Harp will chair Senate Judiciary Committee

Seth Harp, a candidate for Insurance Commissioner, will replace Preston Smith as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Commitee:

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle has named Seth Harp (R-Midland), who is already running a campaign for state insurance commissioner, as the acting chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Harp was already vice chairman of the judiciary committee. But he’s also chairman of the Senate Higher Education Committee, which oversees university operations.

Obviously, since Harp is leaving the Senate, a new judiciary chairman will have to be named later. Do not expect Smith to reclaim it.


  1. gt7348b says:

    I’m sorry to post this again, but I am shocked that there has been no discussion of the transportation committee today on this blog considering that it seems to consider itself a pulse on Georgia Politics.

    Are they going to talk about transportation? I still can not believe that there has been no post today on the conference committee or implications of the removal of the MARTA 50/50 might have on the passage of a transportation bill anywhere on this entire blog. Do you really think even if a bill is passed that Fulton County won’t opt out without consideration of MARTA? And do you really think a referendum in metro Atlanta would pass without Fulton and DeKalb or would even be useful? I mean, geographically speaking, without Fulton – you have effectively cut off Cobb, Cherokee, and Douglas from the rest of the region as they are currently defined.

    I realize I’m just a commentor, but I turn to this blog for information. For a blog that considers itself a pulse of Georgia politics, this is really revealing that there has been no discussion of this development today – I mean the transportation committee, meeting of Todd Long and the Governor and the release of the final Statewide Strategic Transportation Plan and silence on this blog knowing that transportation and logistics is one of this state’s major industries?

    Please tell me you actually care about governing and policy on this blog and not just politics.

      • Mozart says:

        So, to understand you correctly, Tyler, you think the Transportation Bill is of such miniscule importance in the world of Georgia politics as to locate itself in a blog thread dealing with College Republicans? A thread that, believe it or not, gets passed over by most visitors over the age of 30 than you might think.

        • Tyler says:

          Mozart, I’m pointing the commenter to an open thread b/c we have not done a thread that discusses transportation issues. Keeping non-open threads on topic is hard enough without having people spam threads with repeat comments.

          • benevolus says:

            GOPGa always says the same thing no matter what the thread is about. He may use different words, but it always means “Republicans are good, Democrats are bad”. I think he should be restricted to only open threads.

            OK, just kidding. 🙂

          • Mozart says:

            Okay, Tyler: Why haven’t you/PP opened a thread on the Transportation Bill? It’s only a bill that has been fought for a number of years (2?) about how to fund new roads and such to help alleviate traffic in the metro-Atlanta regional part of the state.

            Would it be because the subject matter just doesn’t lend itself to being enough of an interest? Or, because there are not enough personalities involved to either cheer-on or throw rocks at?

            • Tyler says:

              Feel free to start up a discussion. We all have personal and professional lives. I haven’t had time to adequately tackle that issue in a thread. I’ll see what I can do in the next few days.

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