Austin Scott Needs to Man Up

“Right now we need a better Lieutenant Governor and I’d move heaven and earth to help Austin Scott win it.”

He is going no where in the polls, but everywhere in Georgia. His name ID is pitiful. His fundraising is not stellar. But the guy is awesome.

Austin Scott says he is in the race to improve Georgia.

Austin Scott says the state has huge problems that need his leadership.

Austin Scott says a lot of stuff that makes you realize he is a true idealist. He is in it for a better Georgia, not for himself.

But right now all we can see is Austin Scott’s hard head — an occasionally admirable quality leading him and the rest of us this time down a dirt road to nowheresville.

If Austin Scott really believes what he says and is not just an idealist, but one who can objectively work toward the ideal based on objective data, then he has only one clear path to victory.

Austin Scott must run for Lieutenant Governor. In addition to all the free press he would get, Austin Scott would be surprised by the support he picks up.

The Senate Caucus wants a new leader.

The GOP wants a thinned out gubernatorial race.

Austin Scott needs to run for Lieutenant Governor. If Austin Scott truly wants to improve Georgia, the odds are no more against him in the Lieutenant Governor’s race than the Governor’s race and I would say markedly improved for him.

Austin Scott left the House because he was tired of being bossed around by men of low character largely devoid of ideas. He wants better for Georgia. The Lieutenant Governor’s Office needs a man of Austin’s character.

Right now we need a better Lieutenant Governor and I’d move heaven and earth to help Austin Scott win it.


  1. edmund says:

    More of the same from our fearless leader. Let’s not forget Erick is also “moving heaven and earth” for Handel and we can all see how effective that’s been.

    Speaking of which, does the GOP want a thinned out gubernatorial race, or is this just another blog post Paid for by Handel for Governor?

    • Erick says:

      Actually, I don’t know for sure Austin out would help Karen, but then again it has never been so much about getting Karen elected as it has been about beating Ox.

      • Chris says:

        And Deal. And McBerry.

        We need candidates that are going to spend time being governor, not being deposed by an Obama Appointed US Attorney.

        • Henry Waxman says:

          I’m sure the Obama Appointed US Attorney would have absolutely no interest in her possible involvement in the Sonny Perdue land deal or why the same company donated $10,000 to her campaign, right?

              • Henry Waxman says:

                Speaking of scared, I wonder why Karen Handel never completed her education after dropping out of community college…

              • Jim Bob says:

                Absolutely, she scares me!!!

                If Handel is elected Gov, then all conservatives in Georgia should run for the hills!!

                • B Balz says:

                  If your definition of conservative means a fiscal conservatives, I would prefer someone as Governor who ‘s education might include an Econ/Law double major.

                  If your definition of conservative is a codeword for GRTL, CC , etc. then you must be referring to Ms. Handel’s moderate stance on such issues as abortion.

            • Ambernappe says:

              I have checked the website for the Ethics Committee and fail to see that anyone has filed such charges.

              Karen Handel has the temperament, resourcefulness
              and diligence to serve the citizens of Georgia as Governor.
              I would support Austin Scott as Lieutenant Governor.

            • Glen Ross says:

              To be fair to Doug…this scandal is very alleged. Almost as alleged as the alleged sunrise this morning. I didn’t see it, so I can’t say for sure…but looking looking out my window, what I see makes me believe it happened. Could be wrong, though.

              • Red Phillips says:

                My point Glen, is that Doug and Jeff and others are taking particular delight in the alleged scandal because of their dislike for Ray on the issues. They disliked Ray long before anything had been alleged. But now, conveniently for them, they can substitute drive by innuendoes about bus stops instead of having to resort to that mentally draining exercise known as formulating an argument. Whatever may or may not be true about the allegations against Ray has nothing to do with the fact that Ray and his supporters are standing up for the Constitution as originally intended and Doug and Jeff are horrified by the idea of following the Constitution as originally intended. This shouldn’t be surprising about Jeff since he professes allegiance to an ideological vision of libertarianism that conforms with original intent in some ways and not in others. But it should be surprising for Doug, since he says he is a conservative, because he has made it quite clear he isn’t concerned with conserving much of anything beyond perhaps 1980 give or take.

                • Glen Ross says:

                  I think they, like myself, believe Ray McBerry is wrong on both the issues and underage girls and are taking him to task on both.

                  • Red Phillips says:

                    Yes, but Doug has been demonstrably unable to articulate why he thinks McBerry is wrong on the issues and instead substitutes inchoate hysteria and sleazy innuendo that would make Morris Dees blush.

                    If people want to argue that “extremism” is bad simply because it is extremism and that there is inherent virtue in moderation then fine, make that argument. But don’t say McBerry and like minded Constitutionalists are wrong about the Constitution and history unless you are willing to back it up. Personally, I find it a rather sad indictment of our sorry modern state of affairs that wanting to follow the Constitution as originally intended is considered some sort of fringe position.

      • Mozart says:

        Maybe Karen should drop back and run for Lt. Governor. After all, isn’t she the one with the supposed “Cagle pictures?”

          • Red Phillips says:

            I am no Karen Handel fan. I think she is the designated moderate in this campaign, although in the debate I saw here in Middle Georgia, Austin Scott was trying hard to out position her as the choice of “thoughtful” moderates. But WHO CARES if she has a college degree. The constant harping on her lack of a degree and whether or not she got a GED reeks to high heaven of elitism. She has managed to do pretty well for herself I think. So move on.

            • Henry Waxman says:

              Maybe Karen Handel should say “Bring it on!” to a few remedial courses at Kennessaw State or before she runs for the highest office in the State of Georgia.

              • Henry Waxman says:

                I have met with Karen Handel in a professional setting, and let’s just say that I was not impressed.

                • AlanR says:

                  One can only wonder what her impressions of you were . . . did she avert her eyes in shame when you introduced yourself as Henry Waxman — college graduate?

                  • Henry Waxman says:

                    Is that the best diversion you have for an unqualified candidate who (1) doesn’t have the intellectual and/or time management skills necessary to handle a part-time community college schedule, (2) hasn’t even lived in the state she wishes to govern for 20 years, and (3) makes up positions on her official bio (such as “executive” at an accounting firm) to cover up for her lack of experience?

              • Henry Waxman says:

                And Governor of the State of Georgia is far from a trivial position. So, if Karen Handel wants to be Governor, then maybe she should gain some legislative experience and be a good role model for all Georgians by completing her education.

                Republican Leader John Boehner worked a full time job to support his brothers and sisters and completed his college degree at night. Now, let’s see if Karen can.

                • B Balz says:

                  Legislative experience like being one of the youngest, best and brightest in the the House Committee that regulates State and Local Government Operations, perhaps.

                  Austin Scott is the Chair of (SLGO) State and Local Gov’t operations Committee.

          • Mozart says:

            Yes, actually, I am. I am scared of totally ignorant people occupying the Office of Governor for Georgia.

            It’s not all really a matter of her lack of education, but more a matter of the fact that Sonny thinks she’s qualified enough. This is the clown who tells us he’s a “conservative” when he wanted to switch parties, but has pretty much proved himself to be an old-line crooked Democrat for the last 8 years without the “D” designation.

            Thanks, but no thanks to “Governor Handel.” I want this state to excel and not continue to devolve.

            • Republican Lady says:

              She is the candidate who will help this state to excel so I guess you and I will have to agree to disagree, because I won’t change your mind and you definitely won’t change mine.

