Campaign Disclosure Mania

I’ve updated the campaign disclosure spreadsheets I created back in January. I’ll continue to update them throughout the day. There are a lot of candidates leaving one office and running for others, so please let me know if you see any errors. Β In the meantime feel free to discuss the data amongst yourselves.

Statewide Races
State Senate Races
State House Races

UPDATE 5:10 PM: Barnes is the first Dem. Gov. Candidate to report. Boyd, Chapman, McBerry, and Oxendine have reported for the GOP. I’m going to take a bit of a break and be back later.

UPDATE 9:18 PM: OK I’m back from dinner then Bible study. I’ve updated the Governor’s candidates and will get to work on the other races.


  1. RuralDem says:

    Mike Thurmond has NOT announced that he’d be running for re-election again.

    Jeff Scott is no longer in the School Superintendent’s race. Dropped out last summer (not sure why).

    John Wilkinson is no longer in the Commissioner of Agriculture’s race. He suffered a heart attack last summer and dropped out.

    Ron Mullins is no longer in the SS-29 race. He’s one of three finalists for the open Superior Court seat in the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit.

    • ChuckEaton says:

      With an incumbent, the assumption is they are running for reelection, unless they announce otherwise.

    • seenbetrdayz says:

      Oops. I didn’t see the other posting “A New Candidate for the Governor’s Race”. I’ll take it over there.

  2. Howard Masters says:


    Deal – Raised $300,000
    Handel – Raised $200,000
    Johnson – Raised – $500,000

    Barnes – Raised – $500,000

      • fishtail says:

        I was pretty accurate, although I had no idea that Eric would lend himself $250K. I guess the Linger Longer deal paid pretty well.

  3. Mayonnaise says:

    I say you add a column and show the loans some have used to prop up their numbers with no intention of actually spending that money. (Deal and Ox)

    Cash On-hand $2,032,467.81
    Fluff Loan $(250,000.00)
    Real Cash On-hand $1,782,467.81

    • NorthGAGOP says:

      While your at it, add a column showing the amount that was transferred from one campaign to another, legally of course

      • Mayonnaise says:

        That money will be spent. Ox’s loan against his house and Deal’s loan against campaign cash sitting in deposit box will not be spent.

    • Mozart says:

      The really sneaky part of the “loan” concept is that there is no proof of a loan required in the Ethics Laws. Conceivably, someone could just claim they loaned themselves X, stick it on their disclosure, and no one would consider questioning it.

      Meanwhile, they would give the illusion that they have the capacity to loan more, attract new donors on that concept of appearing to be the leader, and collect real cash. And, then if they win, pay themselves back the “loan” they lent their campaign.

      Nice and tax-free.

    • Mayonnaise says:

      I will add that Scott would actually be more likely to spend the cash from his loan than Deal and OX would be.

      • polisavvy says:

        So, what if he does? What’s your point? I believe Michael Bloomberg spent his own money on his campaign. What difference does it really make as long as you have the funds to support your own campaign? Does it make you any less of a candidate if you spend some of your own money or are you a better candidate because you could be beholden to someone else for contributions? Just curious as to your reasoning.

      • polisavvy says:

        As an aside, since Representative Scott chose to fulfill his elected commitment to his constituency instead of quitting (like several candidates did), he has been unable to raise money since early January because of the session. What do you expect him to do?

            • Mayonnaise says:

              I have no issue with people spending their own money. The post about Austin was not meant to be negative. Actually, he’s already dipped into by the looks of his release.

              • polisavvy says:

                True, but just think that had he decided to be a quitter like some of the candidates, he could quite possibly be up in the money department. You have to quit beating that horse to death about him having to use his own money. What other choice (other than to be a quitter) did he have? He can’t raise money during session while he is fulfilling his elected position that his constituency voted him to do. If he spends his own money, please tell me how that affects your personally? You say you have no issue with it; but, you chose to make it an issue. I think it’s pretty interesting that Johnson has all that money but is not polling a whole lot better than Representative Scott. Scott is not out of this fight. No one should count him out.

