GOP 9th & 11th District Picnic Straw Poll Results

Just received straw poll results from the Gordon County Picnic for the 9th & 11th Districts. It’s a pdf with hand written totals, so I’ve typed this one up manually. You can do the math and provide the commentary on your own.

Winners are:

President 2012: Huckabee (73), followed by Gingrich (68) Romney (56), Cain (41), Palin (38) Paul (23) and Jeb Bush (another Bush? really? – 22) and a host of others in single digits.

Congress 9th District: Graves (182), followed by Cates (86) Stephens (23), Hawkins (20), Tarvin (19), Loftman (6) and Reese (5).

Governor: Deal (homeboy – 119) followed by Oxendine (67) Handel (59) Johnson (51) McBerry (32) Scott (31) Boyd (2) and Chapman (2)

AG: Olens (170) over Wood (140)

Ag Commish: Black (269) over Carter (55)

Insurance Commish: Purcell killed it w/248 votes. Next nearest competitor was Knox w/32

Secretary of State: McGinnitie (201) over Kemp (124)

School Super: Cox (116) Hines (98) Barge (85) and Woods (38)


  1. Jeff says:

    I’ve got the results from Lee County/2nd District on I was there for the entire event, and got the results straight from the Lee Co GOP Chair’s hand. I’ll have pics/commentary up at some point either tonight or in the morning.

    • ReaganRepublican says:

      The 9th and 11th district will be close to 40% of the GOP primary making this a very telling victory for Nathan Deal. Deal will run good numbers in the 6th by winning Cherokee county, as well as, the 10th and 3rd districts with Westmoreland and Brouns support. I can see why Icarus is always so upset, there is no way Deal is not in the run off.

      • ready2rumble says:

        40% of the primary vote. You must be hitting some real good white lighting. Sad that Deal barely takes 40% in his home district. With results like that he will be lucky to take 4th place in the primary.

    • Jeff says:

      I point blank told GOP 2nd District Chair Don Cole that Kathy Cox being the GOP nominee for the office is one of the best things I can hear as someone actively working with Kira Willis.

      • John Konop says:

        You have more fuel to run against Kathy Cox pointing out her cheat and lie to win education strategy! In seriousness, the statewide cheating scandal is due to the tone set by Kathy Cox that cheating is fine as long as you do not get caught and can spin! And if caught, keep spinning!

        School audit finds undercounts in dropouts, discipline

        AJC…..The findings are the latest rap on state education officials’ handling of student information, which is supposed to track the academics, discipline and location of every public school student in the state…..

        ….Undercounting dropouts is a serious problem, Henson said. “If the state is putting out officially inflated numbers, then it takes the urgency away from the reforms needed to make sure more kids are graduating from high school,” she said. “You lull people into a false sense of security….

    • Republican Lady says:

      Last night in Hart County, Roger Hines gave a very good speech and Kathy Cox, who said she felt attacked by the other candidates for her job, lost her train of thought and went on the defensive against the negative comments made about her time in office.

      • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

        I think Cox would have scored much lower had the school superintendent candidates not been towards the end of the speaking roster. I think most people voted before they heard what was said. All three of her opponents gave better speeches than she did. Her campaign stump speech that after 8 years her work isn’t done and she needs another term is just nonsense.

        I liked that both Hines and Barge pointed out we don’t need any more federal involvement in education. This is a stark contrast to Cox, who believes national standards are a great thing and jumps on every federal dollar she can get her hands on, despite the strings attached.

        It should say something to the voters that she has drawn 3 primary opponents…it isn’t because she is doing a great job. She has increased the staff at the state dept. of ed. She has more federal employees in her department than state employees. She has grown the department by at least 114 employees over the last 4 years, all while schools are cutting staff. I would take any of the three I heard yesterday over her in a heartbeat.

        • Republican Lady says:

          Great post! I think you are right that some of the ballots were filled out before she spoke based on candidate information that was placed on the tables.

  2. GOPGeorgia says:

    (No, I didn’t vote for myself)
    The results with write-ins:
    2012 President:

    Gov. Mike Huckabee 73
    Spkr. Newt Gingrich 68
    Gov. Mitt Romney 56
    Mr. Herman Cain 41
    Gov. Sarah Palin 38
    Rep. Ron Paul 23
    Gov. Jeb Bush 22
    Gov. Bobby Jindal 9
    Rep. Mike Pense 7
    Gen. David Petraeus 7
    Gov. Mitch Daniels 5
    Gov. Tim Pawlenty 5
    Gov. Haley Barbor 4
    Dr. Condoleezza Rice 3
    VP Dick Cheney 1
    Gov. Gary Johnson 1
    Rep Tom Price 1

    US Congress:

    Rep. Tom Graves 182
    Dr. Chris Cates 86
    Sen. Bill Stephens 23
    Sen. Lee Hawkins 20
    Mr. Steve Tarvin 19
    Dr. Bert Loftman 6
    Rep. Bobby Reese 5
    Mr. Paul Brown 1 (unknown if the voter meant Rep. Paul Broun)
    Mr. Doug Grammer

    US Senate:

    Sen. Johnny Isakson 288
    Mr. Herman Cain 5
    Mr. Chuck Donovan 2
    Mr. Hayden Collins 1
    Mr. Doug Grammer 1
    Rep. Berry Loudermilk 1
    Gov. Sonny Perdue 1
    Mr. Gerry Purcell 1