              • Jim Bob says:

                Republican Lady,

                You should change your name to Moderate Republican Lady.

                Not that there is anything wrong with that, I’m glad to have you as a Republican. But, Karen Handel is NOT conservative and as Mozart just stated….Georgia does not need more of the same.

                With Obama in the White House, the last thing Georgia needs is a Socialist Sympathizer…..

                • Republican Lady says:

                  Just because you see me or her for that matter, as moderate does not make it so, that is your opinion to which you are entitled.

                  I am a conservative whether you accept it or not, as is she from the debates in which I have heard her speak.

                  The fact you refer to one of us as an Obama Socialist Sympathizer shows you prefer to attack those you do not feel comfortable and gives me more insight into your persona for future use.

                • Republican Lady says:

                  After hearing Karen speak several times, I feel
                  she is a conservative and the fact you don’t means we have a difference of opinion.

                  As for me, other than my stating I support her as a grassroots activist, you have no facts in which to guage my leanings. I am a conservative and it you believe it, fine, and if you don’t, well frankly my dear, I don’t give a da–

    • People like edmund are so predictable: “Somehow this post must be orchestrated for Karen Handel’s benefit, I can’t think how but I’m sure it is.”

      Maybe, just maybe, Erick is suggesting something that should be debated and considered on it’s merits. I think Austin Scott for Lt. Governor is a idea well worth consideration and I hope he is considering it.

      • redrock says:

        I think the post you’re referring to above is more mentioning Erick’s propensity to post extremely biased statements in support of his sweetheart candidates (which Austin Scott seems to now be on that list) – not that this post was “orchestrated for Karen Handel’s benefit”.

        It’s amazing that this post and the several others just like it never provide a factual arguement – for in this case – “a better lieutenant governor”.

        Rather, its just Erick and his magical omniscient knowledge of each senator’s thoughts and their collect desire for a “new leader”.

        Erick – for your next post – please include a fact based arguement – hell, any semi-logical argument to support your claims rather than just a rant expressing your personal disdain.

  2. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Erick, this may be a job for you.
    Edmund….that was vicious ! But I liked it.

    I think making so much of one guys character is kind of saying the rest are bankrupt with it. In the character department, taking care of the citizens and honor, he’s no better than Chapman. And I know Chapman better than Erick knows Scott. Austin is a good man. He’s smart and he should make the decision with out political operatives with an agenda. There’s your visit to the wood pile Erick. Have a nice day 🙂

    • polisavvy says:

      Apparently your memory is not a whole lot better. Representative Scott said that he would be the first to call for his resignation if evidence presented itself. I don’t recall seeing him standing next to Richardson holding his hand while he gave that pathetic “goodbye.” Do you recall that?

  3. Wiley says:

    Sounds like the job for you Erick, your name ID must be soaring from your appearances on the ever popular John King Show.

    I’m actually quite please that we have a House and Senate who work together. Please Erick, don’t move heaven on earth just yet.

    • Icarus says:

      working together? I’m guessing you haven’t paid much attention to the hospital bed tax. Even key Senators are now calling the Senate “disfunctional”, with a near Civil War breaking out between Casey, Rogers, Smith and others.

      • Republican Lady says:

        I am attempting to post regarding the Hart County event last night. The post hasn’t shown up and when I tried to post a second time, it says duplicate post. What do you think is happening, as my post is not visible.

      • chefdavid says:

        I call it working together. Have you noticed how many Senate Resolutions reconizing Civil War trails, interchanges, urging Dot to put it on their maps and more. That is how they are solving transportation issues. Meanwhile the civil war between urban vs. rural Georgia transportation will either esculate up or die until next year.

  4. Atlanta says:

    Peter, you know that quote has been taken out of context. Austin also said he’d be the first to call for Glenn’s resignation when evidence of misdeed was brought forward…

  5. Jim Bob says:

    If Austin Scott were to get out of the Gov race, his supporters would certainly not go to Handel – as she is a moderate not a conservative.

    • B Balz says:

      And BTW, being a moderate is not exactly like having a scarlet letter branded on one’s shoulder. Those among us who are intellectually honest ought to look at the HC Bill as the paradigm of how other important National issues may be resolved. In a flawed, costly, unpopular manner.

      Just like the UK, two sides unable to meet anywhere close to common ground.

      • Republican Lady says:

        Maybe I should become a conservative moderate or a moderate conservative. I’ve studied the UK system and rather like it in some ways.

        • B Balz says:

          Look at the huge immigration issues the UK faces. The US will not be far behind. The GOP still clings to the unworkable idea of building a wall, instead of using incentives for legal immigration.

          Our HC Bill is an example of how poorly a divided system attempted to resolve a truly non-Partisan issue. (Both Dems and GOP suffer illness.)

          Ye, this is still the best neighborhood in the World.

          Good to see you around here, get your friends to read what is said. Many of my close, staunch, dyed-in-the-wool GOP friends have had their eyes opened by PP posts.

    • Glen Ross says:

      I don’t think Handel would get any bump from Scott’s stepping over. He’s taken her to task on a few things (some of which I agree with) I think Johnson would get the lion’s share.

      All that said…I don’t know that he should change. I don’t think he’ll beat Cagle, and he’s been an important voice in the Gov’s race so far.

      • Glen Ross says:

        Ehhh, you know what? To hell with it…DO IT AUSTIN! Cagle’s imcompetency shouldn’t go unchallenged. Someone not named Aleq Boyle needs to step up.

      • Ambernappe says:

        Although I believe that the strategy is abomidable, the Democrats will exploit the photos of Johnson wrapped in an PC
        unacceptable flag in a major

        Although I believe the strategy is disgusting, the fact remains that the Democrats will use photographs of Mr. Johnson wrapped in a Confederate flag for a major regional celebration in Savannah several years ago. It’s is a stretch, but some voters will react negatively.

        • Dave Bearse says:

          Any politician publicly wrapping themselves in a Confederate flag since the turn of the century lacks the judgement to be Governor.

  6. DonnaC says:

    I heard him speak, at the District 10 dinner last night; and I was disappointed. He seems like a really nice guy, but he just doesn’t seem to have “fire in his belly” like some of the other candidates, i.e., Ray McBerry. McBerry, clearly, got the most response even though he seems to be a one-issue candidate–10th Amendment rights.

    Still don’t know who I’m going for…

    • polisavvy says:

      Wow, I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I talked with someone who was there, who would have absolutely no reason to lie to me, who told me that he did a very good job. One thing you have to realize, DonnaC, is that unlike several of the other candidates who quit their positions in order to run, Representative Scott is working for the State during the day and running his campaign after session hours and on the weekend. Sometimes people get fatigued; however, he was not on Saturday, contrary to popular belief. He actually had a very good day.

    • B Balz says:

      DonnaC if you are uncertain between Mr. McBerry and Rep. Scott, I would say do your research starting with PeachPundit and other sources.

      Mr. McBerry is almost evangelical to me, when he speaks, and is a somewhat of a gifted orator, but he speaks as a Populist. So much of what he says gets folks fired up, but as Governor, he would have little, if any, power to control or resolve the issues on which he speaks.

      To many, Rep. Scott is refreshingly direct and knows our State budget inside out.

  7. Aggressive Opinion says:

    I call thread jack. Ray McBerry isn’t even significant enough to be worthy of comments. @Chris and @Wiley hysterical posts. How did Sonny not discover McBerry’s appetite for children last go around?