                • Game Fan says:

                  FULL DISCLOSURE:
                  Game Fan usually if not always gravitates toward the second and third tier candidates and/or the underdog. (because I can’t think of a good reason not to) The ideal candidate in this particular context would be the one with widespread populist financial support, followed by the millionaire who spends his own money, and at a distant third would be the media darling, the insider, the one with the most money and name recognition, ect…

                  • polisavvy says:

                    Let’s just sit back and see what happens once Representative Scott is able to devote 24/7 to his campaign and can once again start receiving funds. I realize that it’s April 8th; but the election is still a little over three months away. We all know that anything can happen in politics just like anything can happen in baseball. I don’t believe it’s the bottom of the 9th, yet (and “I don’t hear no fat lady”).

  4. ChiefofStaff65 says:

    That’s a great question Part-Time and one I see being completely relevant. I mean The OX had a bunch of cash on hand this time last disclosure and that has done a lot for him. Same for Deal.

    Also, history will point you back to 2002: $20 Million vs. $5 Million.

    Also, consider this scenario:

    Deal takes North Ga. Johnson takes sporadic voters and Savannah, wish Sen. Chapman taking a chunk of that base. Handel and Ox battle out for the metro, which leaves Mcberry to take the 9 wing nuts out there, leaving South Ga, where Rep. Scott has a lot of name and money. Pretty big territory and a run-off could happen.

    Also, rumor has it that Scott has a lot of money coming to him once the Session ends.

    • GOPGeorgia says:


      I think that’s pretty close to what could happen. Scott, Chapman and OX can’t raise funds during session, so I’m sure they will all get some money after it’s over, but I think OX will far out raise the other 2.

      You left out how much money Ray Boyd will self fund. I’d like to see what the polls look like after he has been in the race a month.

      Deal’s unmentioned advantage is the 8 or so candidates running for his seat in the primary and the top 2 in that run off. He won’t get all of those votes, but I think there will be a larger turn out than usual and he will get most of them.

      There will be a run off. Period.

      • ChuckEaton says:

        Are you sure that after a special election, a runoff for the special election and then a primary, with an incumbent on the ballot, that a runoff is guaranteed for the primary in the 9th?

        • GOPGeorgia says:

          The qualifying for the primary election will be before the special election will be over. I can guarantee we have some good candidates in the Ninth and I can’t tell you who will win. I don’t expect a large turnout in the special, but I think we will get a large turnout in the primary. The winner of the special may not be the winner of the primary. To clarify, I can’t promise a runoff in the primary (for congress), but there will be one in the special.

          There will be a run off for Governor.

          • ChuckEaton says:

            Thought you meant guaranteed runoff in the Congressional race primary. I agree with everything you just said. I also didn’t realize qualifying for the primary will be over before the special, makes everything a bit anticlimactic.

            • GOPGeorgia says:

              I should have been clearer. Chief said a run off could happen (for the GOP nomination for Gov.). I am saying it will.

              • polisavvy says:

                I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one — there will be a runoff in the race for Governor.

                • Mozart says:

                  Unless 6 out of the 8 all get indicted a month before the primary…or…6 out of the 8 contract some horrible foot-in-mouth disease that renders their campaign DOA.

                  NOT that I predict this or hope for this to come to pass…I’m just sayin’ things COULD happen.

                  • polisavvy says:

                    I think something will happen and the number will dwindle. As far as 6 out of 8, I think that’s stretching it a little, Mozart. I thought your part about foot-in-mouth disease was very funny stuff. Very humorous post. πŸ™‚

  5. ChiefofStaff65 says:

    Oh Mayo and Part-Time, looking back at your many posts, you all seem to bring so much to the table that I am not sure why you haven not been made Front Page Posters.

    Your thoughtful postings of you tube videos and general arm-chair quarterbacking almost make me wish we were friends in real life.

  6. Buzz, one thing you might want to check is whether they used what they previously raised or COH in the previous disclosure.

    As this is the first disclosure of the election cycle, candidates are supposed to put what they have on hand as of the last disclosure. I’ve noticed a few have put what they previously raised (which you would do if this were the 2nd, 3rd, etc disclosure of the election cycle).

