Update On Gwinnett Races

As I’ve posted before, there are plenty of election activity going on in Gwinnett. Below are a few updates to some of these races.

7th Congressional District (seat being vacated by the retiring John Linder)

Beaudreau decides not to run, endorses Clay Cox (received via email). Here’s a video of Beaudreau’s thoughts on the race.

Popular Gwinnett County Commissioner Mike Beaudreau said today that he has made his decision and will not run for Congress. Instead, he sends his support to state Rep. Clay Cox as the man to replace U.S. Rep. John Linder.

Beaudreau specifically pointed to Rep. Cox’s business background and history as an effective Conservative leader.

“I strongly considered the seat,” Beaudreau said. “The one thing that makes my decision easier is that we have a man like Clay.”

In his years as a commissioner, Beaudreau labeled himself “the commissioner who listens.” He said Cox likewise has always been very responsive to constituents.

“He jumps on it,” Beaudreau said. “And in contrast to his main opponent, Clay was brought up here, went to school here and played football here. I look forward to his representation in Washington.”

Reese won’t run in CD 9 Special Election

Local Rep. Bobby Reese said he won’t be a part of the fray in the May 11 special election set by the governor this week.

But he said he still plans to be on July primary ballots for the 9th Congressional District.

“I want to fulfill my commitment to my district,” said Reese, who lives just outside of the district in Sugar Hill.

Two north Georgia politicians have already resigned their seats to enter into the special election, Rep. Tom Graves and Sen. Lee Hawkins, causing the governor to plan two more special elections on May 11 to fill those seats.

Reese said he didn’t want to impose those kind of costs on the county and state with teacher furloughs and other issues.

Besides, he said, there are important votes forthcoming in the General Assembly.

He noted that Graves’ resignation widened the margin Republicans would need for a reconsideration vote to keep the state from enforcing the federal health care law.

“I cannot miss those votes,” he said.

House District 98 (being vacated by Bobby Reese)

Jason Thompson has suspended his campaign.

Full Disclosure: I am the campaign manager for House District 98 Candidate Josh Clark.


  1. Mike Hauncho says:

    I think Melvin Everson would make a fine Congressman. I wish he would consider switching from the Labor race to the congressional race.

    • Gerald says:


      Melvin Everson? Yeah right. A multitude of races both in Georgia and nationwide have proven that for offices that the GOP A) actually cares about and B) thinks it can win, the GOP isn’t nearly as enamored with black Republicans in office as they claim to be. The GOP is very willing to elect blacks to mid-level executive positions that are a lot of work but very little power, or to nominate them to be token, practically unfunded opposition to get crushed by very popular, entrenched Democratic opponents, or to be one of 2 or 3 black GOPers (if that) serving on commissions in (rural) counties or in a state legislature.

      But nominating a black candidate for a safe Republican congressional seat? Or in a Senate or governor’s race that the GOP thinks they can actually win? The next time that happens will be the first. The GOP has yet to demonstrate that their interest in black GOP politicians extends beyond using them to go after Democrat politicians (especially black ones) as Everson is doing in taking on Thurmond. They have no interest whatsoever in seeing a black GOPer take a sure Congress seat from a white one.

      • c_murrayiii says:

        There it is….the “GOP is racist” diatribe. As predictable as the sunrise with libs.

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        Gerald has been drinking to Kool-Aid. I think Melvin will make a great Labor Commissioner. That’s what he’s running for and that’s what he wants. If he wanted to run for congress, he could.

        You want a black Republican to run for congress? Great! Once he is shown to have a viable chance to win, I have no doubts he will get backing from GOP money givers. Personally, I’ll let the people who live in that District decide who wants to run. You seem to care more about their skin color than they do.

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