• ReaganRepublican says:

      Melanie may have had a job with Acorn. If she is not a bleeding liberal than no one is. The great conservative people will see through this liberal crap.

      • Technocrat says:

        Don’t abuse my secret friends, Liberal Democrats are useful when you know how to use them.

        The Obama Justice Department well do their job, I have no doubt.

    • SFrazier says:

      Icarus, we are sick of you and your typical liberal maneuvers. Just because your candidate is a “Charlie Crist “ republican, do not tear down my “Marco Rubio “ candidate who will save my state and state GOP. You are making something out of nothing, almost identical to Crists accusations on Sunday. Weasel….

      • Icarus says:

        “Wake and Bake” is not your friend.

        And Nathan Deal is turning out to be more Dan Rostenkowski than Marco Rubio.

        But I will give you points for the pavlovian Republican response to scream “liberal” whenever you see something that is unpleasant to your cause. Stay on message, all the way to an empty ballroom on election night.

          • SFrazier says:

            Crists accusations of Rubio were a lot harsher and more serious than yours of Deal. Does this mean we throw Marco Rubio out and support Crist? Crist may be a little more conservative than your candidate. He has big faults and I have my suspicions, but I never saw pictures of him walking in Gay parades or heard him voice pro abortion language at county meetings.

            • Icarus says:

              I’m sorry, but I don’t think the OCE weighed in on walking in Gay parades or voicing pro-abortion language at county meetings.

              They did however have about six problems with Deal’s using congressional influence for personal profit, exceeding outside income limits, and filing improper disclosures.

              Funny thing about that. The things you mentioned aren’t violations of congressional ethics. The six mentioned in their report are.

              Thus, I’m not making accusations. I’m writing about findings from Congress that say Deal violated public trust. Sorry that that appears “liberal” to you.

              • SFrazier says:

                He did nothing wrong. There is no evidence of him interfering. On the contrary, his meeting was in regards to changing conditions that might affect the safety of Georgians. He did what any good citizen would do to ensure no one gets hurt. Citizens would really be furious if he did not have the meeting. Car accidents is one of our top killers. Do you have a problem with him taking out some return on equity from his business? If you are in congress should you not be allowed to invest in your community? Outrageous, this is so hypocritical, I thought you were a capitalist? Should Deal have invested in South Carolina instead of providing jobs for his constituents? You are out of your mind, this is ludicrous at best.

                • Tyler says:

                  Wow, just going to stick to your guns till the bitter end, huh? Gotta admire that level of faithfulness. Or is it naivety?

                  • SFrazier says:

                    I am sticking to facts and the truth rather than making up false accusations about what happened at meetings that people know nothing about. Any respectable citizen would call for that meeting to ensure the safety of his citizens. Anything less would be very careless.

                    • Icarus says:

                      1) Hard to say I’m the one that made this up.

                      2) We have 138 pages of evidence now, so hard to say we know nothing about this. In these pages, it’s not just the evidence against Deal, but Deal’s own “Summary of Facts”.

                      3) Both votes taken by this committee were unanimous. That means not just those evil lib’rals, but also some good conservatives voted that Deal violated public trust.

                    • SFrazier says:

                      I am sure there are plenty of good conservatives in a group that George Soros funded. Please, the people of Georgia are not foolish. Just like Crist, you attack a good man in one of his core strengths, his integrity. Simply pathetic, and the good people of Georgia will not let you get away with it. There is nothing of substance in the report and you know it.

                    • Icarus says:

                      I’m on record as saying that I think CREW is biased.

                      Here’s the problem. They only filed the complaint. They didn’t issue the findings.

                      The vote, as I mentioned above, was done by the members of the OCE. Mostly Congressmen. Including Republican appointees. Appointed by Republicans.

                      The votes were unanimous.

                    • SFrazier says:

                      Icarus- You may not of made it up, but if you had any honor or integrity you would call it for what it is —GARBAGE—

                      Did you ever serve our country in uniform? I doubt you did, because than you would know about the honor that comes with it.
                      Deal was a Captain during the Vietnam War. And yes, amongst republican candidates for Governor, he was the only one that served. What is more amazing is that he joined while at Mercer. When people were running away from serving their country by going to college, he did the opposite. REAL INTEGRITY.
                      If Georgia is to prosper and hope to preserve the core values we all hold dear to all Georgians , Georgians will join me in fighting for the irresponsible smearing of a good Military Veteran. As our next Governor and Commander-In-Chief, Nathan knows the meaning of sacrifice, challenge and leading by example.

                    • ByteMe says:

                      Distraction instead of dealing with the issue. Fake Deal.