    • Mayonnaise says:

      Only has 600k on-hand … which means she netted less than 200k for the quarter … nothing to write home about …

      • Mayonnaise says:

        Let me qualify … if they’re saying they have 600k on-hand via twitter … then it could be rounding up from 551k.

            • TheSituation says:

              Come on Mayo! We all know that you work for Eric Johnson. Just because you may not get paid by his campaign doesn’t mean you aren’t working for his campaign.

              • Mayonnaise says:

                Hahahaha ….. I’ve never even seen the inside of the Johnson campaign headquarters …. But yes, I support him as our next Governor. By the way, is everyone else on here ready to reveal who’s yard sign they have their front-yard?

                • TheSituation says:

                  Mayo…your boy Eric Reynolds…I mean Johnson…needs to get you down to his HQ so you guys can have a talk. He is only polling at 3% with committed voters, and 5% in the other poll. The defacto Lt. Gov from a few years back is polling that low? All those trips up to Atlanta don’t seem to be doing it for him. He better start spending the Reynolds family money fast…before it’s too late.

                  • Mayonnaise says:

                    Not sure who Reynolds is but I’m sure if there was a crime committed you would have called the police by now. Good luck in your pursuit of rabbit trails, ghosts, and pipe-dreams.

                    • Mozart says:

                      I think they make Saran Wrap and Aluminum Foil, Mayo. Maybe you need to do the grocery shopping once in awhile at your house. πŸ™‚

                    • TheSituation says:

                      The most vocal supporter of Eric Johnson on this site, and you don’t know about the Reynolds family ties to Eric Johnson? You are either dunce, or you are lying. And who said anything about a crime being committed.? I know that I didn’t. But what I will say is that his ties to the Reynolds family raise a little suspicion about his ethics.

                      Let me help you here, Mayo. Since you work for the EJ campaign, take a look around and see if you can find anyone with the last name Reynolds on your team. Low and behold…there is someone named Jamie Reynolds. You have probably run into him around the campaign HQ that you supposedly have never been in. Anyways, Mr. Jamie Reynolds is his finance chair. He also happens to co-own Linger Longer Communities down in Jekyll Island. Does that ring a bell for you, Mayo?

                      The Reynolds family will make a lot of loot if they get their development buddy EJ in as Governor. So how do they help? They bankroll him and wait for the kickbacks.

                      Also, does anyone know anything about this picture of EJ?

                    • Mozart says:

                      Well…speaking from the point of being someone involved in day-to-day decisions of running a for-profit business, I would certainly HOPE that if I invested in such a project, I would succeed in making lots of money.

                      But, that’s not the issue, is it, Situation? You’re trying to imply that Eric would sell his soul for a governorship, is that accurate?

                    • Mayonnaise says:

                      Sorry. I still don’t know the Reynolds’ family, never been to campaign headquarters, never been to Jeckyl Island, and don’t work for the campaign. I’m a homeschool Dad who wants to see Eric as our next Governor. And what do you have against the former Georgia flag?

                    • TheSituation says:

                      You are close, Mozart. All businesses should want to make a profit. But, as a Georgia taxpayer, I want to be sure our next Governor actually wants to help Georgia become a better state, and not to fill the pockets of his buddies or himself down on Jekyll Island. We’ve already had one Purdue…we don’t need another. In my opinion, EJ is almost as shady as the OX with regard to his campaigning.

                      Mayo, if you still want to pretend that you don’t know about the Reynolds family ties to EJ, then well…you haven’t done enough research about your candidate. I honestly believe you know more than you are letting on. You post all sorts of stuff as if it were fact regarding every candidate and their finances…but when legitimate questions are raised about EJ and his FINANCE CHAIR, you fall back as a little ole homeschool dad who wants to volunteer for EJ.

          • Mayonnaise says:

            But just to follow-up on my point, Karen had $440k on-hand at end of last period. So assuming they’re not rounding (highly unlikely) on the $660k current on-hand reporting, she would have added a net increase of $160k to her cash on-hand. Bottom-line……she’s still has a money problem.

