Balfour to Seek Re-Election

Sen. Don Balfour released the following statement confirming that he will be seeking re-election for his 9th District Senate seat:

“I would like to thank my family, friends, and devoted supporters who reached out to me and encouraged me to continue leading and making a difference in the lives of Georgians by seeking re-election for the 9th District Senate seat. I have spent many nights worrying about the safety of my son in Afghanistan and the future of our country at home. There is still much to be done and I simply cannot continue to make the changes that Americans need from the sidelines. In times like these, what our state needs most is a dedicated, seasoned leader who will stand up for what’s right and put Georgia back on the road to economic recovery and prosperity.” Balfour has served the 9th district since 1992 with a distinguished record of conservative accomplishment. He is the longest serving Republican to be currently serving in the State Senate. He helped elect the first-ever freely-elected Republican State Senate. As chairman of the Rules Committee, he has helped pass conservative reforms such as limiting eminent domain, stopping junk lawsuits, banning partial birth abortion, and the first state-level limits on illegal immigration in the USA.

On a local level, Balfour passed the property tax assessment freeze for Gwinnett homeowners in 2000 that eliminated backdoor tax increases and has saved Gwinnett homeowners an estimated $1.2 billion in the last ten years. Balfour also took a principled stand against his own party, being the only elected official speaking out against the five GOP Gwinnett commissioners attempting to raise property taxes by 30%.

For his conservative leadership, Balfour has received strong ratings from the NRA, Georgia Right-to-Life, and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, where he serves on the board of directors helping create jobs in our state. Balfour was also commended by the Center for Public Integrity for his work on ethics reform that put Georgia in top ten for legislative finance transparency.

Senator Balfour’s campaign is supported by an over whelming majority of his Republican colleagues as well as party leaders. Many of the states conservative leaders spoke about Sen. Balfour

“We are extremely pleased to hear the news that Senator Balfour has decided to run for reelection in order to continue serving the good folks of Gwinnett County. As the longest serving Republican in the Senate, his experienced leadership can be counted on and has been an asset to the entire Senate body. He has led the efforts to lower property taxes, enact tort reform and strengthen immigration and eminent domain laws and he can count on my support,” said Lt. Governor Casey Cagle.

“When leaders such as Sen. Balfour decide to continue their service to Georgia, we all win,” said Senator Tommie Williams. “I stand behind his decision to continue his service to Georgia and endorse him during the upcoming campaign.

“Sen. Don Balfour is respected for his strong leadership in the majority party and as respected Chairman of the Rules committee,” said Majority Leader Chip Rogers. “As the longest serving republican senator in the senate, he has the leadership experience that Georgia needs to move forward out of this budget crisis. I support his decision and endorse his campaign.”

His wife of 28 years, Ginny, works as an RN at Egleston Children’s Hospital and with the high school and junior high ministries at the Balfours’ church, Grace Fellowship in Snellville. In addition, she volunteers with a senior center that brings pets to seniors who need companionship.

Balfour’s son, Trey, is a rising junior at Georgia Gwinnett College and recently returned from serving with the Georgia National Guard’s 48th Brigade in Afghanistan near the Pakistani border.


  1. Tiberius says:

    A lot of people are changing plans in Gwinett. How soon before someone states Rep. Casas should challenge Balfour in the primary?

  2. Booray says:

    For what it’s worth, Sens. Williams and Rogers were backing Casas but are endorsing Balfour in pretty clear terms in this news release. That’s a significant act in my opinion…

  3. fishtail says:

    Pretty interesting. I won’t say any more as I don’t want to get threatened by CAPITALLADY again.

  4. Georgia Judge says:


    Whats your problem with Sen Balfour and why does it look bad for Williams and Rogers to support him? Just curious….

    • FiveForks says:

      It makes them look bad because Casas is a better candidate than Balfour, and there is something about Balfour’s behavior that is strange.

  5. analogkid says:

    “There is still much to be done and I simply cannot continue to make the changes that Americans need from the sidelines.”

    Balfour went on to say, “If I’m not there to shill for Georgia Power, who will?”

  6. FiveForks says:

    There is something very odd about him announcing for congress from a foreign country and then withdrawing from the race and retiring from politics less than 10 days later, and now getting back into the Senate race again against David Casas. It is hard to imagine that Balfour has that many “friends and devoted supporters” who would beg him to run again except for Mark Roundtree. Even then, who would think Balfour is better than Casas?

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