Sham Wow

The Georgia House of Representatives passed the Jobs, Opportunity, and Business Success Act of 2010 (HB 1023) sponsored by Representative Tom Graves on Crossover Day.

The vote was 154-8. Every Republican voted Yea except for Bobby Franklin. The legislation only saw 7 Democratic Nay votes.

“In the middle of a national budget crisis, while many states are looking to raise taxes in order to cover their budgets, I am proud Georgia has taken a different approach and will now lead the nation in economic recovery,” said Graves. “The JOBS Act is exactly the shot in the arm we need and will put Georgians back to work.”Graves first introduced the JOBS Act last year and the legislature overwhelmingly supported the bill. Unfortunately, it never became law.

“Instead of throwing in the towel, we rolled up our sleeves and went back to work.” said Graves.

“We gathered ideas from the Governor’s office, House and Senate leadership and conservative members in the General Assembly and crafted a better bill that makes it easier to create a business in Georgia, provide access to much needed start-up capital, incentive employers to hire those seeking employment and reward hard work and success with lower taxes.”

As you may recall, Lee Hawkins called the JOBS Act a “sham”.

“Graves’ so-called jobs bill is a sham,” said Hawkins.  “His legislation contains fine print that would only allow it to take effect if there is a budget surplus in the state of Georgia.  But he knows full well that today we have more than a billion dollar deficit, and we are years away from having a budget surplus. It won’t create a single job. It’s just another fake gimmick that politicians have used for years to trick voters.”

Hawkins claims that this bi-partisan bill with overwhelming Republican support is a sham. It seems that his colleagues in the Georgia House of Representatives don’t think so. I wonder if Hawkins knows something that they don’t. Is Hawkins out of touch with the Georgia Republican Party or is the GAGOP out of touch with Hawkins?


  1. GeorgiaValues says:

    This is great news for Georgia!

    Tom Graves has consistently demonstrated the willingness to do the work necessary to craft meaningful legislation, legislation based on conservative principles, and legislation that has (in current form) a good chance of actually being signed by the Governor. Nicely done.

    And speaking of consistency – Lee Hawkins continues to prove that he is out of touch with conservative Georgians, he has attacked one of the best pieces of legislation introduced this session, he has distanced himself from the Tea Party movement, and he even before qualifying for this election Lee Hawkins has gone negative – slinging mud at this bill and at Tom Graves.

    Georgians expect so much more than dirty politics, misleading press releases and a moderate doing his best to act like a conservative.

    • GVilleMan says:

      Hawkins is a wishy washy conservative, besides his deep pockets, I don’t know how he is still in this race

  2. Joshua Morris says:

    Someone had to bow to Governor Perdue’s opposition to supply side economic theory to give this bill a chance of becoming law. A true proponent of conservative, supply side economic principles believes that responsible tax cuts will increase revenue to the state and would not require a $1Billion surplus to be in place to enact them.

    And what’s this regarding the Georgia Works Tax Credit: “(g)(1) The Commissioner shall make an expedited request within 15 days of the effective date of this Act for a determination by the United States secretary of labor that implementation of paragraph (3) of this subsection is in conformity with federal law.”? The author doesn’t know if this provision conforms with federal law? It’s going to have to be cleared by a Barack Obama appointee?

    This started with good ideas last year, but it’s gotten pretty messed up. The Governor won’t support a truly conservative bill–he demonstrated this last year. Why try to trumpet this as more than it is?

    • appachtrail70 says:

      Joshua, I’d stick to tweeting about healthcare and not attacking a nationally recognized bill by your opponent that your guy supported last year.

    • GOPGrassroots says:

      An effective legislator does the work involved to craft and introduce good public policy. Part of this process involves working with the other players. Tom taking into consideration the expressed position of the Governor, who has to sign off the bill should it pass, is the mark of an effective legislator. It’s laughable that you continue to attack him for this.

      Anyone can throw out good sounding legislation that has no chance of passing, or that will surely be vetoed, to try and score political points and gain personal advantage – this seems to be Lee Hawkins’ strategy.

      For a guy who claims to be “walking the walk”, all he seems to be interested in is talk and cheap political stunts.

  3. ByteMe says:

    A true proponent of conservative, supply side economic principles believes that responsible tax cuts will increase revenue to the state

    LOL! Just too funny for words.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    Without that budget surplus provision, Gov. Perdue would have vetoed it like he did last year. It is good legislation and isn’t better to have the Governor sign it and have it become law than to remove that provision and have the Governor veto it? That is a no brainer.

    • Joshua Morris says:

      What you’re saying is that the Governor would veto this, were it good legislation. This bill has been watered down to give it a chance to pass. It’s not going to have an immediate effect anyway; we might as well wait and pass a good bill that has an immediate effect.

      Waiting for the state to have a $1Billion surplus before helping businesses is counterintuitive. They need help now–not after the economic climate has improved.

      • GOPGrassroots says:

        That is not what we are saying. We are saying Tom’s bill is a good bill, Lee/Stephens’ bill is a publicity stunt with no chance of passing.

