OCE Recommended Subpoena For Casey Cagle In Nathan Deal Probe Due To Lack Of Cooperation

From page 23 of the report under a subheading “Information the OCE was unable to obtain and recommendations for the issuance of subpoenas”:

“73. The OCE requested an interview with the Georgia Lieutenant Governor and a former member of his staff. The Lieutenant Governor’s Office would not cooperate with the OCE’s requests for interviews(97) but did produce some information concerning the Lieutenant Governor’s presence at meetings discussed above concerning vehicle inspections. Thus, the OCE recommends that the Committee on Standards of Official subpoena the Georgia Lieutenant Governor.”

The footnote at the bottom is even more telling, as it is something we’ve heard asserted from the Lt. Gov’s office before:

“97 The Lieutenant Governor’s Office responded to the OCE that because the Lieutenant Governor is a member of the Georgia State Legislature, any meeting relating to his legislative branch duties would not be discussed due to restrictions under the Georgia Constitution and Georgia state law. Citations by Legislative Counsel to the Lieutenant Governor: Georgia Constitution Art. 3 Section IV; OCGA 50-14-1; OCGA 50-18-70.”



  1. Piginablanket says:

    Either the man has a primary from someone credible or there will be a lot of Republicans crossing over to vote for Carol Porter – including this one. And that’s before I know anymore details.

  2. Progressive Dem says:

    Austin Scott should drop down a race. Cagle is beatable, and particularly if the other shoe actually falls. Carol Porter’s stock is steadily climbing.

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