      • polisavvy says:

        He may have not needed to do so; however, you know that if Sonny had had the goods on McBerry that he would have thrown it out there. Seems odd to a good many of us that something of this nature was overlooked.

        • GOPGeorgia says:

          I wouldn’t have thrown it out if I were Sonny. Any mention of an opponent that no one knows about raises their name ID. Also it would have made him look worried and maybe mean.

  8. Aggressive Opinion says:

    In regards to the original post, I think that Austin Scott would be a force to be reckoned with against Carol Porter if that’s the road he decides to take. Casey should be running for the hills of Chestnut Mountain come qualifying week.

    • polisavvy says:

      I agree with you Aggressive. I think he would be a very strong force and one which the GOP desperately needs. I just wonder if he is even considering such a move or is Erick just hoping. I personally did not like the tone or content of his article. Am still trying to figure out what his whole angle was.

  9. Georgia Judge says:


    This is the most pathetic post I think you have ever posted,sad really sad.I understand your motives I mean if I had personally attacked the sitting LG and insulted his family based on unfounded rumors /gossip like you and your team have done on here repeatedly I would want a new LG as well.But,to try and make an arguement of this sort is completely laughable,I mean really are you really this niave or does your enormous distaste for all things Cagle blind you to the point of this babble????

    I think you should enlighten us on your statement concerning the “Caucus wanting a new leader”,you see you have a history of coming on here and saying the Caucus is meetig on this the Caucus is meeting on that and guess what? its all proven to be wishful thinking on your part time and time again.

    Austin isnt going to primary Cagle for the same reason noone else has and that is he is a very popular sitting LG(outside the echo chamber known as PP)who has a solid financial warchest and a Senate Caucus that is strongly supporting him.In addition to these advantages he is one of the best “on the trail”politicians weve had in a while,.

    Keep wishing Erick,but you need to come to grips with and understand Cagle is going to be reelected in November by a large margin…….

    • willow knows all says:


  10. Jane says:

    Is the Anti-Cagle critics former Raph Reed people working toward revenge or do they have real issues. I supported Casey last time, but remain neutral now. Erick and others need to lay out a complete rational for removing Casey. I know some, but not all the issues.

    • Chris says:

      I strongly supported Cagle, liked what I saw initially, then someone must have gotten hold of something because his performance in the past 2 sessions has sucked.

      I’ll have more to say on this soon.

  11. Republican Lady says:

    I was at Hart County last night too and felt Ray McBerry was loud, coarse, and the only issue he spoke about was the 10th Amendment. I disagree that McBerry got the most response from the crowd. The person who stole the show was Melvin Everson, who got a standing ovation as well as deafening applause.

    McBerry spoke to a woman at a table next to me who told him to go away, that she wouldn’t elect him if he were running for dog catcher because of his propensity for young children. He said the AJC lied about him and she threaten to get security or someone if he didn’t leave. She turned her back to him and started talking to some other woman about how McBerry should be ashamed. He called her something that sounded like “b__ch” but I don’t think she heard him, and he finally left.

    A very tired Austin Scott who gave his speech, said he would speak with anyone with questions and that he was going to South Georgia to see his newborn niece (or was it nephew). With all the events he probably crowded into the day, he appeared to be a very tired man in critical need of rest and sleep.

    Nathan Deal came for about 15 minutes, talked to Paul Broun, and left. Broun spoke as Deal’s representative about Deal’s Congressional retirement and Deal’s run against Barnes. Very presumptuous on his part that Deal could win.

    Deal was extremely red faced, appeared to have lost weight, seemed unsteady on his feet, and looked like he should be in a hospital, as he looked sickly. I heard someone say he has very high blood pressure so maybe he should concentrate on his health. We need a healthy governor and Deal is not that person.

    Roger Hines gave a very good speech and Kathy Cox, who said she felt attacked by the other candidates for her job, lost her train of thought and went on the defensive against the negative comments made about her time in office.

    Max Wood and Gerry Purcell seemed to be popular with those in attendance. In all, approximately 26 – 30 candidates spoke for various positions they are running for as well as ten or more currently elected officials who were present and working the crowd. A good night for speeches.

    • Jim Bob says:

      Republican Lady,

      You obviously must be a Doctor since you are diagnosing whether a candidate is healthy or not to serve.

      • Republican Lady says:

        I gave an observation, not a diagnosis. Big difference in the two words, You can find the difference in the words in a dictionary. You do have a dictionary, right?

          • Henry Waxman says:

            John, with all sincerity, I think you should run against Rep. Price again. This isn’t a slight or a joke.

          • Republican Lady says:

            Thanks John. I call it as it I see it.

            I really enjoy your posts and I learn new viewpoints to consider. As Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Or something like that. I find that he was correct.

        • GOPGeorgia says:

          Let me clarify, I was talking about Rep. Scott seeming fine, but Congressman Deal looked OK as well. Just MY observations.

          • Republican Lady says:


            As for my Scott reference, I was addressing DonnaC saying she was disappointed with Austin’s comments and “lack of fire.” You must admit the long General Assembly session has drained those trying to run a campaign in their free time, and as such, some candidates are spreading themselves thin playing catch-up resulting in general tireness.

            Also, you must admit that Deal has been under a great deal of stress on several fronts. Just saying that with all that stress and in light of his age, it takes a toll. I was speaking out of concern for his health, not making a negative statement about his appearance in general.

            So tell me now, did you take my comments about both men negatively?

            • GOPGeorgia says:


              I didn’t think you were replying to my comment, but I was replying to yours. I heard and saw both men earlier that day and I didn’t see them the same way you did. Both of the men in question, as well as the other men, and our woman running for Governor have very rigorous schedules. Eventually, one of them may not appear chipper for a few minutes.

              You may have been honest in your statement as to your opinion of how they looked or how someone else thought they sounded. I just urge you to realize it’s an opinion. I didn’t take your opinion as positive or negative. I just didn’t agree with it based upon what I observed. As far as Congressman Deals age goes, it reminds me of that old President Reagan quote. “Age won’t be a factor in this race. I won’t use my opponent’s youth and inexperience against them.”.

              • Republican Lady says:

                GOP Georgia,

                I guess we must agree to disagree. In college I was taught there are always three sides to communication or an issue; what one says, what one hears, and what was meant that is often open to interpretation.

                • GOPGeorgia says:

                  I’m not so sure we disagreed. What I observed was between 10 AM and 2 PM. What you observed was later. It is possible for both of us to be right, based upon what we observed. I also allow that both of us could be wrong. The candidates could have been wearing a happy face just while talking to me. They could have ate something that disagreed with them while being observed by you.

        • Jim Bob says:


          Does your “observation” include spreading hearsay?

          I do have a dictionary. Thanks for asking. And, beside the definition of Moderate Republican is a picture of Karen Handel….

            • Jim Bob says:


              I am addressing my fears…….

              …….trying my best to keep a moderate like Karen Handel from being elected Gov.

              Georgia needs/deserves a conservative.

                • AlanR says:

                  With all due respect . . . everyone is right to be skeptical about everything candidates say or profess. No offense to Karen, but voters have been lied to a lot lately. It’s good to challenge a candidate’s positions, and its great that you defend Karen, but given what we’ve had to put up with lately, don’t expect anyone to take her word for it. Not this year.

                  • Republican Lady says:

                    You are correct in your statements and I agree, as some candidates say one thing one day and are caught in a lie the next. Candidates are really going to have to work hard on their images to restore voter confidence and be more ethical in their dealings with the voters.

