David Adelman Resigns To Become Ambassador

Another special election will be called.

Last Friday, the U.S. Senate confirmed the 45-year-old DeKalb County lawmaker as the new U.S. ambassador to Singapore.

On Monday, the Democrat and early supporter of Barack Obama, when he was a presidential long shot, officially resigned from the Senate.

His departure leaves a hole in the already slim Democratic caucus, shrinking their numbers from 20 to 19.

“It is not going to hurt us much, but every vote counts,” said Minority Leader Robert Brown of Macon.

The caucus will spend the rest of the session a man down, as Gov. Sonny Perdue has 10 days to set a special election for Adelman’s seat.

Tom Stubbs and Jason Carter, the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, have filed for the seat. David Montané, running as a Libertarian, has also declared plans to run for the seat.


  1. Progressive Dem says:

    He has a good shot, but he must overcome his inexperience, resentment to his entitlement and bad memories of Jimmy Carter trying to shove a freeway though Druid Hills and Candler Park.

    • macho says:

      Plus, Jimmy’s antisemitism. I know Jimmy has been backtracking bigtime, on some of his past comments, but folks have long memories.

  2. Bvu says:

    As a member of DeKalb Co’s Board of Elections, this election year will be one for the ages. From now through year-end, we will be responsible for a special election, possible run-off, the primaries & the expected ensuing run-offs, and then the general election &, yes, god forbid, possible run-offs. Unfortunately, like everywhere else, budgets are strained.

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