      • Game Fan says:

        Hey, I just come up with a great campaign slogan for the Handel campaign:

        “Just insert y0ur memory card and push the glass for Handel”.

        OK, it needs a little work.

  7. gasurvivor says:

    Hmm.. Karen raised 515k last disclosure, which was about 6 months long.

    This disclosure is only 3 months long and she reports 400k.

    I’d say she’s gaining a good bit of momentum, especially coupled with results of the recent WSB poll..

  8. Rhino Hunter says:

    Karen Handel is right where she needs to be, money wise, and in better shape than most. A million dollars, or even two million, cannot buy back reputations squandered on shady back room deals, shake downs, or good old boy politics as usual. It is time for a change.

  9. Mayonnaise says:

    Nathan Deal raises $200k and has $800k on-hand. Don’t forget that $250k of that $800k is sitting in a safety deposit box as collateral for his $250k loan. He has $550k to work with … even with Karen Handel and 0ne-third of what Eric Johsnon has, and one-fourth of what Oxendine has. Stick a fork in him….he’s a done Deal.

  10. Mayonnaise says:

    John Monds … raised $0.00 …. has $1,116.81 on-hand ….

    … Someone needs to tell Jeff to pick up the pace

    …. one expenditure = cellphone bill

    Can’t Monds find a better way to get his cell phone paid for besides faking a run for Governor?

  11. Icarus says:

    Interesting quarter shaping up.

    Eric Johnson “raised” the most, but it appears that he’s playing the sock stuffing game now along with Deal and Ox. Loaned himself $250ish to pad his numbers.

    Without the loan, Johnson, Handel raised about $400K each for the quarter. They’re still your front runners.

    Deal raised less than half that, and still counts his double $250K as cash on hand if I’m reading it right. There’s very little “there” there, and it’s getting close to time for a party “wise man” to go have a long talk with him. This person should bring a watch and a fishing pole with him. Pat him on the back, tell him he had a good run, and send him to one of Sonny’s new boat ramps.

    Ox now has enough money to buy him the OJ defense team members that are still alive.

    Austin needs this session to be over yesterday. He’s making moves within the grassroots. He needs time to make the same headway with the moneymen.

    • Mayonnaise says:

      Austin Scott is now officially upside down in the race. He has $87,550.85 on-hand and owes himself $119,225.00. He’s burning through his own money. You telling me he’s going 1.5 mil to catch up with EJ and OX? Not going to happen.

      • polisavvy says:

        Who says he must raise $1.5 million? It doesn’t appear as though Mr. Johnson’s million plus is helping him very much with the voters. In a previous post you indicated that you had no problem with Representative Scott spending his own money; but, once again you make it a point. You do realize that Representative Scott has garnered supporters since session began who are more than willing to help him in the money department just as soon as he can start receiving funds. The money is coming just as soon as it can.

    • Mayonnaise says:

      “Without the loan, Johnson, Handel raised about $400K each for the quarter.” ….. Icarus


      Here’s the math………..

      Total Contributions for the period (less loan):
      EJ – $451,099.95
      KH – $392,940.60
      EJ +15%

      “Things that are different are not the same” ….. Mayo

      • NorthGAGOP says:

        Very interesting how the Johnson spin changes. Before the disclosures came out, it was; Johnson is going to have as much cash as the Ox. The day of the disclosures, they back off, and say they it will be the same as the Ox without his loan. Disclosures come out, and no mention of being close to the Ox in cash, as they are way behind, and now it’s OK for a campaign to loan itself money.

    • Henry Waxman says:

      The Georgia Republican Party has “wise men”??? Where are they, and why aren’t they running for governor???

    • Howard Masters says:

      There are some very interesting trends shaping up.

      In the polls, Ox is falling like a rock. Johnson has also stumbled, but not badly. Deal is somehow treading water. Handel is moving up.

      In terms of money, Handel and Johnson have the momentum, but Johnson had to bolster his with a loan. Deal is sinking like a rock, for the second period in a row he spent more than he raised.

