1. macho says:

    Boortz acted like Woodall was running yesterday on his show, perhaps Neal got ahead of himself. Regardless, he basically endorsed Woodall yesterday. He told his listening audience to vote for Woodall, that he worked with him on the Fairtax, that he was incredibly bright, and he would be a great advocate for the Fairtax.

    I’ll be curious to hear if Boortz tells the audience to vote for him again today.

  2. old political pro says:

    two questions:
    has this guy ever held a private sector job?
    does he even live in the state much less the district?

  3. Chris says:

    Looks like we now have the out-of-touch, inside-the-beltway candidate (Woodall) vs the rest-of-america, grassroots candidate (Cox).

  4. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Wonderful, more of the “my boss held the seat so now I’m running for it even though I don’t live in the District” stuff. Super.

  5. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Following his Woodall endorsement, Boortz urged legislators to repeal the health care bill and replace it with the FairTax because the FairTax will promote the development of innovative medical therapies and will immediately lower premiums.

  6. Bill Greene says:

    So THAT was why he was so nice to my daughter and I when we stopped in last week during the Tea Party protests… I thought he was a little too friendly…

  7. sethweathers says:

    Rob is actually a very smart guy and incredibly nice.

    @Bill – thats just the way he is, I doubt he was having to fake anything because he was getting in the race

    this race is getting interesting

  8. slyram says:

    I don’t know this guy—never met him and likely never will- but congressional staffers working in D.C. for a home state member of congress shouldn’t catch the carpetbagger treatment. They are focusing full-time on our state’s interests and issues and a congressional office is like an embassy on some limited level. I have been a Georgian my whole life and with congressional staff reciprocity I voted in Georgia every year since 1982.

    John Stone congressional bid in GA-12 didn’t fully make this transition because he became a Virginian; I don’t think people fully appreciated his wealth of knowledge about east Georgia he received while working for Rep. Norwood. Bill Greene, I heard you speak during that campaign and you could move the crowd.

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