Hawkins’ “Grassroots” support

Over the past month Lee Hawkins has been sending out press releases touting his strong grassroots support:

With a Special Election on the horizon, Lee Hawkins for Congress needs your help to ensure we continue to be the strongest grassroots campaign for Congress.


Because of you and your support, we have built the largest grassroots campaign focused on hard working North Georgians just like you. Each day, more leaders and legislators are pledging their support to our campaign.  We continue to lead in the polls and fundraising efforts.  All thanks to you.

So if Senator Lee Hawkins has the largest grassroots campaign in the 9th Congressional District race, why is he paying “volunteers” to phone bank for him?



Shouldn’t the “largest grassroots campaign” have actual volunteers or is this Hawkins’ idea of “creating jobs”?


  1. GOPGrassroots says:

    One would think…he sure does talk a big game about all his “support” but the lack of grassroots is painfully obvious.

    Typical for the moderate, establishment candidate.

    • GeorgiaConservative says:

      Kinda similiar to how Graves paid folks in Hall and Forsyth anywhere from $20 to $40 just to place a sign in their yard.

      Tyler, won’t you put a front page post about that? Doubt it, seeing as this blog is in the bag for Tom Graves and Karen Handel… NOW that’s a winning team for the Ninth District!

      • GeorgiaValues says:

        “GeorgiaConservative/Tommy/HawkinsTeam – where do you guys come up with this stuff?

        This post just brought to light the fact that the candidate claiming to have the largest grassroots team in this race has had to go the job boards to hire people to come make his get out the vote phone calls. That’s worth discussing and judging from all the HawkinsBots posts and random attacks on Tom Graves (not sure why him), I’d say this revelation has hit a nerve.

        GeorgiaConservative – if you hate this blog so much, why do you take the time to make up all these claims and post them after every comment on here? No one is making you read this blog…unless the Hawkins team is paying you to do this instead of phone bank for them.

        • GeorgiaConservative says:

          IF you don’t agree with something, you shouldn’t give up… If that were the case we would be British… Come on, doesn’t Tom Graves always talk about his one man bologna in his canned speech? You should know this.

  2. Truthteller says:

    Tyler, where’s your common sense here?

    It’s common for political campaigns to hire phone banks, as well as have volunteers do volunteer work.

    It apparently comes as shocking news to you.

    But now you know…

    • GeorgiaConservative says:

      There really has got to be a substance requirement to post something on here… The next time Lee Hawkins gets a drink of water I’m sure us PeachPundit folks will hear about how liberal that water was…

      • GeorgiaValues says:

        “Largest Grassroots” candidate has to pay random people, found on the internet, to make calls on his behalf…substantive information I’d say.

        • GeorgiaConservative says:

          Maybe in your world where there is nothing better to do besides attack the only candidate in the race who has a record of employing Georgians….

          • provisional says:

            If Hawkins has such a “Great” record as you claim, why aren’t people flocking to volunteer and help out on his campaign. Why is he having to hire pay people to be his “volunteers”.

              • Chris says:

                That sir is the problem. Hawkins is all about what it takes to get to the Capitol. Be it hang with Joe Biden, or buy the volunteers he needs to win the election.

                If hawkins wanted to go to dc he should wait till Saxby retires. No one will notice the difference

  3. GOPGrassroots says:

    Truth, some common sense for you…

    Grassroots campaigns hold volunteer phone banks.

    Campaigns without grassroots support have to pay people to make calls since they do not have enough volunteers to make them.

    I wouldn’t call it shocking, I’d say it’s par for the course for the Hawkins’ campaign.

      • provisional says:

        As a Hawkins supporter I find your name hypocritical…most conservatives wouldn’t support candidates who give to liberal democrats, praise the Obama stimulus package and take time off work from their business to go around with Joe Biden supporting it, disassociate themselves with the tea party movement, and attack tax cutting legislation that was endorsed by almost all respected conservative organizations. But I guess that is just Lee Hawkins for ya.

