JOBS Act passes the Senate

The JOBS Act, sponsored by Tom Graves, has just passed the Senate and is on its way to the Governor’s desk. Details to follow later as we are all busy with our everyday “work” lives. Peach Pundit apologizes for not keeping up with demand…but not really.

Update: The AJC reports that earlier today the Senate tried to attach the Hospital Bed Tax to the bill, but failed.

A substitute bill authored by the Senate Finance committee, that included the 1.45 percent tax on patient revenue, was soundly rejected 28-5 by the senate.

The original JOBS Act (HB 1023) passed 33-13.


  1. GeorgiaValues says:

    With Lt. Governor Casey Cagle and 33 other Senators supporting Tom Graves’ JOBS Bill, and candidate Lee Hawkins continuing with his attack on the bill…the question must be asked of Hawkins…are all these State Reps, State Senators, national and local conservative organizations – who all support the bill – wrong? Is he that much wiser and conservative than the rest?

    Lee says this bill doesn’t go far enough, and that he would do blah, blah, blah…but the reality of the matter is he didn’t introduce any JOBs bill during his 2 terms in the Senate, he didn’t roll up his sleeves and work on this highly popular legislation to try and make it more to his liking, he didn’t do anything but attack it since he is running for Congress.

    This is politics at its worst, and revealing of Lee’s true colors.

    • provisional says:

      He put out a press release last night attacking the JOBS bill again, but what do you expect from a moderate RINO who likes to go around with Joe Biden praising the Stimulus bill.

  2. GVilleMan says:

    I am not a Graves supporter, but I can tell you for sure, that I would never vote for Lee Hawkins. I see two proven, conservative lawmakers in this race: Graves and Bill Stephens. Period.

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