Isakson Returns To Hospital For Tune Up

Had a press release from Senator Isakson’s office when I got in this evening, indicating that he has returned to the hospital for a few days. I’ll include the whole text below the fold, but I’ll admit I was concerned enough to call one of my friends on his staff.

The conversation was pleasant and upbeat. Isakson is a bit grumpy because after being in the hospital for most of last week, the last thing he wanted was to return for a couple more days. But essentially, after being relatively sedentary last week, a blood clot developed in his calf, and it will take about 48 hours in the hospital for the blood thinners to do their magic before he can go home. I’m told he’s in otherwise great spirits, and enjoying discussing the Masters, Hannity, as well as items before the Senate.

We at Peach Pundit wish him continued progress in his recovery, and know he looks forward to being back at home in a few days.

Statement from the Office of U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson

ATLANTA – U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., was admitted to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta on Monday night after doctors found an irregular heartbeat during a routine appointment to check Isakson’s progress in recovering from a bacterial infection.

Doctors also later found a blood clot in his right calf that developed as a result of Isakson being sedentary for the past week while recovering from the bacterial infection, spokeswoman Joan Kirchner said.

Dr. Steven Marlowe, who treated Isakson last week at Northside Hospital for the bacterial infection, said he decided to refer Isakson to his cardiologist during a check-up visit Monday, March 29.

“Senator Isakson came in for a regular follow-up visit and is progressing very well in his recovery from the bacterial infection. While he was in my office, we noticed the irregular heartbeat, and so I referred him to his cardiologist at Piedmont to have it checked out,” Dr. Marlowe said.

Isakson’s cardiologist, Dr. Charles Brown III, said Isakson is taking medication for the irregular heartbeat and for the blood clot. Brown said blood clots are not unusual when patients are sedentary for many days in a row.

“It is common to find a blood clot in someone who has been in bed recovering for a week as Senator Isakson has. It is routine procedure to admit that patient into the hospital while they are being treated for the clot, and I expect Senator Isakson will remain here for a few days,” Dr. Brown said.

Isakson, 65, was hospitalized for four days last week with a bacterial infection. Doctors sent him home on Thursday, March 25, on the condition that he rest and come in for regular follow-up visits to monitor his progress.


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