A “Second Opinion” for Marshall

Congressman Jim Marshall voted against Obamacare. But where does this Congressman stand on the new Repeal It! movement that has sprung up in the wake of this disgusting expansion of the federal government? Marshall refuses to sign the pledge.

Through his spokesman, Doug Moore, Marshall released this statement Friday:

“Health care costs are not only bankrupting individuals, they are bankrupting America. Unfortunately this reform bill does not change that simple fact. Repeal of the bill won’t change that fact either. We can greatly lower cost while improving access and maintaining or improving quality. That should be our focus. It will remain my focus.”

Predictable. Marshall is an opportunist. He’s been playing the political game for a long time and will continue to do whatever is necessary to remain elected. His refusal makes sense because I honestly don’t believe that he disagrees with the health care bill. He voted against the bill but voted YES to “Deem-and-Pass”. This is a classic example of having your cake and eating it too. I think the 8th District can do much better. Georgia needs Congressmen that don’t talk out of both sides of their mouths. Marshall needs to go.

If you live in the 8th, feel free to give Congressman Marshall a call. You may even want to tell him you’re giving him his “7 months notice”.

Macon Office:
682 Cherry Street, Suite 300
Macon, GA 31201
Phone: (478) 464-0255
Toll-free: (877) 464-0255
Fax: (478) 464-0277

Dublin Office:
503 Bellevue Avenue, Suite C
Dublin, GA 31021
Phone: (478) 296-2023
Fax: (478) 296-2802

Tifton Phone: (229) 556-7418

Washington Office:
504 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202/225-6531
Fax: 202/225-3013


  1. Um…they had separate votes on passage and the reconciliation amendment.

    Sure they could have used “Deem and Pass” as prior Congresses (both Republican and Democratic) have done but they didn’t do it.

    What’s your point?

  2. Jawgadude says:

    Marshall voted for Pelosi as Speaker – that is the only reason you need to give him the boot!

  3. AubieTurtle says:

    Isn’t Bonaire in that district? Sonny will soon be back there, though you might have a hard time getting him to go to Washington now that there are horses and fish to play with in his backyard.

    • benevolus says:

      Nah, Sonny has a lake house on Jackson Lake now, remember? Forgot to get the permit to dredge or something. It involved driving a bobcat into the water, which sounds like fun.

            • Icarus says:

              Funny thing is, the Austrian school was also predicting it in the late 70’s, when the DOW was about 900. Not 9,000, but 900.

              And let’s just try to ignore the fact that your “solution” would cause deflation that would destroy the industrialized world.

              Not getting into this today. And I’m sure your time is better spent sending some direct mail to bring Terry Schiavo back to life. I’m sure you’ve burned through those “administrative expenses” by now from the last time you scored big on one of your “core beliefs”.

              • Bill Greene says:

                You’re such a loser, Charlie. You can’t argue facts OR theories, so all you can do is try to find some invective, ANY invective, to throw against another human being and hope it sticks. But they never do, Charlie. You see, Truth inevitably triumphs over lies. People used to think the world was flat; Truth won out. People used to think slavery was OK and Blacks were sub-human; Truth won out. People used to think Terri Schindler-Shiavo was brain-dead and deserved to be starved to death; Truth has won out, as she was proven to be brain-damaged and that she was a healthy young woman who was unjustifiably denied food and water until she died. And people used to think that you were witty and funny in your postings on Peach Pundit, and that you must be a “somebody” in the political world; well, Truth always wins out.

                • Icarus says:

                  The truth I’m discussing Bill, is that you raised about $100K in Schiavo’s name over the objections of her family, refused to stop when they asked you to do so, and then instead of giving the majority of the money to the pro-life causes you claimed to be raising money for, you used about 90% of it for “administrative expenses”. Is that the truth?


                  I don’t claim to be a “somebody”, don’t want to be a “somebody” and am content to be a nobody/loser.

                  But I’d rather be that than a fraud.

                  • Bill Greene says:

                    Ah, but you ARE a fraud, Charlie-boy, in more ways than one. You love to report on the “rumors” of the “shenanigans” of so many others, but you don’t speak out much about those “rumors” concerning you.

                    No, it’s not the truth, Charlie-boy. The majority of money raised in the PAC campaign you describe above – which was nowhere NEAR $100k, no idea where you got THAT one – went to opponents of candidates endorsed by Michael Shiavo’s ghoulish PAC, and the rest went to pay for email list rentals for the fundraising (which had been paid for by my firm and another firm, and which the PAC had to pay the firms for).

                    For someone who DOES claim to be a “political consultant,” you have shown you know absolutely DIDDLY about how political consulting — especially the mechanics of fundraising and PAC spending — actually works.

                    I stand by everything I did to help the Schindler family (who most assuredly did NOT “ask me to stop raising money” in their cause to save their daughter’s life – I was the first and ONLY one to actually put tens of thousands of dollars IN THEIR HANDS to pay for the costs of their fight). You are apparently confused (big shock there) over the difference between the RightMarch.com c4 organization, which raised all of that money for the Schindlers’ cause, and the RightMarch.com PAC, which raised a few thousand dollars on its “Terri’s List” campaign to counter Michael Schiavo’s “TerriPAC”. My only regret is that we failed to save the life of a disabled girl in the face of a maniacal two-timing husband and a hypocritical government holding hands with a local judicial system hell-bent on killing her.