    Rep. Nathan Deal 119
    Comm. John Oxendine 67
    Ms. Karen Handel 59
    Sen. Eric Johnson 51
    Mr. Ray McBerry 32
    Rep Austiin Scott 31
    Mr. Ray Boyd 2
    Sen. Jeff Chapman 2

    Lt. Governor:

    Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle 268
    Sen. Preston Smith 15
    Rep. Austin Scott 2
    Sen. David Shafer 2
    Mr. Damon Walker 2
    Mr. Alex Boyle 1
    Mr. Hayden Collins 1
    Mr. Randal Fox 1
    Sen. Eric Johnson 1
    Ms. Karen Handel 1
    Mr. Jeremy Jones 1
    Rep. Steve Stancil 1
    Sen. Chip Pearson 1
    Mr. Gerry Purcell 1
    Sen. Chip Rogers 1

    Attorney General:

    Comm. Sam Olens 170
    Mr. Max Wood 140
    Mr. Robert Highsmith 3

    Agriculture Commssioner:

    Mr. Gary Black 269
    Mr. Darwin Carter 55

    Labor Commissioner:

    Rep. Melvin Everson 289

    Insurance Commissioner:

    Mr. Gerry Purcell 248
    Rep. Tom Knox 32
    Sen. Seth Harp 28
    Ms. Maria Sheffield 23
    Sen. Raph Hudgens 22
    Mr. Stephen Northington 11
    Mr. Harold Logston 6
    Mr. Ray McBerry 1
    Comm. John Oxendine 1

    Secretary of State:

    Mr. Doug MacGinnitie 201
    Sec. Brian Kemp 124
    Rep. Jim Cole 1
    Mr. David Chastain 1

    School Superindendent:

    Supt. Kathy Cox 116
    Rep. Roger Hines 98
    Mr. John Barge 85
    Mr. Lee Woods 38
    Rep. Max Burns 2

    • Since non-9th district residents were not supposed to vote in the 9th District straw poll, I voted for Doug as not to skew the results for the actual candidates running.

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        None for Ag Commssioner, Gov. or President.

        I did leave off the write ins for Labor.
        Mr. Brent Brown 3
        Mr. Rich Thompson 1

        My apologies.

        • PaulRevere says:

          Brent Brown made a hell of a run in 2006. Great guy, too. What is he up to these days? He has a lot of potential.

      • ByteMe says:

        Huckabee takes Romney in Georgia where tent revival preachers will draw more votes than Republican politicians.

        Up North and out west where there are more people and votes… Huckabee is going to be #FAIL.

  3. newby says:

    I can’t understand why anyone would vote for Kathy Cox. Roger Hines has my vote. I think he and Barge are very close in their views and platform. I believe Roger has the most varied experience in education and would be a great State School Superintendent. I just hope the vote does not get split so much that Kathy Cox wins the primary.

  4. ready2rumble says:

    Deal is a Former Congressman, Johnson Former Senator and Handel Former Sec of State. But then again your not biased.

    • Henry Waxman says:

      I must be missing the nature of the complaint. Are you saying that Handel should be listed as “Sec. Handel”?

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        Regardless of what you may be trying to imply, I will tell everyone that Karen was nice enough to call me personally and explain why she wouldn’t be attending. I also called Newt Speaker; Mike, Jeb, Sarah, Gary and Mitt Governor, and to end; I called Dick Vice President.

        By calling her Karen, do I avoid whatever you may be trying to imply? Do you think I have an agenda in the Presidential race as well? Some people try to make the smallest mole hills into mountains.

            • GOPGeorgia says:

              I am not making my preference of Governor public, but I am OK with several of them receiving the nomination. There is at least one candidate who I am not comfortable with, but I won’t be making that public either.

              • Jim Bob says:

                I can relate. There is one candidate whom I am not comfortable with being in the Gov Mansion, as well. But, I’m guessing everyone already know’s who that is…….. 🙂

            • Republican Lady says:

              Sorry to bust your bubble but you know I was not agreeing with you. If you follow the lines down, you know I was agreeing with Maurice Atkinson.

              I have noticed that anyone you don’t agree with, you call a moderate. Keep posting, I am doing a profile on you and so far, it isn’t flattering to you.

              • Jim Bob says:


                1) Profile away….just don’t make me have to get a restraining order out on you.

                2) I was being sarcastic in my last comment (yea, I know sarcasim doesn’t relay too well in wriiten form sometimes).

                3) If someone disagrees with me, I don’t call them anything (except under my breathe).

                4) The only person that I have called a Moderate is Karen Handel and that’s because she IS a Moderate.

                5) I did ask you if you were a Moderate Republican since you seem to support one.

                6) There is nothing wrong with being a Moderate Republican. It certainly doesn’t make one a bad person. I just don’t want one as my Governor.

                Now that we have settled all that out…..Did you say you were or weren’t a Moderate Republican. 🙂

    • PaulRevere says:

      That could restore my faith in politics and the human race in general. I was content to settle for Romeny this time. Herman will give me a reason to smile in the voting booth.

  5. Onehappymom says:

    In my opinion it is time to remove Cox from this position and anyone with any idea about our school system would agree. I have been listening to the candidates and frankly realize the Barge is the only one saying anything that makes sense. I think Hines is likeable but realistically he does not have the leadership roles in his resume that Barge does.

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