                    What I have a problem with is people posting outlandish comments on many of the candidates. I prefer to deal with facts, not emotion; however, I have go by what Karen has said and what she has written on her web site. As a grassroots supporter, she is the one I have chosen to support and defend.

          • Ambernappe says:

            Perhaps you could clarify by specifying your interpretations of the definitions of “conservative” and “moderate”.

    • Comfortably Southside says:

      Republican Lady= Melvin Everson receives that same response practically everywhere he goes. The man really is a shining star emerging from the Republican ranks. Leaders like him are what makes politics so special to be a part of. Not only does he represent good sound Christian values but he also goes along way to break the cycle of the Republican Party being the party of ” Old White Guys”. The grassroot support by him grows by the day and I am glad but not suprised he received such support in Hart County.

      • Republican Lady says:

        This was the first time I heard him speak and he totally blew me away. He is the first candidate I have seen to get a standing ovation to thunderous applause. He was great!

    • Henry Waxman says:

      I highly doubt that Rep. Deal’s wife and children would be supporting his run for governor if he wasn’t healthy enough to campaign. I’ve met Sandra Deal before, and you don’t survive four decades of teaching middle schoolers by being a pushover.

      Further, if Rep. Deal wasn’t healthy, then he would not have been cleared by the Attending Physician of the House and the Department of Defense to visit the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

        • Henry Waxman says:

          I would think that pointing out the fact that Rep. Deal was cleared by the Attending Physician of the U.S. House of Representatives to go on high-physical-stress trips is pretty good evidence that the guy is healthy. I was expecting more than a “whatever” in response.

          • Republican Lady says:

            Health issues have a way of presenting quickly. I went to the doctor complaining of several things in June 2004. He ran tests and said I was fine but I didn’t feel fine. I went back in September with the same complaints and he tried to dismiss me, saying I was playing super woman by working full time and carrying a full college load. I got mad, demanded he do more tests, and was generally my aggressive self that I try to keep under control. He called me two days later to tell me I had five cancerous tumors and I had extensive surgery two weeks later. I feel that if I had not pushed the issue, I wouldn’t be here now. He is still my doctor, the only thing that has changed is now he listens to me.

            Deal is not my candidate, but even I would hate to see him have a condition suddenly manifest itself and have severe results. I was concerned about him as one human about another. Had he been a loved one, I would have made him go by the hospital that moment. Better to go and be nothing than to not go and stoke out.

    • ConcernedGeorgian says:

      Republican Lady,

      You forgot to mention how great Karen Handel looked. Oh yeah, she didn’t show up! Maybe she realizes that she has no chance of being elected by rural conservatives and should focus on Fulton County. But yet, I’m sure that she would have loved a second chance to explain her position on abortion to the pro-life voters of Hart County.

      • Republican Lady says:

        Concerned Georgian,

        Don’t presume to know why Karen wasn’t there, I’m sure she had her reasons. Oxendine failed to show also but that didn’t seem to bother you.

        As for your abortion comment, you obviously haven’t read her stance on that issue but instead appear to want to spread misinformation. Here is a direct quote from her website since you are unable to find the truth, for those who want to know where she stands. “Karen is pro-life. As a matter of law she believes society may allow for exceptions in cases of rape, incest or when there is a real threat to the mother’s life.”

      • B Balz says:

        I would like the pro-lifers of Hart County explain their position on transportation issues in our cities. Y’all come on down here for some nice ‘cue and let’s discuss how the State is going to keep the lights on in 2012.

        The issues we face, as a State, are not going to allow us to distill our conversations, votes, and laws to what the majority would characterize as “the non-issues” of gun ownership and abortion. Yet, the political reality is that many voters look at those two issues, plus a few others, as their litmus tests for a candidate.

        The reality is that Georgia will have even more drastic budget issues in 2011-12 and that’s what is keeping me awake at night – the rights of the unborn, not so much.

        • Red Phillips says:

          “Y’all come on down here for some nice ‘cue and let’s discuss how the State is going to keep the lights on in 2012.”

          I have a good idea. Cut spending and don’t raise taxes or “fees.”

    • Mountain Republican says:

      Why all the hate toward Nathan Deal? Is it because he was only there 15 minutes and STILL beat your candidate for Governor? Voters like you are the reason we are in the mess we are in now. Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, and Handel are mainstream if you look at what their campaign materials say. Referring people to Handel’s website for her positions? For every one issue, Karen has three positions before her latest run for Governor. She may have popular positions for San Francisco and Athens, but mainstream Georgians are beginning are become educated on her left-wing social issues. Not the ones from her website, but the ones from her menial experience in public service.

      • Ambernappe says:

        How insulting to compare Karen Handel to Barack Obama.
        Karen’s past public service has been exceptional.

        By the way, in cases where “menial” is an appropriate descriptor,
        remember that the menial is not properly done, it becomes extremely important. Sort of like the “weakest link”.

      • Republican Lady says:

        First, lets deal with facts. I don’t hate Nathan Deal and I was concerned about his health since he was there one minute and gone the next as well as the physical attributes I observed. I do have a problem with his ethics and failure to deal with the ethics report.

        Second, the election has not been held and Deal is not governor. Deal is losing support and Karen is gaining in support. Deal is having to spend money on attorney fees and Karen isn’t.

        Third, you have no idea what kind of voter I am, as all the people you mentioned except for Karen are Democrats and I’m a conservative Republican, therefore, my votes have not caused the mess we are in.

        Fourth, San Francisco is not in Georgia but you are correct in saying that Athens is here and Karen positions are for Georgia. If you have “her three positions” in print, send me the link.

        Fifth, mainstream Georgians are becoming more educated and that is a good thing because they will see that Karen does not have left-wing social issues you claim.

        Sixth, being Secretary of State is not menial experience in public service.

        Perhaps you should research what you want to say before you post.

        • KariDee says:

          Dear Republican Lady,
          I must again remind you that Mr. Deal has addressed the ethics report. I will be kind enough to leave you the link again. There are three different segments to this news conference.

  12. ummm-duh says:

    Let’s just say this: I’ve talked to literally scores of conservative GOP activists who all say the same thing about Austin Scott — “I’d vote for him if he had a chance.”

    If you ever hear Austin speak in person, it’s obvious to see that he has an honesty and integrity sorely missing from many of Georgia’s current leaders. We need his leadership in some capacity, and Lieutenant Governor would give him the room to do so.

    Cagle’s numbers, though formidable now, I believe are quite soft. Imagine the contrasts that could be drawn on ethics b/w those two men and you see where this race could go.

    Austin already has a ton of “moral support” from the conservative grassroots. Erick’s right: we’re just waiting for him to make a move where we can see him being in real contention and in a position to make the most positive impact for Georgia

  13. Progressive Dem says:

    It’s bad when Erick agrees with me.

    Progressive Dem April 8, 2010 at 1:57 pm
    It’s reassuring to see McBerry not making the cut, but Scott doesn’t even crack 5% among “firmly committed Republicans.” He needs to drop down to Lt. Governor. Casey Cagle is low hanging fruit.

