Senate GOP working on a deal over HB 307

Taking Buzz’s post a bit further, word is that Senate Republicans are negotiating with some Senate Democrats, essentially by telling them to make a wishlist of legislative items they want, to support the hospital fee provider payment TAX.

[UPDATE] SB 307 passed the Senate by a vote of 31 to 15. The bill was amended to eliminate Georgia’s insurance premium tax. Interestingly, there is a provision in ObamaCare that gives the federal government the power to confiscate that money beginning in 2014 (or at least that’s what I was told by a Senator today).


  1. ByteMe says:

    They should give them the list and vote against it anyway so that they’d have TWO things to bang on them about. No honor amongst thieves.

  2. BuckheadConservative says:

    Wasn’t eliminating the insurance premium tax Gerry Purcell’s signature issue?

  3. chefdavid says:

    Does that mean the insurance premium tax that counties recieve around Oct or November will be eliminated? If that is true I can expect the millage rate to go up in Dade. Maybe they could make up the cuts to counties by knocking out the provision that prohibits Sunday sales.

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