Crossover Day Live Blog

The House and Senate will get underway at 9am. We’ll have this running until they adjourn for the day.

Remember, any bill (except the budget) that doesn’t pass at least one chamber by the end of business today is dead for the session. You can view the House calendar here and Senate calendar here. There will be supplemental calendars through out the day.


  1. polisavvy says:

    Great idea! This should help us keep up-to-date on this important day. Thanks for doing this.

  2. Interesting…

    SB518 – requires the study of the pledge of allegiance. Are they going to finally teach students that the words “under God” were not originally in the pledge of allegiance? Or are they only going to study it’s current form as amended in the earlier part of the 1900’s and not the original as well?

    HB853 – they really want to start regulating tanning salons? WTF?

    And yet another year goes by that our legislators deny the citizens of Georgia the ability to vote on Sunday alcohol sales. What a damn shame.

    • But on another note, it’s good to see that the Senate was able to find the time for 24 resolutions instead of actually accomplishing something else useful. Most of which are either to recognize someone or offer condolences. Funny, I thought that’s what the newspaper was for. What idiots we (citizens and voters) employ.

    • MSBassSinger says:

      A few things to expand on your remarks.

      “Under God” first used in the Pledge on February 12, 1948 at a Lincoln Birthday celebration by Louis A. Bowman. The Knights of Columbus and others took up the cause to get it officially added at a time when whether this nation was founded under JudeoChristian principles, and is answerable to God, was being questioned. The phrase “under God” comes from the ending of the Gettysburg Address. Also, the original pledge was developed by Francis Bellamy, a Christian socialist, to whom the public acknowledgment of a God sovereign over the nation would have been an issue.

      The voters can vote on Sunday sales of booze in November when they elect people to government. I believe that is the process in representative government. If you want it otherwise, then push to end representative government.

  3. kyleinatl says:

    House is moving at a crawl, it’s going to be a very long day. HB 1184 should get a pretty lively debate. Haven’t heard any word
    if SB 407 will be taken off the
    table or not.

  4. Rick Day says:

    SECTION 5.
    Said Title is further amended in Code Section 40-6-250 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to wearing a device which impairs hearing or vision while operating a motor vehicle, as follows:
    No person shall operate a motor vehicle while wearing a headset or headphone which would impair such person’s ability to hear, nor shall any person while operating a motor vehicle wear any device which impairs such person’s vision; provided, however, that a person may wear a headset or headphone for communication purposes only while operating a motorcycle. This Code section shall not apply to hearing aids or instruments for the improvement of defective human hearing, eyeglasses, or sunglasses. This Code section shall not apply to any law enforcement officer or firefighter equipped with any communications device necessary in the performance of such person’s duties.”

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