• B Balz says:

      Revealing unseemly past behaviour, if any, ought to be timed until after the last possible news cycle, prior to the vote.

      That works pretty well around here….

    • Doug Deal says:

      Funny. I actually discussed that today with someone. It’s about a month of campaigning in a race that will have a Deal on the ballot and a bunch of people that won’t run since they would have to resign. It’s almost worth the gamble.

      Look out Gainesville. Here I come.

  1. Henry Waxman says:

    But Doug seems to hate people who aspire to hold elective office, and I don’t want to see him start hating himself.

  2. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Having a special election is ridiculous.

    Leave the seat vacant until November. There is no point in spending money we do not have so the GOP can have a candidate running as an incumbent in November.

  3. polisavvy says:

    Just curious about this: How much does a special election end up costing the taxpayers? Any idea? Anyone?

    • polisavvy says:

      I’ll ask you because you usually have (or will get) this type of information. How much does a special election cost the taxpayers?

  4. GOPGeorgia says:

    I don’t know that information off the top of my head. To get a close to accurate answer, you’d have to call each county in the Ninth and ask the voter registrar or elections board. To get a very accurate answer, wait a month or so after it’s over and then ask them. I did write to our Governor and ask that he set the election so that or state house and state senate elections could be on the same day.

    I haven’t chased this info down yet, because it falls into trivia at this point. We are going to have a special election and it’s going to cost whatever it’s going to cost. If I had control of it or could influence it more than I have, I’d be all over it. As it is, I’m a bystander.

    • polisavvy says:

      I understand GOPGeorgia. I was just wondering if you knew the answer, that’s all. I can wait a month or so until it is revealed, then it will be kind of obvious, right?

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