  14. Mae says:

    Erick is right, Cagle is not the right GOP candidate for LG — too many bad decisions, too much time playing establishment politics, and a sordid side to his pesonal life, which the Democrats are bound to make public as the race heats up. If commitment to conservative values and a track record that validates this commitment are what will win the hearts of GOP voters in the LG’s race, then I think Jeff Chapman ought to be the candidate of choice for the GOP faithful. Chapman’s record as a conservative in the Senate is impeccable – he’s voted his conservative convictions time and again at the expense of his standing with the Senate elite, making the right calls each time. Given the “throw the bums out” sentiment that is growing in Georgia and around the nation, Chapman, as an anti-establishmeent public servant, is, in my opinion, well-positioned to challenge a career politician such as Cagle, whose star has lost much of its luster

  15. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Very good post Mae and I agree with you. But if Chapman is like a rock on his values (and he is) it would make sense that he would also stand fast on the course he is on.

    I thought of Teddy’s quote “It is not that critic who counts” when I first started reading the posted material above.

  16. Mae says:

    You’re right, Ludwig, Chapman, because of who he is, most likely will stay the course as a gubernatorial candidate. My hope is, however, that he’ll come to terms with the fact that the fundmental reason which compelled him to become a candidate for Governor also applies to the LG post, which is the need for people in leadership positions who know the difference between right and wrong and will act accordingly.
    Put simply, now more than ever, we need people in leadership positions who, through thick and thin, will hold fast to traditional conservative values in meeting the huge challenges we now face as a state and a society. If we can find and elect leaders who understand that public service must not be confused with self-service; that the interests of everyday Georgians must come before those of politically-connected special interest groups; and that loyalty to principles must take precedence over Party team-play, we just might be able to find our way out of the massive mess that we’re mired in today. Chapman fits the leadership bill in each of these regards, in my humble opinion. He should forget about supporting Cagle as an incumbent, run for LG himself, and let the Chips fall where they may.

    • lewthecaver says:

      I LOVE this idea!
      It was quickly becoming apparent that the chances of Chapman raising enough money to challenge the entrenched Georgia political elite, having him in the LG office would make for an interseting term! Can you imagine the fireworks between Jeff and old man Roy? FUN!

  17. PaulRevere says:

    I’m sure Casey has plenty of malcontents in the Senate, but they will fall right in line as soon as he draws serious primary opposition. The number one rule of Senate Club is you always support members of Senate Club.

  18. Mayonnaise says:

    “McBerry spoke to a woman at a table next to me who told him to go away, that she wouldn’t elect him if he were running for dog catcher because of his propensity for young children. He said the AJC lied about him and she threaten to get security or someone if he didn’t leave. She turned her back to him and started talking to some other woman about how McBerry should be ashamed. He called her something that sounded like “b__ch” but I don’t think she heard him, and he finally left.” ….. We have a child molester showing up at GOP events and harassing people?

    • polisavvy says:

      Would you really expect any different type behavior than that from him? I’m not surprised. I had someone else tell me the same thing yesterday afternoon. This person heard the word you said uttered, too. I guess there’s no denying some things, right?

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        If you wanted to do real damage, next time get it on tape or video. In the mean time, it’s hearsay. (I am refering to the name calling.) I heard someone else tell me that so it must be true.

        • polisavvy says:

          I don’t believe it is hearsay when the person who told me this was the actual recipient of the word uttered. No tape or video necessary!

          • Red Phillips says:

            I am not a lawyer, but actually I think that is the definition of hearsay. Someone told me that someone else said. It wouldn’t be hearsay if the actual hearer testified to it.

            • polisavvy says:

              I’m not a lawyer, either, nor do I play one on TV; however, I beg to differ. Hearsay would be having someone they were told by someone else that McBerry said that to someone. This person was spoken to directly by McBerry. I have no reason to believe they would lie; therefore, I believe this person. In other words, if I told you I had three dogs and you told someone else that I had three dogs, would you say that was hearsay? The reason it wouldn’t be is because I would have told you a fact. This person would have no reason to be anything other than truthful and factual with me. I know this person’s character very well — lying is not something this person does.

                • polisavvy says:

                  Sorry. I am just a tad crabby today and shouldn’t take it out on you. By the way, where have you been? I haven’t seen you on here in a while (or did I just miss it).

            • “1. Traditionally, testimony that is given by a witness who relates not what he or she knows personally, but what others have said, and that is therefore dependent on the credibility of someone other than the witness. “

              • polisavvy says:

                Ronald, I worked in law firms for over twenty years. I am aware of the definition of testimony. I was just trying to defend the words of the actual recipient of McBerry’s comment. There is no need for this to become even more thread jacked than it has already become.

                • I was applying to Red, you hadn’t posted when I began to post, but obviously did before mine got posted.

                  I figured if he was going to bring issue of what the definition of what hearsay was, someone should actually post the definition. Otherwise I’m staying out of this 🙂

                  • polisavvy says:

                    Thanks. I try not to engage; but, sometimes I just can’t help myself. LOL!! The reason for my thread jacking comment was because what was supposed to be an “encourage” Austin Scott article has turned out to be any but that — I just didn’t want to stray too far off from that. Didn’t mean to sound snide.

  19. ZazaPachulia says:

    Here’s where Erick’s seemingly keen insight and excellent blogging comes off the rails. Whenever he writes something that makes me think “wow, this guy is really good,” I have to remind myself that he’s still supporting the laughable candidacy of office-jumper Karen Handel (he must really know some competent man/woman behind the curtain).

    Hey Erick, how about “The People concerned with the future of Georgia need to step up”?

    The session is ending soon. Austin Scott is without a doubt the best of the Republican gubernatorial field. How about GOPers open their wallets at the session’s close and make Austin viable. That way we don’t have to settle for the lesser of four evils (Deal, Ox, Handel, Johnson) or King Roy.

    There are a lot of people out there (myself included) who will be voting in the GOP primary and want Scott leading the ticket. Those who like Scott but somehow justify choosing one of his opponents at the ballot box are playing a cop-out “he’s not viable” excuse. Well, I know one candidate who is viable and his name is Roy Barnes. If we trot out Deal or Ox or Handel or even “School Voucher” Johnson, Barnes is who we’re going to get. Scott is the best candidate for the general. Among the “front-runners” Johnson might have the best shot, but he is not exactly inspiring.

    It’s a testament to the sad state of the Georgia GOP when the best candidate is considered “not viable” and we have multiple candidates on the donkey side of the ballot who are infinitely times more palatable than our ‘front-runners’ (Be honest… who would you rather have leading Georgia, if you removed the party labels… Poythress, Porter, Baker, (even Barnes) or Ox, Deal, Handel and Johnson?)

    • polisavvy says:

      I have to commend you on your post. It was excellent and totally true, in my opinion. Representative Scott is the best choice.

      Sometimes people can’t see the forest for the trees. They are so caught up in their own candidate that they fail to see the good of any other candidates. They are so in the tank for a candidate that they can’t even write opinion pieces without belittling the one they are so desperately trying to encourage to switch to another position. When you title something in the manner in which this was titled, build them up a little, make misleading statements (of course, his money is an issue at this moment — he hasn’t been able to raise any since early January), and then slam them back down, what has been accomplished? Further, an article like this makes we wonder the true intent and purpose of the article. For the first time, I am totally disappointed in Erick’s articles (which are normally excellent).

      Bottom line, Georgians need to man up!!

    • Glen Ross says:

      I’ve always had little tolerance for the catch-22 of “I’m not voting for him b/c he’s not gonna win” It’s weak and it’s what’s wrong with the party. The current GOP would look a lot different if folks would support the best candidate, not the most likely to win. For one, Herman Cain would be a US Senator already

      • KariDee says:

        “Nathan Deal came for about 15 minutes, talked to Paul Broun, and left. Broun spoke as Deal’s representative about Deal’s Congressional retirement and Deal’s run against Barnes. Very presumptuous on his part that Deal could win.