                      So far, SF, the more you try to defend him from the ethics charges, the more obvious it is that you can’t. I commend you for trying, though.

                    • SFrazier says:

                      The only distraction here byte is the lack of qualifications of your candidate and the dirty tactics of Icarus and yourself to smear a good man. There are bigger issues that the folks at Peach Pundit could worry about? Nathan has discussed jobs, transportation, economic development. He has the strongest record of any candidate, Democrat or Republican, on health care, immigration, and water. But like true liberals you would rather talk about unsubstantiated crap, because you know your candidate cannot compare to Nathan Deal. The good people of Georgia know that too much is at stake, we will fight for this good man for the sake of our families and kids.

                    • polisavvy says:

                      Puleeeze SF, give it a rest. The report is what it is. Your defense of Deal is wearing thin. I guess what we have all read is 138 pages of fictitious reading. I somehow don’t think that’s the case.

                    • benevolus says:

                      He didn’t serve on a Swift Boat did he? Because apparently you don’t get to claim the “automatic integrity” card if you did.

                    • GOPGeorgia says:


                      I’m calling you out on the facts. Here’s your quote:

                      “Both votes taken by this committee were unanimous. That means not just those evil lib’rals, but also some good conservatives voted that Deal violated public trust.”

                      The first vote that was unanimous was to release the report. That’s not disputed by anyone and I’m glad they did so.

                      The second vote was that the Board recommends that the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct further review the above allegations. That does not mean innocent or guilty, just further investigation.

                      My challenge: go to the document and search for the word “conclusion.”
                      Paragraph 68: This is not disputed except it leaves out that the talk of privatization did not occur until the second meeting.
                      Paragraph 69: The last sentence involves Chris Riley using a house e-mail account. It’s debatable that even that was out of line.
                      Paragraph 70: This refers to passive verses earned income. Do you think Congressman Deal was out there crushing cars?
                      Paragraph 71: See above. Member /Partner/ Owner wasn’t enough and he had to disclose he was secretary as well?
                      Paragraph 72: Recommends further review.

                      If you want to defend that your implication that this report shows that Deal violated public trust, please show us in the conclusion section where the committee came to that conclusion.

                      I’ve read most of this report. Have you?

                    • ByteMe says:

                      SF: do let me know who you think my candidate is, because I haven’t even figured out who is it.

                      We’ve obviously figured out who your candidate is.

                    • John Konop says:

                      GOP and SF are the poster children why people do not trust parties anymore. BM, Icarus…. and many others like us have debated issues on this blog on many different sides. BUT when it comes to integrity issues many of us tend to agree what is right and wrong regardless to party. You see the difference that binds us is we are more loyal to our country than a party and or ideology. THINK ABOUT IT!

                    • Icarus says:

                      I can’t find anywhere in the above thread where you decided to bury your comment Doug where I said it was a “conclusion”, but the report is titled a “findings of fact and citations to law”.

                      The conclusion, again unanimous, was that it needed to be referred to a full investigation.

                      Unfortunately for Deal, he chose to quit instead of seek having his name cleared. You know, the position he used to claim before his permanent position became “no comment”.

                    • GOPGeorgia says:

                      Icarus you stated “Both votes taken by this committee were unanimous. That means not just those evil lib’rals, but also some good conservatives voted that Deal violated public trust.” I am saying you are wrong. I didn’t state that you said the conclusion said that “ Both votes taken by this committee were unanimous. That means not just those evil lib’rals, but also some good conservatives voted that Deal violated public trust.” I am saying that said you said that and it’s not in the report. Prove that some good conservatives voted that Deal violated the public trust. You can’t.

                      Just because it cited the areas where a violation is alleged does not mean that he was found guilty of that violation.

                      There could be a report titled “findings of fact and citations to law” stating that you have seen a goat, and it could cite GA code O.C.G.A. § 16-6-6 , but that doesn’t mean you did anything wrong, even if a bunch of good conservatives voted unanimously to make the report public or state that it warranted further investigation.

                    • GOPGeorgia says:

                      JK have you read the report? I’m betting that you haven’t. You are the poster child of those who like to talk about things that they don’t know about. All we are missing is where you told us that the ethics report would come out and how you knew what it would say. It’s out, you haven’t read it, and you still don’t know what it says.

                    • SFrazier says:

                      They can’t prove it GOPgeorgia, but it is not true. It’s completely bogus, accusations built on false assumptions. READ all 138 pages. Bogus….

