Podcast with Max Wood, candidate for Attorney General

After taking a week off from the podcast, last night, I spoke with Max Wood, a former United States Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia and a Republican candidate for Attorney General here in Georgia.

We discussed his background as a US Attorney and prosecutor, the duties and responsibilities of the office, potential legal action over ObamaCare and federalism and ethics reform. We also discussed some of his campaign initiatives, such as establishing a solicitor general, satellite offices and statewide grand jury.

Wood also mentioned his time in Iraq where he served as a Justice Department Attaché. He has written a book about his experiences called, Iraq: Seeing the Real War. I’ll be posting a link to the book at a later time.

You can download the podcast here (over 24 minutes/22.1MB, right click, “Save File As” to download).

I have two podcasts lined up for next week as I’ll be chatting with Karen Handel, a Republican candidate for Governor, and Chuck Donovan, a Libertarian running for United States Senate.

If you have a candidate, no matter what party, that you would like for me to interview or questions that you would like for me to ask an upcoming guest, please drop me a line on Facebook or send an e-mail.


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