1. Icarus says:

    It’s kind of Orwellian how many times the anchor in the first video calls the hospital tax a “fee”.

    But then again, understanding how many budgets are being cut, I guess she would hate to call a tax a tax and then find out that “Lawmakers” didn’t survive the next budget ax.

    • Mozart says:

      I remember George Stephanoupolous, when he was working for Clinton, refer to taxes as “contributions.”

    • Henry Waxman says:

      One of my favorite things about the whole ObamaCare debate was the Manager’s Amendment for H.R. 4872 (the reconciliation bill) changed the title of Section 1402 from “Medicare Tax Increase” to “Unearned Income Medicare Contribution”

      I guess the Left doesn’t “tax” and “spend” anymore – they “invest” your “contributions” for you. Of course, the IRS Enforcement agents will break into your house with their guns drawn if you don’t make your “contributions,” but the new diction certainly sounds nicer up until that point.

      Here is the text of H.R. 4872 if you want to see for yourself:

      • benevolus says:

        Well I will defend the “investment” language. It can be a “tax” and an “investment” at the same time. And a lot of our taxers are invested, if the term means ‘spend now for something in return’. Schools, public safety, science, illness mitigation, workplace safety, anti-pollution efforts, and a lot of other things, are good investments.
        I suspect we’ll have an anti-island-capsizing research program soon too. Which can’t be anything but good.
        (OK, just kidding about that part.)
        Some people act like every dollar paid in taxes is burned in a giant furnace buried deep beneath WDC. But I’m pretty sure that if we stopped funding the CDC or the FAA we would quickly wish we hadn’t.

        • seenbetrdayz says:

          I thought WDC was a giant furnace. That’s the first I’ve ever heard of Hell having a basement.

        • Henry Waxman says:

          The CDC is long past due for a reauthorization. Their core functions are scarily underfunded, but they waste enough money each year on frivolous projects and bureaucratic BS to make every poster on this site obscenely rich.

          I have done some work with the CDC Foundation and would encourage everyone should do what they can to support their mission: http://www.cdcfoundation.org/#

  2. Jeff says:

    Also Orwellian is how Rogers (a guy I generally like) keeps saying this tax *increase* is a tax *cut*.

    War is peace!

    • chefdavid says:

      That is what the rank and file is going to tell their districts. I heard that on our radio from our Senator who was boasting about how they voted to get rid of the state’s portion of the insurance premium tax. He failed to mention anything else about the bill. That will be the spin. But for those who don’t follow what is going on down in Atlanta and only listen to what they are spoon fed they will know no difference.

  3. barstool69 says:

    He didn’t take his own advice:

    Heartaches take slow
    You ain’t got far to go
    If you travel smooth
    Life be a pleasure cruise

  4. Dave Bearse says:

    I suppose Smith will be removed from the House-Senate transportation bill conference committee too.

  5. I like Senator Smith, attended CLI with him in ’06. It does almost seem like the nuclear switch was pushed. I wonder what the fallout will be, given this is a key election year. I don’t think stripping talented people of their leadership positions is a good move.

  6. Archon says:

    I am impressed with the fact that finally someone stood up in the GOP caucus. I think he rightfully takes Cagle, Rogers, Williams and Wiles (his deputy whip who took over when Seabaugh refused to do the dirty bidding of the hypocrites listed above) on openly.

    This party has become a slimy version of the Tom Murphy, Roy Barnes machine. Way back when the GOP used to rail against those men and their behavior in Atlanta. They pledged to be better, more open, fair, honest and most of all principled. They are none of those things. THEY HAVE FAILED and it is time for all of them to go.

    • Jeff says:

      Now, if only we had genuine equal ballot access and could replace them with someone OTHER than the ones who have ALREADY failed… 😀

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