How the Dems Will Take Back Georgia

If you are near your computer, tune in now to and click on the Listen Live button. I’m going to explain how the Democrats can and will take back Georgia thanks to people like Sen. Chip Pearson and Rep. Tim Bearden.

I’ll have a post up in a bit on Chip Pearson’s nonsense.


  1. ByteMe says:

    Don’t forget to mention how Speaker David Ralston and Lt. Gov Casey Cagle are complicit in all this through their foot-dragging on ethics legislation.

  2. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    They can take it back the same way we lost the country. People on election day sitting on their ass, republicans banking on the wrong candidates and the rest voting on free candy.

  3. Tinkerhell says:

    Erick, if you get the chance I’d appreciate a summary & some links on your opinions on Bearden. He’s done some things I like in one arena but I don’t know much more about him outside of his stance on guns.

  4. Back in Black says:

    Good for Erick for calling this one right on Pearson in particular.

    Pearson has seriously been an embarrassment for a long time now.

    The guy has made a gob of money off of government doing grading deals and contractor work. How many government deals did he get over the years, directly or indirectly? Millions? Tens of millions?

    Then with his business failing, he flees that gig and goes to work peddling government deals.

    …and all the while he attacks people who make money on government and live on government.

    Here’s a nomination for Chip Pearson as the Biggest Hypocrite in the Legislature.

    And that says a lot.

  5. RINO Hunter says:

    I’m fairly sure that either party will equally screw We the People. It’s simply a matter of what you want more – a really fast loss of liberty, or a slower, less arrogant loss of liberty.

    Or, you could go with a Tea Party/Independent/9-12’r type candidate and move Georgia forward, while taking us back to the Constitution and real American values.

    It’s just a matter of enough people waking up to the fact that neither party is on the side of We the People. They are both on the side of their own politicians. For now.

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