        Deal was extremely red faced, appeared to have lost weight, seemed unsteady on his feet, and looked like he should be in a hospital, as he looked sickly. I heard someone say he has very high blood pressure so maybe he should concentrate on his health. We need a healthy governor and Deal is not that person.”

        Just as one example….

        • Republican Lady says:

          I didn’t trash him, just stated facts, something you and your team can’t seem to do.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            If Congressman Broun Spoke for Congressman Deal, that was a fact.

            “Deal was extremely red faced, appeared to have lost weight, seemed unsteady on his feet, and looked like he should be in a hospital, as he looked sickly. I heard someone say he has very high blood pressure so maybe he should concentrate on his health. We need a healthy governor and Deal is not that person”

            That was opinion.

            • Republican Lady says:

              When a nurse writes a description on a chart, it is facts used to help a doctor determine a diagnosis. When a police officer writes a description on a report, it is used as probable cause to effect an arrest or for use in a prosecution. If your best friend uses such a description, you take it as fact. Opinion with my training and background? I think not.

              • GOPGeorgia says:

                A nurse takes blood pressure from a device, not guessing at what it is from across a room. He or she takes a pulse by touch and looking at their watch, not by using ESP.

                A police officer may accurately put in their report that the subject was seen running north from address X at time y. He was reported to be wearing a red baseball cap, black pants, and a white shirt. He appeared to be between 5’5 and 5’7 and 150 to 180 pounds and between the ages of 20 to 25.

                He can’t say “he looked sick.” He can say that the subject was coughing excessively.

                You aren’t the only one with training and background. If my best friend were at the event in Hart County and said what you said, I would still tell her that I disagreed with her opinion and that they didn’t appear that way to me earlier in the day. Someone being my best friend doesn’t make their opinion fact. And we have not idea what your training and background is. I can tell what it isn’t.

                There is a differnce between a fact and an observation.

                • Republican Lady says:

                  Gosh, you have distorted what I said beyond recognition. I have read hundreds of medical and police reports that had terms like, “red-faced, cold, clammy, flushed, hot, depressed, hyperactive,” and none of those things has a device for measurement. I also never said I had or used ESP. I have also read hundreds of police reports with similar terminology. As for your physical description you used above, that is subjective based on the ability of someone to judge the accuracy of the measurements you gave.

                  In re-reading about two weeks worth of your posts, I see the same pattern. You appear to have a need to bash anything others say to you to the point it is unrecognizable, then you call them liars.

                  My profile of you based on your writings is a need to feel superior, to bash anyone with an opinion different from yours, a feeling that people are out to get you, defensive, and an inability to work well with others.

                  As to your comments, here is my final answer.


                • Republican Lady says:

                  You have totally distorted my comments beyond recognition and taken them so out of context that they are not recognizable. Rather than point out your errors and get into a long, drawn out battle with you that is so not worth it, my comment to you is WHATEVER. No wonder some of the posters avoid your comments.

                • Republican Lady says:

                  What in the world are you saying? You have totally distorted my comments beyond recognition and taken them so out of context that they are not recognizable. Rather than point out your errors and get into a long, drawn out battle with you that is so not worth it, my comment to you is WHATEVER. No wonder some of the posters avoid your comments.

                  • GOPGeorgia says:


                    It is Ok for a nurse to write down a symptom, but a doctor makes a diagnosis. A symptom can lead to opinions that are not relevant facts. Low blood pressure could be blamed on a bad diet when in fact a toe had been cut off from a lawn mower.

                    I said ESP because I doubt you asked the patient (congressman) what was wrong and how he felt. Do you know another way to take symptoms without taking blood pressure, pulse, weight, or even talking to a person?

                    I haven’t bashed you personally. I have questioned your opninion. In a debate, I will try to provide facts and prove that my opinion is based on better facts than whomever I am discussing an issue with.

                    You still haven’t told us what your training and background is. You must think it’s important to claim it as a basis that your opinion is superior to mine, just because it’s your opinion.

                    The only people I call out as liars are people who say things they know are lies after they have been told what the truth really is.

                    My profile on you is that you like to create profiles. Actually, I like most of your posts. As far as giving the benefit of doubt, I made the case that both of us could be right or that both of us could be wrong. Apparently you think that you have to be right and I have to be wrong. I disagree.

                    I am giving you grief because you said that Georgia needs a healthy Governor and Deal is not that person. The problem with that statement is that I don’t recognize you as Deal’s physician and you haven’t elaborated as to your authority on your ability to make opinions that carry the with weight of fact without question, especially if the diagnosis is made from across the room without talking to him.

                    If you are going to make silly claims, don’t blame me when I come along and poke holes in a silly theory (or diagnosis from across a room.)

                    As far as my ablity to work well with others, I helped plan a picnic with over 600 people attending this past weekend. What are you basing that opinion on?

                    And THAT should cover the flybys.

                    • GOPGeorgia says:

                      “Whatever” is what I say when I know somone has made a better point than I have and I can’t think of what to say.

                    • Republican Lady says:

                      Gotta have the last word, huh? Whatever doesn’t mean to me what it means to you. To me, whatever means you just aren’t worth talking to on whatever the subject is because I feel you are intentionally not trying to understand what is said.

                    • B Balz says:


                      I have pointed out to you in the past that as a sitting GA GOP official, you really ought not argue with GOP voters.

                      It is both unseemly and unproductive, and in this case, not particularly gentlemanly.

                    • GOPGeorgia says:

                      B Balz,

                      I don’t advertise what positions I may hold in the GOP unless it’s germane to the topic at hand.

                      The alternative to me not commenting or R.L.’s assault on Congressman Deal’s question of health was to remain silent. I find that hard to do, when I see unfounded remarks made. If she wanted to campaign against Congressman Deal there are legitimate issues that she could bring up and I would not have said a word. Fabricating issues is a step too far against any candidate, regardless of party.

                      I consider myself a gentleman, but I also consider myself a good debater. R.L. has the right to comment and throw out a silly claim. I respect her enough not to hold back because she’s a woman. I think she’s tough enough to take it, and the overall conversation will be read by many people.

                      As I told her earlier, I agree with most of her posts, and that there factual possibility that both of us could be right band that both of us could be wrong. I guess that wasn’t enough for her.

                      I am out to challenge her to support her opinions. If I make her think before she posts wild opinion again, I think I have helped her. Therefore, I think it was productive. Unseemly I disagree with. Just because I hold a title doesn’t mean I shouldn’t express my opinion. I’m not the Prince of England. I’m an average guy who participates in politics a little more than most. If I decide to run for office one day, or even statewide GOP office, I will probably step back from PP.

  20. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    This isn’t so much about Scott as it is the first follower flexing the power media and of the Internet as a tool.

    Make everything about the movement . Publicly show everyone else how to follow. A movement must be public. Leadership is over glorified. The first follower transforms a lone person into a leader. The best way to make a movement if you care is to courageously follow and show the rest how to. So lets ask Scott to abandon his course because the first follower doesn’t think another Georgian is capable or has the intelligence of filling the LG’s shoes.

    THIS is what is scary about politics.

    Oxy takes a dive on scandals.

    We find out Deal loves farm animals.