        What is the point of announcing legislation that will be vetoed, and then running around saying how this is so much better than a much better crafted and thought out piece of legislation that has a good chance of passage if those in the House/Senate don’t mess with it? This is nothing but political games.

        154 legislators supported this bill, numerous respected conservative organizations are fully behind it and have publicly encouraged support.

        Lee Hawkins and Joshua Morris are the only two folks trying to tear down Tom Graves and the JOBs bill.

      • debbie0040 says:

        Joshua, don’t twist my words. That is not what I said. The JOBS Act is a good bill. If the trigger were not in it, Gov. Perdue would not have signed it. You Hawkins people need to quit playing politics with this bill.

        Please enlighten me how they would receive help now if Gov. Perdue vetoed the bill Hawkins proposed.

        • Joshua Morris says:

          I’m not twisting anyone’s words, deb. Is it good legislation with the provision or without it? I submit that it makes a huge difference. Either the bill intends to help businesses and raise revenue toward a surplus with tax breaks or it waits for revenue to build a surplus before enacting tax relief.

          The net worth tax doesn’t go away until 2012 in this bill. Who gets immediate help from its passage?

  5. provisional says:

    What happened to Stephens’ Jobs legislation that Lee was trying to claim for his own? Did Stephens vote for Tom’s JOBS bill?

  6. GOPGrassroots says:

    Why yes he did…along with every other Republican House member (expect one)! The House sponsor of the oversimplified, and ill advised, so-called Jobs bill that Lee is claiming as his own actually voted in favor of Tom’s bill. lol.

    Joshua – hypothetically speaking here, since you seem to be the designated Hawkins spokesperson/JOBS attack dog on PP…would Hawkins have voted against the bill as only 8 House members did?

    • Tyler says:

      I’m anxious to see what the Senate does with the JOBS bill. Could it perhaps be amended by legislators who are backing Hawkins? Or maybe even a committee substitute?

    • Joshua Morris says:

      Grass, I’m not ‘designated’ by anyone for anything. I just prefer to stand up for an upstanding guy for whom I have utmost respect. I’m not into hypotheticals, either. I don’t see or speak to Lee very often, and the fact is that he’s not in the House.

      And Tyler, could it be that the Hawkins/Stephens bill was killed by House members backing Tom?

      • Tyler says:

        There are 154 members backing the current bill. That means that this is either a good bill or that Tom has overwhelming support from both sides of the aisle in the House. Your call.

  7. GOPGrassroots says:

    Stephens bill died because it was a big waste of time. It had no chance of passing and was poorly thought out legislation. Toast.

    No worries on whether or not he’d vote for it given the opportunity. Calling it a “sham” is a pretty clear statement in opposition of the wildly popular bill.

    • provisional says:

      Well you would think calling it a “sham” he would not have voted for it, but it depends on what political fall out it has for him.
      Like when his spokesman pretty much dissed the Tea Party in Georgia and sought to distance Lee from them, when he started getting negative push back, he decided to act like he was the Tea Parties Best Supporter. However, those of us who have been involved with the Tea Party since the start know the truth about that!

  8. GVilleMan says:

    Hawkins is most certainly out of touch, I hope that the voters can see that as well. I do not expect him to get much support outside of Gainesville. I think Bill Stephens will step into the challenger role against Graves

    • provisional says:

      I really wish it would be between Stephens and Graves, at least neither one of them is trying to buy the seat like the Doctor and the Dentist who are running. I have much more respect for Stephens than I do for Hawkins, especially with the cheap political stabs Hawkins has resorted to lately. Attacking good conservative legislation and dissing Tea Party patriots (I guess we are too middle class for his liking), makes it very hard to over look his excitement to get to join Joe Biden and praise the stimulus money and his long history of supporting liberal candidates like Max Cleland.

      • debbie0040 says:

        Tom Graves has been supportive of the modern day tea party movement since the first tea parties in 2-27-2009. He was a big ally and supporter of the tea party when everyone thought we were a flash in the pan. He still is very supportive of the tea party movement and a strong ally . He was chosen to speak at the 9-12 March on D.C . That was an honor limited to very few.

        I found it amazing that the Hawkins campaign was dismissive of the tea party movement. Guess we will find out in May the impact of the tea party on elections…

        • Joshua Morris says:

          Very few? As in 60+? As I mentioned in another thread, Graves was conspicuously absent at the latest tea party gathering in south Hall County. Lee has consistently supported this movement, and he continues to, right here at home. Is the big stage in DC more important than the constituents of the 9th District?

          • GOPGrassroots says:

            Tom misses on Tea Party meeting and you attack him, typical for a Hawkins’ supporter.

            Tom attended the very first Tea Party gathering, back before everyone wanted to pander to the big crowds.

            Lee “has consistently supported the movement”, really??? From the AJC…

            Hawkins, 59, is more a traditional Republican — a practicing dentist for 30 years, first elected to the Legislature in 2006. His focus in the congressional campaign is small business. He pitches himself as a steady conservative and has had LITTLE CONTACT WITH THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT.

            “He’s not really associated with it at all,” said his spokesman, Steve Holman.

