1. Jim Bob says:

    Regardless of whether it is Graves or Hawkins, the Ninth District will be replacing a good conservatice voice in Washington with another one.

  2. provisional says:

    Sorry Jim Bob,
    I have to disagree. If you compare Graves record and actions with Lee’s, there is a clear conservative choice. That is why SEVERAL conservative groups and leaders that sometimes sit out primaries, felt the need to endorse Graves, they want to ensure a tried and true Conservative voice. Not a politician who plays fast and free with the truth and wording like Hawkins does.

  3. Jim Bob says:

    Your name is fitting because that is exactly what you need….a provisional.

    I am a conservative and I know the records AND actions of both men. AND they are basically the same. The difference between them is style. They are certainly two different types of people, but both are conservative.

    As for your comment re: “fast and free with the truth and wording”…both men could stand some improvement in that area.

    • debbie0040 says:

      Jim Bob, you have been either smoking crack or you are a Hawkins political consultant if you think Graves and Hawkins records are the same and Hawkins is considered conservative. I consider Hawkins a moderate Republican in the vein of McCain, Charlie Crist and Lindsey Graham.

      We need strong conservative leaders that won’t prasie stimulus funds in order to get a photo op with Biden and to make political points in his district…

      How many conservative groups have endorsed Hawkins?

      Atlanta Tea Party very proudly endorsed Tom..

      • Jim Bob says:

        Ms. Deb,

        I would say the exact same thing about you. In fact, I might say that in addition to being paid to put a sign in your yard by the Graves campaign, you are also being paid to blog for him…..

        …..But I’m not!

        My reason for posting was to comment on how both Graves and Hawkins are good guys and that both ARE conservative.

        If you want to know what a moderate Republican looks like, then look no further than Karen Handel.

  4. provisional says:

    Hawkins has given to liberals like Max Cleland…Graves has always been a strong conservative, going door to door and offering grassroots support to Republicans.

    Hawkins has gone around with Joe Biden praising the stimulus package…Graves has opposed it and spoken out against it always.

    Hawkins has disassociated himself with the Tea Party…Graves has been a strong supporter of the Tea Party because of what is stood for, long before it was the “political advancement” thing for a Republican Candidate to do.

    Hawkins has used his grandchildren misleadingly in fundraising solicitations…Tom has not used or misrepresented his family inaccurately for political gain.

    Tom has introduced and fought for and promoted a tax cutting JOBS legislation that has garnered national attention and earned Tom the respect and endorsement of leading conservative groups…Lee was for the legislation before he needed to be against it to gain political favor in the congressional race. Then he made false negative accusations against the bill, claimed he had a jobs bill, but never fought for or promoted it, and no where was his name ever on any job legislation.

    I am getting tired of typing…but these are a few of the record comparrisons I based my comments on. I think the conservative choice is clear.

    • Joshua Morris says:

      These same false and misleading accusations are really getting old, but I love typing.

      Hawkins has given thousands to conservative Republicans, which ol’ prov always fails to mention. Graves? There’s no record that I could find of giving anything to Republicans, and he’s not some regular Joe who hasn’t made some money in his life. I’ve apparently given more to Republicans than he has.

      Hawkins hasn’t “gone around” anywhere with Biden or “prais[ed]” the stimulus package.

      Hawkins has been an ardent supporter of the Tea Party movement since its inception and has been actively involved right here in the 9th District. Those inside the movement know this.

      Graves’ so-called JOBS bill proved that he will not stand up for fiscally conservative supply side economic solutions. Despite its glowing endorsements, it is a do-nothing bill, which bows to the Governor’s opposition to supply side economics and cuts zero taxes immediately. Its provisions contain a $1billion state surplus trigger, a requirement that its employment tax credit be approved by the federal Secretary of Labor (yeah, right), and a net worth tax repeal in umm… 2012. Hawkins supported last year’s version that didn’t include these lead weights. The bill Hawkins worked on with Rep. Stephens would have provided an employment tax credit retroactive to Jan. 1, 2010.

      Lee Hawkins is clearly the supply side fiscal conservative of these two candidates.