                    Now, go back to your so-called “life”, loser.

                    • Icarus says:

                      Sorry, My bad. Looks like you only took in $49K:

                      “According to a North Country Gazette article, Greene’s RightMarch PAC has raised a total of $49,200 but has given only $3,100 to any candidates.

                      Much of the money has gone to an Internet consulting firm, the Georgia-based Strategic Internet Campaign Management, that Greene runs.

                      Of the total disbursements of $44,058, over $41,500 went to Greene and a partner, the Gazette reported.”


                    • Bill Greene says:

                      Next time, read what I actually wrote: The majority of money raised in the PAC campaign you describe above went to opponents of candidates endorsed by Michael Shiavo’s ghoulish PAC, and the rest went to pay for email list rentals for the fundraising (which had been paid for by my firm and another firm, and which the PAC had to pay the firms for).

                      So now we see that the fraud (as in, “I’m a political consultant – but I don’t know anything about political consulting”) is YOU, Charlie-boy.


                    • Bill Greene says:

                      Come on, Charlie, get a freakin’ clue. $49k was the TOTAL AMOUNT RAISED BY THE PAC that year, NOT the total amount raised for that campaign (which if you will PLEASE FREAKIN’ READ IT THIS TIME, was only a few thousand dollars on its “Terri’s List” campaign to counter Michael Schiavo’s “TerriPAC”). If I recall – it was a few years ago, and I’d have to look it up – was literally only around $2k.

                      Get with it, Charlie-boy.

                  • Game Fan says:

                    Bill Greene
                    I had no idea you did this for the Terri Schiavo effort. That’s great, IMHO. This thing was BIG among the netroots. Completely bi-partisan too to a large extent. And good luck getting some common ideology from the folks actually standing outside the hospital during the vigil. No, I’d say the only thing in common was, unlike the political class, folks understood the issue in this particular case and felt that there was some serious injustice being done, with a “husband” who didn’t want her around any more. Plain and simple. Also the precedent scares some. Kevorkian, forced dehydration, “death panels”, euthanasia. This stuff is for real. It’s a real threat. And I’d advise folks to look into the situation in Europe with socialized medicine and maybe you’ll discover how kind and compassionate these collectivists really are.

                    • benevolus says:

                      The health care bill establishes MINIMUM care coverage, not maximum. Anyone can buy as much insurance as they want or can afford. The only people who will face coverage limits are those who can’t afford expensive policies. Just like now.

          • Bill Greene says:

            iawai had it right:

            The ONLY theory that allowed the inventor to avoid taking a post at the soon to implode Creditalschtalt [sic], for fear of linking his name to the State Bank failure?

            The ONLY theory that criticized the interventionist policies of both Hoover and FDR before the worst of the Depression set in?

            The ONLY theory that can satisfactorily explain why the Depression only ended after WWII was over, and govt. spending was cut by 66%?

            The ONLY theory that can satisfactorily explain the stagflation of the 1970s?

            The ONLY theory that predicted the current market downturn, and was being *laughed at* by media pundits through 2007, while they were encouraging buying more Goldman Sachs and Lehman Bros?

            The ONLY theory that is founded on real, axiomatic, philosophical, ethical, grounds, instead of “animal spirits” or trying to replace the “invisible hand” with the hand of the State?

            Whatever you do, don’t read Tom Woods’ new book, instead, stick to the same writers you read everyday that insist that everything about the current models is fine (despite not seeing the crash), those that are consistently wrong about what is coming in the future, and those that advocate the theft by government to better spend your money, when all you really need is to replenish your savings.

            • Tyler says:

              This thread is about Jim Marshall and the 8th District race. Take all Austrian vs. Keynesianism talk to the banking thread or an Open thread. Thanks.

              • Bill Greene says:

                Once again, Tyler, Charlicarus starts a threadjack, someone responds to him to set him straight, and one of his peeps steps in to cry “foul!” Some things never change.

          • Bill Greene says:

            As others have noted: Friedrich Hayek, the most famous Austrian theory economist, won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1974. One would think that with Hayek winning the Nobel Prize that this would require his opponents to AT LEAST ONCE fairly state the Austrian theory and fairly attempt to refute it.

  4. hugoblacksupreme says:

    This is a pretty stupid idea. This is like the no tax pledge, it will be impossible to keep any repeal promise.

  5. OK, back to the topic at hand.

    Jim Marshall is trying to change Abraham Lincoln’s famous statement to:

    You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can fool a majority of voters in Georgia’s Eight District at least once every two years.

          • benevolus says:

            Well, to an outsider like me, it sounds like you either didn’t really raise any money or you spent all the money trying to raise more money.
            I ain’t no big fan of Jim Marshall, but he’s better than Valerie from Alabama, who, when she gets her masters degree is liable to want to do business with FRANCE.

