1. TPNoGa says:

    Yeah, I think I am done with Mr. Cagle. Is there any hope of a serious primary challenge to Mr. Cagle?

    • redrock says:

      I hear Aleq/Alex Boyle is running and actively fundraising right now.

      Still haven’t found a website or anything for him – just a Facebook and a Twitter page.

      • edmund says:

        Funny that you saw he’s running on Facebook, but missed the Facebook post he wrote saying he’s not running. Your selective observations don’t change reality.

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        I won’t speak for Alec/Aleq/Alex/Alexander/Alexander J/Alexander Jerome Boyle/Alexander Jerome Boyle III. If Lt. Gov. Cagle were going to have to have a primary, I am sure Lt. Gov. Cagle would gladly pay Mr. Boyle’s qualifying fee. I would think that Mr. Boyle does not want his name qualified to run for office.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    I’m ready to vote Dem for Lt Gov this year if the would put someone decent against Cagle. A better man would lace up his walking shoes and announce his retirement.

    • Jeff Scott says:

      Indeed, Doug. Carol Porter isn’t looking too bad right now…

      Except for the part where the Republican Senate strips all power from the Lt. Gov. (again) and puts it in the hands of the Republican President Pro Tem and Majority Leader. Do we trust Tommie Williams or Chip Rogers any more than we do Cagle?

      Of course, that is assuming that the Republicans stop being the physical manifestation of Murphy’s Law (if they can do somethign wrong, they will) and hold the majority.

    • HonestConservative says:

      Amen – I’m for Carol Porter. This Cagle double talk is getting old. Someone either needs to step up or lead the Republicans for Porter Lt. GOV effort so we can have a place to go!

  3. Scot says:

    Cagle called politics a team sport, as if Senators were working for each other.

    They aren’t. They are working for us.

    • HonestConservative says:

      It’s not a team sport – they are supposed to be up there working for our interests, not each other’s interests. That’s part of the problem is that they spend so much time slapping backs and doing favors while the rest of us fall through the cracks.

  4. Velasco says:

    This is a real shot in the dark type post.

    @Scot – don’t get so worked up – you know reading that far into a metaphor is ridiculous.

    Hell I might not get much support on this selective biased blog – but I’m proud of Casey and the rest of the Republican leadership for making the necessary changes down there to balance the budget and for doing their jobs.

    It’s always easy to stand on the sidelines and judge every minor detail when you don’t have to make any of the decisions.

  5. Rick Day says:

    Wait. This is the man I crossed over the ONE time in my life, during a primary, to vote over Ralphie Reed? The one vote that has caused me to be on every republican mailing list in the US, no matter how many WORSHIP OBABA’s I write on the brick that I mail back with their sweet “postage paid” envelopes taped to it? The one vote who resulted in a man whose very tongue wags support, SUPPORT I say! of the Socialist Program known as Medicare? If the hospital is a BIG SUCTION OF CASH, I mean, a recipient of Medicare/cade tax money they get a reward, and the fiscally conservative ones who do not, well, they get to pay for the ones who do.

    The man I just say that the will of the Republican Caucus IS the will of the State?

    I should have voted for Reed. At least he is honest about HIS insane demagoguery.

    Kool-Aid. Drink it, liberal.

  6. John Andrew says:

    Well, it’s like I say. They’re politicians first, then Republicans, then conservatives (if even that).
    Of course, things wouldn’t be much different if Democrats were in control.
    The more I follow politics, the more I dislike politicians.
    Maybe we should start a dead pool to find out which Republican leader will be found out next.

  7. Georgia Judge says:

    Your whining and complaining about Cagle is old,put on your Dem hat and go help Porter Im sure she would appreciatte you and the three votes you would bring……GEEZ.

  8. Georgia Judge says:

    Yea backing the guy that has been a public servant and carried the Republican flag for over 12 years is the same as helping Dems.Very indepth statement there,thats probably why the the primary opponents lined up so quick to run against him because he is so harmful to the brand…..try again.

    • Doug Deal says:

      So I guess you wished Richardson had stuck around. Heck the same could be said about Richard Nixon. How dare Republicans ask him to resign.

  9. Ludowici says:

    So, just to get this straight, if the majority had not passed this bill that Senator Hill went home on (he voted “E” by the way) then you wouldn’t be complaining when all these hospitals shut down due to a lack of leadership? I am just trying to follow the logic.

  10. Georgia Judge says:

    Your logic is a joke,I mean what are you drinking????Lets agree to let the ballot box decide.As I predicted on these pages almost exactly a year ago no one would primary Cagle and he would have minimal Dem opposition and here we are.

    This is good for the Republicans as this will allow him to use his state-wide popularity to help boost the statewide roster of candidates,once the primaries are over.

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