  5. Jim Bob says:

    Clear as mud…..Thank goodness you are tired of typing! Because I ‘m tired of you telling me how to be a conservative and who I should support as a conservative.

    Once again, either man will be a good conservative voice in Washington.

  6. provisional says:

    Again, Just becuse you say that they will both be conservative voices in Washington doesn’t mean that I have to believe it. In my mind there is a clear consrervative choice. I guess it comes down to defining conservative, so Jim Bob we will just have to agree to disagree.

  7. Back in Black says:

    Seems that Hawkins wiped the map with Graves in contributions.

    According to the dueling press releases, the March 31 financial reporting quarter showed Hawkins raised $195,000 and Graves just $150,000.

    Hawkins 400K on hand, Graves, $250K on hand.

    Tyler, why are you not reporting this? It’s a pretty important report based on what the Graves campaign has previously said (many times) about the importance of campaign financial reports.

    • Jason Pye says:

      What about the $145k loan Hawkins gave himself. You don’t even mention that.

      Through 3/31:
      Graves raised: $545,463
      Hawkin raised: $575,072 (including a $145k loan to himself)

      Hawkins cash on hand includes debt. Once you remove that debt, he has $258k on hand, putting both he and Graves on the same level.

      Now, if you want me to write a post about this, I’d have to point out how Hawkins has used his own cash to make his numbers look better than they really are. Do you really want me to go there?

  8. I don’t live in the district and don’t know most of the candidates, but I have met Rep. Graves several times and find him a competent and staunch conservative who is running for the right reasons.

    Graves has a ton of grassroots support who simply “like” him. I wish I lived in the district. I certainly would be busting my chops for him.

  9. GVilleMan says:

    Im sorry, but there are more than two candidates in this race. To say that it will be either Hawkins or Graves is jumping the gun. Do not underestimate the support for Bill Stephens

    • Icarus says:

      I think Stephens and Tarvin are both a factor, but both are playing spoiler.

      Does Stephens take more votes away from Hawkins in the Southern/metro part of the district than Tarvin takes away from Graves in the Northern/rural part of the district?

      All good men, but money, organization, and intensity all point to a Graves v Hawkins race.

      I also think the folks that are giving Forsyth to Hawkins are getting a bit ahead of themselves. Graves will hold his own there, and that will probably be the difference in this race. My $.02

      • drdjm says:

        Could not agree more re: Forsyth.
        Even though most of the politicos (e.g., Evans) and commissioners (e.g., Tam) have come out for Hawkins; I, for one, am backing Graves with time and money. And yes, it is my first time to be involved at all with a congressional race.

        • McDawg81 says:

          There are many of us – even some in Hall County – who have connected with Tom. For the first time in my 50+ years, I am actively involved (as an UNPAID volunteer) in a political campaign. Don’t put Hall County in Hawkins’ camp yet…

      • debbie0040 says:

        My in-laws live in Cumming and they tell me that most see the endorsements Hawkins received as GOP establishment endorsements and that could end up hurting Hawkins. People are rebelling against establishment candidates. Also, look for Stephens to pull some votes.

  10. Gary Cooper says:

    Endorsements in Forsyth don’t really hold much water, just ask Lauren “Bubba” McDonald. Bill Stephens had Forsyth, with the exception of Jack Murphy, stacked against him back in the 2004 election for the 27th district in the Senate and he won anyway. Tom Graves has a huge following here in Forsyth. I agree Stephens will play a factor though.

    • drdjm says:

      Lots of folks still remember Bill fondly when he was our senator. He met with my son to help him on one of his Eagle Scout citizenship merit badges down at the capital, spend almost an hour with him “being interviewed”, took us to the floor, and then had a couple of photos. I know it was his job, but it sure meant a lot to an 11 yo.
      That being said – I’m still all in for Graves.

  11. Dave Bearse says:

    “They’re a cross-section of America” even though you need a magnifying glass to locate non-Caucasian faces in the crowd.

    But hey, it’s gotta be true if Fox says it over and over.

  12. PaulRevere says:

    Graves is a very effective communicator, but I feel like Neil didn’t give him a chance to stretch out his legs here. Little shallow.

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