        • GeorgiaConservative says:

          If Lee Hawkins were the liberal you try to paint him as, then he would have never been elected to the Senate in arguably the most conservative, republican county in Georgia.

          • provisional says:

            three of the examples I cited were after his election to the Senate. Voters may have given him the benefit of the doubt that he had changed his liberal leanings when they elected him to the Senate, but when they learn about his continual liberal ways, those that want a conservative representing them will look to someone else.

            • Joshua Morris says:

              “praise the Obama stimulus package and take time off work from their business to go around with Joe Biden supporting it” – false. Did not “praise” any stimulus or “go around with” Biden anywhere.

              “disassociate themselves with the tea party movement” – false. Has avidly supported the Tea Party movement right here in the 9th District.

              “attack tax cutting legislation that was endorsed by almost all respected conservative organizations.” – false. No businesses will see any tax effect from said legislation until 2012 at the earliest. Fiscal conservatives don’t wait for billion dollar surpluses before enacting tax cuts.

              – Gave thousands to conservative Republicans – true
              – Voted twice in support of Fair Tax – true
              – Worked on and supported tax-cutting legislation this session that had no billion dollar surplus trigger – true
              – Has 30 successful years in small business – true
              – Has been a leader among his professional peers as treasurer and president of the GDA – true
              – Has been a leader in his 2 terms in the State Senate – true
              – Highly respected by his professional and legislative peers – true
              – Has a solid conservative voting record – true

              • provisional says:

                Apparently we disagree on some points. We’ll have to see what the record proves when all is said and done.
                But since you know so much about Hawkins, I thought you would be a good one to ask, do you know what preschool his grandkids attend so I can warn everyone I know in gainesville not to send their kids there since as Hawkins e-mail to supporters said it has to “deal with lack of resources and violence”???

                • Tommy_a2b says:

                  Provisional since you are attacking family now instead of keeping on topic, keep in mind his grandkids are 2 yrs old and one is under a yr old. Grow the hell up and leave family out of it!

                  • steelfist says:

                    Tommy – the topic is that Lee will say and do anything to get elected and the email from him brought his young grandkids into the picture from his campaign. He said/wrote – whatever. We all know his grandkids are that young – that is why it is so funny that he would say violence in their school. In case your bluetooth ear piece has gotten the best of your brain, here is the paragraph from that email:

                    For the past 31 years, I have owned and operated a small dental practice in North Georgia. During that time, I have experienced my staff multiply from four to thirteen. I have experienced my cost go up due to government waste, regulation and taxes. I have experienced my staff become more burdened with regulatory paperwork rather than increased patient care. I have experienced my grandchildren going to schools where teachers are forced to deal with lack of resources and violence instead of educating children.

                  • provisional says:

                    I am not attacking anyones family. I got an e-mail from the Hawkins campagin asking for money, and saying that one reason I should give it to him was because he had experienced his grandkids going to school where there was violence and a lack of resources. I then found out that his oldes grandchild was two.
                    So my question is does he really have experience with this problem or was he using his grandchildren misleadingly. I didn’t write the e-mail, Hawkins campaign did, so they need to answer why they needed to use Lee’s grnadchildren for political gain.

                    • reaganrev4 says:

                      “I have experienced my grandchildren going to schools where teachers are forced to deal with lack of resources and violence instead of educating children.” Do kindergartners not go to school with grades 1-5 anymore? I did, but they may not be the same anymore, and violence certainly takes place in grades 1-5. That quote doesn’t say it was his grandchildren experiencing any violence…anywhere. I read that as his grandchild goes to a school where incidents of violence have taken place and the teachers should be able to focus more on educating than policing. The fact that this quote is being this picked through is troubling to me…has America been that dumbed down?

              • steelfist says:


                From the AJC: “He pitches himself as a steady conservative and has had little contact with the tea party movement. ‘He’s not really associated with it at all,’ said his spokesman, Steve Holman.”

                Lee Hawkins Press Release: STATE SEN. HAWKINS CALLS GRAVES “JOBS BILL” A SHAM

                Your pros are just bio-fluff. That’s fine. It seems most candidates have that, but I am interested in what bill Lee “worked on and supported tax-cutting legislation this session that had no billion dollar surplus trigger.”