                    • rugby says:

                      I’m sure you were waiting for my insight SFrazier so I’m giving it to you…when everyone (or seemingly everyone) is opposed to you/what you are doing (or in this instance your candidate) it isn’t them, it is you with the problem.

                      Just saying.

                    • Romegaguy says:

                      “Deal best candidate for Governor either Democrat or Republican…” is that because he’s been both?

                    • Republican Lady says:


                      I am glad you are sticking to the facts and the truth rather than making up false accusations, etc.

                      Now answer our question with your facts and truth. There is no such thing as a military captain but there are Air Force Captains, Army Captains, Marine Captains, I am not sure about the Navy, and National Guard Captains. Which one was Deal? Did he graduate from Mercer before joining or did he join while a student at Mercer? Did he stay stateside or on the beach of California, Hawaii, or perhaps some east coast beach?

                      You keep saying you are sticking to the facts and truth, so what are the facts and truth to the questions I asked above?

                • benevolus says:

                  So, he didn’t know about the income cap, or he disagreed with it so he ignored it? Is there another choice?

                  • SFrazier says:

                    Simply an accounting era. It is simply taking out return on equity on his investment. Since he did not work there it is not a salary. But as far as I know you are still allowed to invest in your community, create jobs, and share the benefits of it as an American.

                    • SFrazier says:

                      I must admit, that is pretty funny. There is forgiveness for those who repent Icarus. Its not to late for you to come clean.

                    • SFrazier,

                      I do admire the way you defend your candidate. But I think it should bother you that you defend him much more vigorously than he defends himself. Given that he knows more about what has actually happened than either of us and he is failing to personally address the issue, perhaps it is that knowledge that prevents him from being so declarative in his own defense.

                      I’m just sayin’ it does not look good to me.

                    • benevolus says:

                      An “accounting error” is kind of the fiduciary equivalent to “taken out of context”.

                • Technocrat says:

                  Deal’s job creator was begun before he was a Congressperson, but isn’t it worse for a Georgia Legislator to have done what was alleged.

                  Check incorporation date of the business.
                  Guess statue of limitations protects him from GA indictment.

                  • ByteMe says:

                    Having the sweetheart deal was less of a problem than working with Cagle behind closed doors to keep the deal when the State wanted to put it out for bid. And then trying to claim he didn’t do anything wrong by trying to use his position for personal gain.

  1. Game Fan says:

    Eh, my cat could beat Roy Barnes. Because there’s some guy making sure Georgia continues to be a Red State. Forget the name of his website though.

  2. Pine Knot says:

    What’s the status of the investigation about OX and his contributions? Haven’t heard about it in awhile.

    • Ox is the big winner in this fiasco. He’s no longer the center of attention and I’m not sure the public has the ability to keep up with both of these political camps in this race.

      Roy Barnes is the second winner because the worse Republicans look, the less likely people are to remember all of the ethics questions about Barnes own governorship.

      It may be time to dust off the “King Rat” commercial.

      • macho says:

        Melvin Everson might be a big winner as well. Now that Cagle has been dragged into the scandal, wishy-washy Michael Thurmond might decide to run for LG.

  3. John Konop says:

    Did you notice the charges are 6 against Deal. Now if you turn that upside down that is 9. And we all know the devil made him do it. This is merely speculation. But I do have an idea for a campaign theme song.

    Charlie Daniels Band “Devil Went Down to Georgia”

  4. macho says:

    On the bright side, now that the television networks are covering Salvagegate, the Primary candidates will have to spend less money sending direct mail to non-AJC subscribers.

  5. Icarus says:

    4 minute report on Fox5 News at 10:00 in Atlanta.

    Even went so far as to refute Harris’ statement that the report did not conclude that Rep Deal did anything wrong.

    ….lib’ral Fox5.

  6. Pine Knot says:

    Guess everyone else in this race has not been accused of anything. I guess OX, Handel, and Johnson are perfect.

    • Icarus says:

      None of them had an ethics report released from Congress about them today. Sucks for your candidate that they had a report to release on him.

    • Republican Lady says:

      You obviously haven’t read about the Ox’s numerous peccadilloes. I just love that phrase!

      • Technocrat says:

        “A peccadillo is a ‘little sin’, and thus all humans from the beginning of time have been guilty of committing peccadilloes. Far too often, self-righteous ‘stone casters’ condemn the ‘little sins’ of others while ignoring their own serious sins`.”

    • AubieTurtle says:

      Handel has been accused of using her SoS position to deny voting rights to those groups least likely to vote for members of her party. She has also been accused of having a GED and being a job hopper.

