Changes In Georgia Political Media: One Moves Up, Another Moves Out

The new management at Creative Loafing has recognized the solid work done by Scott Henry and his team at Creative Loafing, and is issuing him the new title of News Editor:

As most of you Fresh Loafies know, Henry is super knowledgeable about Atlanta’s political scene, its seedy underbelly and its general off-the-beaten-track weirdness. He’s also a really smart dresser.

Don’t worry — as news editor, Henry will continue to be a regular voice on this blog and in the paper. We’re also hoping that he’ll write more stories that give him a nasty rash.

I hope the title was accompanied with a pay raise or at least benefits that have a low co-pay so he can get that rash taken care of. Congrats to Scott.

And then, in a bittersweet announcement, Travis Fain has decided he loves his North Carolina based girlfriend more than Macon, and intends to move to NC to make her his bride:

With yesterday’s announcement of a final schedule for the 2010 legislative session, I think it’s appropriate to announce my own plans. Shortly after the session ends I will be leaving The Telegraph after nearly 10 years.

I’ll be moving to North Carolina to join my girlfriend, and we plan to marry. Just what will become of this blog, I am not sure. It may end, or I may not be able to resist the urge to comment here.

But it will not be what I’ve tried to make it these last three years: a daily source of original reporting on Georgia politics, presented with an irreverent tone.

Fain has done a remarkable job of balancing the demands of the “old media” with the more modern tone taken in our little blog world. He’ll be missed, as we’ll have to find others to steal copyrighted information from. But we wish him the best in his new life, his marraige, and hope that his promise of having total conciousness on his deathbed will eventually come true after many happy years ahead.


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