                • Joshua Morris says:

                  HB 1204. Don’t play dumb.

                  And you guys really like picking that one quote and taking it out of context, don’t you?

                  • steelfist says:

                    Oh, that bill. The one Ron Stephens introduced and Lee did nothing to move it. It died with the overwhelming support of the General Assembly. Effective.

                    And how was that quote taken out of context?

                    • provisional says:

                      I am still waiting on him to enlighten me where Lee’s grandkids go to school. I have called some of my friends in Gainesville and they are kinda confused which elected official they should call to work on cleaning up the preschools in town.

          • RINO Hunter says:

            Hang on there GC, you see the Hall County GOP isn’t really as Republican as most folks would think…but we’re going to change all that.

            What’s that? You ask for proof of that statement? Well, you can look no further than last weekend when Gerry Purcell is reported to have said ” I’m from the Republican wing of the Republican Party ” and three people clapped, one smiled and the other 76 people suddenly looked like deer in headlights. You shoulda been there. Maybe you were? 😉

            A RINO getting elected in a RINO District…..that’s hardly validation of any sort of real conservative values.

            BTW – speaking of volunteers, in case you folks haven’t heard, the McBerry for Gov. campaign has over 2200 recorded volunteers.

            I’m afriad that RINO skin is too thick to be able to tell which way the wind is blowing. Out in the grassroots, it’s blowing at hurricane force for liberty and Constitutional values. A big name and a bigger pocketbook will one day be unnecessary to gain office in Georgia and the rest of the country. And pseudo-conservatives will need to find a new home…I hear the liberals are taking new members these days….

            • Joshua Morris says:

              I was there, and this account is completely untrue. Most people in the packed room smiled or chuckled along with the spirit of the statement. There were no “deer in headlights” looks. In fact, Mr. Purcell enjoyed a very warm reception from an attentive group.

              Do you really want to misrepresent and demean an entire county’s Republican Party, the home of such fine conservative people as Gordon Sawyer and J-Net Viera?

  4. GOPGrassroots says:

    Republicans against candidates lying about grassroots support, then having to hire random people from job boards to fill in the massive gaps.

    There is nothing wrong with Sen. Hawkins not running a grassroots campaign – $200K loan (to date) to his campaign, paid “volunteers”, etc… all are within the rules…just don’t claim to have a grassroots campaign when you clearly do not.

    • GeorgiaConservative says:

      Seems like Lee is the only candidate creating jobs… Is it illegal to put people to work?

        • GeorgiaConservative says:

          If you think that hiring North Georgians in a recession is liberal, maybe we have a bigger problem to fix….

            • reaganrev4 says:

              I dont see Hawkins’ press release every calling these phone bankers his grassroots volunteers. How do you know he isnt using his volunteers in other areas where they will be seen? Perhaps all of his volunteers have other careers and attend school during the day when the bulk of the calls are made so they came up with the idea to hire temps/the unemployed to make these calls and also give people an opportunity to work again? Seems like good business to me. Fair and balanced journalism would account for these type of things, but we all know that PP is anything but fair and balanced. And I can also attest I have heard from SEVERAL people in Forsyth County that Graves went door to door, in Forsyth, offering people 20+ dollars to put a 4X4 sign in their yard. But seeing as PP tends to follow the liberal medias lead in being strictly biased towards certain candidates and continually rejects objective journalism I would hardly begin to think anything of the sort would show up on the front page.

  5. Truthteller says:

    GOPGrassroots, relax. Becoming hysterical is a common symptom of those who are sensing desperation.

    The Graves campaign flopped on Saturday again with a dwindling number of people showing on their behalf at events from Dawsonville across the district.

    It’s seems the word’s getting out to people, doesn’t it?

    Graves’ phony jobs bills…

    Graves’ many years of voting for government spending increases (until the legislature finally ran out of money and reality forced budget cuts)…

    and Graves sucking up to Glenn Richardson in order to be ordained an establishment “Hawk”…

    They just don’t cut it with North Georgians.