      Ox has been accused of taking money from those he regulates, sometimes via illegal methods involving PACs from other states. His faux common man persona has been mocked continuously on PP.

      None this has anything to do with canidate Deal. He has lived his own life and should be held accountable for the actions he has taken during it. If others have been up to no good, bring it to light and it shall be discussed… in the proper message thread.

        • Republican Lady says:

          A Democrat opinion piece. Did any of this come from a factual site that can corrobrate your statements?

        • AubieTurtle says:

          I don’t have any problems with discussing Karen Handel’s issues though I do think it should be done on an open thread or on a thread where she is the subject (such as the podcast one from a couple of days back). Those who are throwing around red herring in hopes that it’ll mask the fishy stench coming from the Deal camp are going to be disappointed.

          The funny thing with Karen Hendel on PP is that I’ve been accused of being both anti-Karen and and a Karen appologist when I am neither. She certainly creates strong opinions about herself.

        • NorthGAGOP says:

          Just read your link. I don’t see anything about illegally raising money. As Fulton County Chair she was in the minority, so I don’t understand how she her vote was critical on issues.

          • In The Arena says:

            NGAGOP, that is the logical, probably true, take on the situation. The interesting part of that link is the hypocritical angle played by the Democrats. It might not be fair or accurate, but what do you expect from that party. They need to look up hypocrite in the Webster’s dictionary and also document all of Nancy Pelosi’s earned income.

  7. Jawgadude says:

    I’m in love with Lori Geary. Especially since she lost some of the weight she gained while pregnant.

  8. So is Harris Blackwood the “Deal for Governor Non-Spokesman”?

    Seriously, if Deal is as clean as he states then he should deny it himself. There are a couple of reason to send someone else out to deny an accusation. One is that you don’t want the candidate responding because of what he might inadvertently say. The other is plausible deniability. Neither looks good now.

    If Nathan Deal does not deal (pun unintended) with this now he may not be able to handle (pun intended) it later. I’ve been saying it for months: this will not go away without a good explanation.

    • ByteMe says:

      The likelihood of a “good explanation” diminishes with time. If he really had one, he would have been out there long ago with it to counter the rumors. Instead, first he claimed he did nothing wrong, then he went to “no comment” or “talk with my attorney who will tell you ‘no comment’ ” and now he’s sending someone else out to lie about what’s in the report.

      “Good explanation” would have helped months ago. Now it’ll seem like another lie.

      • Timing is everything. It’s either too late or it’s not. Most people – who paid attention at all – are still thinking about the 2008 election results and what they might mean.

        I think Congressman Deal has underestimated how far these things travel. Even people who aren’t paying attention now will hear about this and it’s probably the first thing they are going to hear about Nathan Deal. If he’s clean then that will be a shame. If he’s not, then he gets what he deserves.

        • Icarus says:

          The second part is the salient point. Deal does not share the name ID of Oxendine or even Handel. He’s raised decent money (and inflated that total by $250K), but he’ll be spending money to raise his name ID outside of North Georgia, while the earned media will be giving him name ID for free – all of which will be negative.

          And as I have said all along about Oxendine, most folks don’t pay attention until at least 6 weeks out, some until hours before voting.

          But when they start to learn about their candidates, there is no-way Ox and Deal remain #1 & #2. Can’t happen, won’t happen.

  9. ZazaPachulia says:

    Hey SFrazier, David Poythress was in the military, too. If he’d have played his political career correctly, he probably would have pulled the Sonny/Ox/Nathan Deal shuffle and switched parties back in the 90’s.

    If you really want a candidate who wore the uniform (and one who does not have the unfortunate baggage of being a crooked career politician with serious ethics problems), perhaps you should jump to Camp Poythress.

    Or you could start campaigning for John Monds… or Johnson or Handel or Chapman or Scott or Baker or Porter or even Carl Camon. Really, they’d all be better governors than Deal. Real (crooked).

    Really, when I look at this field of truly uninspiring candidates, there are three that stand out as “I will never vote for no matter what” and they are The Ox, Real.Deal, and King Roy. Guess which three are leading in the polls…

    What does Austin Scott have to do to get the positive press he deserves?

    • polisavvy says:

      Representative Scott did receive positive press this past week. It appears as though his slow and steady campaigning is beginning to reap rewards. I keep saying that the “mighty” (name recognition)(Ox and Deal) will fall. Let’s see what happens in the next four weeks.

    • polisavvy says:

      Just hang in there, Zaza. Things are going to change. As I said back around Christmas — the mighty will fall. I think that prognostication may be fairly accurate. A lot has happened since December that can affect the outcome of this election.

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