House Majority Leader Jerry Keen Not Running For Re-Election

Jim Galloway brings us the news of his letter to the House:

“The last 10 years have been quite a journey. During that time I have had the privilege of serving as your minority whip and then as majority leader. Leading our caucus has been and will remain my highest honor. Thank you for allowing me to do so.

Today I spoke to my local rotary so my constituents would know first, and I now want each of you to know that this will be my last term in the House of Representatives. 10 years is a long time of service, and I firmly believe this is the appropriate time for me to move on. While I certainly am sad to see this chapter in my life close, I look forward to starting a new one.

I am proud of everything we have accomplished and will continue to work toward maintaining Republican control in Georgia and preserving the ideals for which we have each sacrificed so much.”

That last paragraph is the kicker for me. Sounds like the kind of stuff he says when he campaigns, but doesn’t resemble much of how he has led the house when governing.

I can’t say I’ll miss him much. And there’s still a couple people I wish he would take with him.


  1. B Balz says:

    Is it me or are an inordinate number of pols retiring, not running, etc this year? Nationally and locally? If so, why?

    (I have a theory)

  2. sandysprings says:

    Hopefully some of my hometown St. Simons Island friends will step up to the plate. Several good folks down there to take this seat.

    • janna says:

      ‘Coz we all know the riff raff mainlanders of Glynn County are not qualified to run for office. (imagine a rolling eyes icon here)

    • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

      I think the dirt had already been dug up, just not thrown .
      Keen has ushered though legislation for powerful companies.
      I know poop I aint gonna post here. Make some of the disgraced politicians look like fresh new and pure snow flakes.

  3. hannah says:

    My extended absence from St. Simons probably accounts for having missed the contributions of Jerry Keen. Since he lists his occupation as being in “financial services,” one suspects that, given the upcoming reforms of the banks and other lenders, public service is going to have to take a back seat to self-protection, for a while.
    In all fairness, the Representative’s honesty in his farewell letter should be noted. Republicans are all about “control.” They do think that the people selected at the ballot box are rulers, rather than agents. Which, of course, goes a long way towards explaining why we end up with servants telling us what to do, when we elect people under the heading “Republican.”
    The “agent” designation, btw, was a revelation I got from Justice Anthony Kennedy, one of the conservative members of the SCOTUS, whose major focus has been on upholding the “rule of law.” Oddly enough, Kennedy seems to have earned the animus of conservatives because of his support for “foreign law” like the habeas corpus.
    Still, you’d think that the party of insurance agents and real estate agents would have a better understanding of what agency is about.

  4. macho says:

    How much you want to bet that Mark Burkhalter pulls a “Richard Royal” and walks in with his hand-picked candidate, for his old seat, the last hour of qualifying.

      • macho says:

        Not sure, maybe Brandon Beach steps down to State Rep at the last minute. You’d get a completely clear State Rep race versus a competitive Senate race. That’s just a pure guess on the candidate, but my gut tells me Burkhalter’s pick will come walking in the last day of qualifying.

        Mark achieved his goal of becoming Speaker of the House, what does he have left to achieve. I just can’t picture him happy as a common foot soldier.

        If you’re interested in running for State Rep in Burkhalter’s district, I’d keep my eyes on qualifying. If Mark hasn’t qualified by the last day, I’d get my ass down there and write a check.

  5. ieee says:

    Good riddance. He is a POS scumbag and criminal. He has done grave damage to Georgia. Hopefully, he will do no more. I will continue to disrupt his life any way I legally can. He is very deserving.

  6. HonestConservative says:

    The legislature is full of POS useless people and they all need to be sent packing… It’s time for fresh new blood…

    • hannah says:

      Yes, well, citizenship is a bundle of obligations (to vote, to hold office, to serve on juries, to draft laws, to provide support, to enforce the law) rather than, as some people would have us believe, a privilege. So, if the quality of office holders is poor, citizens need to look to their own ranks for better representation. And, if public service is not to become too burdensome, people have to take turns.
      Of course, if special interests are merely intent on being represented by rubber stamps, quality is hardly an issue.

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