    • GeorgiaConservative says:

      This is another pathetic attack on the frontrunner driven by the desperate, fearful campaign known as Graves for Congress.

      I fear that all of this mumbo jumbo non news attacks against Lee will actually put Graves in the grave.

  6. GOPGrassroots says:

    Truth, I see you are now trying to change the subject off of Lee’s paid by the hour “grassroots.” Nice try to divert attention from a campaign that has zero momentum, a me-too approach to everything, a campaign manager of the week program, and “volunteers” who your candidate has to pay.

    Your representation of what took place over the weekend is about as off base as Lee’s claim to have the largest grassroots campaign.

    Your attack on the JOBs bill, like Lee’s false and uninformed attacks, show just how out of touch with conservatives you both are.

    And I recall Graves losing his position due to his taking a stand on principle regardless of the political consequences. Give me one example Lee doing that.

    • Tommy_a2b says:

      Justin what principle was Tom Graves standing on when he “stood up” to Speaker Richardson?

      Also Justin the “JOBS Bill” is a sham on the issue of JOBS!!! Try and explain how it helps create JOBS (if you can.) Tom Graves himself will admit that it has a $1,000,000,000.00 trigger; at least he did so on Saturday. Why would you put tax cut only apply after economy is repaired (if you understand supply side economics.) You should remember you tell everyone you are a Harvard Grad. I only graduated from GA State Univ and I can understand it. If you need help I’ll be glad to sit with you and explain further.

      Lastly I’m not running from the issue of paid staffers working on campaigns. Again I say so what. What campaign does not have staffers?

    • GeorgiaConservative says:

      Who said phone banking was grassroots? If you want to talk grassroots then let’s take a tour of sideroads and neighborhoods in GA-9, and see who the people support for Congress. It’s easy to pay people to put up signs on a busy road but it’s another thing to have people all over showing their support with their Lee Hawkins for Congress signs!

      • GeorgiaValues says:

        Setting aside all personal feelings here, if yard signs are a measure of grassroots, than the race will turn out like this…

        Graves wins without a runoff

        Cates or Loftman or Tarvin come in second

        Hawkins comes in somewhere after those guys (like the last straw poll)

        GeorgiaConservative – first you say Tom is paying people to have his sign in their yards, now you say he has no signs in yards…lol

        • GeorgiaConservative says:

          You might want to retake middle school reading and comprehension. My statement was clear, sorry you still can’t understand. Ask Justin for help, he’s a Harvard grad!

          • provisional says:

            Georgia Conservative,
            With a response like this, one wonders if you are still in middle school.

            • GeorgiaConservative says:

              With a thread topic such as this, you would wonder if the author and his puppeteers were in middle school. This topic is a complete splitting of hairs.

      • Gary Cooper says:

        Ok, if we go by yard signs (and those in yards, not at intersections) then Graves wins this thing going away. I live in GA-9, drive all over the district every week and see a lot more Graves signs in private yards than I do any other candidate. I see more Tarvin and Cates signs on the right of way and at intersections than I do Hawkins. I have see maybe a handful of Hawkins signs in actual private yards, but mostly in rural right of ways and the occasional intersection. I think you are being too kind calling Hawkins the front runner. He might be lucky to come in 3rd in this race.

  7. Tommy_a2b says:

    I have yet to read all of this thread but let me clarify. Yes Lee Hawkins staff/employees make calls. Yes new people have been hired on to make calls. That is not the only thing they do once hired.

    What is your point? Are you thinking that no campaign should have paid staff? If so, grow up and join the real world.

    Also why do you post stuff like this when you do not clarify that you are an open supporter for Tom Graves? Buzz Brockway and I have not always gotten along but he always clarifies these kinds of things when he puts stuff out. For this I do respect him.

    Don’t be a puppet. Shoot straight and people will respect you more.

    Tommy Sandoval

    • steelfist says:

      Campaigns have paid staffers.

      Campaigns have grassroots volunteers.

