UGACRs to Protest Obama’s Student Loan Overhaul

The University of Georgia College Republicans are organizing an event to protest Obama’s overhaul of the student loans.

The Speakers will be Kelley Gary, Gerry Purcell, Kirk Shook, and Gary Black. With letters from Congressman Jack Kinsgton, Congressman Paul Broun, and State Representative Austin Scott.

Students from around the state will be attending, as well as the Athens-Clarke County community. The event will be held on Wednesday April 14, 6:00PM on the UGA campus at the Arch.


  1. Captain Phatbeard says:

    Why on Earth are they protesting this? The status quo before the change was direct subsidy to lenders. If Bush had done this they would be praising it.

    • ByteMe says:

      Just makes you wonder at the intellectual capacity of the members in UGACR. If Obama does something, it must be bad, even if it was a Republican idea to save the Feds money.

      • polisavvy says:

        Byte, since you are usually my go-to guy on stuff like this, have you run across anything saying if the amount of money for student loans will be increased (i.e., Pell, Stafford) or will it remain the same? I am concerned if there is no increase and it becomes difficult to obtain private lending how someone would be able to secure the money needed for say graduate school. Any idea and thanks in advance.

  2. seenbetrdayz says:

    I’m thinking their protesting could have something to do with the rising cost of tuition that will come out of this.

    When the government pays, cost consideration goes out the window. That’s why tuition costs have been on the rise. Government subsidized loans were like a toe dipped in the water, and now were back to the government handling loans directly.

    The next step will HAVE to be government regulation on the cost of tuition.

    I’m a small government guy, but sometimes I wish they would just hurry up and take over everything so we can get the bankruptcy over with and start over again.

    • I’m thinking their protesting could have something to do with the rising cost of tuition that will come out of this.

      I’m thinking their protesting could have something to do with wanting a few big names to come over and rub elbows for a few hours. Pretty much the entire point of the YR’s and CR’s seems to be networking for career gain… and wet dreams about running your OWN campaign someday when you’re a grown-up. The rest is just filler.

      That said, I too am confused about why they chose THIS topic instead of health care or something more juicy. It’s not like the government is entering into some new area here. It’s simply issuing loans directly to individuals, rather than funneling it through financial company middlemen who eat up a cut despite taking on zero risk.

      I understand seenbetrdayz’s point about easy student loans pushing up tuition prices. However, it doesn’t sound like this bill is seriously increasing the amount of loans issued… it’s just cutting out an inefficient middleman. If you want to argue that the government shouldn’t be involved with student loans at all, then that’s fine… but if it is going to be, then the more direct route makes more sense to me.

  3. The change saves the federal government money, ends corporate welfare to the banks and allows more students to get grants. Good to know a new generation of Republican idiots is being groomed on our state’s college campuses!

  4. HowardRoark says:

    If you’re worried about efficiency, the answer here wasn’t to cut out the private sector middleman. It was to cut out (or reduce) the government subsidy. As it stands today there may not be a lot more money made available for student loans, but remember, government programs don’t shrink or stay flat. They grow. A lot. A lot faster than inflation. That’s going to create a lot of distortions in pricing college education.

    I favor some *limited* government assistance to pay for college. There are some stellar kids out there who just can’t afford to go. But I think they should be merit based (and rather stringent) and the funds provided directly to the kid. Don’t subsidize the banks. Subsidize the kids. Those who BOTH need and deserve a little help. Emphasis on need AND (AND AND AND AND AND) deserve it.

  5. GOPGeorgia says:

    What I find interesting is that no one has mentioned that the reason the student loan issue was bundled with health care was so that they could twist the figures of what health care would really cost.

    If a bank turns you down for a loan, you could go to another bank and try again. If the government turns you down for a student loan, do you have to dye your skin, change your sex, lie about your parents income, and so on, to try again?

    It’s about control and power, not about saving money. If Bush had done this, that would be like his support of a stimulus bill. It’s not something that the GOP would support, but they put up with it in silence.

    • benevolus says:

      If you get turned down for a government student loan you can still go to a bank. They just won’t be subsidized in their offer.

  6. seekingtounderstand says:

    They are protesting the government setting minoirty ratios that the colleges must comply to in order to receive Federal funding.
    Its the old carrot and stick in order to achieve social justice.
    Part of which is increasing black doctors and nurses ten fold over the next ten years. Grades will not matter, just your race.

  7. seekingtounderstand says:

    FYI Left leaning non-profits will be running things and funneling our tax money to their social justice programs. Its in the bill there are 15 of them. So its just a player change from blood sucking banks to ripping of the poor ACORN.

    • ByteMe says:

      Its in the bill there are 15 of them.

      Got a link and specific section of the bill you mention? Or are you just making stuff up again?

  8. Kristin Moreaux says:

    There are a few things that everyone is missing,

    1. The abiblity for students to take student loans from private lenders was completely lost. No Choice. The Federal Government used the bill to squash the student lending competition.

    2. The government did this to help PAY for healthcare. For every 25,000 dollars that a student borrows, they will pay about 1,500-2,000 dollars. A little bit of that will go towards funding Pell, but the rest, through accumulated interest, will go straight towards funding healthcare.

    3. Tuition will go sky high. Raise the capacity for obtaining student loans by making it easier and increasing the amount that can be borrowed, and then the universities will take the chance to raise the tuition rates. President Adams from UGA is already looking for any excuse to raise tuition. So, UGA student have a right to be worried.

    4. Who knew about this unitl is was already done and over with? I didn’t!

    5. Lets face it, most of the changes to health care will not affect student until later in life. However, this will affect them now. How dare someone criticize UGA students for protesting a relavant issue that most people do not even know that must about yet. Student loans are a student issue, and if you have ever personally paid your way through college, you know that it is always on your mind.

    Check your facts before you criticize a concerned student group that has!

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