      Right now it’s a three way race for two spots. Based on the current trends it looks like Ox and Handel. I keep thinking about Rudy’s campaign, where he put all his eggs in one basket, Florida. Johnson is putting all his eggs in the TV ad basket, will his results be the same as Rudy’s?

      • Melb says:

        haha. Check out his filing. He has been raising money from all over the state! Probably more from lawyers actually, but I think that is true for a lot of candidates!! I gave $100 and so did a couple of my friends at a young professionals event.

        • MouthoftheSouth says:

          I remember that “Young Professionals” event. That event had like 7 hosts, one of which was the campaign manager and another one was her sister, and 5 other people who didn’t post the above comment.

  12. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    The most interesting one on there is the state school superintendent race. Didn’t John Barge enter the race the last few months? Interesting that he has almost as much as Cox, and a lot more than the other two candidates that have been in the race for a while. Does anyone know anything about him?

  13. fishtail says:

    Hey Mayo….Didn’t Eric Johnson bring $600K from his Senate campaign coffers to his Governor’s race (via re-designation)? Plus he has lent himself $250K….net amount he has really raised in the Governor’s race is only $992K…far less than his puffed-up number of $1.7 million would suggest. However, I will award him a gold star for confusing the media, although that’s not too hard these days.

      • Mayonnaise says:

        From what I can see, per disclosure, all the Lt. Gov money was refunded. You’ll have to ask the individual donors why they decided to contribute to the gov race. On a side note, there’s a rumor out there that the advertising agency actually accepted payment from the portion of money that came from donors who contributed to both the Lt. Gov and Governor campaigns.

        Amazing, isn’t it?

        • Tireless says:

          Shocking to say the least. lol

          People supported EJ’s effort to be the Lt. Gov and Gov. Golly gee, does that mean people like him regardless of the office he is seeking? How dare those contributors use their money like that.

        • Howard Masters says:

          That’s one way to look at it. Another view – is it’s a way to skirt the campaign contribution laws, that don’t allow you to transfer money from one campaign to another.

          From a trend perspective it doesn’t show any new support for a person, just leveraging the existing base.

          • Tireless says:

            Skirt the law? When did compliance of the law become “skirting”? He gave back the money and the folks unilaterally decided to contribute to his run for Gov.

  14. Progressive Dem says:

    Somebody should say it: Barnes raising $900k+ in a bad economy, with no lobby money and in a red state is pretty damn impressive.

    Business likes Roy.

    • Icarus says:

      Business likes power, and they will play both sides.

      Given that the Republican that is winning is Other/undecided, business has no idea who to bet on/curry favor with on the Republican side.

      Once it’s clear who the Republican nominee will be, both the Dem and the Rep will have plenty of money to knock the crap out of each other.

      • Mozart says:

        If Johnson wins, and Barnes wins, the fight for the flag will commence!

        Barnes will lose based on his Denny’s placemat version. What a looney idea that was! Is that now in Ripley’s Believe it or Not under the cross-categories of “Huh?”…”What in the heck is that supposed to be?”….AND…”Who the f—- designed that piece of crap?!”

        • Icarus says:

          We’re furloughing teachers. We’ve not moved the transportation ball forward in 8 years. Atlanta may not have access to drinking water in two years.

          And you think that Roy Barnes is going to lose because of a Denny’s placemat flag?

          You. Are. Smoking. Crack.

      • Progressive Dem says:

        “Other and undecided” are not going to win. Business leaders can give in the primary, the runoff and the general. Clearly business is giving to Barnes in the primary, even though the odds still favor the GOP candidate.

        • Icarus says:

          You’re missing the point. Barnes is looked at as the “sure thing” on the Dem side. There is no sure bet yet on the Republican side. They’ll stick their toe in the water with a candidate here, a candidate there, but won’t commit the big dollars until there’s more of a clear front runner to emerge.

      • ByteMe says:

        If that’s one of your criteria — can’t take money from lawyers because they might be lobbyists — then you’re going to have trouble voting for anyone in the AG race. πŸ˜†

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