      The ads above don’t appear to be looking to hire paid staffers or grassroots volunteers. It appears to be soliciting people to do phone banks, which many campaigns use grassroots volunteers. I don’t think most campaigns call phone bankers staff members, but I could be wrong.

  8. Joshua Morris says:

    Is this kinda stuff really what we should expect from the front page crew on Peach Pundit? I would think there would be some requirement of substance except for open threads.

  9. Justin Tomczak says:

    I heard I was being talked about here, thanks for the shout out Tommy if I’m the Justin you are referring to.

    I’ve never bragged about my academic background (other than how much I enjoyed my experience at KSU), but thanks for being so impressed with it that you insert it into this banter on Peach Pundit about your candidate.

    I paid for my education, you pay for your “volunteers”. Doesn’t bother me brother. lol 🙂

  10. Jim Bob says:

    The only thing worth blogging about on here is what Truthteller and Tommy stated.

    If this is true, then it is certainly disappointing.

  11. Jane says:

    Hawkins and Graves have good teams, Tarvin has horrible radio spots, and there is a rumor that Cates has a few Bill Board. I think the race will come down to how many people vote in Hall versus how many vote in Gordon. By that estimation Hawkins wins in a run-off.

    • Gary Cooper says:

      You are leaving out Forsyth. It has many more people voting than Gordon county does and Graves has huge support here.

  12. GeorgiaConservative says:

    I have no clue as to how this is news.

    Wait. I’m sorry, this is Tyler and Erick trying their best to propell their handpicked candidate to Washington.

    When will PeachPundit be fair?

    • GeorgiaValues says:

      For a serial poster, you sure do hate the blog you spend a lot of time on.

      Why don’t you go back to phone banking, Hawkins is paying good money for that I hear.

      • reaganrev4 says:

        someone has to keep the bias news outlets in check GV. In this fight i would say GeorgiaConservative is FOX news fighting for real journalism and PP is CNN with their OVERLY biased reporting…then again PP is just a blog and never claims to actually be a news source…but if it wishes to grow it should probably stop the candidate posturing or it will begin to severely lose credibility…thats just little ol me talking though.

  13. JG2020 says:

    wow this shows non-Republicans/everyone that were hypocrites like crazy.. We say were for “Creating Jobs!” but when a campaign creates some jobs we slam them? I guess the Graves fans must hate capitalism…

    • steelfist says:

      Just don’t say you have “the largest grassroots support” when you are paying people to do jobs most volunteers do because they believe in someone.

      But again, Lee Hawkins will say anything to get elected.

      Like he has experienced his 2 year old granddaughter and less than a year old grandson facing violence in the church preschool.

      • GeorgiaConservative says:

        Dude, come on. Your splitting hairs and it’s getting ridiculous. GET A LIFE. Are you really going to argue about why Lee Hawkins has a staff?

        Your just mad that Tom’s “Jobs Bill” is trash and that Tom’s never employed anyone personall, while Lee is a successful small businessman for over 30 years.

        It’s hard to employ folks when you won’t even tell people what you do for a living.

        • steelfist says:

          No one is arguing about Lee Hawkins having a staff. You just keep calling phone bankers staff members. Pay them to do a volunteer job. Fine. That’s not grassroots.

          I will continue to make calls for Tom without getting paid to do it, as I volunteer my time.

          Tom’s website says “Tom is a small businessman who owns and manages multi-family housing and commercial retail properties.” How is that not telling people what he does for a living?

      • provisional says:

        I got that last minute e-mail solicitation from Hawkins the night before the deadline, where he was toting all his “experience” and he said

        ” I have experienced my grandchildren going to schools where teachers are forced to deal with lack of resources and violence instead of educating children.”

        Then I was told that his oldest grandchild is 2. I didn’t realize preschools were so dangerous. You could at least be a little more truthful when asking for people’s hard earned dollars, especially if they were going to be spent on paying people to phone bank for you.

  14. Glen Ross says:

    I’ve phone banked and door knocked for campaigns before and never been paid. Didn’t expect it or ask for it. I thought that was the point. You believe in a candidate or causes so you give what you can. Some folks give money, some folks give time/labor.