    It is discovered that Handel uses voodoo dolls and consults witch doctors

    Chapman is so honest that it is discovered he is an android.

    McBerry is governor because the first follower Eric Ericson convinced all then other nuts Scott should be LG.

  21. BuckheadConservative says:

    What do we do with Austin Scott? Everyone seems to agree he’d be a great leader, but no one can decide what to do with him. I’m not sure he has any better shot at unseating a sitting LG than he does of winning the GOP Guv primary.

    I will say that in a perfect world, I’d love to see Austin run against, and beat Casey Cagle.

    • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

      We? You have a parrot on your shoulder? Why is it “we’s” job to do anything with him? A true conservative leader emerges on his own merit. True conservatives will follow.

      Liberals tend to just add water to a community activist and blindly follow a movement .

    • polisavvy says:

      I believe the decision of what to do with Austin Scott rests with Austin Scott. It is not our decision to make. He would make an excellent Governor.

  22. In The Arena says:

    I can’t figure out Erick. He goes all the way to New York 23 to keep a “doesnt pass the litmus test” republican (Dede Scozzofava) from getting elected. But when a “doesn’t pass the litmus test” republican (Karen “Dede Scozzofava” Handel) runs for governor in his home state, he “moves heaven and earth” to get her elected.

    They say Erick is the 65th most influential conservative in the country. But all he does is howl on a street corner like a hound dog with a sore tail. If we are lucky enough to have the 65th most influential conservative in the country right here in Georgia, why is he not running for LG?

    If Erick wanted to raise the bar in the LG race, he should enter the field. I think a lot of people would vote for him. The reality of this post is that Erick is just trying to clear the field for Dede Scozzofava to get elected governor of Georgia.

  23. B Balz says:

    This thread is just full of ’em:

    “…howl on a street corner like a hound dog with a sore tail…”

  24. DriveByDawg says:

    We all know that Erik sees himself as a queen/king maker. As has already been pointed out – often times he is spot on (eg: Scott Brown & Marco Rubio). Other times, he makes us wonder what planet Macon is really on (eg: earlier reference to Dede S.)

    To quote Erik’s original post: “Austin Scott says a lot of stuff that makes you realize he is a true idealist. He is in it for a better Georgia, not for himself.” And “Austin Scott left the House because he was tired of being bossed around by men of low character largely devoid of ideas. He wants better for Georgia.” You simply can not make either of these statements about any of the “viable” candidates.

    I too have had GOP insiders tell me “he can’t win” (This is what got us John McCain in 2008!). My response every time has been 1) I think he can and; 2) If he doesn’t I don’t care because I am supporting a candidate who, among other thigns, was taking on ethics when it wasn’t cool, who doesn’t have a single ethics issue of his own (or whispers of ethics issues) and who will actually give you a shorth straight answer to a simple question.

    One has to wonder – is Erik a little worried that as soon as the session is over, the donors who have been waiting for sine die will make Austin “viable?” Ms. Handel quit her job so she could raise money and it turns out she didn’t really raise as much as we all thought she would. Many folks, including me, have said they were not supporting her because she wasn’t ready for prime time but that if she were to run for LG where she could spend 4-8 years getting a better grip on the issues, they would support her now – and possibly in 4-8 years as Gov.

    We could say it’s time for Karen Handel to “Man Up” and run for LG.

    • polisavvy says:

      All I can say is thank you for your excellent post. It certainly was nice to see someone who actually knows and understands the concept of “thread jacking.” I don’t suppose that the purpose of this article was to promote Handel, Deal, or McBerry; however, their supporters felt this an appropriate time and place to do so. Once again, thank you, Dawg.

      I feel the same as you do about Representative Scott. His ethics are above reproach and he’s in it for Georgia, not himself. He has proven that by not joining the ranks of the quitters. Yes, he will have to double time it once session ends; but, he’s been making as many appearances as possible during session and his staff has been filling in on a daily basis. The money is there to be had and once session ends could start rolling in. Let’s also not forget the large percentage of undecided votes that are still up for grabs.

      If, by some chance, he decides to run for LG, then it will be a very well thought out decision and it will be a decision that Representative Scott thinks is best for Georgia. At the end of the day, I sincerely believe that the man is all for putting Georgia first and himself second. I’m not so certain that all the other candidates feels the same.

      • DriveByDawg says:

        Thanks Poli! I’ve been a lurker on this site for a long time and have never posted because someone (like you) often says what I’m thinking. But this post of Erik’s has been bugging me since last night and I just couldn’t let this one go.

        • polisavvy says:

          Like minds, huh? Well, the post bothered me, too. I refrained from getting on here yesterday because I was so upset I didn’t want to sound like a fruitcake; however, I woke up this morning and couldn’t help myself.

          I’ve yet to figure out the true intent and motivation for the post. It certainly wasn’t flattering by any means. Really –“Austin Scott Needs To Man Up?” How was the title even a good thing? I guess, like I said earlier, sometimes people can’t see the forest for the trees.

          I hope to see you continue posting on here and welcome aboard. It’s addictive! 🙂

    • polisavvy says:

      What? My blatant typo (for which I apologize)(candidates feel)? Sorry if you don’t agree with me; but, I do happen to think that there is probably a candidate or two out there that are more self-serving. Just my opinion. By the way, thanks for the compliment. You don’t give them out very often. 😉

  25. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    But you did say it was how you felt. Do some research. I said Austin was a good man also and I feel also he puts Georgians first. just like the other guy that didn’t desert his post. You do know who that is , right?

    • polisavvy says:

      Of course, I do. You have never heard me say anything ill toward him either, have you. By the way, you never will, either. I have respect for him. A few of the others, not so much. But, there again, that’s just my opinion.

  26. Tireless says:

    Let me summarize…..

    Scott isn’t going to be the next Governor, maybe he should run for LTG and save face.

    Handel is at best a moderate …. she’s probably a little right of Barney Frank.

    Deal needs to crawl back under a rock.

    OX is the same putz he has always been.

    McBerry …. what can I say that will not make people laugh at the notion he is still running for office.

    Did I miss anything?

    • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

      Yes, a lot of honor and integrity that is in the race. But so is a lot of other people.

      It boils down to this with what we have. And this would be the dream team that would seweep the rif raff from the gold dome and stop selling us out.

      In either chair, both Scott and Chapman. One Gov and the other LG

      Two guys with ethics, honor and integrity that puts Georgians first, leading Georgia.

      Lets get back ti Eric’s dream tho. 🙂

    • B Balz says:

      Oxy takes a dive on scandals.

      We find out Deal loves farm animals.

      It is discovered that Handel uses voodoo dolls and consults witch doctors

      Chapman is so honest that it is discovered he is an android.

  27. Mae says:

    Ludwig — A Chapman/Scott combo steering the Georgia ship of state is a grand idea. If elected (and that’s mighty big if), they just might be able to turn around the politics of influence that have dominated the Gold Dome in recent years. Integrity can, indeed,be contagious, just as its opposite has become under Pearson, Richardson, Cagle, and others of that ilk. Maybe, just maybe, Georgians will wake up in this election cycle and realize that they are being had, big time, by a GOP elite that has lost touch with the Party’s core principles. Where’s a Teddy Roosevelt when we really need one???
    I would give just about anything to see men of honor and integrity like Chapman and Scott

    • Ambernappe says:

      Perhaps you have a college degree ? Please specify why you do not support Karen Handel. Certainly, you have taken advantage of every opportunity to see and hear her in person, and on-line at appearances around the state.

      • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

        I have, I like and respect her. I have contributed money to her. But I aint voting for her for Governor. If she wins the primary I will support her and I have told her this to her face.

        I aint voting for anyone just because someone else thinks it’s a good idea. That is how we got President Obama.

    • ZazaPachulia says:

      Georgians are going to wake up… The sad part of that equation is that it looks like the GOP primary voters are still drinking the kool aid.

      So when Georgia wakes up and stares down Barnes v. Ox, Handel, Deal or Johnson for governor, guess who the voters are going to choose?

      (I’ll give you a hint… his name starts with a ‘k’ and ends with ‘ing Roy’)

  28. Mae says:

    Ambernappe — Yes, I’ve heard Karen Handel speak, but I still don’t support her mainly b/c she is too closely tied to Perdue politics and appears to be his hand-picked candidate as a successor. I do not respect Perdue, for various reasons, and will not support someone who walks in lock-step with his policies. I’m tired of hearing “bring it on” as ‘answer’ to all of Georgia’s problems – we need more than sound-byte solutions to the challenges now facing Georgia.
    I don’t consider myself a practing member of the tea party movement, but I do have a deep distrust of those who represent establishment politics, which is what I think Karen epitomizes.
    Chapman and Scott, on the other hand, are willing to stand by their principles and buck the establishment for the sake of doing what’s right.
    The party elite – Cagle in particular – have denied Chapman a committee chairmanship for the simple reason that he won’t play along to get along. I see him as a team player, but the team he’s playing for is the people of Georgia, not the GOP upper echelon, which has too often turned its back on conservative principles to curry favor with special interest groups.
    Chapman has opposed the Purdue regime’s sanctioning of the Georgia Power giveaway, the abuse of eminent domain by private development interets, and the Jekyll Island land deal, none of which have won him any political points within the Gold Dome but have earned him the respect of those of us who are sick and tired of politicians preaching free market principles but turning their backs on these same principles when they become politically inconvenient.
    I think we need a “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” type character leading our state, not someone like Karen Handel, who seems intent on playing it safe and trying to ride Sonny’s coattails all the way to the Governor’s office.

    • ZazaPachulia says:


      The Georgia Power giveaway has to be one of the top 10 most shameful things the Gold Dome power crowd has pulled on us little folks in the past half century.

    • Henry Waxman says:

      And if you don’t like Sonny Perdue, then electing his Deputy Chief of Staff, Karen Handel, probably isn’t the brightest idea…

  29. seekingtounderstand says:

    As an Independent I have no one to vote for in either party and I have done my research. So the winner will be the person who can stand up to Pelosi and Reid and Unions.
    Vote by default.
    Will Dems win like Obama did, because conservatives like me just will sit out? They have a very good chance with union votes.

    • ByteMe says:

      And how much are the social fascists?

      It’s not the specific percentage, but how motivated that percentage of voters can be to help get your message out. Labor — and social fascists — are very motivated voters who are willing to go door-to-door to push their candidates.

  30. polisavvy says:

    Come on folks. Qualifying day is rapidly approaching. This article was to be to encourage Austin Scott to run for LG. It has turned out to be anything but that. I don’t believe (but, of course, I could be wrong) that this was supposed to be a platform for all the supporters of the other candidates to still yammer about who they are supporting for Governor. This is to encourage a present gubernatorial candidate to drop to the LG race and tackle Cagle. Since apparently no one at Peach Pundit is noticing that a major thread jacking has occurred, do you think it’s at all possible that we actually discuss the topic, i.e. Austin Scott dropping to LG? Just wondering.

  31. TheCommonMan says:

    In the long run, we have to consider the least offensive candidate.

    Between Casey and Mrs. Porter, its a tough choice.
    Through Scott into the mix and he suddenly becomes the least offensive if you can get over his issue with the flag

    • polisavvy says:

      Least offensive, really? When Representative Scott voted to change the flag, it had absolutely nothing to do with wanting to slam Southern heritage. He is born in Georgia. He will probably die in Georgia. He simply voted to change the flag for one reason and one reason only. It was nothing against the red, white, and blue flag we had at the present — it had more to do with the color “green.” Yes, green. Georgia was losing businesses coming to the state because of the flag. The fact that some members of the KKK draped themselves in the flag while spewing hatred not just against African Americans, but also against Catholics, Jews, Hispanics, and other minorities and religions, was not a great attractor for businesses to come to the state.

      If all people have to go against Representative Scott is a flag issue, then they certainly will be stretching for reasons. He is a fine man whose sole interest in running for Governor (or LG) is because he loves this State and wants to do his very best to protect the interests of the State and its citizens. Let’s face it, he is ethically and morally just what this State needs.

      Very seldom do I become passionate about a candidate; however, having had the opportunity to spend one-on-one time in a relaxed setting with he and his wife, I was blown away. He speaks with such passion and conviction about what he thinks is good for Georgia and its citizens in such a way that you realize the total sincerity with which he speaks. Regardless of what decision he makes, I feel confident that it will be a decision that we all can be the ultimate beneficiaries.

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        Polisavvy, I too have had the chance to talk one on one with Austin Scott and I am equally impressed.

        His candidacy is the equivalent of a warm ocean breeze blowing through the damp dank dungeon that Georgia GOP politics has unfortunately become.

        This is exactly why Scott needs to stay in the governor’s race. There’s no point in standing for what is right if you have to do so on the flank of one of the old dungeon masters.

        Austin needs to stay in the governor’s race. Anyone suggesting otherwise is fearful that GOP primary voters are in “danger” of waking up.

        • polisavvy says:

          I totally agree with you. I’d hate to see him drop to LG; however, having said that, I think that if he makes that decision then it could be viewed as really helping the Georgia GOP. I think we all have to be realistic, though. With the election three months from today and session still going on, it would be a tremendous uphill climb for him to raise the funds needed AND be able to cover the state like he would need to do. Some of other candidates have not been disadvantaged like this because some of them chose to quit their elected positions. He remained to fulfill his obligation to his constituents.

          I am beginning to view it this way, I think not knowing who may be elected Governor in November, either Democrat or Republican, it might not be such a bad thing to have him sitting at LG. At least our interests would certainly be better served. In other words, if say Barnes won, then it would be nice to have an unethically challenged man like Austin Scott sitting in the number two seat.

  32. DonnaC says:

    Wow! This discussion went crazy after my post…we went off on a trip, and I came back to some wild comments!

    RL, I thought McBerry got the most response of those running for governor at the Hartwell event. I agree, wholeheartedly, Melvin Everson got the biggest response of all the candidates. We had a wonderful conversation with him, and he is a breath of fresh air for the Georgia GOP.

    Yes, Austin Scott did look tired; and I feel badly we didn’t see him at his best. At least he made the effort–others did not! The governor’s race is such a huge field, and it’s difficult to know all the minutiae about all the candidates. I guess I’m kind of sheltered; I had not heard the stuff about McBerry. Surely he knew it would surface????

    So far, I’ve settled on Wood, Purcell, Iverson, MacGinnitie and Black . Pleeeeeeze don’t tell me anything detrimental about any of them or my head will explode! 😉

    • Republican Lady says:

      I don’t know anything negative about any of them so hopefully, they won’t mess up before the Primary.

  33. Republican Lady says:

    You are supporting the same people I have chosen except for Iverson. I don’t know anything negative about any of them at this time so hopefully, they won’t mess up before the Primary.

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