MARTA Relief A Hostage Of HB 1055 Debate?

Rumblings from the Capitol today are coming from Democrats who believe assistance to MARTA in the form of relaxing the 50/50 required ratio of capital to operating expenses has been stripped from any transportation reform compromise.

The trouble apparently began when Rep. Stacey Abrams had the temerity to question the germaneness of the Senate substitution of HB 1055 – commonly known as the “don’t call them taxes we’re just increasing ‘fees’ bill.”

Abrams, with a degree from Yale Law School, apparently overstepped her boundaries as a member of the minority party to question a deal cut by majority leadership on silly technical grounds like rules. And as such, say the Dems, MARTA will pay the price.

I have not had the opportunity to ask any of the Republican leaders if this is true, partially true/partially posturing, or if MARTA relief is still in play in their eyes. Regardless, with only four shopping days left to buy your favorite legislator/legislation, I remain convinced that a workable plan to move transportation forward (finally) in this state, and specifically, in the Atlanta region, is a must. And a realistic role and funding model for MARTA must be part of that plan.


  1. B Balz says:

    This post is what separates true fiscal conservatives that are objective Moderate from everyone else. Good job, Sir!

  2. Glen Ross says:

    Why in the heck does the legislature think they can set arbitrary rules for an organization’s spending like this? 50/50? I’m sure they only came to that very convienent number through intense thought and deliberation. All this does is force them to beg for more dollars instead of having the flexibility to spend the dollars they have as they need it.

    Imagine if someone told your business you had to split your revenue like that? Or worse, what if you were forced by law to spend your household’s money like that?

  3. Scott65 says:

    If its at all true, I wouldn’t be surprised. That doesn’t say much for the republican no-leadership (like how Clark Howard uses the term ‘customer no-service). I’ve yet to see one of them act in the best interest of the state. Its all pandering, fund raising, and ego boosting theatrics. I dont think anyone fully realizes what will happen if this does not pass. It will be horrible and the job loss will be staggering even compared to where we are now

  4. Magaroni says:

    Word. I am a bit worried about the partisan-ness of this crop of GOP. Cut the House Dems out of Crossover Day and you see how that went.

    Stacy Abrams is a woman to watch; she’s so thinkful, she makes up for two of nearly anybody else.

  5. Progressive Dem says:

    Marta has two problems: Jill Chambers who is more interested in beating up Marta than solving problems; and racism that prevents many in the legislature from seeing that Marta benefits more than black people in Atlanta.

    Many of the Republicans are looking for an excuse not to serve or benfit the constituents of the minority party. They don’t realize the significance of Marta to the regional economy (not just black folks in Fulton and DeKalb); and they don’t seem to understand that the metro area comprises two-thirds of the state’s GDP. So when they shoot at Marta, they are really aiming at their own feet.

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      progressive dem,

      Does it ever get old that if someone does not agree with you 100% that they are now a racist? Could it be maybe they are representing their districts?

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