    If Hawkins is paying for phone bankers, it certainly not a good sign. But if he has the cash to spend, and it works….well, kudos. If Graves can get callers w/o paying, that will certainly free up some resources.

    As far as “puppetry” goes…the blog never claimed to be impartial. I don’t always agree with the front page guys, but it is what it is. You’re trying to hold them so some sort of false standard. That said, I do occasionally cool it with the bashing of some. Even ones I mutually dislike. Little over the top. But I’m not going to get on here and complain. It’s their prerogative.

    • ByteMe says:

      As far as “puppetry” goes…the blog never claimed to be impartial.

      For me, it’s not quite that. It’s more like you only have so much “honesty capital” built up by your postings, why waste it on a fake insider baseball issue just because it supports “your guy”?

      • GeorgiaConservative says:

        It’s really not even an issue but they have to get thier slate elected, Tom Graves and Karen Handel.

  15. GeorgiaConservative says:

    So the general consensus of this thread would be, Tom Graves creates no jobs for local unemployed, but Hawkins puts Georgia back to work, and yet Graves and his “conservative” followers have a problem with that?

    Wow, someone is desperate and will make a mountain out of a mole hill. This is sad. Get some real news and get a life.

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      So we’re supposed to assume that Hawkins HAS grassroots volunteers but asked them to stay home so he could pay poor folk to phone bank? Awful nice of him, if you buy it. In the private sector, we call that a bad business model. Mr. Hawkins seems like a smart man. I doubt he is in the habit of spending money he doesn’t have to.

      I don’t care about this race since I don’t live in the district, but I find this logic…well, for lack of a better word, stupid. Maybe he’s serious about phone banking. Maybe he wants to do so much phone banking his army of grassroots supporters can’t possibly get it all done by election day. Maybe his grassroots supporters are too busy putting out yard signs or door knocking to phone bank. There are a lot of justifications you could put up here. “Hawkins for Congress is a charity organization” is by far the worst.

  16. GOPGeorgia says:

    If all of the supporters on here (of Graves and Hawkins) spent more of their time going to door to door trying to get voters to show up on March 11th, instead of trying to tear someone else down, I think they would find that their time has been spent more productively.

    If one of those two fail to make the run off by just a few votes, you will kick yourself for not following my advice. I see that as possible.

    • Jim Bob says:

      I totally agree. Rather than use the Politics of Destruction on this Post, how about doing something more useful with your time. The comments on this Post have gotten out of control. I mean bringing someone’s grandkids into the “debate”…Really??

      • steelfist says:

        Jim Bob – it is what Lee wrote to supporters. How are his grand kids experiencing violence in school? That is a legitimate question since he wrote it. If he didn’t send out such a ridiculous statement I would agree with you, but his statement shows that he will just say whatever to get elected and that isn’t what this district is looking for to represent them in Washington. Maybe he should think closely about what he sends out – grandkids violence in school, not part of the tea party, attend event with Joe Biden. He sends out and then – oh it is taken out of context. Come on.

        • GeorgiaConservative says:

          How is your man Graves the “FairTax Candidate” when Hawkins is the only one in the race who bothered to vote in favor of it… TWICE!

          And if all you Graves folks can do is attack Lee’s two year old granddaughter, and split hairs on why he hired a campaign staff, then you all need to consider switching to a better candidate…

          • provisional says:

            No one is attacking Lee’s grandchild. Lee sent out an e-mail including his grandchildren. We are curious why he would use her misleadingly in a fundraising mail piece. Since he is willing to use his grandchildren untruthfully, I think it is you that needs to consider switching to a better candidate.

            • reaganrev4 says:

              I am going to copy an past my above post because it seems that is what provisional has done throughout this entire thread. “I have experienced my grandchildren going to schools where teachers are forced to deal with lack of resources and violence instead of educating children.” Do kindergartners not go to school with grades 1-5 anymore? I did, but they may not be the same anymore, and violence certainly takes place in grades 1-5. That quote doesn’t say it was his grandchildren experiencing any violence…anywhere. I read that as his grandchild goes to a school where incidents of violence have taken place and the teachers should be able to focus more on educating than policing. The fact that this quote is being this picked through is troubling to me…has America been that dumbed down?