      • Bill,

        I’ve been a willing threadjack participant a few times myself, so I don’t get too serious (and hypocritical) about it. 🙂

        I just think it’s important that people know Marshall votes one way on high-profile votes and another on procedural and lesser-publicized votes.

        This isn’t about a couple of votes fr Marshall. It’s about his approach to voting that’s been reflected throughout his career.

        Jim Marshall, whatever else you may want to say about him, does not reflect the wishes or general philosophy of his constituents AND he attempts to hide that from them which is the real shame.

  6. btpull says:

    Now this painful – A business can still be hit with the $3K not offering health care benefits fine even if it offers coverage to its employees.

    “Under the new mandate, if an employee’s contribution toward his health-insurance premium exceeds 9.8% of his salary, he’s eligible for an exchange credit. For every employee that receives an exchange credit, a business is fined $3,000.”

    According to James Gelfand from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He is a senior manager of health policies.


  7. slyram says:

    It’s this simple: the GOP never creates plans that include thinking like a Democrat or African American. Ask Rep. Marshall if he voted for Obama or McCain. He is a Ranger and will give a truthful answer–the guy is real. The southern Democrats are catching heat so he needs to join the fire.

    • Tyler says:

      I get what you’re saying. But honestly I think it’d be best that policy makers think like individuals and not as part of any particular group.

      And “thinking like a Democrat” would go into finding a way to build a majority for the GOP, right?

    • slyram,

      I hate to disappoint you, but it appears we Republicans seldom plan at all.

      Now, as for the chances of getting a straight answer from Congressman Marshall, have you been to one of his town hall meetings? He’s pretty slippery when he wants to be.

  8. John Konop says:

    Laying the Groundwork for Universal Health Care Coverage

    Does the conservative Heritage Foundation plan sound like Obamacare?

    TH…..”In a civilized and rich country like the United States, it is reasonable for society to accept an obligation to ensure that all residents have affordable access to at least basic health care – much as we accept the same obligation to assure a reasonable level of housing, education and nutrition.”

    “But as part of that contract, it is also reasonable to expect residents of the society who can do so to contribute an appropriate amount to their own health care. This translates into a requirement on individuals to enroll themselves and their dependents in at least a basic health plan – one that at the minimum should protect the rest of society from large and unexpected medical costs incurred by the family. And as any social contract, there would also be an obligation on society. To the extent that the family cannot reasonably afford reasonable basic coverage, the rest of society, via government, should take responsibility for financing that minimum coverage.”

    “These proposals would increase the subsidy to lower-income households relative to upper-income households.”…..


    • btpull says:

      “This translates into a requirement on individuals to enroll themselves and their dependents in at least a basic health plan – one that at the minimum should protect the rest of society from large and unexpected medical costs incurred by the family”

      This could have been simply achieved by a combination of tax credits, HSA’s, opening up the insurance market, and eliminating mandatory coverage items.

      By the way the HCR tax credit is backwards. It will lead to higher premiums not lower. It will cause insurance companies to compete on the “goodies” they can throw-in, which will cause an increase in the usage of health care services especially if the credit can be paid directly to the insurance companies from the Treasury.

      • benevolus says:

        Well it’s a good thing Harry Reid didn’t really get that language in there preventing any possible changes ever. If something doesn’t work we can fix it. Whew!

  9. Ramblinwreck says:

    Bill Greene has apparently, with no notification, been banned from posting here at Peach Pundit. Though he has inquired of several admins, the only response he’s gotten is “I think you’re in time-out for threadjacking,” but no one will tell him for sure.

    It certainly couldn’t be threadjacking. Just look at the conversations above: the thread was most definitely NOT jacked by Bill, it was jacked by Icarus and ByteMe, who decided to come on and just attack Bill and his economic philosophies, and when that failed, they resorted to ad hominem attacks.

    If someone gets banned for other people’s threadjacking – especially an admin’s threadjacking – and then isn’t even told he’s banned (or on “time-out”), then the actions of that admin should be called into question, and in fact, that admin should be put on “time-out” until he (a) apologizes to Bill Greene for attacking him without warrant, and (b) learns to stop threadjacking.

    • Erick says:

      I have banned Bill Greene. I’m tired of his threadjacks. I’m tired of him being a jerk not just to the front page writers he does not like, but to everyone else on here he does not like.

      He can go to the forum of his choice. I would note that he has not contacted me because I have blocked him in twitter, spamm flagged him email, and defriended him in Facebook because he cannot help being a jerk. Oh yeah, and he’s been banned at RedState too, but that was a while back by someone other than me.

      The comments section at Peach Pundit proves a mere modicum of civility can get you a long way without any trouble. When people can’t even maturely handle that, I’m happy to wield the very rare blam stick around here.

    • Jason Pye says:

      I didn’t even bother responding to the guy. I wasn’t aware he had been banned though.

      Oh well, at least he has more time to look for Obama’s birth certificate. Maybe Nathan Deal can join him soon.

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