Someone’s Not Drinking The Kool-Aid

One of the most gifted bloggers in this town is also one of the best political reporters. Doug Richards is now with WXIA/Channel 11 in Atlanta, but for a few years now has written a blog about Atlanta TV media called Live Apartment Fire.

Probably the best thing you’ll read this morning is his most recent entry called Jonestown, in which he chronicles a decade of covering our good friend Snuggles, a/k/a former DeKalb CEO, 4th District Congressional Candidate, and man convicted of race discrimination Vernon Jones.

I highly recommend spending a few moments going through it, because it captures a history of Jones; one man’s up close and personal insight into a man with a, well, quirky personality.

“Jonestown” is a special place in the political world, and is a gift that keeps on giving. Give Richards’ piece a read and you’ll understand why it’s a place where you may not want to be drinking the Kool-aid.


  1. Ornery says:

    I read a Creative Loafing article earlier this week about him “way back then”. He’s definitely a interesting person, but don’t rub him the wrong way. I got to meet him once at a firefighter’s funeral. He did ok, til he mentioned the deceased was with the DeKalb Police. You could hear the crowd in angst. It will be interesting to see how he holds up against “Guam” Johnson..

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