              • provisional says:

                I responded to you above that I do not think 2 year olds go to kindergarten.

                Here is my question for those cussing at me, slinging untrue accusations that I am attacking anyone, or I am reading something wrong. I am going to make this simple.

                1) Hawkins oldest granchild is 2 years old, and I have learned attends a church morning preschool program.

                2) On March 31st, Hawkins sent out a fundraising e-mail asking supporters for their hard earned dollars, asking for their support for his experience, one expereince he claimes in the e-mail to have was “experienced my grandchildren going to schools where teachers are forced to deal with lack of resources and violence instead of educating children”

                Now I am not attacking his grandchild, I am just asking you to tell me how if #1 is correct, how can he possibly make the statement in #2, unless he will just say anything to get elected and solicit money to pay telemarketers???

                • reaganrev4 says:

                  “I responded to you above that I do not think 2 year olds go to kindergarten. ” Could we possibly be splitting hairs any more on a misread line in a long e-mail? preschoolers and kindergartners tend to be in the same school. My preschool was actually with grades pre-K to 12 grade all on the same campus. Are you trying to say that violence doesnt happen in preK and Kindergarten? Of course it is violence relative to the age of the child but still, violence no less. I think the point trying to be made is that teachers main efforts should be on educating our youth, not policing. And who are you to say that his granddaughter hasnt ever witnessed bullying at her school? I have heard more than enough on the news about absurd bullying taking place to completely rule it out on any grade level. I am embarrassed that I have let this petty argument take up this much of my time…i apologize to all

                  • provisional says:

                    That is the worse spin I have EVER heard. I don’t think this is a petty argument. I thinkg Basically Lee used he grandchild in a falsehood, because he will say anything to get elected which is not a good trait in someone I want to elect to office.

                    I have a friend whose child attends the same church preschool as Hawkins’ grandadughter. She says it is a Mothers morning out programs from 9-1. You have to pay,no one, makes you send your child there, so if this violence is occuring I would think you would leave the school, and since it is a private school, where tuition is paid, they would have the resources they need. But no worries, I wil let my friend know your explanation so she can ask the preschool directors to keep a closer eye on the violence. I am sure they will be concerned about the public image that is being made of their preschool.

                  • steelfist says:

                    Ok – let’s just say for argument sake that his 2 year old granddaughter’s church preschool had violence. LOL.

                    Ok. There was violence. What did Lee do about it as a State Senator to address this violence at the church pre-school program?

                    And let’s say it happens again. LOL. What would Congressman Lee Hawkins do to address the violence in pre-school?

                    • reaganrev4 says:

                      Congressman Lee Hawkins, eh? You sound as confidant as me. SR 1199 doesn’t address bullying but does address the monetary resource problems our great state is facing

                    • reaganrev4 says:

                      *correction* – helps the monetary resources problem our great state is facing with regards to education. Didnt mean to make it sound like it addressed all monetary issues

                    • reaganrev4 says:

                      is that a joke steelfist? If you re-read my post i said “SR 1199 doesn’t address bullying but does address the monetary resource problems our great state is facing”. And provisional, I highly doubt “Congressman Hawkins”, as steelfist likes to call him, only has his grandchildren in mind when he authors legislation. As a genuine, caring servant of the people as a dentist for 32 years and a state senator since 2006 he has shown that.

                    • steelfist says:

                      Not a joke. Just trying to figure out “his experience” in addressing the violence in his grandchild’s church preschool that he talked about. And in response to your comments to provisional – you said this resolution was one of the ways he helped address the $$$ problems. I think provisional’s comment asking if he help the resources problems at his grandchild’s church preschool is totally in line. Remember, Lee Hawkins was the one that wrote himself and signed his name to the following quote: “I have experienced my grandchildren going to schools where teachers are forced to deal with lack of resources and violence instead of educating children.”

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