Monday Morning Open Thread

I hope all of our readers had a great weekend. Talk among yourselves until we give you something to talk about.


  1. Jeremy Jones says:

    Somebody remind the Braves play baseball, their season starts today, and it is Bobby Cox’s last season.

    Actually, let me write the tweet for him:

    Go Braves! Thanks to Cox for the great seasons, I will enjoy his last.

    Though, I expect something like this:

    Go Braves! Score some TD’s for Cox as the playoffs begin this week!

  2. ByteMe says:

    Anyone want to bet on how much time between the beginning of the first round and when some 22-year-old girl throws her panties at Tiger?

  3. Mayonnaise says:

    FYI – Over the past several months, the mobile WordPress theme of Peach Pundit seems to have changed back and forth a few times. The current theme that is being used does not work on my Sprint 8830 World Edition Blackberry. I’m unable to view or make comments. I’m not sure if anyone else is having troubles but I thought it worth mentioning. Thanks!

    • Icarus says:

      I’m pretty familiar with fantasy football. never done the fantasy baseball thing, but the friends of mine that have are pretty obsessive about it.

      Care to describe briefly what’s involved, time commitment, etc?

      And remember to all who sign up, this is a game that will last almost through the general election. (probably needs to be a standing rule about liquidating any team that won’t reply to emails/team goes dormant, given the number of anonymous players we generally have).

      • Doug Deal says:

        This is a claissic rotisserie style fantasy league. Instead of having head to head games like we had in the football league, the winner in determined by points in 8 categories, 4 offensive and 4 defensive (pitching).

        Home Runs (HR)
        Runs Batted In (RBI)
        Stolen Bases (SB)
        Batting Average (AVG)
        Wins (W)
        Saves (SV)
        Earned Run Average (ERA)
        (Walks + Hits)/ Innings Pitched (WHIP)

        As your active players perform, they earn stats in these various categories. Everyone is then ranked from 1st to last and given points for their position (like how the AP poll is done for college rankings). The points for the 8 categories are then summed to give your total points. The winner is the player with the most points.

        Time committment in this format is up to the player. You can draft good players and get points all season long. You may not win, but you can still do very well. If you are an active player, you can make roster moves based on who is playing who to maximize homeruns or average. (Say for example, if you have a player playing in a bunch of homerun parks and another in a bunch of pitcher’s parks, you might make a roster move to masximize for homeruns.

        You can also be active in spurts as well.

        There are also trade posibilities, but because our groups have been reluctant to make trades, I want to increase the ease of using free agents and claiming players off waivers.

        The draft will be set to draft sometime on Wednesday the 7th (as an autodraft), and the scoring should start after that.

        Any Peach Pundit reader, fan or politican is invited to join.

        • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

          I hesitated joining in because I wasn’t sure how much time I can dedicate to the league and this will be my first time playing fantasy baseball. But I read the rules and the rotisserie format works really well for a long long baseball season.

    • bluemcduff says:

      I’m in! This is my first time in a baseball league and I’m looking forward to it.

      I have no idea why my luck is so good with basketball given I’m a hardcore baseball fan but I’m hoping it rubs off.

  4. unknowndude says:

    I’d like to see Erik come out an address the media hubbub about some of his comments. If he’s been taken out of context or wants to clear the air, do it.

    • Icarus says:

      I think he addressed them fairly directly during his interview with Stephen Colbert, as well as interviews with other people.

  5. unknowndude says:

    I thought the Colbert piece was back in January… Things have come to light since then

  6. Glad to see Peach Pundit back to political topics this morning. For a moment there I thought I’d stumbled upon the blog of Max Lucado or Billy Graham or something…

    • Chris says:

      The peachpundit I visited yesterday resembled someone’s home where two visitors decided it would be funny to shit on the owner’s couch.

      • Chris says:

        But then, some folks just have no sense of property rights, decorum, or civilized behavior.

          • Chris says:

            My dry-cleaner is open to the public too. No one had to explain to me I couldn’t walk in there and leave a turd on the counter.

            • You sure do have a thing for pooping on other peoples’ property don’t you? Perhaps you might want to pick up a pack of Huggies on your way home today.

              Secondly, see my other response below. No need to post it twice when I’m pretty sure you can read. 🙂

            • Thirdly, if your dry cleaner had a cork board with a place to post comments about their service, and you didn’t like something they did you could certainly post a bad comment on his cork board. Likewise, he would have the right to remove your comment if he chose.

      • ByteMe says:

        If he didn’t want comments, he would have closed comments.

        If he didn’t want discussion that might run contrary to his beliefs, he wouldn’t have posted it in the first place.

        But to expect that just because it’s the local majority’s sacred cow that people won’t try to skewer it and roast it over an open fire, well that’s just ridiculous. And trying to shame them for it is also ridiculous.