            • Joshua Morris says:

              Do you guys really want to argue semantics? Supporting something and actually being “associated” with it are two different things. Lee does not hold any formal position with the movement, and neither does anyone else in this race. There is no way any of you can show that Lee has not supported this movement from its inception.

              And if you want to hang your hats on the AJC’s viewpoint about the movement, that’s fine. Lee didn’t run up to DC with debbie, Tom, and about 60 or so other people to grandstand. He went to work in the business he has run for 30 years caring for patients, and he continued focusing his time on the people of this district.

              I’m just amazed at how you folks have the need to misrepresent Lee Hawkins to try to win this race.

              • provisional says:

                Oh, but Lee was quite eager to leave his business to go support Joe Biden’s promotion of the stimulus???

                I guess you think everyone has deep pockets like Lee and can buy a seat in Congress. But I take offense at your previous comment, and I know SEVERAL, not just the measely 60 you just tried to downplay that made great financial sacrifices to make the trip to DC to be a part of the Tea Party’s March on Washington, because it is a cause they greatly care about. But I guess your response is typical of someone who is out of touch with the movement.

              • GOPGrassroots says:

                Thousands of Georgians went up to Washington to stand up for our conservative values which are under attack – from Democrats and moderate Republicans who have lost their way. Tom was honored to be a part of that dedicated group, and was further honored to be included in the program.

                Once again Team Hawkins shows just how out of touch they are with Georgia conservatives and the Tea Party movement.

                No one I know from that group went to Washington to “grandstand” as you charge. I just wish I could have joined them in standing up for this nation and our conservative values! And no one needs to hang out hats on the AJC’s viewpoint, all we have to do is listen to you and the campaign spokesman…

                “He’s not really associated with it at all”

                “Lee didn’t run up to DC with debbie, Tom, and about 60 or so other people to grandstand.”

                That describes the reality of the situation far better than I could.

              • debbie0040 says:

                I have been involved with the tea party since 2-20-2009. I am one of the founders and organizers of Atlanta Tea Party. Tom has spoken at our tea parties that attracts activists throughout the state. It was an honor for him to have been selected to speak at 9-12. He was one of only two non Federal Elected officials to speak.
                Don’t even think about inferring it was grand standing. How dare you denigrate the 9-12 March on D.C. !!! There were bus loads of people from Georgia that rode buses all night to get there. There was manyore than 60 from Georgia that went to D.C. Many sacrificed to get to the event and it was not to grand stand. It was to send a message and let our voice be heard. I am disgusted by your attitude..

                • debbie0040 says:

                  You just insulted everyone that attended the 9-12 event. Do you honestly believe millions went to the event to “grand stand” ? You are way of touch with the tea party movement

                • Joshua Morris says:

                  I didn’t ‘insult’ anyone. I merely drew a distinction between the level of attention between two events and who was at each. I have had nothing negative to say about the citizens that attended the 912 March on Washington and their desire to stop the pillaging of the greatest Nation on earth by its leaders.

                  I further have said nothing to ‘denigrate’ any event. I countered a point made about the number of speakers at the March and how one speaking opportunity and its significance has been exaggerated.

                  No one in this race denies that this is a necessary movement that hosted a momentous event at the Nation’s Capitol. However, being an invited speaker to that does not solely qualify anyone to hold office. In fact, using those people who gave their time, effort, and money to voice their opposition to government takeover of their lives as a campaign line to bash a guy who has unabashedly supported the movement locally is a shame. This thread is a case in point demonstration of how Graves supporters will twist people’s words to attack and try to disgracefully smear an opponent. Frankly, it’s disgusting.

                  • provisional says:

                    I think people can read through this thread and clearly see who is Twisting words and attacking. I think it is disgusting that you are trying to cover your for you insults from yesterday. It is no wonder that Hawkins supporters are like him, will say anything if it scores political points, even if it contradicts what was already said.

                  • GOPGrassroots says:

                    All we have done is hold you accountable for your own words and for those of the campaign spokesman – and then you get angry, claim we are “twisting” your words, and attack some very honorable and sincere people like Debbie and Tom.

                    If Lee doesn’t associate with the Tea Parties, or you think the March on Washington was a sham, I’d make the friendly suggestion to just keep those ideas to yourself. You guys hurt your cause every time to cover over the truth.

                    • Joshua Morris says:

                      Angry? Explain. And when did anyone say “the March on Washington was a sham?”

                      This is silly.

          • provisional says:

            I guess Lee didn’t get the HONOR to speak on the Big stage in Washington, DC because they might have feared for his safety when he told the crowd of Tea Party patriots how great the Stimulus Package was and how he supported Joe Biden in promoting it. Not the message the Tea Party is really about. But then again, a RINO only joins movements that gain them political favor, not for what their message is really about.

  9. bobspolitics says:

    To my count is there only one supporter of Hawkins on this thread. I hope this doesn’t reflect your numbers on the ground.

  10. McDawg81 says:

    Not all folks in Hall County are in the Hawkins camp. Many (a rapidly growing number) are choosing to support Graves!

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