what others think?

                      The last time I checked he has still not filed everything he was/is supposed to file. AFAIK, His ducks are still not in a row.

                      I didn’t say I was a victim, you did. The Ninth District had nothing to do with this, so why are you bringing them up? For someone who just agreed that there should be less name calling, you went to it pretty quickly.

                    • polisavvy says:

                      Excuse me for asking this at this point in this heated exchange, but would one of you tell me what AFAIK is? Thanks. Now, carry on guys.

                    • Republican Lady says:


                      That kind of manipulation of Icarus and John Konop is shameful. What was the point? And you think you are ethical enough to run for office at some future date?

                    • Doug Grammer says:


                      I gave Icarus some information. What he did with it was up to him. The right thing to do would have been to call me and discuss it. He had a choice and he made it.

                      Konop is very big on complaining. If he wanted to file a complaint, I showed him how it should be done. I also pointed out that he shouldn’t be yelling about others when he doesn’t have his ducks in a row.

                      I question their ethics if they think it is OK not tell the full story and not say anything about the slams on me when I can’t speak up for myself. Sure, Icarus tells the full story NOW because I can post and tell my side.

                      As far as you last question, yes I feel that I am ethical enough to run. However, I am not committed to doing so. We will see what the future holds when it gets here.

                    • Icarus says:

                      O.K., we have some revisionist history going on here. And if you wish it to continue, I’ll be glad to create a front page post, we’ll publish all email exchanges in their entireity, and then let the readers decide.

                      To put this in context, you decided that since Konop was disagreeing with you, you would start calling him “Konop the Liar”.

                      You were first suggested, then told, to stop. You chose not to.

                      Your posting privileges were removed for two days.

                      You then sent me a facebook message as indicated above with the only text line that read “this is how you file an ethics complaint” with a copy of a completed complaint form.

                      There was no request to call you, no additional detail or instruction.

                      The fact of the matter is, you are incredibly thin skinned and were reacting to being banned from Peach Pundit. And as you indicated in the follow up message to me, you intended me to do what I did, which was forward it to John, where I warned him that he may have had an ethics complaint headed his way. I thought that was my ethical duty, given that there was a childish person who decided that appeared to be his best way to get back at someone for a blog argument he just lost.

                      You intentionally created the illusion that you had filed a complaint against Konop. Only when other commenters pointed out that this was a quintesential dick move did you start to change your story and say somehow its my responsibility to call you because you were being a jerk.

                      We’ve had no phone conversations. You started this. You refused to conform to the rules of civil discourse here despite multiple warnings. And then when temporarily banned, you resorted like a child to faking an ethics report form so you could scare Konop because you lost an argument on a blog.

                      I really hope the 9th district is proud to have you leading them.

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      I think the Ninth is proud of me. Check your e-mail. You let me know how far you want to take this. I am of the opinion that I am morally and ethically correct, and you are less so.

                      You need a mirror. You are the attack dog you claim I am. Reread your post. You are antagonistic and think you can bully me by threatening to start a new thread. Do you think I care if you attack me some more, just because I don’t agree with you?

                • debbie0040 says:

                  Reaganrev4, your comments are disgusting regarding Graves and are way off target. Tom is the real deal and he is none of things you mentioned. Maybe you were referring to another candidate when you said those things about Tom…

                  You guys that support Hawkins attack and ridicule Graves supporters much the same way Pelosi and company ridicule the tea party movement. You can not discredit the message so you go after the messengers.

                  Tom Graves was active and supportive of the tea party movement since 2-2009, before he decided to run for Congress. He is one of us and when you ridicule him, you ridicule tea party activists. The first time I saw Hawkins at a tea party was at the 2-27-2010 tea party at the Capitol.

                  There is a reason that the tax payer advocacy groups endorsed Tom and not other candidates..

                  • reaganrev4 says:

                    Ridicule Graves supporters? Have you been on this website at any point during the past year? I must not have caught your sarcasm because to say that Graves supporters are ridiculed on here and Hawkins’ aren’t is absurd. I feel like PP treats Graves like the media treats OBAMA and George Bush. They can call G Dubb dumb, hitler, you name it, but the second anyone says anything negative, or even the same things about OBAMA they are terrible, mean, racist, awful things to say. Give me a break. Hawkins has lies said about him day in and day out by the Graves supporters on here, and the second someone stands up to the “anointed one” (Graves) everyone starts acting like their baby just got slapped. And I’m sorry you missed Hawkins at tea party rally’s and parades during ’09 but I guess its his fault he didn’t come find you. And further, you say I attacked the tea party by attacking Graves? I was unaware they were synonymous. I am a firm supporter of the tea party movement and don’t see how not liking a candidate means I don’t like everything he involves himself in, that is just childish

                    • reaganrev4 says:

                      and further Debbie, I AM A TEA PARTY ACTIVIST!!I have been at dozens of meetings around GA and I am unsure why you immediately excluded me from such a free, patriotic movement simply because I dont support the same candidate as you. Last time I checked I have the right to disagree with you and still believe in fiscal conservatism and less taxes and all the other admirable positions the tea party fights so valiantly for

                    • provisional says:

                      If Hawkins is so “Associated” with the Tea Parties around the district, why is he skipping out on their forums? He dissed Forsyth’s last night and I heard he wasn’t going to attend another Tea Party forum next week…???? Guess he doesn’t feel they are that important.

                    • reaganrev4 says:

                      Have you ever been around a campaign before? Due to laws of physics, I have heard it is impossible to be in multiple places at once…I may be wrong so feel free to enlighten me with another of your brilliant posts provisional. If you didn’t get what I’m implying, this is a big district, often times with multiple engagements every night

                    • provisional says:

                      All I would know is you go to what is important to you…apparently the tea party forum was important to all the other candidates but Hawkins.

                    • debbie0040 says:

                      reaganrev4, then you are one of very few tea party activists that support Hawkins. I do talk to tea party activists and organizers on a daily basis and I can tell you that they do NOT like Hawkins. As far as Hawkins and the tea party goes, I do recall a certain comment by Hawkins campaign guy that said Hawkins was not associated with the tea party movement. And then there is the little episode with Biden and Hawkins saying he did not support the stimulus money but praised what it was spent on. Sorta reminded me of John Kerry saying he was for something before he was against it. I have been extremely active with the tea party movement since 2-20-2009 and so has Tom…

  3. GVilleMan says:

    Let the Graves and Hawkins people slug it out, let Stephens and Tarvin get overlooked. I see a spoiler in this race, and his name is Bill Stephens

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