A Challenger for Mullis

State Senator Jeff Mullis has a challenger in the race for Georgia’s 53rd Senate District.

At 6:00pm, Jeremy Jones will make the following announcement. Press release received via email:

Jeremy Jones, candidate for Georgia’s 9th congressional district, is announcing his drop from the 9th district race, and his entrance into the race for Georgia Senate district 53, currently held by Jeff Mullis.

After careful thought and consideration, Jones decided to switch to the 53rd district state race believing he can do more good at the state level than at the national level. Given the current bills being passed at the national level, it is past time to elect state senators who will uphold the constitutions of both Georgia and the United States. The hands of the citizens of Georgia have been pointed at Washington D.C. as elected officials trampled upon the Constitution, but it is time to hold the state senators and representatives fully accountable for their votes and actions as well. It is now more important than ever to elect a state senator who will support every effort to block the unconstitutional laws that are coming out of Washington D.C. and protect the freedoms the good citizens of Georgia.

Jones is committed to protecting your God-given rights enumerated in the U.S. Constitution as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or as the Georgia Constitution states, “to perpetuate the principles of free government, insure justice to all, preserve peace, promote the interest and happiness of the citizen and of the family, and transmit to posterity the enjoyment of liberty.” When elected, Jones will only vote for legislation that will provide for these things, and if he compromises on these issues, he freely invites you to vote him out of office.

On the switch, Jones said, “I equate the federal government to the school yard bully, and it is time we stand up to him.  Sure, we might lose sometimes, but if enough us stand up to it often enough, we will prevail.”

For more information on Jeremy Jones, or to become involved in his campaign, please visit jonesforus.com.


  1. Junius says:

    Forget just returning to the John Birch days, here we are in 2010 with folks running around channeling their inner John C. Calhoun circa 1833. Wow. At least Jones has given up, temporarily, on his dream of going to Washington and reenacting the Brooks-Sumner Caning on some unsuspecting lefty lib. Here’s hoping Mullis can hold his own. If wingers like Jones gain traction in the GOP all hope is lost for our future as a serious, governing party.

  2. Jawgadude says:

    This is fantastic news! Seriously, Mullis has always backed progressives like John McCain at the national level and his state record is not one of true conservatism. We need to purge the party of anyone to the left of Chip Rogers.

  3. JSBarrington says:

    What a LOSER. What else can I say? He will get crushed just like he would have in the race for Congress.

    • Bill Greene says:

      “Hey,don’t you know how to quarterback a football team? I don’t do anything but sit in the stands and yell insults at the actual players, and I’m SURE I could do better than you!”

  4. G. Moxley Sorrel says:

    Senator Mullis has been a fine representative for North Georgia. He has been a reliable conservative vote in the State Senate and has been a strong advocate for economic development in his district. Removing him for some “hack” that doesn’t have a clue would be a major blunder for both the GOP and his constituents.

    • racinwithrex says:

      You must be riding that high speed rail along with Jeff if you think he has done much with TWO jobs of advocating for economic development in “HIS” district. We don’t get much Here in Dade County but a Phone Call to his buddie on a local AM radio and a few Strong Supporters that show up, and vote for who he tells them to. I’m glad to hear Jermey Announce that he will run against Mullis. Oh by the way, I know several people who spoke and gave him some funds tonight. I’ll be buying a lottery ticket but hey, at least that’s better than leaving the box blank because that was my other choice.

      • racinwithrex says:

        Oh and I know “Our” little bit of money is nothing like Budwiser and all those Atlanta contributors, and “our” votes won’t win it for him, but at least it helps. Go Jeremy!

  5. Cameron Crazy says:

    Senator Mullis is a true conservative that fights for not only the 53rd district but for all of Georgia everyday under the Gold Dome. He has made the 53rd district a better place since his election with economic development and job creations.

  6. VeryFast says:

    Interesting, Jeremy Jones makes the second Republican in the race for the 53 Senate District.

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      Actually, he’s the third candidate. Sen. Jeff Mullis was first, Jim Pope second, and then J.J. It was fun watching Pope tell the tea party that others might get in, and then watching J.J. get in.

      • racinwithrex says:

        Actually you are correct, he is the second to announce but I wasn’t sure who he was since he didn’t speak long last night. Not sure who Jim Pope is and he didn’t enlighten us much last night. I have seen Jeremy alot here in Dade County since he announced he was running for the Congressional seat. But I do Thank you for correcting me and it was great so see you visit us last night. Glad you had FUN!

  7. BuckheadConservative says:

    This comments section reads like a greatest hits list for sock puppets.

    Good luck, Jeremy. I think you’d make a fine representative.

  8. Jim Bob says:

    Mr. Jones,

    Where has Mullis not defended the Constitution? And exactly why should folks give up his seniority for you?

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