Bed Tax Dead?

I’m hearing there simply aren’t the votes in the Senate to pass HB 307, the “bed tax.” Senate Republicans are reluctant to support it and Senate Democrats are in no mood to help the GOP out. Governor Perdue has apparently stated he would accept no modification to the bill, which puts Lt. Governor Cagle in a tight spot as he searches for votes. However, faced with blowing a hole in the budget and forcing a special session the Governor might relent, but it’s a moot point unless the Senate passes the bill which they are now unlikely to do.

No spring break for certain House and Senate members who have to try and repair what was thought to be a done deal.


  1. Magaroni says:

    Hey anybody watching this from home? I can’t get senate feed to work. usually it works. 🙁

    Conspiracy?! I think so!!

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