      • Hrmm… I guess comments have to be approved when you use the S word huh? Okay… here we go then. I wouldn’t liken it to doing anything on anyone’s couch. Rather, I would liken it to having religion shoved down peoples’ throats at every turn. I don’t expect politics to be discussed on car or off-roading forums, nor do I expect religion to be discussed on political forums or blogs. Whether he’s the owner or not, I don’t care. It’s being advertised as a political blog, not “Erick Erickson’s thoughts of the day and personal diaries.” If the intent of the blog is going to change to a religious nature, then perhaps someone needs to create another place to discuss Georgia political topics.

        Perhaps a reminder of Matthew 6:5 is in order…

        “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full.”

        I would liken blogging about religion on what is purportedly a political blog to standing on the street corner praying to be seen by men.

  7. John Konop says:

    Administration releases new fuel efficiency rules

    We should do more! I would add a 1 dollar increase on gasoline per gallon and use that tax to do whatever it takes to get off foreign oil. This would help jobs as well as get us away from our failed nation building foreign policy that we cannot afford.

    AJC-The Obama administration set tougher gas mileage standards for new cars and trucks Thursday, spurring the next generation of fuel-sipping gas-electric hybrids, efficient engines and electric cars.
    The heads of the Transportation Department and the Environmental Protection Agency signed final rules setting fuel efficiency standards for model years 2012-2016, with a goal of achieving by 2016 the equivalent of 35.5 miles per gallon combined for cars and trucks, an increase of nearly 10 mpg over current standards set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    The EPA set a tailpipe emissions standard of 250 grams (8.75 ounces) of carbon dioxide per mile for vehicles sold in 2016, equal to what would be emitted by vehicles meeting the mileage standard. The EPA issued its first rules ever on vehicle greenhouse gas emissions following a 2007 Supreme Court decision.


    • “I would add a 1 dollar increase on gasoline per gallon and use that tax to do whatever it takes to get off foreign oil.”

      Are you talking about a tax on gasoline only? Or are you talking about an all-encompassing fuel tax like is currently in place? The reason I ask is that I already run biodiesel. It uses absolutely zero foreign oil. I’m already paying a premium for it, and I’d rather not pay an extra $1 on top of that.

    • B Balz says:

      Am I the only to notice that the Obama Administration is actually doing something?

      1.) HC Bill – Hate it or Love it, it got done,
      2.) Drill, Baby, Drill,
      3.) New CAFE fleet standards.

      Some may argue that if this is progress, leave me in the dark ages or some may be honest and say, it’s about time.

      • Henry Waxman says:

        When you have well over 2 million federal bureaucrats and 5,000 political appointees working of you, you should be able to produce pages in the Federal Register…

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        I disagree with your “drill baby drill” assesment. Only in DC can you pull rights away from land that you know has oil to get rights to explore land that MAY have oil (with no drilling permits) and call it a win for oil drilling.

    • btpull says:

      Interesting thing about a barrel of oil is that is a composite mixture of various Hydrocarbon compounds. Some are light and are suited for producing aviation or jet fuel, the middle components go into gasoline and diesel, and the heavier components go into heating oil, bunker fuel and asphalt. The gaseous elements are the basis of plastics.

      Oil from the Middle East has a high percentage of the lighter components; thus it is well suited for producing aviation fuel and gasoline. Oil from other region of the worlds has heavier components, which is suited for producing diesel along with the heavier products.

      Currently refineries are configured to convert about 50% of each barrel of oil into gasoline. The other 50% ends-up in the other products. Depending on the type of oil used the refinery will product more heavier or lighter components (heating oil vs. jet fuel).

      The point of this is that there is physical limit to the quantity of each type of product a barrel of oil can produce. Unless we figure out how to make plastics, fly airplanes, and the 100’s of other non-transportation related products that are derived from oil from an non-oil source switching to hybrid or electric cars will Not have a significant impact on the demand for oil.

      The switch will just increase the amount of scrap from each barrel that ends up in asphalt or some other heavier type of product. In other words the demand for the non-gasoline products will still drive our demand for foreign oil.

      • Thank you for pointing out what I’ve been saying for quite some time. However, I think we’re at least starting to see some progress made on some of these items. Bio-plastics are all the rage these days, being made out of such things as sugarcane fiber, reed grass and corn starch. There’s a couple of different ventures seeking to make jet fuel out of algae and other renewable sources. From what I understand, asphalt is being scraped from roads and re-used for re-paving.

        And that brings up recycling. The more we recycle, the less raw material is needed. It’s not that tough to recycle, and it’s a step in the right direction of not having to rely on foreign oil anymore. But it can’t be just the treehugger crowd who recycles. We all need to do it. Whether you do it because you want a clean Earth for your kids and grandkids to live in or whether you do it because you don’t want to import foreign oil… just do it.

      • benevolus says:

        But if China wins the bid to do the drilling, we don’t see any of it anyway. They are more desperate for the oil than we are. Aramco or a dozen other companies will sell to the highest bidder. Why would oil drillers sell their product here when they can get better prices elsewhere?

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